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1887-12-17-WashingtonBee-[TaylorItems] - "Published every Saturday at 1109 I street...
"Published every Saturday at 1109 I street fcorthyrest, Washington, D. C. Enjervd at the Postofflce at "Washington O. s second-class mall matter. Mr.- John E. Bruce, formerly edi- tor of the "Maryland Commonwealth," has been added to the edi--ttftM'st ff 6f the Bee. Mr. Bruce is-a wide awake man and a good -writer. The "National committee decided to hold the nest republican convention in" Chicago June 19th '88. The commiCtee'al80, decided to allow the District Central committee to call convention for the election of delegates in this city. Among the active working Ee-publicans in this country is Capt. A. P. Cunningham. This gentleman can do more Bolid work than any fifty men :u the party. We congratulate Capt. Cunningham on the success he is making to unite the Republican element of this country. It is rumored that the learned (?) C. H. J. Taylor who took his pen and murdered the Kings English & few weeks ago, will start a democratic paper in a few weeks and that it will be the; greatest Negro organ in the world. We shall take up the gaunlet with this wind bag, the first of the year with a semi-weekly Bee. TAYLOR SIZED UP. Mr. Frank J. Carpenter, the Washington correspondent of the New Yew "World," in his correspondence of Dec, 14th, says the following: The Liberian Mission is still practically vacant. The salary is $5,000 a year and it will not long go begging. I saw Taylor, the present incumbent, who has either resigned or been recalled, in the Senate Chamber yestejday. He is a short, beefy, gross looking man, with a head like a cannon ball and entirely devoid of expression or intellectual character. His color i8 gingerbread yellow and he has few of the outward characteristics of the higher class colored mau of to-day. GENL. BEAL. icirrarmjreorroaT GFelieral BealJ preeidentoi the National Republi- , can League, will be urged as a delegate from this city, to the National Republican Convention. We don't kmow f any man who would better represent the republicans than this distinguished republican. General Beal is in ia-vor of sufferage for the District ot Columbia, and if he is lent, he will make au effort to have a sufferage clause put in lhe republican platform, to over 200,000 disfranchised citizens. We want honest and respectable men to represent the District in he next republican convention, and we are of the opinion that such men will be sent from this city. The Convention of '88, will not be a repetition of the convention of 384; and it is hoped, that the republicans throughout the city will see to it, that good men will be elected from the 22nd districts. The Central Republican committee will convene in a few days, and a new election of delegates will be ordered, and said committee will order a convention in conformity with the call of the national committee. ZmSsE be subjected to the unfairness of the democratic party ? It is no use to attempt to deny the fact, that the Colored people in the South are not beiug mistreated, and the Federal administration, as it always has been, even under republican rule, powerless to project Ihem. It 18, therefore a question to.be wisely considered by both political parties, whether the suppression of the colored vote is to be continued or whether the eolored mau is to exercise the elective franchise guaran'eed by the Constitution. We know there are negroes who are the emissaries of the dem ocratic party for self aggandize-ment, aud we are confident that after they have been used, they are disregarded & misireaTea. jno houest democrat' has any respect for a negro who declares that a thing is right when they know it is wrong, although it is to his interest. A negro who will sacrifice his people for self interest, is a knave and a trai'or. There is but one question to be considered and that is, the colored people of the fcouih. The very law thut would have protected the negro in the south, was defeated by Mr. James Q-. lilain, who called upon the negroes of the south to aid him in 1884, but were powerless to do so because Mr. JBfaine defeated the very law that would have enabled the colored people to have elected him presideutofthe United States. The Democratic party has been and is opposed to the colored people; the Republican party has been derelict in its duty, but of the two evils the colored people should take the lesser. If Mr. Blaine is to be nomiuated can he be elected? The Colored people are divided on Mr. Blaine, the Southern colored man does not waut him, and neither is he in love with the democratic party. We hope that the republican convention will uot make any mistake. A man should be nominated who will relieve the suffering IsTegroes in the South. The bill of Hon. W. E. Chandler is just the thing to force fair elections in the South and it is hoped that Congress will take immediate action on it colored people to establishments kept by white people, who refuse to employ our girls and boys as salesmen, and printing offices, who refuee to employ a colored man as a printer, but still the colored people continue to patronize them. JSTow if they were to patronize their own establishments, this prejudice would be eliminated. This would be doing something practical, and for the race's benefit. But there can be noihing derived from eating houses by entering suits against the proprietors, we only satisfying the stomach, whereas on the other hand, if we would boycott these places on 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue, and support our own institutions, we would be putting money in our pockets, which would enable the racjxto advance and strengthen individuals financially. Let us be more independent; let us wiihdraw our support from those who don't want us, and support ourselves, aud you will find out that this will be the best civil rights law that can be enacted. So far aB mixed schools are concern, the masses of the people are opposed to them. There is only one thing needed to make our schools equal with the white, so far as convenience is concerned, and that is, place all of the schools under one superintendent with au assistant, and we don't know of a better man to place in charge of all the schools than Mr. Powell, the present superintendent. First, brake down the barrier which is up held by us, and then ask the courts to eliminate this discrimination practiced by the whites. COLOR PREJUDICE. We had occasion to speak brief ly last week in regard to the civil rights case of Mr. E. M. Hewlett, and while we are in sympathy with him, we are opposed to his modus operandi, when there are so many colored people who practice the very thing which Mr. Hewlett is endeavering to eliminate. There is a certaiu class of colored people in this community who car ry their prejudice iu the ehurch the pulpit, tne school and socia circie. We know cases to have! existed where ministers were too black for the congregation ; school" teachers too dark for others to associate with, and pupils of colored parents too light to go to a colored school. Colored barbers, who cou-duct shops especially for white men, will not have any of this amalgamated class, for fear it will terd to injure their business. There are some black men, who have become disgusted with females of their own color and have married some common or second class white women, simply because they are white. Every day THEY SAY THAT The youug men will win in the next convention. nrrrton M7Holfaud read a great paper xuursaay mgut before the Philomautheau. Alphabetical Taylor on Africa next Tuesday night, is to be accompanied with Webster's unabridged Dictionary aud Harvey's English Grammar. His "qualities is sufficient to hold his own." Taylor. He is to study grammar and especially construction of sentences, by the next presidential election to enable him to be a diplomat. He told the President that Jim Matthews could not draw. Taylor can draw more ungramat-ical sentences than Matthews can draw negro democratic votes. Dr. Thomas TJpshaw ofthe Pension Office will lead to the altar a lady who has won his affections,- She has a tongue that can out general the Dr. Otherwise the Dr. would have changed. The Dr. is one of the iollv bovs. and will succeed wherever he goes. The board of school trustees is a little Fishy on Mary Hall. Have your New Year visiting cards printed at the Bee office. The enforcement of the present law only serves to create race antagonism. a a

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  1. The Washington Bee,
  2. 17 Dec 1887, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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