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1888-01-07-WashingtonBee-p2-Liberia - street now satisfaction read that he a-waits...
street now satisfaction read that he a-waits man all the together a paying all now is a ol the he firm it a say a by of such followers, be, city who We that of Republican the of harmony We are and and be r has east, the the has the his in W. hinr duty to be We shall of and to is Mr. the he of his best has 3rd, the men of superior intellect and respectability, itfo, Mr Carson, Mr. f'hase wuld b-3 a fool to make any such assertion as trat and men who allow this nserfion to go unanswered lli-it Perry Carson has a mortgiige on tlvm, are n H the citizens we con ider them to be. Mr. Cha3e is but one mi'H, who Uals no faction, and no respectable in in, in jus ice to himself, can follow a man who leads a faction . LIBERIA. There has been in circulation for the past few months certain statements made by Mr. 0. H. J.Taylor, Ex-Miuister of the United States to Liberia, of and (ouceiuing rhat Republic, which I emphatically contradict. ir. is known that Mr. Taylor was sent out by the Ameiiean Government to Liberia as her represeua-tive. After a stay of four months in Liberia, he was seen again at the National Capitol. Intelligence reached the public that Mr. Taylor iu tended to resign, which created an iuquiiy that lead to the publishing of those untiiubiul accounts, dictated by him and to which I now refi'r. Liberia is a Republic of Negroes ; it occupies five huudied miles of territory on the West African Coast with an indefinite iiitmior. It was settled iirre than sixty years ago by a tew Negiojs of America. The Republic has bren acknowledged as a Sovereign ami an Ir.depeu.deut State by all the leading powers of Europe and America. Duriug col-onizition. the hostility of the Aborigines and the slave trade carried on by the then maritime nations of Europe, with the Chiefs of the several Tribes, were serious obstacles involving the colonists iu war. After contimiou-; stiuggle, they succeeded in obliterating at once and forever th t nefarious traffic; treaties of peace were made, accession of territory took place; churches, schools and mission stations were erected until now places that weie once forests and morasses, are graced with stately edifices in which hundreds of Africa's sons and daughters praise God. A proof of the above I give as follows : Along in April '84, I reached the town of Sooblong, having been seut there with a detachment of troops who wt-reto settle tew tribal ditiicultic s. Sooblong is an interior town of Aboriginal inhabitants governd by Jollah, the eldest son of the la to King Fabquahquah. In that town there is erected a church in which the inhabitants assemble every Sabbath day for worship; in connection with that is an institute for the training of the native outh. to which Mr. Moses Mix, a thrifty fanner on the St. Paul River Lib na, donated 500. These are under the supervision of the Rev. Sunders Washington. Touching the commercial resources of Liberia I shall only say, that one of the Foreign M'iicantile firms in Lower 13 lc.hanan Liberia has, in order to get the pioduce to the foreign market, to make shipments to Liverpool perBiitish and West African Steamship Company his vessels not being able to tak-3 iu the mass wh'ch he receives. A weeks travel from the Capitol of Liberia on the plains of Boporo will convince us of the tact, there being a variety of domestic animals, a-mong which the horse will be seen, in size, as large as the horses which are used in America. From that district there is a road opening into the Kissie, conveying cattle to the coast of Stoma Leone. Upon Africa's benighted conti-uvnt there is a star whose light many hath seen, like the star that guided the Wise men of the East, so has it led the several Tribes which surround her. To prove the above, we have only to visit the American and European Schools, there you will tiuil her yonth at work, receiving instructions in various branches as would be best suited for the country bearing in mind the principle, it is better to be an ornament than a disgrace to the race. AVe evidently see from the foregoing facts that Liberia is alive and still will live amidst the abuses which has been heaped upon her. N"w, as to Mr. C. H. J. Taylor's knowledge of Liberia, to speak correctly, Mr. Taylor knows nothing of the country. I said in the outset that Mr. Taylor was only four months in Liberia from intelligence received, I learned that he did not go four miles in the interior, he has not seen a farm nor can he tell uu anything of the custom of the Aborigines. His ignorance of the country was fully displayed when he attempted to discuss a paper on the normal aud abnormal Negro before the Monumental Scientific As" sociatiou iu Baltimore, Md. He tells us the Libcrians are degraded. I call for reason. Can a degraded person elevate one who seeks elevation? I have shown you that those of Africa's youth who have obtained au education, received it by aud through Liberia. Now if education be the cultivation of moral, intellectual and physical powers, and Liberia be the means by which the African obtain these qualifications, the statement of Mr. U. H. J. Taylor and Liberia's ene mies is a fallacy capable of depriving many an honest heart of a quiet retreat on their ancestral soil. I would advise Mr. Taylor the next time he lectures before the public to first acquaint himself with his topic, and not appear so ignorant as he has on tire state aud condition of the Ameiican Negro in Liberia. It must I Temembered that Mr. Taylor asserted on arriving at Liberia, he would do all he could to increase foreigu immigration between the two Continents aud to eu co u rage American commerce which latter would pay any firm in America to carry on between Liberia and these commercial states ; to the point however, they had merely a mental existence, he being too weak to have accomplished his then design. Intstead of exhibiting his manliness, he acted a coward, trying to prejudice the minds of the American public. His motives, however, like a defective organ failed to work. The articles which he has published and which I have proven to bo false, an inference has been drawn from them, exhibiting the man which has placed his prestige, if any he has had, on the pages of oblivion. The public would like to know why I have remained silenced so long; it is because he who doeth things calmly doeth them well. A Liberian. COLOE LINE. IS IT DRAWN BY THE ALBANY HOME 0PATHIC HOSPITAL? - Superintendent of the Poor McKenna Sends a Colored Woman Theieand She Is Refused. AdmissionThe Mayor Orders All City Patients Kemoved-Both Sides of the Matter. (From the Albany Journal.) There was a breeze in local official circles to-day aud when tbe cause was told here and there on the streets it became a leading topic. It was said that the Homeopathic hospital had refused to re ce've a colored patient eeut to that institution by Supeiiuteudent of the Poor McKenna. SUPT. M'KBNNA'S STi 7EMENT. Superintendent McKenna said: "Surah Hughes, a respectably appearing color d woman of 38 years, applied to the overseer of the poor's oilic yesterday for admission to the hospital. I felt she was too refined to be sent to the almshouse, aud the other hospitals being full, and we having been notified that theie was a discharge irom the homeopathic hospital in the female ward, I telephoned to the hospital ar d asked if they could take a patient. The house physician said they could. I seMt the woman up there and in 15 minutes was called by the telephone. The hospital physician said: ''That is a colored woman you seut up here?" "Yes,'' I replied, " rVo can'c take her," Why because she is colored ?" "Yes." f asked who had full charge there and the physician said the matron had. I then asked if she had given this order and he replied that she had. About 15 minutes later I was again telephoned from the homeopathic hospital, this time the words coming; This woman we won't take here and if she remains we won't treat her" I then teh phoned to tbe city hospital asking if they could make r )om for a colored woman They replied that they could, and the woman was received there and squeezed in a ward already full. Till! MATCH'S LETTER. The following letter was sent by the mayor: " Mayor's Office, Albany, Deo, 0.1S87. -John. McKenna, Esq., Overseer of the Poor, Albany. -Dear SrR: Inasmuch as you have reported to me that the Albany city homeopathic hospital has refused to admit as a patient a colored woman upon the account of the city, notwithstanding there was plenty of room, and since the refusal upon 'he part of the hospital authorities looks like an attempt to draw distinctions on ac-c unt of color, you aie here by directed to refrain from sending city patients to that institution and if found feasible you will remove from it such patients as are now charged upon moneys appropriated by the city. Yours, John Boyd Thacaer, Mavor. AT THE HOSPITAL, A representative of The Journal called at the bomeopathic hospital a

Clipped from
  1. The Washington Bee,
  2. 07 Jan 1888, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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