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Deceased was tho mother of Mrs. J. J. Mitchell of Elk Grove, and also leaves two or three grown sons. Her husband died several years ago. Tho relations between M re. Rodeo and some of tbe members of the family are said to have been inharmonious, and the supposition is that something of this character caused her to take her Life. -» SERIOUS ACCIDENT. Little Harry Bated ies Eyesiifht Endangered by a Hurt. During tbe recess at the Sacramento Grammar School yesterday morning an accident happened which is likely to cost littlo Harry Bateile his eye. A number of boys were playing "shinuy," which, as young people at least know, is playod by knocking a block of wood around with a stick which is curved at the lower end. One of the boys struck with such force at the block that his "shinny stick" Hew out of bis band and struck young Bateile in tbe eye. He was immediately taken care of, and as the principal, Miss Watsou, found the eye was badly injured, be was removed to bis home on Fifteenth street, near 11, whence he was afterwards taken to the ollico ol Dr. Briggs, tbe oculist, who examined it carefully and thought at first that he would have to lose it, but later in the day had some hopes of being able to save it. Tl_» little sufferer bore his pain manfully, scarcely evincing the agony he underwent by lamentations or groans. COMPANY E. It 9 Mombers Ite-Kleet Captain Seymour for a Xow Term. In accordance with orders from brigade headquarters, an election for Captain of Company E, Second Infantry Regiment, N. <;. C, was held at the Armory last evening. Captain H. I. Seymour was re-elected to the position he has so efficiently filled since bo was first chosen commander of tlie company. The election was made unanimous. After the business of the meeting had been concluded refreshments were served, and the Captain's health drank to merry bumpers. Major Charles P. Gardner, .Brigade Quartermaster, presided ovor the election in a very efficient manner. A STORE ROBBED. Capital Woolon Mills' Tailoring Establishment Balded. About 11 o'clock yesterday it was discovered that sometime after the Capital Woolen Mills tailoring establishment bad closed on tho preceding night the place had been robbed of some $300 worth of doth, beside several custom-made garments. Mr. Tryon has no clew whatever to the identity of the thief or thieves. The doors wero found locked yesterday morning, and how the burglars managed to get away with tho stuff" puzzles everyone about tbe place. NEW PUBLICATIONS. "Toilettes" for November (126 West Twenty-third street. New York) is at hand. As usual it is first in the field with winter fashions for women aud children. It is a capital journal. Tho "Musical Monthly" for August and for September, two numbers, come to hand very late. Let us attribute tho fact to moil miscarriage, for the monthly is a welcome journal ami ono worthy support. No space is given to essay writing or criticism—it is not a journal for disputants and critics, but for people who want liow music in cheap form. Each number is filled with new and popular sheet music, vocal aud instrumental, by the best composers. R. A. Saulfield, publisher, New York. The October number of the "Cosmpolitan Magazine" (New York) is a charming issue. Rich, as usual, in illustration, it is overflowing with articles of deep interest. Chief among theso is the paper of F. Marion Crawford, on "Homo as the Capital of a New Republic,'' tho article on "Private Schools for Boys," by Price Collier, the direction "How to Avoid Taking Cold," by Dr. Charles A. Hough, and the notes on "Ancient Rome," by Rodolfo Lanciani. "Short Stories" provides for its readers an unusual number of tales aud sketches in the November number. With few exceptions these stories are original or translated especially for "Short Stories," and olfer many and various features of interest. "Worthy of brief notice are: "Carnival Tuesday," by Julia P. Dabney; "A Debt of Forty-One Sous"; "One Blind Eye," by M. Tracy; an ingenious prize story by Robert Shackleton, Jr., ami stories by Mrs. Oliphant, Kathleen Gray Nelson and others. Curront Literature Publishing Company, o_ Lafayette ffilJgceUqrtcoug. j i THE WORLD'S FAIR! ■■v——«w«m——■ i .1 ii _»ii ■ n_—____B— _p__i The Chicago Inter-Ocean AND i The Weekly Union! BOTH ONLY $2 A YEAR. _m _c_ Mmmm restored! _ssi£ KMf 3S _S_2slti, such as Weak Memory, Loss of Brain Power, Headache, Wakefulness, •Mr *~ rl f_f "**fl Lost Manhood. Nichtly Emissions, Nervousness, alldruinsanr] lc-s of power \*. 2= _»_ 'C,' __■ I mUeneratlveOrcansof eltbersexcausedby overexertion. youthfulerror». ! _ - I^P<Tt 1 e.vce^lve u«e of tobacco,opium orstimulants, which lead to lntirmity.Con : #* I'V«">—/ JL ____MU_mp-0-or Inability. Can be carried in vest pocket. SI per Dux, O for»s, ' V _A_is3____ _jgj\ .«^rl[L-i'r,y mail prepaid. With a 95 order we _Ive a written aruariintee to cure •__Wu_________&-*E«~ 0 ,. refund the money. Circular free. Sold by nil druculsr-. Ask for it. take .EFORE AND AFTER USING no other. Address NERVE SEE V CO.. Masonic Temple, CHICAGO. ILL, j For Sale at JOSEPH HAHN &, CO.'S. Drmrgists. Fifth and i Sts.. Sacramento #oUttcaL _ FOR MAYOR, W. F. KNOX, SR., Nominee of Citizens', Non-Partisans', Rr^ular i Democracy and Republican Parties. FOR MAYOR, A. DITTMAR, Nominee of the People's Party. FOR CITY COLLECTOR, MATT COFFEY, Nominee of the Reorganized Democracy. FOR CITY COLLECTOR, E. H. McKEE, Nominee of the Citizens and Non-Partisans. FOR CTTY COLLECTOR, GEORGE A. PUTNAM, Nominee of the Republican Partj'. FOR CITY ATTORNEY, J. FRANK BROWN, Nominee of Citizens, Non-Partisans and Reorganized Democracy. FOR CITY TREASURER, JAMES N. PORTER, Nominee of the Citizens, Non-Partisans and Republican Party. FOR TRUSTEE. First Ward, H. WACHHORST, Nominee of the Republican Party. FOR TRUSTEE, f ; NATIONAL D. O. MILLS. •FRANK CHARLES AND I Draws Draft* Satcuda. President Vioe-Presidenl Cashier Assistant C. W. Geo. C. I N. D. THE city, Sacrai mento. up capital, fund, 93,.32,094. 1893, deposits 'and July. ; only. applica| tion to Ed. k. ii FARMERS' Southwest j Guaranteed LOANS INterest «irdlnary B. U EDWIN K. D. D. C. 11. J AMES M. 15. I". <'. 11. Sol,. Pnid up deserve and INTEREST term and on real estate communications: Georoe Crocker PAID UP President Vice-President Cashier CHARLES H. W. ROOT.

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  1. The Record-Union,
  2. 13 Oct 1893, Fri,
  3. Page 4

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