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1894-01-06-WashingtonBee-p1-[MiscOnCHJT] - VOL. XII IIS EOT I m lie The flews of the City...
VOL. XII IIS EOT I m lie The flews of the City Dished The Bee Readers. Up for PERSONAL POINTS POIKTED'LY PDT. Koino News and Events Transpired Since oar Iiast Issue Otlxer Matters Worthy of Careful Consideration. W. II. Jones is fast improving. W. Calvin Chase, Jr., and 3eatreess Luciiida Chase, who have been ill with the grip and malaria fever, have greatly improved. Tie school house of Rev. E. W. Williams of Abbeville. S. C, and private residence were destroyed by fire last week. Mr. James W. lloss the colored democrat, called on the civil service commission last week and asked for an investigation of the wholesale discharge of colored girls from the Bureau of Engraving and printing. Judge Miller of the police court has given wa ruins: to all church disturbers that he does not intend to be bothered and that he intends to line all parties who insist in bringing their church troubles in court. The colored lrgh school is greatly in need of a head. Trustee Bruce owes it to the people and pupils to make a change m that department of the .schools. Will he do it? The President will take up the District appointments next month. Who the lucky ones will be'no one is able to say. There is a movement on foot among the people to organize a peoples protective association. Young colored girls are still bein discharged from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, There are but a few colored messengers retained in the several departments of the general government. Judge Samuel G. Mills is being urged for the Distcict commissionership. Judge Mills is one of the best men in this eity. Lawyer E. M. Hewlett has refitted up his law office. Mr. James A. Ross was offered a position in the House of Representatives a few days which he declined. Madame Jones didn't draw a crowded house at the "Vermont Avenue Baptist church last Wednesday evening, The grea-est singer of the age is Miss Flora Burton. She will be here January 10 and 17. The people should not fail to hear M iss Flora Barton. If you want job printing done call at the Bee office. Two of the most prominent negro appointments to be made will be Mathews of Albany, and Prof. W. L. Brown of this city, Prof. II. M. Brown, teacher in physics in the public schools, is one of the most profound teachers in this country. Miss Emma F. T. Merrett, principal of the Bankers school, is one of the most efficient teachers in the public schools. The report is that C. H. J. Taylor "will go to Bolivia after the adjournment of congress. PUBLIC OPINION. From the Atchison Blade. Outrages on colored men in the south still continue to be reported. Two colored men were recently fined $10 for eating peanuts in church. From the Harrisburg Times. A colored millionaire is in Chicago selling gold mine stock for miners located in Montana, said contains 20 mines and GOO acres of valuable tnnber land. He sells only to Afro-Hinericans. The Conservator of Chicago, a reliable rase paper, advises caution and demands more positive proof of the genuiness of the venture before the people should buv. From the Denver Strte6mau. The editor of the American Citizen should not attempt to crawl out of a had political mess whh men by jumping upon the good character of a wTo-ni. The black man who would publish a contemptuous fling at the character of Ida Wells deserves a mission to Purgatory, not Bolivia, under the blessings of a ' democratic administration. The Citizen man might well know that lie will get the worst of it for such au uttaek as lately appeared m Iris paper. e would not be surprised if he knocked himself out of the good graces of the almighty Cleveland, who once said, "tell the truth." from ihe New York Herald. . Mr. Carlisle will have a hard task if he has undertaken to make the people heheve that the tax he advocates is not inquisitorial. It varies from a general income tax only in form. It is contrary to the principles of a democratic government. It is class legislation, as Mr. Carlisle plainly sho in his m its favor. TliP.r& is nn argument such a tax, and its Imposition will deservedly cause the ivtirement of anv excuse for liunucian or party Sponsible for it Americans want no makeshifts of effete Monarchies in them government, no JaulPrysin office. io class taxation, pown with every form of inquisitorial income tax! From tne Sew York Arc Charles II. J. Taylor, of the Kansas City American Citizen J lias made an attack upon Miss Ida 33. Wells, of the Age and Chicago Conservator too vile to be rep oduced in a decent newspaper and too cowardly too etoinate from a white sneak like Editor t:nnack of the Memphis Commercial. Miss Wells has been earnest and indefatigable worker in the interest of the race along lines originated by herself, and has earned the respect and adinira-tiod of thoughtful people of the United States and Great Britain, even those who didnot approve of her methods. It was natural that the Memphis Commercial should seek to break the arraisrn- ment of southern villiany h traducing her a a woman, but that a man of the race, who has been twice designated to represent the republic in high diplomatic positions, should descend to such cowardice and brutality will shock, wp. 'cLiire say, every self respecting member or tne .tro-Amer.can press, who are as earnest in defending their women as white men are in defending theirs. From ihe New South. lias the President forgotten his negro allies? It would really seem so. He has already doled out to his own race all the offices available. Does he intend tograise? We shall see. ' THE ARMY OF HAWAII. Oelso Caesar Moreno Famishes Some Figures Relative to its Strength. Editor of the Bee : In your issue of the 25th msfc., you published a letter from a gallant Irishman. Pa- j tnek Rnttou by name, a soldier of fortune in the missionary army of Hawaii, at $d0-per month. This warrnr Hutton, writes that there are in Hawaii 1200 men under arms. This is not true, as are not true all the other statements made by the commissioners, sympathis zers and agents of the provisional government of Hawaii. The statements of the Hon. Robert W. Wil-co, tbe coming Napolean of Ha waii , on tne ngutiug pretentions of the provisional government of Hawaii, and published m the Post of December 21, are far more correct than that of the soldier Button. Today it comes my turn to tell the real truth and give the exact number of the soldiers of the missionary army in Hawaii, divided by nationalities and copied from the book of the socalled provisional government. Army of Hawaii : Germans 5d, Portuguese 49 Americans 32, Norwegians 27, British 19, Swedes 17, Italians, 15, Russians 7S Danes 5, Russian Fins 3, Polish Jews 2, Greeks 2, Dutch 1, Native Hawaiian 1, assorted, don't know themselves, 16; total 250. Oulv one native Hawaiian can i be found in this army destined for orotectiog and defending the Ha waiiau Islands. This is the best standard for judging how limited is the confidence of the Hawaiian people in the missionary govern meiir, temporarily existing in the Hawarau Islands without the consent of tha people. My ouinion is that this army, formed' by the pious and greedy missionaries for the purpose of de fending themselves and for iutimi dating the native Hawaiians and other peaceful residents, is merely a rare aud monstrous conglomora tion of mercenary soldiers, com posed of the scum of all uations,the majority of whom were recruited anions- the hoodlums of baroay coast in San Francisco. This army of mercenaries is more of a danger than protection for Ha waii, betiause there is no father laud, no patriotism, no high ideals in those men, except the 40 per month Each and all are so many Swiss " Dugal Dougherty, who fight for provender and pay and also prey and outrage the Hawaii an 8 of both sexes aud of all ages. The commander in chief of this cosmopolitan canaille (Rabble), will be the ill bred missionary, Son Nevin Armstrong, formerly a journeyman barber,m Honolaa, and dispised by every body in Hawaii. Oelso vjeasek mqbeno. WASHHsTOTON, B. C, SATURDAY THEY SAY. Flora Batson, is the most refined singer on the Am erican stage. Madame Jones did not meet with that success she anticipated. District appointments will be made soon. The boys are waiting with patience. In union their is strength. There is enough for the negroes to do without degrading themselves. Be honest with your friends. Speak ill of no one. The Capital Savings Ban is a valuable institution. The Industrial Building Association is well conducted. Be up and doing of the hour. is the watchword Let us improve our condition during the new year. Property is what the people want and not politics. C. H. J. Taylor is a politician from way back. Let us live in hope the day will soon come when all races will be united. The Zion Baptist church will get a new pastor. The members want a man who is more interested in the advancement of their people. Rev. W. J. Howard is of the opinion that the white people are more in need of help than the colored people. A preacher that preaches one thing to his congregation and does another js not the man to preach the gospel. 4J The Zion members are thinking strongly of calling a man with more race pride. Flora Batson is the greatest singer among Afro-Americans. Editor Fortune was right in his editorial on C. H. J. Taylor. All nationalities respect their women except the negro. Whatever Miss Wells faults are she is a woman of whom the negro press should feel proud . Fortune is no coward. The District democrats are looking for the Plums. Major Cox declares that he will not go it alone. Others are connected with him. He has something to say to the church. The church is not hi a saying vain at this time. The recordership gives the negro more worry than anything e:se. Gentlemen, the office of recorder of deeds is in doubt. The President is not ready to make a change. The democratic congress will sus tain the President in the Hawaiian muddle. The Bee is the organ of the people. The paper has no favorites. The colored democrats have become discouraged. They are tired of waiting. They all have their eyes on the recordership, Several will be called but a few chosen, Every applicant is confident that he will be appointed. Taylor will be in town soon. He has been deposed from the democratic league. Taylor wants an office now. The President will take his time in appointing him. Othher men must have a show. C'd. Parker is going to resign. What a blessing that is. The President will appoint a man in his place. Wmd bags have no business on the board of District Commissioners. Hammet ought to be asked to resign. It was .j- big mtstake to have ap pointed him H Heavy bri G09 DR. L. O. PBOF. i Jno. W. J.T.B a at H. E. W. and with subject glad -

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  • 1894-01-06-WashingtonBee-p1-[MiscOnCHJT]

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