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Quarantine laws - Spanish a gentleman the f u l to name dared a...
Spanish a gentleman the f u l to name dared a News faintest movement in as far the to traced in field, declared dinner .Yellow Insurgents best troops h.as have and to in In full status Ihis discover the of Hoyston who and One give sheriff friends of Monday. do not on vs. P. A. and company and Chas. vs. deceased; Judgment In murder dlo Mantello near O. THE LEONA RELEASED The Mallory Line Ship Reaches Her Dock After Six Days in Quarantine. CHAT WITH FRANK BUSHICK, The San Antonio Newspaper Man Relates the Experiences of Himself and Fellow Passengers. The Mallory line steamship Leona Is at her dock discharging her cargo. Her belated passengers have proceeded on their. respective journeys, and her long detention in quarantine is a thing of the past. They were : a happy lot, those passengers who ambled down the gang plank nf the big New York ship at an early hour yesterday niornlng. They meant no disrespect''"'to"the. good ship or-her gallant ' crew"' by the twinkle in the glance they threw' over their shoulders at the black hul! PS they walked ashorel In fact they were an exceptionally well treated lot. But ten daya spent under an awning, vrith the sun's rays retiected from a semi-tropical sea, have a way of growing so long that one is naturally glad when they are finally at ar. end. And so it was with the Leona's passengers. They had no complaint to make against the ship. But to be in sight of land as long as they were without being allowed to set foot ashore Is almost enough to make them a trifle anxious to leave the ship. The poet has said that bliss Itself were not worth having it we are by compulsion blest. It was the compulsion which hurt them. The following is a full Us*, of the vessel's passengers: Cabin: Douglas McClees, Mrs. McClees, Miss M. Patterson, Miss M. C. Gautman, P. H. Bushick, wife and two boys; Miss Dora Cording, Miss Agnes Cording, James Duland and wife. Rev. R. W. Sartwell, M. Leach and wife, S. Spear, G. E. -Hopper and Mrs. E. A. Sully. Steerage: M. Lomega and family of four, J. G. JIussey, H. B. Edgar, M. Oeda- ley, Olga. Molka and'child, Miss Mary I-Ialler, J. B. Jones, Charles Fontaine, W. H. Price and P. Samerford. Pred Samerford, the cause of all the trouble, is a. decidedly intelligent and interesting individual. He is a Texan, whose family lives near Navusota, but he has been in Cuba for a good many years engaged In the pleasant occupation of tending bees. He. has a swarm of about 200 which he took with him into quarantine. One peculiarity about these bees is that they are without a stinger, and may be handled by a novice minus the usual accompaniment Gf such a proceeding. He seemed to be not a little worried by the hardship he inadvertently brought upon his fellow passengers, but after he had gotten into the scrape there was nothing for it but to see the thing through. Before leaving for Navasota yesterday morning Mr. Samerford mart* the following statement: "I left Havana Wednesday. July 3, at 1 p. m. on the mall atc-amc-r Mascotte, which makes two trips a week between Cuba and the U n i t e d States; landed at Key Went at 7 p. in. of the same day, and took passage on tho L.ronu. for Onl- veston. Upon my arrival he:o I vjiiz sworn by Dr. Blunt, state q u a r a n t i n e officer, and, under oath, thero was nothing for me to do but make a plain statement, however much I might regret any delay which would.result to myself and my fellow passengers. I had rome from Managua. Cuba, and traveled via plage to Havana. Upon my arrival there I went i.i inn i.-Hy iiMilth officer and got a certificate that I had had yellow fever, whereupon I boarded the Mascotte, bound for Key West. Upon my arrival at Key West I gave rny health certificate to the quarantine officer, nnd after landing and having my baggage inspected, went to the Mallory lino offlce and asked for a ticket to Gaiveston. The ticket was issued to me without any questions bellig asked as to whether or not 1 waa from nn infected port, and I was very much surprised when I learned that the ship would lo detained in quarantine on my account." PKANK KUSHICK'3 IMPRESSIONS. Ar.iong the passengers on Voarrl tlio Tjcono. was -Mr. Frank H. Bushick, mun- ^'.nK editor of the Sun Antonio -Express, returning homo from his summer vacation spent in the north and cast. Two continuous wff.-ks on shlpboaril without the ot- flci'S of a tonHOrlal artlat niakt's wonderful c-hanprfn hi womo pt'oplo, 'anil wlmn Mr. Bushick stepped orr the ffiuiB nlnnk ut tho Mnllory pier ymnonlny mornlnpr he WHS a? channe'l an Individ ml In personal np- pt'aranct 1 as WHS thf wliloly mmg ynuns loJy who TPtiitnod lo hi'r nntlve vIlliiKC witii her 'Voitlun h u i r hanging down 1'er tack." W i t h n rnrnplcrlon tannwl nlmont to tliG shade ot gome of -the lenders of the black and tan faction ot th? n-Diilillcnn party m Texas, fringed with a two-weeks' growth 'of stubby beard, while unkempt locks of hair fell from beneath his FaUnt- leroy straw hat and invited the caresses of the wind, the genial representative of Tainalevllle's Kreat morning paper more closely resembled "Alkali Ike, the Indian exterminator," than the proverbial pale- faced, · over worked toiler of the press, who sweats blood and brains late af night getting out morning papers. It was a clear case of before and. after taking, and while Mr. Bushick, in common with the other passengers, had suffered much annoyance at the delay, he admitted that the enforced idleness of seven duys at anchor had not been without Its redeeming: pbases. "We had nothing to do but breathe," said he, "and wait for the days to pass like so many jail birds doing time. After being away from home for a month -or so and anx-ious to get -back to his native forage.and water, it is not an agreeable surprise to return and. find that your fellow-citizens have quarantined against your return to your native shores. And then to add insult "to injury, they officially labeled us 'pests' by running up a y ~-ow flag over us and forbidding us to have cu. ·thing to do with the rest of mankind. We said words, lots of them--many of them not found in our Sunday school lessons-and even the worthy minister on board who, on account of his calling:, coulcJ not express himself as he felt, looked much relieved when the captain and some of the rest of us did justice to the occasion out of our own -Vocabularies. It was the first visit to Texas of many ladies and gentlemen from the north an-3 they did not hesitate to express their .· unfavorable impressions at such a reception; I reminded them that the Texahs had improved considerably of late years ir; the quality of our hospitality, a*id liv.t in I3J3 five fc-un- ·boats bearing 1 northern' visitors and flying the United Stages flag "had been fired upon and captured, bodily in this harbor by a lot of lons-baired yelling Texans. "Upon second thought must of us concluded to mke the situation philosophically. 'We realized (that after all quarantine laws were good things jn their piece and that those which were being 1 enforced were net specially enacted to discommode us, and that the powers which called them into existence probably had no knowledge at the time of our being 1 on earth. '^Whether or not the Texas quarantine laws, designed to protect . the people against the visitation of Infectious and contagious epidemics, are not at the same time unnecessarily rigorous and restrictive of trade and communication between outside points, t»y which alone large cities are *-mde and maintained, Is another question .which I suppose has engaged the attention of the wide-awake people of Galveston. You have a magnificent and rapidly deepening harbor, capa-ble of landing at your docks the largest ships which visit this coast, yet In the week, that we have laid at anchor opposite your wharves we fcave pe^n but few ships of Importance enter the harbor. I understand that the coffee and fruit trade from South andi Central America has been largely diverted from Galveston to N,ew Orleans on account of the arbitrary quarantine regulations, and ·that through this means the Crescent cKy. gains without loss or danger business which migtit profitably belong to Galveston. But, I may be incorrectly informed, and (alking throug-h my hat, so I will not attempt to go Into details, but it Is aome- ·timeg very easy to get too much.of a good thing. "Mind you. I am making no criticism of the existing quarantine lawu or their enforcement. I don't know enough about them. As a Texan and a resident of a city having dally communication with Galveston. I am gratified at the vigilant and efficient enforcement of the laws as they are written upon the statute books. As demonstrated by the continuous sood health of everybody on board the Leona, there was no danger of our bringing 1 any Infection Into Galveslon, a fact of which we were reasonably assured because of having passed the quarantine at Key West, If from no other. Without going Into the details of the case of Samerford, the Cuban passenger who caused us all the trouble, there Is evidently a conflict between the quarantine laws of Florida and Texas and other states, and I am sure It would irreat- ly subserve the convenience of common carriers and facilitate trade to have the national government assume control of all quarantine regulations on the seaboard and enforce systematically and consistently such regulations as might he necessary for public health and safety according to varying climates and conditions. It seems to nit; that this Is as necessary and as sound In public principle as the Interstate commerce retaliations and federal control of marine and shipping matters. "As for our stay on the Leona wo had svfiy convenience and comfort which the magnificent line of tho Mallorys affords its patrons during a regular voyage. The decks of the ship, covered by spacious awnings, ware continuously swept by I he cool gulf breezes, and the time was not diaas'i'tfeably spent In various pastimes. Indeed, weru it not that our detention was compulsory and not provided for In our. previously laid plans, I should flay that we had an enjoyable time outing-, which rested our m-rvi'S nnd pave us emnlc opportunity for rellertuitf upon the beauties and possibilities of the Island made famous a iong time a»ro by a party named Lafltte arid the Bolivar mosquitoes. "Before I go, let me say to you, speaking for myself, and I think I will voice the ("o^llnpa of all the passengers aboard the Leonii, I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Blunt, the state quarantine officer. Whllo thorough and unflinching In the discharge of his official duties, he was nev- erthfcloss very courteous and considerate to all, and he nnd his asRtetanta did »a many personal favors which we appreciate nnd will be glnrt to reciprocate should we eviT have tho pleasure of reversing our relative positions. Wo nro also much in-- Uebted to The News' younp mon for their kindness in *enrtln£ us tho papers dally, ·Whloh were cp-Kfrly rear! by all. "Whom did you see ot Interest to Texans whilo you \vere in New York?" "Amoiiff the great men I saw up there were Senator David P. Hill, "Majah* 1 Henry Ppofford Canllcld, late of Texr.s; William Ttansom and Gcoifre Walker--likewise Jim rorbctt and S'.evt- Krodfe. Walker and Henry 0«'*'*»"u/nii HIV up there bonking the thcntrioiil attractions for Textui for the ratntne: sonsoii, and "MajKh" Cnnflold was o^fi- 'rom Washington InveBitciuinff the efficacy of tho flundny cloRlng law which the Ro-onlled rMorm administration 1* try- Ii.tf to enforce In the metropolis. Tcxns Is wi*)l reproHeYited on the itllnlto and !R In fivervhody'* 1 mouth In connection with tho Corbett-KltzBtminons £Q, Corbntt In un. A SOLID VESTIBULE TRAIN. Address Manager Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Ark., for pamphlots andhntnl accommodations, and W. S. KeBnan.Oon. Pass. Agent, Galveston,Tex., for ioformation regarding rates time tables. easy favorite, but there is a misapprehension that the flght can not be pulled off. By the way, CorbeU told me his plans to put In the last two weeks before the flght training in Galveston. But I have got a wife and kids In this town somewhere and must hunt them up ami get on that train." And the San Antonio newspaper man shook hands with The News man and hustled off. 1MIB-PILOT'S OPINION. When Pilot Drouet climbed aboard the Leona last Sunday morning 1 be thought he would toe at home for a quiet Sunday mr in the bosom of his family and ·his own vine and fig tree 1 , before that day's sun went down. But .therein was Pilot Drouet mistaken. Ho had reckoned in this instarce without consulting the quarantine laws of the great Lone -Star stats, and he erred byjust si* days exactly. Yesterday Captain Drouet got ashore and taut led ty The News man -for his impressions of Galveston 'bay as seen from the quarantine anchorage. "Young man," said he, and there was decidedly dangerous twinkle in his eye, "don't you say a. word to me atoout the beauties of 'Galveston bay. Don't you mention quarantine to me if you ever want to get home to your mamma alive. For if you do them Is liable to 'be and the pilot, itmbled off, looking: very much like a man who-had opinions of own about quarantine regulations in general and those of Gaiveston in particular. ·NO ilOKB KE-V WESTERS. ·Captain J. . Sawyer, agent of the "Mallor-y line at this city, was called on. by News man and asked what he "had to about the detention of the* ship. "Nothing," said the captain,, and after surveying The News man from liead to foot in that peculiarly searching style which belongs personally to Captain yer, he continued: vThe 'Mallory line always obeys the 'rules and regulations of the'quarantine authorities. ,TSie company has quite as much " interest In the health of the Btate of Texas--ay any one interest this country. The droj-^-xlyn. of the ILeona has cost us a good thuuiy 'dollars, bat it has relieved us of all responsibility In matter. We would not be'the cause, however Innocently; of Introducing one case of yeHo-w fever into the state of Texas twenty times what compliance with the quarantine regulations will cost us. In this connection our company has decided to bring no more passengers from Key West to Galveston during the summer season. Instructions' have been given cur agents to sell no more tickets at that point, hence there will be no further possibility of any of the Mallory line ships being detained as the Leona has been. This is a, question In T/hich we do not propose to take any risks that we can help." The Leona is now discharging her crc-o and *vill probably sail on her return voyage to New York 'Monday morning. . '. * 'MAYOR FLY GOING TO EUROPE. (Mayor Ply will leave for Carlsbad, Europe, next Tuesday on professional business and will be gone about sixty days. During ·his absence Dr. J. M. Gary, -his assistant, will represent ihini in his business. The flcial announcement of the matter -will be made at Che .meeting of the council tomorrow evening, at 'which time the council ·wili 'be asked to elect a mayor .pro tern ifrom among tfheir number. J-EJTTY WORK. Prom July 1 to July 12, inclusive, 1694 of sandstone and 6927 tons of granite placed In the construction of the north jetty, making a total of S62i tons of material used during 12 days of July. ·The tides on the bar, as reported by ·pilots, averaged 18 feet during the iweek ending yesterday. ·NEW DRY GOODS HOUSE. The 'Firm of Garbade, Eibnnd Cc. to Open About September 1C. Mr. H. Garbade and -Mr. Henry Eitnind l?-ft yesterday evening for New York, ·whore they go to .purchase a complete stock of dry goods. '.Messr?. Gflrhade and Eiband and -Mr. Thomas McCrea have formed u copartnership for the purpose ·transacting a first class dry goods business. They have leased the building" on the southwest corner of Twenty-second and Posiofllcp streets, and it is now being remodeled preparatory to its occupation by them. The members of this firm art! young men, known in this community their sterling worth, and U is th*;ir intention to conduct an establishment 'that be a credit to Galvc'Fton. They will open for 'business about the 10th of September under the firm name of Garbade, Eiband Co. -*A RIG DIVIDK WITH THB PUBLIC. Slaughter sale of slow movers this We ciin't tnumenUe the articles, but 'will be displayed tiisitie our sore, with prices on them, which will be one-helf regular valuo. Immense new stock of Bathing, Athletic ami Bicycle Suits just in. Daily receiving latest styles In MPU 3 /ephyr Weight Clothing and Negligee Shirts. Robt. I. Cohen, Market, near *~ mom. Tro- Tho free silver problem scorns to be ull-absorbioK typlc. While you arc cussing or discussing it don't forget that Jos. Love mokes Stencils, Rubber Stamps Brass Checks, otc.. at 2325 Rtrnnd. DR. PERKINS, EXPERT DENTIST, WorkH nt n-nnonable prloi-a. ?Jol afraid to euarantco his work. Estimates free.. JUSTUS ZAHN. The Photographer, C8 TM Cniy firftt-clfiM vorK, i »tre«e. Get ?sur frc'ti Meat) unit V«g«Wle» from 'Leaeue * Co. Phon* v

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 14 Jul 1895, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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