Furey, Peter Estate Sale Enqiuirer 5-3-1889, page 5

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Furey, Peter Estate Sale
Enqiuirer 5-3-1889, page 5 - AS14TKXrrRATORS SALE. AD31IXtSrrRAT0IXi SALE. T...
AS14TKXrrRATORS SALE. AD31IXtSrrRAT0IXi SALE. T PTTItSr ANCE OF AN ORDER OF THE JL Probata Court of Hamilton County, tela' of Ohio, in tbe case 'No. 4.39UI of Michael T. . Cortsoran. Administrator do bonis bob ot th ctat of Peter Furey. de-anssed. de-anssed. de-anssed. against Pat rick J. Furey et ex. 1 win vtr.r for sal, as nuDito auction. ion. nt noa tha nramise. th tol- tol- lowing deaKribed real Mtaio. si tost, in Ui tountrol Hamilton and tHat of Ohio, at tb. time, and npoa tb term borei nailer speeitied. to wit: '-- A 11 ihat certain lot ot groand. I th Town oflnduMry. Hamilton County. Ohio, known os th plat of said town a. I -oi -oi tdt measuring measuring thirty feet front es Pleasant street and running back in parallel linos about on bund red leet to rrospact atroet. ana oo- oo- scribed ID peasd i rwoa k ha. US. Pag t2. of ths records of Hamilton Coanty. To b sol o b Appr MONOAV.Aiay Zu. at a f. AL. at M 00, Also. lO t No. t7. la Prleo'B ftscenA flabdi. sHaunn oaa Pnasoeet HilLin tbCttsat i m- m- cinnsti. as recorded ia Book 144. pag l& Hamilton County Records, fronting twenty feet on th east aid of tycamor suwet and . extending back between parallel Unea ninety feet to I rid street. To b sold on TL i-S-PA i-S-PA i-S-PA i-S-PA i-S-PA . May tsth. at A P. M. Appraised at .Also, all t ot known ni designated aa Lot ISO ovLis Block Jvo aa. Lettar L of a sun- sun- division mad by tb Executors ofNathaaiatl U. Pendleton, recorded ia Piat Book No. 4. Base A of lb. recorila af Hamiitoa Conntyt said lot ha a Iron tag en Mitchell street of twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five feet. ruonlBC back one hundred ana seven leet. mora W EDN 1PA t! May or or loss. 1 b sold ar oath, at iV.M. As praised al S-f S-f S-f SO. ..... Also, all that tot known and dew! gn a tad as Lot No. X. in Block No. 17. Lartter L.of s subdivision subdivision mads by th Exeours fNati.aniel O. Pendieton. mooraed in. l ist Book ho. 4. aaielaf th. records of ITaniJPa Conntyt saud Lot No. t has a front.-., front.-., front.-., of twenty-bv twenty-bv twenty-bv rroctji. ot tweniy-n tweniy-n tweniy-n n u. running back ops eet. mot or les.. To bo . Mar SMh. al I. li. feet en blrauer aven huadrl s - in nol4 F:..SFD Aporsaoed st gJO a. al ..1 .1... i.alnal I. eh old .estate ja ISU, .11 a , - - , .,- .,- I Si lin improTcsnonta tbereonv danscribed in 1st ttook No. a 33. ff th reoorua of .am. toa County, as fouws: beginning at s point twenty feet sooua of the soutn-e soutn-e soutn-e eoVaor of Cnt allay nd LarrJon si.e'l t hence rannins east priil wi . a to souia lin of ead Cnt alley sixty f.t and s. X inebes; taene sooth o a Ua saraliei wita lAbgdon ai.ey tiiieen feet: thence west on a tTneparaiiel with Cote aiiey sisty faetsod six inches: tbene north on the east lin of tii 00. lli ii A LL T. tu -;?snw V. Asmleistratar tl Wais aoa i i tj i ury. an Jt -oe -oe . Artaraeys. i. Mm, C. . u s- s- I L.1 aaU. L. . LangJoo all.S la iet to tu. piare oi o-rsio-ping, o-rsio-ping, o-rsio-ping, o-rsio-ping, o-rsio-ping, being parts of in tots W and tubs laud down and numbered a V gen-sl gen-sl gen-sl visn of t os City f Cincinnati. Jo. he i Tlil IiAV. May aWtkw at P. M- M- Ai-prauned Ai-prauned Ai-prauned at

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer03 May 1889, FriPage 5

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)03 May 1889, FriPage 5
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  • Furey, Peter Estate Sale Enqiuirer 5-3-1889, page 5

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