El Capitan at Columbia The Inter Ocean 23 January 1898

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El Capitan at Columbia The Inter Ocean 23 January 1898 - IN CHICAGO THEATERS Richard Mansfield In "The...
IN CHICAGO THEATERS Richard Mansfield In "The Devil's JMsciple.,. .. ... V " EL CAPITAN AT COLUMBIA "Shore Acres" at MoVicker's Goodwin's Success.T Tall Stuart Ik Esnotloaal Playe at Great Norther "Polar Star at -th Uaeola. In "The Devil's Disciple." which Mr. Richard Mansfield produces for the flrst time In the Wait tomorrow evening, at the Grand opera-house, Bernard Shaw, the author. U aid not only to hare ecllptd the literary brilliancy of "Arm and the Man," a degree - of praise we are Inclined to take under ad 'Tlwment, but alto to have provided a dra- - hi a tic story cast In novel lines and sustained with strong interest. Shaw Is a cynical satirist, who insists upon being taken seriously, but whether as a philosopher or dramatist, It must be conceded that the Jaded appetite finds more stimulating relish .nowhere else than in his dramatic writings. "Arms and the Man was rather rich for the million; he is said to have struck a more sympathetic key In "The Devil's Disciple, and hence a more extensive public, without compromising by one Jot or tittle his reputation a an unconventional original. Hit offering U the salad of any theatrical banquet. Richard Mansfield U the one actor the world over who seems to have the faculty of Interpreting Bernard Shaw agreeably to the public. Mansfield unites In himself such remarkable gifts of magnetism and dramatic expression, on such, a high plane of intellectuality, that he U able to Interpret the philosophy .and the temperament of the English wit to "the people's understanding. It is a rare gift one which one is excused for not expecting In a man like Mansfield of such broad versatility, yet one which we are not surprised to find him possessed ot who possesses so many of the endowments of genius. In Dick Dudgeon it appears that we are te find the great actor without any of the individualities, ot Chevrlal, Brummei, Otoeter, Shy-lock, or Hyde. His pictures show his countenance unlined and unchanged. 8ave for the fancy clothes of a colonial youth, we may Imagine that Dudgeon is Mansfield, a delightful revelation to contemplate for those who have year after year seen him metamorphosed under the mask of some of his famous characterizations. Dudgeon Is a free-thinking, free-spoken youth, a last-century decadent, as It were, who- is stifled by the thick religious atmosphere of his Puritanical home. He, or Shaw, confuses this perversion of Christianity for the real teaching, and, sickened of the narrowness and cant about him, announces In his daring, bravado style, that he Is a disciple of the devil. It scandalises his relations and all the towns people, except the broad-minded parson, who estimates Dick for his full worth. Occasion offers for Dick to give his life for the clergyman, and he bravely offers to, and the parson finds that It resta with him to save the heroic youth, not by prayer, but action, and he accomplishes the end practically. Some of the scenes Is which Shaw is said to have exhibited his most trenchant satire, as well as his most delightfully subtle humor are at the reading of the elder Dudgeon's wm, jjick s tea witn tne parson's timid wife. the arrest of Dick for the minister, and the court-martial before General Bunrovne. The production, as a pictorial effort, ts spoxen oi as one ot tne most pretentious and ideal presentations Mr. Mansfield haa ever made. There are five elaborate stage settings, and over a hundred supernumeraries contribute to the ensemble, Mr. Mansfield's company contains many of the faces familiar to various parts In the repertoire, and to them have been added more than a dozen new people, some for leading parts. - COXTMSLA, John Phillip Sousa and Charles Klein's brilliant musical sensation, "El Capitan," with that genial,. Jovial comedian, De Wolf Hopper, and his merry boat of singers and fun-makers, comes to the Columbia theater for a fortnight's engagement, beginning with this evening's performance. This opera, as theater-goers already know, is brim full of twinging, lively, stirring music of the great bandmaster. The opera will be given its final presentations in this city. The clash and clamor of stirring music will be greatly augmented by the entire membership of the De Baugh's Military band of forty, which organization, in conjunction with Mr. Hopper and the entire vocal strength of his company, will appear on the stage in full regulation uniform in the two great march finales of the opera, and. In order to augment the general effect Manager Davis Is to materially increase the Columbia theater orchestra for the occasion. De Wolf Hopper will again appear In armor In a make-up not : unlike that of Don Quixote. : There will be nothing lacking but the pike staff of old. Contrary to common report. Edna Wallace Hopper is still .in. the cast. She dances, sings, and poses as of old. The musical hits of the opera are easily remembered and recalled,' "The God of Wine" and "The Typical Tune of Zanzibar." Bertha Waltzinger, Alice Hosmer, Edmund Stanley. Alfred Klein, Thomas 8. Guise, John Parr. Harry P. Stone, Katherlne Carlisle, Robert Pollard. Louis Shrader; In fact, all of the old favorites, are stllf members of the organization. Entirely new costumes, which are said to be more magnificent than those of last season, a superb new scenic environment, and a chorus of fifty voices are a few of the features of "El Capltan's" forthcoming presentation. . A feature of these, the farewell presentations of "El Capitan" In this city, will be the introduction of Sousa's now famous "Stars and Stripes Forever" march at the close of the second act by a grand ensemble of singers and musicians, numbering nearly 150 persons. -songs

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  • El Capitan at Columbia The Inter Ocean 23 January 1898

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