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 - Exprtned Editorially By WALTER MENDENKALL OUT...
Exprtned Editorially By WALTER MENDENKALL OUT IT'S TRICKY GOING " Many political band wagons roll faster through the muc than on tb« level --ELDON PEDERSON Saturday Em Foil Q UESTION? Quisling delivered his Norwegian people into political servitude to the Germans. Is a public executive, who is traveling every side alley to circumvent the wishes of his own people into economic servitude against their expressed will, - not also a Quisling? What say, Mayor Fletcher Bowron? LIE PUT IT THIS WAY " Bragging about his uncle's promotion, a small boy said: "The longer he stays in the ''Army the ranker he gets." ^ --Reader's Digest Quote UOT OUR KIND Of 11 JOURNALISM News-GrapKfc pilot was raiS' «d in the old newspaper school -- and darned p r o u d of it. Where we played up the CONSTRUCTIVE rather than the DESTRUCTIVE. Where a Boy Scout, who aided a companion, rated bigger headlines than Ingrid. (Why don't the newspapers and the courts leave Pia alone?) Where Joe Doak, who rescued a fellow miner, re ceived more column space than that millionaire sucker who got stuck on a gal, and she rapped him for scads of dough. Where a "barn-raising" captured more publicity than a Sunset Strip scrap. It all adds up to THIS: There are m a n y more good people in the world than bad, and many more good deeds done than bad, but modern journalists must consider them of no attention captivating importance. 5 c PER COPY News 5 PER COPY C 2 8 P A G E S and VALLEY GREEN SHEET Established 1911 YOUR HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER PublUhtd »T»rr Sunday morninf and Thurtda. afternoon lor NCRTHKIDGE WINNETKA SEPULVEDA SHERMAN OAKS RESEDA ENCINO VAN JCUYS CANOGA PAJK TARZANA CHATSWORTH GRANADA HULS WOODLAND HELS PANORAMA CITY Year Office: 14539 Svlvan St. Van Nuys, California, Sunday, June 29, 1952 STate 5-1131; STanley 7-1501 No. 99 Judge Relents on Tearful Plea of Young Bride-Elect Thanks to an understanding judge, Marvin E. Durment, 20, of 12168 Wicks St., Sun Valley, will wed his pretty titian-haired sweetheart next week as planned, instead of going to jail. Durment appeared Friday before Municipal Judge Parks Still^well and pleaded guilty to 11 traffic violations committed between April 1951 and March 1952. Four warrants were issued for his arrest when he failed to appear in court. Judge Stillwell imposed a sentence of S125 or 30 days in jail. Durment, apparently unable to pay, was about to be committed to jail when his fiancee, Rowena Hackney, IS, of 418 Macneil St., San Fernando, inter- . vened, pleading for him. As tears streamed down her face, she revealed that she and young Durment had planned to marry next Wednesday and the invitations to the church ceremony had already been mailed to friends and relatives. Judge Stillwell took her plea under advisement and later returned his decision saying: "Because of your fiancee and your impending marriage I am going to give you another chance. I hope that getting married to this fine young woman will make you realize that you have responsibilities. "I will suspend the sentence, but if you come in here with another ticket this year, the suspension may be revoked." I IKE THE ELEPHANT? " Wife (to her inebriated fyus- band): "If it were the first lime, .-^Henry, I could forgive you; but ;· (Byou also came home like this in -or November, 1925." M Y CREED- Oh, blessed man. whose life's known love-Affection, joys, and pleasure. And yet still belives a God above. Could earth extend more treasure? Ye!, doomed arc we--v.-e think and doubt Refuse the simple truths. Our sins and sorrows bear this out. Our dreams yield bitter fruit. Some say we must be born again-And yet, I wonder why. To hear once more, life's old refrain, No thanks, I'll pass it by! Just give me faith in this rotien self- Keep ray chin up lo the sky, let me love and trust my fellow man, Who'd ask for more--not I. --KEN J. MITCHELL . 14444 Maqnolia Blvd. COLLECTS MOST CASH--Cub Scouc Jerry Gilbert is congratulal ; 5 by Cubmaster Addison Carter, left, and Commander Fred Plugge of Van Nuys American Legion Post 193, for turning in most money in drive for new Valley Scout Council headquarters. Thc News rihoto Jerry Gilbert, 'Money' Cub in Porch Light Parade, Honored Jerry Gilbert of Den 1. Cub Scout Pack 65. sponsored by Van Nuys Post 193 of the Americai Legion, was honored at the month collecting tin Scout in the EVENTUALLY *· Sooner or later, every man chases a woman until she catches him. --BARNEY GLAZEB, Pub. 20th Century News Syn. ly pack meeting for most funds of any Porch Light Parade for the ne\ Valley Scout Council headquarters now rising or Saticoy St. wes' of Kester Ave,, Van Nuys. Pack 65 collected S243. toppin; all packs and troops in the Valley. Of this amount Jerry turnec in over $33. Scout Executive F. R. "Bob" Hil wrote a letter of thanks and congratulations to the. pack for its part in the parade. Dies in Oregon Mrs. Lee Mettler Killed and Mrs. Myrtle Bolick Injured in Car Accident Funeral services are pending today for Mrs. Lee Mettler, 7400H Sepulveda Blvd., who died Friday night in a hospital at Toledo, Ore., from injuries suffered earlier in the day ;;i a car accident. Mrs. Myrtle Bolick, 10-171 Riverside Drive, who was with her, suf- , . fered a broken arm. a heck injury Minneapolis bank recently de-iand multiple cuts and bruises, ac- cided to give away wooden cording to word received here. She nickels for souvenirs of its 50th was in fair condition, it was re- anniversary. Because of high taxes and inflated costs, the w o o d products manufacturer THAT WOODEN NICKEL ' LooMt, bud, here's a tip from News-Graphs: If you get your mudhooks on a wooden nickle, don't muff it. Why? A found he had bank 8 cents wooden nickels. to any of those to charge apiece for the the So hang on nickels that show up. Because, any day, we may be using them for a medium of exchange. The punched dime will probably come up next. S HE SAID "Brains handicap IT! are no to a girl, particular providing she keeps them well hidden behind a low neckline." --VANESSA BROWN Hollywood actress ported yesterday. The accident occurred when -Mrs. Mettler who was driving attempted to pass a truck on wet pavement and lost control of the car, the report stated. Both her legs were broken and her chest crushed. The two women had gone to Seattle lo join another group from Van Nuys, where they planned to board a boat fdr Alaska. After a visit in Seattle and a trip to Victoria and Vancouver, the two women had started the return trip to the Valley. Both have been members of Van Nuys chapter, Order of Eastern Star. A brother-in-law in Pasadena, a niece and nephew in Los Angeles are among Mrs. Mettler's survivors. Awards were issued to Dennis Kennedy, lion on gold arrow, two silver arrows and denner stripe Burkette Murray, bear: Marc Kaufman, bear; Dean Watson wolf; Tony Rygg. gold arrow; Robert Rygg, Schwartz, gold gold arrow; arrow; Jerry Leslie Drucker, silver Brown, denner bert, gold and arrow; K e n n e t h stripe; Jerry Gil- silver arrow: Jeffrey Wein, two silver arrows; Douglas Wilkins, gold and silver arrows and One-year denner stripe, pins were issued Mike Fritch. Cam Winckler, Allan Jeffery. Gary Beaufait and David Gerrard. All dens will continue activities during the summer. There will be no special theme for July and instead of a monthly pack meetin there will be a picnic and ball game July 20 at Reseda Park. Den 2 under Reavis Winckler, den dad, displayed fishing poles made by Cubs and their dads. Later in the month, the den will go on a 'ishing trip. Den 1 made tooled leather ctimb cases for dads on Father's Day a»id under Don Wilkins, den dad, the Cubs took their own photographs and developed them. Den 3 won the trophy award for the month. VALLEY FREE IK REPORT ON RABIESIASES County Health Officer Discloses 267% Hike to Date Ahead of '51 Animal rabies cases in,Los. Angeles County since- the first of the 'year now cotal 61 as against 24 cases for the entire year of 1951, Dr. Roy 0. Gilbert, county health officer, said today. The disease has occurred this year in 51 dogs, five cats, gophers, one cow, and one weasel. These 61 cases have been reported from 22 communities in the county. East Los Angeles accounts for 12 cases followed by Los Angeles City w i t h seven. Other communities reporting three or more cases are Inglewoori, Downey, Compton. Whittier, Temple City, El Monte and Lake wood. Occurrence of animal rabies has followed ils 'uat of extending from the southern part of the county up through the central and eastern sections. Fou some unexplained reason, the disease does not usually occur lo any extent in the western par!, of the -jc-untv. Rabies is always fatal to either humans or animals. Fortur.ately, no human case has been reported so far although more than 15,000 dog bites have been reported t health officials. Pasteur treat men has been given to more than 301 persons. * State Health Dept. authorise believe that the present number o cases in Los Angeles County indi cates the probability of anima rabies becoming w i d e s p r e a d throughout the state within the next few years. uilders Visiting KGIL Representatives of the Panorama City Morale Builders headed by their president, Mrs. W. L. Faulconer, will be special guests July 7 at 2:30 p.m., at the Morale Builders radio program on Valley station KGIL. Invitation to the group to be present and participate in the program was extended by Mmec. Haydn Cooke, founder of the many units of this philanthropic organization and Judii Spray, executive director, at a meeting in the home of Mrs. Rodney Faris, 8515 Mammoth Ave. The group also is planning to attend the rgception and dance honoring 1000 men anri women of the armed forces, *et for July 23 at the Hollywood Palladium, sponsored by the National Go to- Church Campaign. Mmes. W. L. Faulconer, president; Sam Bennett, William Trow, and A. H. Knox were named on the" materials committee for the July 3 meeting at 8 p.m. at the Faris home. Mrs. Virginia Franklin will serve as hostess. Board Clear in Black Top Death Case The Board of Education tou^y stood free of responsibility for death of 6-year-old Ronald Reisman, who died in March, 1949 after a tumble to black top pavement on the grounds of the Wilshire Crest Elementary School. Jury in the court, of Superior Judge Samuel R. Blake rejected he $51.000' damage suit, filed by Atiy. Samuel Reisman and his %vife, Ruth, against the board for their on's death. The'Ralsmans charged the board A-as negligent in allowing the boy o climb on playground apparatus erected over the black top pavement. The boy's d e a t h touched off a widespread investigation that resulted in piay apparatus being re- j moved from playgrounds. Mrs. lone Swan, then principal of the school at 5241 West Olympic Blvd., testified on behalf of th* parents. Report Porch Fire Short in a refrigerator on the service porch at the home of J. W. Relihan '11721'^ Kittridge St., did considerable damage to t h e home and the refrigerator, t h e Fire Dept. reports. Petitioning Council to Construct Bridge Elimination of the detour that has long existed on Moorpark St. at the Tujunga Wash is requc-sied in a petition received by the City Council from the North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The council was urged to construct a bridge across t h e wash, using S11.000 marie available for trie project. File Now for Flood Damage Claims for damages growing ou of the January flood must be filec mniediately, Walter Allen, president of the Association for Flooc Protection, announced today. The routine of preparing the claims for submission to city a county authorities makes it necessary for owners o* damaged pro- )erty in Van Nuys to contact him at the Van Nuys Chamber of Com- m"rce early during the' coming v/c-irk if they desire to profit from the action being taken through a law firm to recover damages. Two large claims were filed in the lasV days, one for $23,000 and the other for S14.000, Allen reported. Scores of claims previously filed included one for 520,000 and s r; v u r a 1 from five to 10 thousand dollars. Officers of the committee handling the claims meet every Monday in the chamber headquarters, 6410 Van Nuys Blvd. Book Driver after Car Hits Officers' Auto Injuring Two A Hollywood man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after his auto sideswiped a police car causing minor injuries to two officers, and then left the scene, police report. The accident occurred at Victory Blvd. and Whitsett Ave. The police followed the car for a few blocks and found Boyle standing in the street surveying the damage to his auto, they said. He failed to pass a sobriety lest, they said. The officers. Donald T. I.ur,s. 24, and J. T. Davis 3-1. w e i e i r e f i t e d for bruises at. Van N u j s Receiving Hospital. ! Stores Open on Thursday Night, Due to Holiday Van Nuys retail stores will remain open Thursday, July S, In lieu of the regular Friday evening shopping hours rJu*sto Independence Day, July 4, constituting- a legal holiday with stores closed. President A. H. Meacham of the \*x Nnys Business Men's Association announced today. . Some stores will observe the 9:30 p.m. closing hour, rather than 9 p.m.. in accordance with the plan approved for A four- weeks program by the association board. Stores will be open Saturday during regular hours, 9:30 a,m. to 5:30 p.m., Meacham pointed out. AUTOWRECKS SMALL OFFICE Los Angeles Fireman Seriously Injured as Car Hits Sign, Building A Los Angeles fireman was seriously injured in Sun Valley after he apparently lost consciousness, his car left the liglnvay and smashed into a real estate office at 8939 Laurel Canyon Blvd. The victim. Walter E. Kimble, 33. of 1203T Rialto St., Sun Valley, was taken to Queen of Angels Hospital, Los Angeles, with multiple lacerations of the face and head an possible fractures of the skull, back and chest. Police said Tumble's car traveler some 38 feet through a field afte: leaving the road, knocked down a seven by five-foot, sign board a in- rammed a small real estate office knocking it five feet off its foundation. The office, rented by Floyd C Rankin, was a shambles, the repor .stated. Impact also severed wale: lilies and flooded t h e area. Damage (o the Kimble car wa. k placed at $1000 and to building aw equipment, S1500. Kimble told oficers, "1 don't recall anything of the accident. I was Contractors' Chief Sees No Slack-Off in House Prices LOCAL 837 GIVES BOOST--Pacific Lodge boys in Woodland Hills get all spruced up for trip to A\ Malaikali Shrine-Pollack Bros. Circus which they attended downtown. Shown doing fancy tonsorial job are three of eight Valley barbers from Local 837 who volunteered to do job gratis on their day off. __ Th , ;,,,-. P i lni ., Barbers Make Certain Pacific Lodge Lads Spruced Up for Shrine Circus driving north on Laurel Canyon Blvd. and apparently blacked out. was sick all night while at work anc I was still feeling ill this morning and decided to take a. ride to get some fresh air." Kimble, assigned to Engine Co 16, in Los Angeles, was involved in another traffic accident recently. He faces a drunk driving, felony trial on July 15. records disclosed. Legion Hosts Children at '4th' Party Van Nuys Post 393, American Legion, announces its July calendar of meetings anrl programs, beginning ,vith the July 2 business meeting, at vhich tirnp election w i l l be held for new officers and delegates for the f a t e convention. The post will conduct .service and ocial programs on t h e following dates: July 4--Flag display service of he post will have the colors flying along the business streets of Van ys. At 9:30 a.m. the post, in con- unction with local business firms 31 the city, will present a free show nd patriotic meeting for the ehil- ren of the community at the Van Vuys Theatre. July 19---New officers of the post nd auxiliary will be installed in R oint reremony at American Legion luhhouse at 8 p.m. The Amei-icanisni Com m i M n e ks t h a i all business houses and mes appropriately display t h e x f r o m 8 a.m. t i n l i l s u n d o w n on r.riopendence Dfly. T h a n k s to eight Valley barbers from Union Local 837 on t h e i r day o f f , nearly 50 boys at Pacific Lodge in Woodland Hills were all spruced up and lookinjr their Sunday best, when they boarded a bus for the Al Malai- kah Shrine-Pollack Bros. Circus it Shrine Auditorium, downtown. Headed by Leo M. McLaughiin the barbers arrived with t h e i r tonsorial equipment and set t i p an improvised shop using e m p t y craies anrl boxes as chairs. The boys, clipped and t r i m m e d . emerged'eight at a t i m e from Hie b u i l d i n g in a clour) of fragrant, h n i r t o n i c and piled aboard the circus-bound vehicles. Assistant Supt. A r t h u r Hanson of the lodge said it was Indeed n red letter day all the way a r o u n d . And B spokesman for Hie barbers. McLaushlin said his loot-.!, w h i c h serves the e n t i r e Valley w i t h offices in B u r b n n k , will p r o b a b l y scjnd out. a n o t h e r Imir- c u l t i n g brigade in a b o u t a m o n t h . Announce Schedule for Summer School Senior high school sUidfnls a r advised that summer school courses w i l l be conducted at Van N i i High School starting Monday, J u l y 7,-and c o n t i n u i n g through Aug. 15 There and be r.o pre-registration students desiring to attend snouiu be in Donna It. Hubbarrl Auditorium at Ihe high school by 8 a.m. on the opening day. Van Nuys will conduct the only senior high school summer classes in the Valley, and students resid- ng in Canoga Park, Verdugo Hills, San Fernando and North Hollywood lii^h school districts are welcome to enroll, it was announced today by John P. Comarford, sum- Tier school principal. Students may receive credit, for carrying two subjects. There is no tuition, but students rr.ust pro- ·ide t h e i r own transportation. Class sessions will be constituted n Period I, 8 a.m. to ]0 a.m., and J eriod II. 10:20 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. Courses to be taught during Pe- ibd I include Chemistry ]. Life science 1, Physiology 2, Algebra 1, eomrtry 2, Algebra 3. Geometry A10 English, Bll English, Senior English, Advanced Composition, Bll U.S. History. All U.S. History, B12 U.S. Government. Also, Spanish 2 and 3, Typing 1, Shorthand 1, Woodshop, Art- Ceramics, Agriculture, and Driver Education and Training. Period 11 classes will include Chemistry 2 ; Life Science 2. Physiology 1, Physics 1 and 2. Algebra 2, Geometry 1, Trigonometry, B I O English, Bl! English, Modern Literature, Bl] U.S. History, All U.S. History, B12 U.S. Government. Also, Spanish 1. and 4, Typing 2 and 3, Bookkeeping 1 and 2, Machine Shop--Mete! Shop, Art- Ceramics, Agriculture, and Driver Education and Training. TODAY'S NEWS INDEX CLASSIFIED .................... Pax* B-4 CRADLE ROLL ................ Page A-I1 OBITUARiKs .................... Paxe A-15 PUBLIC I'OBtJM .............. Pajre A-7 .SPORTS ............................. PURC n-H TKLKVISION ................... VtK' A-1 WEST VAIJJGY _ ............. I « K r R-l WOMEN ................. ......... ".IRC A-l", ; CHEST X-RAYS A V A I L A B L E TO PUBLIC JULY 7 Free chest X-rays again will be available to Valley people when the City Health Dept.'s mobile u n i t is in Van Nuys and Pacoima on July 7,. Dr. Richard E. Lewis, assistant district health officer, announced today. The unit will be at Vaiiey Municipal Building, 14410 Sylvan S(., between 8 a.m. and I p.m., and at. Pacoima Health Center, 1 V J300 Van Nuys Blvd., betwppn 2 and 4 p.m. "The chest X-ray is the best way of finding early tuberculosis, when It can be most easily and economically conquered. Most people discovered with early tuberculosis were unaware of their infection," Dr. Lewis stated. He urged that everyone get a chest X-ray at least once a year. Carpenters Aid in Search to Offset " Costs of Building Statewide Association Offers Service Policy "If you are holding- off ( purchase of a home in the hopes that prices w i l l jro down, you face only disappointment." That was the substance of comment made today by if*. J. William Millerburjr, president of the Building C o n t r a Association of California, on t h trend In building costs. A n i c o with union members tomorrow w denl with the problems raNorl by those costs, ho said. "Wage increases 1o the l n i i trades are visible factors boo.-tins b u i l d i n g costs," he explained. so readily seen, however, hut ?i|iird- ly contributive (o trie upxvanl t r of construction costs are wace increases taking place in I he m n iai* m a n u f a c t u r i n g smi ing fielrl." Strike Curhn A o t i v i l y Directly a f f e c t i n g b u i 'Mc-rations in the Valley is the ITI-PM! boost, in wages to ba*ic trade--, workers. I n c l u d i n g c a r p thf r e s u l t a n t t r i k c engineer. 1 ; and reinforc-itu: iron workers, M i l l e r b u r g p o That, s t r i k e , s u p p o r t u r a l iron workers, has stopped flood control projects, frorway w and many large c o n s t r u c t throughout: the Valley a n d S ern California. E f f o r t s to reach an a a r with the. striking u n i o n s at ilig Thursday were f u t i l e . Sec; K. P. Call, executive secretary of t h p Valley chapter of the B u Contractors Association, r e p o r t T i e fi\\i] (lie unions, for 111? f i t hcing, had dropped dpniands for » h e a l t l i and Welfare f u n d standing firm on a wage- inert-use demand. SliiEidirif- By Oi'inanrl A n o t h e r meeting is scheduled tomorrow at which time tlie. ron- ractors propose to offer again the 19-cent-an-hour wage increase :hnt was accepted by oi.her basic .radps u n i o n s prior to the strike. The. strikers are reported t o rtsi.slinjj on .a wage .increase of L'.iiCr which, for example, would ;ive the operator of a t r a c t o r ·r. now receiving $2.68 an hour, an ncrease t o s l i g h t l y more in houi-. M i l l e r b u r g spoke in a p f the cooperative a t t i t u d e icnters who, with teamsters, CP- nent workers and laborers, hav? ccpplcrt the wage boost, o f f e r ·=, to be effective on J u l y 14. Carpenters p a r t i c u l a r l nt to the b u i l d e r of homes ause of a b i l i t y to road bin? Continued on Page Two Enter Fish Bowl Cafe Four cases of beer and approximately ,yj!) in ca*h was taken from Howl Cn;e, H017'- Van N u y s Blvd., by b u r g l a r s who broke a w i n d o w t o gain entrance, police report. WARREN CAMPBELL TUDIES ABROAD ON FULBRIGHI AWARD Wan-en M. Campbell of 6217 Malija Ave,, Van Nuys, today was nnounced as one of 11 present nd former students at Stanford 'Diversity chosen to receive a Ful- right award for study abroarl dur- g the academic year 1952-3;;. Graduate ' student in politico! cience at Stanford d u r i n g ( ent 1951-52 academic year. Campell will pursue his political science udies in London School of Ecn- omics at London, England undrr ie benefits of the award. Funds used in carrying out !lie program under the Fulbright Act. are foreign currencies obtained through .surplus property sale-; abroad. Grants are available UR 19 :ountries. PLEASE PAY YOUR CERTIFIED CARRIER 25c Your carrier boy, now making collections for the month of Juno is learning the rudiments of good business. Ask him for an official receipt when you pay him 25c for delivery of The Newt end Grean

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