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1893-11-29-CincinnatiEnquirer-p4-AfricaModernPromisedLand - 1893. I AFRICA, Modern fromised Land For the...
1893. I AFRICA, Modern fromised Land For the Colored People of This Coantrj,SajsBishopTarner. His Speech at the Afro-American Afro-American Afro-American Convention Last Night Emigration To Mexico Is Also Argued. Kobt md Lynebisg To E Considered By This Important Colored Ken's Convention. It la safe to say that the Council of Afro- Afro- Americans now in session In this city Is the nioet important and significant assemblage of representatives of the colored race ever held. The delegates to the council come from very state In tbe Lnlon pursuant to a call issued by Bishop Turner, ot the M. K. Church, some time in the early umraer. Fonrteen hundred delegates were elected, and there are at present in the city al most 0 of that numbe'. The object tor bicb tbey are railed together is a manifold one, Uie recent lynching atrocities in different parts of the country posing aa a prominent feature. The proposed emigration schemes ill receive due attention during ths session. aud various other questions relating to the welfare and progress of the race in America will be discussed. The first session ot the convention was called to order In Allen Tern pie. corner Sixth and Broadway, yesterday at 12 o'clock. Bishop Turner, who is tha triaiT or ths wuoi.g cowvcrrios. Acted as temporary Chairman and H. A. Ruckcr.' of Lexington, at Secretary. The work w as begnn by an Invocation by Rev. Dr. Phillips, of Louisville. Prof. Counsel, of the Colored Industrial ColWe. of Alabama. ucceeded Hi.liop rurnerast halrmao, peou-na peou-na peou-na a liennaneut orjauizarion. w hirh was finally effected, w ith the Ill-hop Ill-hop Ill-hop as permanent t'hairman. The Vice-Presidents Vice-Presidents Vice-Presidents arei H. I). Payne, of Virginia: J. U. A. Crosiatid. of .Missouri; .samuel li. II til. of unio, and Dr. r.. tilliiitn. of Kentucky. The e rerarii-s rerarii-s rerarii-s re: Kev. H. ii. Bryant, of Tennessee; ij.-orge ij.-orge ij.-orge H. in vs. re ap- 1-nanceiCommlttee. 1-nanceiCommlttee. 51 u of acctpt- 1 at tbe the of the uie u , Williams, of Indiana, ami Wm. H. htewaif.of kentui kv. Hon. J.U.J. Taylor, recently ap pointed t olistii to Hoiivia, atlilreed the coil. ention uiKin seniirueiits runt win lie aiven greater consideration by tue assembly, lie spoke of the ck-tit ck-tit ck-tit million colored t eopuln lion of the I nited states and the two million voters, and said that it waa the duty ot the delegates a-xeinbled a-xeinbled a-xeinbled to see that steps are taken tow ard a more just recogni tion 01 their ngnts aim privileges. 4 lie session session adjourned and reaseeiubled at 4:o p. m. The meeting was given over to the dicusion of a mode of procedure for the convention and the electing of committees. All the im portant question were brought tip and committees committees were appointed to consider each one and report. The subject of tiie CHtB'.C AOAI3ST THS OOLOSTD BSCS Of the Innumerable assaults upon white women in the fouth, called forth aspeech from . Augustus Reed, who outlined the reports and urged a proper consideration of the charges. A committee consisting of one dele- dele- 5 ate from each Mate was appointed with A. . Warner, of Montgomery. Ala., as Chair man. Other committlea were appointed as follows; Mobs and Lynching Charles Bundy. dOhio. Chairman: Resolutions. t. W. Bryant. of Pennsylvania. Chairman; Addre-s Addre-s Addre-s to the American People. C. H. J. Taylor, of kansa. Chairman t Memorial r'rom the kw-eto kw-eto kw-eto C'-on-gress. C'-on-gress. C'-on-gress. C'-on-gress. C'-on-gress. Dr. K. M. till lam. Chairman; Emigra tion, V . H. Counsel, of New lork, C laslrman; Lecturing. Jess Bates, of Kentuck y. Chairman : Un Organization of a National Protective Association, Association, A. N. McEwan. Chairman; m National National Newspaper no one was appointed. AT 8 O'CLOCK When the arenlne session was nnened Allen Tettiple a.s crowded from pulpit to entrant e witn colored eopie ano a verv snitui sprinx-ling sprinx-ling sprinx-ling of hues. They had all cme to bear the eh xjuent C"hred preacher, Right Rev. II. M. Turner, of Georgia, Bishiip of the A. M. K. Clinrx-li Clinrx-li Clinrx-li South and of the West India. He is the most prominent figure of the present Congress, having issued the call last July to a onsiileration of such a gathering, and later In Sentember liavina ordered the convention In Cincinnati. He read from manuscript and was COSTIXCALLT rSTgRat'lTEP By applaue and cheers from his audience. He reviewed the many serious charges made against the colored man, treating at lriigtb a:id with complete icreig.'iilorwardon-i icreig.'iilorwardon-i icreig.'iilorwardon-i the question of the outrage in the South and tne moos aim lyncning following: tie ; thoucht that tiie white race. If enslaved and) subjected to the same brutal treat munt as the hlai k slaves and men noera.eu, ignorant and I puiiulios, would be far worse than the ne-i ne-i ne-i groes. It Miemed to btm, alter readli g the' accounts ef the atrocities said to be committed bv the colored people, that - It was due to ainaiinr grace alone on the nnrt of Providence that tbey were permitted to be pre-ent pre-ent pre-ent in convention. lie advocated a ttiorougli investigation 01 me subject and ir reports were found to be true he urged that the colored peoplr band together themselves tor the extermination of tbetr own fiendish brothers. 1 his sentiment s-iited s-iited s-iited the audience 1 brought forth great applause. -cry e-iIorof The blshoo thouxht that a rauiAt ouaht not I be killed, but have his ea.'. noe or bund cut 1 never shed bltMxl Uir a country ould not own htm. This off, or tie otherwise maimed as a punishment liesaia tlir.t a prtMi mat colore men were not naturally briitsl toward white women was found in the West Indies, where thev outnuroliercd whites about twenty to one and an attack upon a white woman waa unheard unheard of. Bishop Turner said that he was the oldest commissioned colored oltlcer iu tbearmv. He fought all through the aar, and earnestly desired desired to lose a leg, arm or be seriously wounded, as he thought it a disgrace to go home unharmed. His hat w as shot through, his coat also, aud his boot-heel boot-heel boot-heel torn away by a ball, but be couldn't get wounded. He thanked Mod now, no sever, Uiat be had that remark Pok the whole audience. Men rose l i their seats and yelled like mad; women wa ei uriirin iiasaiiQ nanukercui. rs. arn mi, sutidiug trear tiie door; n with w ild enthusia-m. enthusia-m. enthusia-m. g.av-hiilred g.av-hiilred g.av-hiilred peonle lumoed od and dow It was several minutes b-fore b-fore b-fore tne last spurt of cheerlrnf siihside.i and tiie st-aker st-aker st-aker proceeded. His closing remarks related to his avowed pel idea of gVIGKATrO!! TO arBICA, Where the colored people might establish a tree goveri.metit ot ilielr wu and live according according to the holies they had so long clM-nsbed. clM-nsbed. clM-nsbed. The sentiment, although not the unanimous opinion of the convention by any means, was received with applause and a counter cry from a part of theh'Mj-eof theh'Mj-eof theh'Mj-eof "Mexico! Mea-iro!" Mea-iro!" Mea-iro!" It is known that agents are bere to Induce colored people from the Cnited Urates to emigrate to Metii-n, Metii-n, Metii-n, and tbe emigration emigration subject when sprung excited no little demonstration on the part of tbe adherent to Bishop Turner's African plan and the Mexican Mexican faction. When the noi- noi- following tiie Bishop's conclusion had died out Prof. Counsel Counsel led tbe audience in singing a sentimental song loyal to tbe cause. - The convention adjourned about 10:30 until this mornii g. when the reports of committee. committee. wll be heard and speernes wiM be de.iv-errd de.iv-errd de.iv-errd by prominent delegates. Tbe reports will be awaited with great interest by tbe delegates, delegates, and the discussion following promises to be very interesting.

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer29 Nov 1893, WedPage 4

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)29 Nov 1893, WedPage 4
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