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 - SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 9. 1941 Homecoming At...
SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 9. 1941 Homecoming At Plain City On March 18 Will Pay Tribute to Early Settlers C^VT^TM;..? weS Sobers former residents and friends at a homecoming on Tues day. March 38 Every e a r ^ similar party is held on u March 17, in commemoration of t h day 32 years ago when the HTM settlers arrived. , Committees organized to maKt the gathering an outstanding e\ e are under direction of Baiter ^ Moves general chairman. Other committee heads a r e : ?«*""£ Xeta Charlton; banquet, Leoni Robson. Augusta Nash and Venp. a Carver: reception. Relief societj presidency and ward £ is !?°. a ;' 1]( ; i l decoration, Fred P. Nash, w j Carver will be master of a r t ^March 17, 1909 marked the begin- The sacrifice and suffering en- d u r e d d u r i n g that first year of f f o r H f e ^^ wm b t o ] d _ toi]ed day after day amount of dry bread or some boiled potatoes with sometimes tea made from roots or wild herbs. Some times there were nettle pig weed or red root greens. First Dance Hall However it was not all work and hardships, recreation was not for 1M, J859. the first dance was held on the barrens west of town, with a comb band furnishing music. Boys and girls danced in their bare feet. Later dances were held in homes and in the school house. Each one brought a candle for light. They had candy pulls using the molasses skimmings, bonfire parties, athletic · oth er -idents wa* was e ,oa,h. ^noch Arden," "Rinno.d.." «nd uut into effect. I ·Ton Nights In a Bar Room." and H e n r v G Garner. Jos.ah j o:h,r plays were presented by and James I- Robson, taU-nU'd people. Thomas Singleton ,r an , , P n t r i l ommittee. Lew- led a splendid band, and George u r t l i f f K CUy f s first M.,s*rave directed an excellent V Y Y l M i ^ ' i ' ' ( l "· '-*···*· · ·' -- - . j » i i /-v, · , 0 nf'r, Ma-tha Thompson and ! -Maki- cnriiuen. i", - ',' . p n A f t e r H pro- Stories could be told of the chil- Cnarles H. Oroui^i'. -^ -- ^ .. . ^.^ ^.^ m u d w j ( h f h e j r fee( . gram at t n e j. · . · ,. h , u | De _ | to m a k e adobes, of a school to was a n n o u n c e d w" r a l )road to ! teach straw hat making, of the | gun that u.i - · served in ; severe smallpox epidemic, when Plain City a b a . q u ^ ^ ^^ ^ m ^ y f a n i i H e s d t h r o u g the aaose M.»» II · · ,, · lav severe t r i a l s in laying their loved w e r e e i n e r t a m e , e f o l o u , ^ ^^ Qf ^ ^^ ^ Approximate^ 10(10 People j^.^, ^ ^ . _ u . e n ; j n K of m . u , hinery , artv .-inri I · · e y o n l ea ch I and m a k i n g f u r n i t u r e , starch, c l o t h i n g , etc. Marv Ann Carver Geddes, and then to candles, y It 'was in the fail of the year 1856. that an exploring ; g i o u p _ e · , Lehi in search o * «e« hom · H ^ and th obert Maw, not w i t h the onginal company. « Isabel Draney Bramwell are the , survivors of all the group n s , David t r a n t i b , i" « P o b i n . Both of them have been outstand- jeppa G. Folkman, Joseph Robin ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ son J U I H : v ^ t " ^ ' - . -William W. Raymond, Robert ter Thomas Ashton and Alfiecl _ :. ,, . !.-,,,.,,,.iiio t h o v were who know them. Mrs. Brarnwell left Plain City several years ago and son John Spiers. Joseph Skeen, ,am W. Raymond, Robert VN in-- * . . u n « H n d Alfred thev were now lives w i t h her daughter, Mrs. i-v,,. - - - - ifte'r local- Meribel Stephenson in Ogden. Mrs. ?°' ne . d ,^,»b Enlace thev r e t u r n e d . Geddes s t i l l lives in ing a suiirtuie i · · ·vii- · She has a keen m i n d , a b e a u t i f u l to their homes and fpcm tne m ^ e | s p i r i t a n d a w o n d e r f . ter making preparations to in the spring. March 10, 185P, company of , Children as well as adults enjoy listening to her relate incidents of the past. She is still able to visit o e n nors e m u u a n d ; among t h e people giving ' a d s were' muddy a n d a n d advice where it i s is an inspiration to the entire com- tra«l necessarily slow. W i t h mod- of it " o : R-idents here now hope t h a t in K-^The d i f f i c u l t i e s they en- the f u t u r e a f i t - -- · - ·-- irnple t i m e t h e n they were seven days, arriving on March \ desert and establish homes that jnifij;i ne L ne vi n * "-'··· ·· countered. T\vo hours is ample t i m e to drive to Lehi now, but t h e n they be erected in t r i b u t e to a courageous group who dared to go into the in a snow 0S 'storm There was i their children and their children's little to be seen except sage brush , children could enjoy life more which stood from four to ten feet : abundantly. high. ! Six Blocks IxnK The town was planned three blocks wide and six blocks long, each block containing f o u r acres, YJ 5 |J. and divided into four lots. Streets | ' '511 were laid off a: night with the aid of the North Star and measured with a rope. So accurately was the accomplishment that later CLARKSTON, March 8 when surveying was done, not one . , n d Mrs James H . j a r ( jine and line was changed. A field one mile | d a u K h t e r s . p] va Luc a n d xaDean square was measured east of town, j J a r d i n e . spent t n e week-end at Each family was p e r m i t t e d to have | P a r k cily U t a h j ^ gucsts of t n e i r a city lot and 20 acres of land. , son . in . law a n d dau ghter, Mr. and Water for culinary purposes was : MrSi Pau , p cdcraoll . At Park City -- Mr. Y Y « t ^ t. * v ' ~ - -- - » I ' . J.YI, ( $ t J T C L U A - L U U U t ^ U l l . carried from springs west o. town. Officers of the Primary associa- At that t i m e there was omy ' U o n e n t e r t ained Thursday evening one house between Kaysville and : a . t n e h o m f of Mrs _ Cora p God . the Weber river and only one j r c y ]n h o n o r of Mrs . Thelma God- store in Ogden. The distance from ; f r e y w h o is moving to Garland. Cgden to P l a i n C'.ty was measured Luncheon was served to 12 guests. by the revolutions of a wagon j Mn a n d Mrs _ A n d r e w Clark and wheel. . William Clark spent Friday at The first concern of these pio- p r c s t on as guests of Mr. and Mrs. r.eers was shelter. Dug-out? were ; Ernest Anderson. made, I n t e r adobes, and log houses : M r _ flnd Mrs Leg Thompson and were buil:. , c h i l d r e n of Garland were d i n n e r Shelter Provided guwts at the home of Mr. and After shelter was provided, a i Mrs George Myler Sunday. Aiier sneut.T «n.-, t i «··... u. "; M rs George Alyler Sunday, place of worship was erected. How- . Mr and M r s _ R u l o n Archibald ever the first meetings were held : a n d f a m i l y nave moved to Ogden in ft tent belonging to Joseph ,,, makc t h e j r h o m e Skeen. A t e m p o r a r y m e e t i n g place , Mr _ a n d Mrs ^ Ray W inn and was a bowery made of willows. ; ( .i,j; d r e n of Trenton were Sunday These people were L. D. S. con- Sl , es:s at t n e i lome o f Mrs. Winn's verts and they never forgot t h e | p a r e n t s Mr- and Mrs . j^ wis purpose for which they left t h e i r : Thompson. homes in various parts of the M r _ a n d Mrs _ Jesse Buttars had world to be with the saints of the as , h c i r guesis over t h e week-end west. Mr. and Mrs Jay Buttars of Smith- Education was considered of fi( , 1Q and as S u n d a y gue sts, Mr. and greatest importance. The first Mrs . R a i p h Roso of Plymouth, school was held in a dug-out. V» hun M r a n d Mrs A l v i n Christensen an adobe church was built, it served , of xewton visited at the home of as a school house too. Benches were jMrs _ christensen's parents, Mr. and made of hewn logs. George Mus- | Mrs H a n s Dahle Sunday. grave assisted by his wife. V i e - j ^iss LaRene Jardine spent the torine, was the first teacher. He j past week at Robin . i da ho, as the also taught Sunday school in h i s , gl , est of her unc i e and aunt, Mr. dug-out. Mrs. Musgrave made a : a n d Mrs _ Ben C lark. sun .dial which reflected the t i m e of day, flashing a light by which school was commenced and dismissed. W i t h t h i s rude e q u i p m e n t . Of Taylor of the Thursday Billy June Ruth Ago" amateur Mr. and Olsen Mrs. returned in Pomona Walter and Mabel Mrs. with Mr. Lake Mrs. the society Davis and her topic Elizabeth The , 10 : Woman," Mrs. ! T. Bricn honor Modesto, Mr. '. of aft; '. ', I Mr. i and j l Mrs. Point, from party the good. Mr. Jack Gams Feted At Wedding In Fielding Hall . spent : of Salt ~, · The I D the FIELDING, March 8 -- A wed- also was a school teacher. He used the Bible for a text book. In May 1859, President Lorin Farr and Bishop Chauncey W. West of Ogden organized, a branch i ding dance was held at the Field- with William W, Raymond as ir.g ward hall Thursday evening in president, Daniel Collett and Jeppa ; honor of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Garn, G. Holkman as counselors, and ; who were married Tuesday in the John Spiers as secretary. At this Logan temple. Mr. Garn is a son of meeting a name. "The City of the · Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Garn of Field- Plains," was chosen. It was later j j ng Mrs . G a r n was tnc f o r r n e r Miss changed to Plain City. j RlUh gandell of Tremonton. The Small Track Plowed couple received many lovely gifts. Only a small tract of land was plowed the first summer because Mr. and Mrs. Gene Leavitt and sons. Jack and Val, attended the swarm Clarkston Lois Burns, Elaine the Mrs. of the limited amount of seed. ; f a r c w c l l p n r t y for the national One of the Diggest problems was d DeweyviIIe . Va l sang two to ^et water for irrigation. It was | solos nine miles to Weber river but no | ^M Development club mem- task was too great, so with spades , ^"'·' cl ' ^nt.uyi"«.i ,, and shovels they started work at bers a n d "usbaads enjoyed a thea- Mill creek, digging out high places and hauling to low ones. A "go devil" scraper made of hewn logs fastened in "V" shape and pulled by three and four yoke of oxen moved dirt where the ground was level. To assist them in their survey, a two-by-four plank was grooved out in the center to hold water and placed on a tri-pod. Some one had to follow with a canteen fco keep the groove filled. tre party Monday evening at the Liberty theatre at Tremonton. The picture was "Santa Fe Trail." A luncheon was served at th© Coffee shop to about 50 members and guests after which dancing was enjoyed. Miss Beth Garn, Jack Garn of Fielding, and Miss Ruth Sandal of Tremonton spent Sunday at Brigham. Those attending the Bee Hive tained Wednesday were Ethel Mrs. Lucinda Mrs. Mrs. daughter at Mrs. were of her Mr. Brigham with Deaken, once honor

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