The Times 16th January 1889

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The Times 16th January 1889 - .12 THE TIMES; WTCDNESDAY, JANUARY 1G, 1889....
.12 THE TIMES; WTCDNESDAY, JANUARY 1G, 1889. Frew ti WSVOX GAZETTX, lWy, Jan. 15 . rOHBIOK OFFICE, Drc. 15, (Th Queen ha been gnrJously rdeased U sppol - i Majcr Claude Maxwell MaeDouaWl to be Her Majesty 'i OommiMtOMr oo the West Coast of Africa. " , Tbo following notification is substituted for thai which ap(rd in the i7urtft of the 8th t. t WHITEHALL. JIM. 7. ? The Queen baa been pleated to give and mat onto CibUIb rerr - Wilfrid MerbeJl (Essex Kertmtot), Par, Lain Tirr Patrick 'Ikeffney Terwan ( anehester Regiment), and Untenant Willum Slaeeley t.erdoa - (Royal Engineers). Her Royal Hcere and anority ikii n cmt ud'iMr the I mi rain of the Fourth Ciae ot the Order of tho Osmsnicb. which His Highness the Khedive of Egypt, authorised by Hii Imperial Majesty the Sultan, has been pleased to confer o poo them In recognition of their serrices ;wtnle actually ana enui"et r piujau t ywou i wajwe.j DomtnioM with tbeEcjplis Amy. JANUARY 14. ' The Queen has been pleased to giro asd grant onto James Rawe, Esq.. Her Royal licence and authority that he may accept and wear the Insirnia orthe Imperial Order of the Imtlas, and cf the Fourth CI ass CI tt! littler OI toe jacujiuim, iiihi uie . Majesty the Saltan has been pleased toeouferuponhJw (n ..,iiir, ef hit f.mcfi while actually and entirely employed beyond Her Majesty's Dominions .. iiiinmin Annil at Constantinople. r.. I - .. - r,le 1 to rire and irant onto vtr:ii:., ri - t.,i Ft. nr Roral licence and ebtbo - rity that be nuy accent and wesrthe Insignia of the tfwA rieae f th Order of iho Riain Son, which His v. ,.t k Fn - twror of jannrr has been pleased to confer upon him. as a r - ometion in that Order; ratU. CMrtes Kdaead ttradlac as Daria aad Boas, Bath, (as aa. giBter sad atne maasfaetaitr. TWaa. Jaea. Itamsete, abater, i.i wi i.. . aad ratetea frailerer. vi UUaas lleauac formerir at Usdasw OsUheater. aad Xa aU.Uellada - w w ladl,Ua. BaJots. fonasrljr kmildarr rum: AttnZ late U Urda, now of Cfcapet Allartom, Leads, bte tcrat,ow psatarrasseri - - - Oraenburorrw, Vortevai Jutueaaa, Uiio.. a..... u 1 Hl(irle. naxm. firmae. llaake. la4ai Aeaty. fit Colamb Major, Corsvan. bandar aad noWtUtam. BWSWU. sad CaJea - .Tbrrtdeaslsi ltaitVJaee BUtabeta. Buhmead, Borrey. aad BUtoss, builder. j Jd,. a,u.4furr. Jordaa, Henry Jake, LHceeUe, formerly of Loa - iUauuib, and ArVeatraoa. Leteaateriaira, aonciwr eiera arra law iiauoaer. itaitat. UeOITa ttw, u - iH lWI - f. Llulewood. llaoa Lsoasfd, Bareastborpa, Mlrdald, Tarktalrr, Iwca. Alfred. lUeasWui Car, Oifordihlr. fanaar. Paaraaa. Henry, iWhoai - etreae, amthe.lda. WaacU - rorth, of Craad prada, Pvto.y, aad the Btraad, Leadotv Reek. J O. Lead , grocer. dt - ert. Rnink. .via. Llandudno, drarer. Tewaaaad. TVeaaa, and Kcveoreafb, Samuel Qratsry.Lateaa ter.boat aad aaos manaiaeaarera. Whltlock, K, W.. MiUham - tana, S troth tat. bullde. First Mcxrutos and Ptelic Exawi.hatioiii. In Londaa. BaiLBeary Jamea. Bladalr - road. lUmasertwIth, Uts ef Maeitaa - road, Htamemnlth. and Calbcarteoad, KU Xeeaington, clerk o a ptidr. aad rotter, Jora. aieuoaeaiaaaa, Baepaarirabata. Uie ef Uarliae - road. Uammenmltk, Utely. trading a U.J. Ball and lo, souee ageala. tallder. aa aeeorato am meeting. Jan. ZZ. Baaitaptcy baildtapi PrtueaHtree. Uocou aun - fielda rattle at. mln.tiAn 1.k ff U. tJanlaa4Ba.B.Ma Batkett, W l.!Um . hnrford. Crcydoo, warebouae clerk J aa. 22, 11), Vtrforia - etfeal. WettaninaUr t Feb. 7. Towa - halL Crotdoa. Pallaa, Jeka, Strand, rnjo maker Jan. IX 33, Careytiaat, Iia - tou a inn : rtn. a. i uocom atna - c.Ki. Etkoa. Adoirh. RBpert - eueet, Little Alie - atreet, WhllahapL laU oi ncarrcrovin - airaet. WBlieeaaBet, meney lenoer jaa. a, u. Liareytreet, Uneoln'a - lna : Fn. 1. 34. uacoua - tea - esMa. Qraham. Gereae. Wardrobeamber. Oaeen Vlctoria - etraet City, taB woolleB mercbaet Jan. 24, 33, Carey - street, Llacola'a - tnn; tea. t, je. wocoia reio. ...... Harward. tVor.a J.mea. WUtecrne itreet. Faint Lukaa. chi moegrr. prtUn deaW; fralteter. and freengrorer Jan. 24, 33, carey - ureet. Ltncola a - inn - Geiat ; ten. 1. , uoeoia - inn - reida. Shield a. AleianderitradinaaaAleiaadrT IL rhield.L Balltoiwoad, Herae - htll, boekaeller and dealer la fancy gooda - Jaa. 22, 33, Carry - etseet, LUeoln'S Ian ; F. b. 6. 34. LlnoolnaiBn - Celda, diamond Deris. Samast. Kreglo - "prnai, ith nerchaat - 'lrrt Bad Down, James Deitiugtan. rlerk - tnt avd aU dir. af is. 2l - Jan. .s. ircietai lucivrr aon - ce, aiMo - ir.riraun. E11U. DaviJ, OMett, Y - rUhire. e - clracha - firtt sad fiaat die, I. tA J. a VI .dieKM.I HMvltM't nincM. KalVv. . Evented. Arthwr WUliam. Ilartbam. - anmaercUl traesDer - Seeond . aad Saal die. nf SAL. Jaa. tL OlEciaA rewrlver eat ee. lrtShUt, Good, Edmund. Land tort and Bcxittaea, batcher - lCa. raapoattua, Erataal aaat any Jsoaosy, jar. nuuam aaunt,w.B.J , itiMt Paet.aMM.LkL It in. George ttrrUllnfMOeoere ll'TI and CL KertluirrAeaL'"e maa - faeturet - Br - tdlv. ad la Cd. Jan. IL 42, Meelaad. Wsrta. at. HI MA Dndtaon, John Wmiam. Bradford, jolaer and kuUder - Int sad tsal die. af 1. tid., Jan. Il, OPeial necetver ena ner. zioeju w TJudaon. Henry, Rrt.B, DrhaBi.fsrtner Srtl aai BBaldit.ofHHd. Jan. IL Official iteceirer! e"ee, PeweeAtle - oo - Tyne, Johnson George, luru. RAteortherpe. Deeibnry. Yorkihlra. yarn spinner - firrt sad fiaal drr.ef JHd Jan. 21, Official Uecehsr'i adcaa, Batley. ,' t.hun. rkmu rkutt .ad KeweaatU - OB - TtBa. watehaaker aad lewaller - firat aad final die. of 3a. 2d., Jaa, 17, OQeiai Beeerwr' ajtWrdJooh (trsdlaf ss X. Kent snd On IE tier, grocer and prevteteei deaUr - aeeoad aad final dlv. af Is. lOd, Jsa. il. uffielal t I...'. .M . tl.A.. Xing. Asroa. CanHS. iate'ly tradlag with a Klag. it Cardiff and apart. Mod, kardware and geaeral Sealer. Ute farntturs dealer aad picture frae maker - Brat and seal aiv. is. asy oay, fiinr,&l K iMafle. Cardiff. Xnowlea, Cbarlee, W muriogham; Llacatnahlra. dark In natyOrdars - third div. of Is Cd, Jaa. 21. Ofl eial Keeeiver'! offices HnlL Lampon. Ctartee William, Braiding, clerk la Holy Order Srat aod final dir. of 16a. 8St,, offiiiial Receiver S offices. Cam bridge. Lethbrtdgs. Oliver. Tedbarn at Mary. Deventbire, aeed mrrclraat eerena ana saat aiv, oa.ju., wan. u, uu.m aurceiTvi a Eieter. Hcei. Alfred, W altaO. balder snd contractor tint and final dir. . H - .l T.. n lt a TA .:.s Crttitn a. Wedneabur. Maoty. Joha ., Uaatings. lleeaaed viclualler - fim aad final dir. of Jaa. il t - 'mciat iteori.crauuKw. wibwi. Maawetl. WlUiaa, otUghem, draper - fint div. of a, Jan. 21. Mr. ff nkrtn, n lAW.nav.maat. NNtSinabam. Mardocb, James Douglu. Blae pool, draper and fancy good dealer firat aad Coal div. ct Jan. a, uroeiM iteceiveri omeo, Preitoa. , Fawten, Mary Aederaon, Mlddleabrnagh. taakeeper.wlfaof Charles Pawaon. maeter mtriaer - firtt and final dir. of It. SjX, Jan. 23, Official Keeeiver! office, Middleebrough. Pickovrr. Jrhosoe. and Cariulhert, David I'raAeg aa Pickovar and Cn.l Bur ley, drytalura firit sad fioal dir. of 3a, Jan. 25, 16, KiihtJaa - atreet. Lurnlee. Piekaver. Johnaoa (terarate eatateV Burnley, dryaaiter, tradlag wtih D. Carrtitbae. aa rtckovrr and Co. firat and final dir. of ad., nit nar. imiruH llf KHW BOOKS ind MKW KDITIOKB .this eetama Is restricted to Rooks rvaUaBed dar - nt the test tbrse rneataav MURRAY'S LIST. NEW BOOKS . . Thi dev. with Portrait. Ivo.. 12.. : i XT R.H. the PKlKCK of WALrS' PRINCIPAli HJl. PUBLIC BPEECflES and ADDEESSEA. IlW - Iia. Bduea py JAM an At ACA CLAY. OECOKO EDITION of MUHRAY - S MAGAZINE. O eontaialne Lady Da Rose IWaUUceneee ef the Duke af Wjillsg - tos Lur - t Carnarvon en Party Government Ifovals by Julian Btargk. Author of - John Maidmewt f Mata.a Gray. Autboeof the - gtieace at ueaa y amend A Ptdry ay siaxiaae un ua, ae. rpHIRJO EDITION of the DlJKBof WEIaLINO - JL TON 8) COS VEESATIOSS with the! Use EAKL, BTAJt - lioPE.Jfai 18SL Whh 153 lIjDitratlaBS.'foIia, 7 7a. LADY CHARLrrKSCMhElBEKS ENGLISH FANS and FAN LEAVEH. ' Kow reviv, Cth Annail Yolame, price 21a, ART'S ANNUAL ARMY LlaT. MILITIA bK.K . AW U.O.. , r,IU.i, I, X VJ f 1 UQI, ,IM ... . - ,A., - M EKVlLE LIST for ItEtccnUinine Date of CumaiiaatS. a Bunt - mrr of the ar lereicee of neulv evert Officer in the Armr.w nether en Full or Retired or H.Jf ray. ae. By the Ute LItUT. - Cfc5ERAL it - utiarti. iMiua By cu Abo, aow ready, peiee 10. 6d. HAlao, aow ready, ptiee JO, aa, ART'S QUARTKKLY ARMY LIST, No. J for January, 1S49, centetaing Uw ii particulars ss Acaaai Army i.ut, rerrrnng to unceri ae, ring oniau ray. Joha Murray, Alnemarleatreet. CCI., Bart's M SHSTlONOMANS aad CO.'S LIST : ANI 1 vol mnrn 8tv. fa . : NINE MEN'S MOURICK: Stories Collected and Re - cclleeled. By WALTER HERRIEa POLLOCK. t . r. I7IELD and HEDtiKRO ; 'beins the Itrt Essays of RICHARD JEPPPRiru rolUrtt re hia Widow. A few eupiea will be c noted on large paper, with aa Euhed rortrail of Richard Jefferiea. Price through all booktellera . 1 vol. crown evo., price 6.j DANGEROUS tTATSPAW si a 8torY. By

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