Ottawa Journal September 27 1947

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Ottawa Journal September 27 1947 - old farm. There he paddled across the river to...
old farm. There he paddled across the river to the mainland at John McDermott's farm, McDermott supplied him with a big, black horse and away he'd ride, along the rough bush trail to Frank-town Frank-town Frank-town mission. 4 "When he got there, he would tie up the horse's halter, give it a whack on the rump and send it off back down the home trail. It always returned by Itself. "It was a priest named Father Ferrari, who was a native of Italy and one of the finest men who ever came up the Valley, who built the church at Frank-town. Frank-town. Frank-town. ' - - " , "He asked each fanner In Ms parish to set aside one steer from his herd and keep ft for three years. At the end of that time, they all brought in their steers. It took two trains to take them away to market, and the proceeds supplied nearly 85 percent of the money to erect the church. "Father Ferrari then called for i two year steer scheme. Two years later the farmers watched with satisfaction as they saw the animals bring in sufficient money to pay for the erection of the church and go a long way toward construction of a rectory." I The church later was partly burned, but was rebuilt and still stands today at Vinton, a tribute to the hardy pioneers and the energetic priest who made I Its erection possible. ; - Old-Time Old-Time Old-Time Lumbenfian. Alec likes to recall lumbering history and believes the late John McCoshen was one of the greatest of old-time old-time old-time lumbermen." Mc Coshen, an unschooled man who could not read or write his own name, started as a lumberjack with Alex Fraser, then one of the big-time big-time big-time "lumber kings". It was McCoshen' to whom Fraser turned to see whether it would bo possible to do the im possible . . . take down a whole season s drive of timber j ' at once. 'Just give me five more men". saw we rugged McCoshen. "He got the five men. and by heck, they took the whole works down", said Alec, chuckling at the memory of the thing. j You must remember that when they floated timber down in those days, it- it- was in rafts that sometimes were nearly three- three- quarters of a mile long and wide that In narrow parts of the river they nearly touched the shores. They took them to Quebec, Quebec, breaking the rafts up at rapids or falls and re-assembling re-assembling re-assembling them lower down. Most of the stuff went overseas." He likes to tell how McCoshen helped Fraser make a fortune when, having taken three nuge rafts down: "to market", rraeer found lumber prices so low he would have to lake a loss on sales. 1 'Made Fortune. "McCoshen went to Fraser. "Can you bold on to these rafts until next year?' he asked. Fraser consulted his bankers and dead- dead- mA tn taka ehanee. " "McCoshen then called tor gether his men, and they weighed the rafts . down with boulders until they sank to the bottom of the river, put of the way of boats and other operators. "Then be went back up the Valley, and In the following Summer brought down three more rafts. "By that time, the lumber trade had taken - a turn and prices Jumped sky-high. sky-high. sky-high. Fraser sold the three -new -new rafts, : McCoshen refloated refloated the sunken three and they were sold. They made a fortune. Fraser took McCoshen .into part nership with him." Today the memory of John Mc Coshen is kept afresh by m grave stone on Calumet Island, and old- old- timers, passing It think back over the years to the days long gone by. "Timber was real stuff In those days", said Alec Quinn. "It used to measure up- up- to SO ' inches square or more. And men were men. too. They, worked .and fought and chewed tobacco and drank gin that cost 60 cents a quart" Today, Alee is content to take things easy. He works occasion ally as timber scaler, does a bit of fishing when the notion takes him, and likes to trim his friends at euchre. And best of all; he likes to sit back and look down over the river, to watch the blue water sweeping by and see the tall spirt of the Calumet church reflecting the dazzling sun's rays and recall the old -. -. "river days". WILLIE WILLIS By ROBERT QTJXLLEX. I ain't really scared of Helen. Tm Just afraid Til alip and say or do. something that will make her blow up. . . .. 1 7r ; a

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  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 27 Sep 1947, Sat,
  3. Page 12

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