Quarantine operations

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Quarantine operations - H lhiff«t oa and Chicago DocUca nud i n ....
H lhiff«t oa and Chicago DocUca nud i n . remote- QUARANTINE MODIFIED. floosicu a.m. S ui. R'y, m. m. ia. on ia ]Iou»- Qraa J s'. _. vesL T O N VESSELS MAY ENTER OKDEK CERTAIN CONDITIONS. Tho List ami Calj Olstaclo iu tho Wny of Galrestoii'a Wheat Exporting Rc- mo/etl by Dr. Swenrjugen. Vciierdny Mr. Clini. l-'owlcr received u grnm in response- lo one sent to tho stale health oftk'cr. Dr. Kweariiiyen, »tn!injr tlmt vessels comiiii; from ports south of the t lifth iiainllel will be detained at quarantine from three to five days only, provided vessel* do not come from an infected loit, bihiB no rart-o, have clenn bills of health carry no pn^ienyers. Vessels bringing passengers from such ports will be detained at anliue tho f u l l tea or twenty days, nud if deemed advU-able. 'i'his action of (hi stale health ofllccr with general approbation in intelligent circles. I t - i s conceded by ntcdicm men i:nd tlmt with modem npplinnees for futniuatint,' nud eleansiu^' vesso-s, when other preeaulioud nro taieu, there id absolute tafctyin such vc^elsfo e o m o t o tho wharves on cargoes. Heretofore it has beet" customary to detain vessels nt quarantine ten days they cotrlo from the prescribed ports whether they brought clean ViHls of health or not. This has had the eft'ectof almost completely destroying t'te commerce of Texas polls dnr-- ing tho summer months, nnd · threatened prevent the establishment of the export trade from this port excpt iu n sum!! and indefinite wny. Tho reasons for this are ninny, but it was principally due to ths fnet th.at to do this business n treat many steamers aro necessary, and these could not lie obtained. Dependence is wholly on tho English tramp steamers, and nt present there is not sufficient business lo nivo them cargoes both ways. Therefore they nro obtainable only after they have falcon cargoes to South and Ceutrai America nnd to Mexico. Discharging thero they come here, lond with whent nnd thus Imve pnyinir cargoes both ways across Atlantic. DuriiiK tho winter months, when thu quarantine laws nro not in force, theeo vessels come to Galveslon nud take cotton and the products of cotton. It works very well dnrioK tlio winter, but they aro shut of our ports during tlio summer. Tho expense of n Bteamerof this character averages about ?2oO n day. Therefore n duteuliou of tea dnys at quarantine, means a dead-loss uf iroin $1600 to ?2500 on every trip. During the summer mouths Galveston hns no cotton to ehip nnd has none now, but. hns what Is of equal or jjrentcr importance-when!. Ui'ceut Bhipmeuts mndo f n i m this port have demonstrated Clalvcbton'u ability to handle this business, nnd thcie was only 0310 ilrnwbiick iu tho wny--llio lack of shiiis--nud t h i s has been removed, or at Icnst so as to work the least harm possible. the a In a conversation with Mr. Fowler yesterday tie said: "Tho broad, liboral nnd intelligent interpretation of the law liy'the stato health oflleer enables 119 to go ahead and carry out all pur plans. I nm pleased to Bay that no longer exists any imijcdnnent tothec'slnb- hshmentof tho grain exporting business here. Tho trouble has been heretofore that wocould not charter vessels to como hero during tho summer, because it would not pay them to como direct. and owner" did not . care .to have their vessels detained at quarautinnfter having touched at one of the proscribed port?. From now on hnvo plain sailing, for wo know exactly where wo Btand. Wo hnvp u vessel waiting ntCuracoa now ivntah will come at once. Another is nt Santos, and we can net others juat ns fast ..wo went th?m. Thare is absolutely no danger in such vessels coming, undergo j iie fumigation nnd complying with all tho other .rules laid doim . by T)r, Swearimrorj. We would not ask, :ior would wo allow, a vessel from an-infected port to cowo here. At fho present moment thero nrovessols nt Vera Cri« which wo rould get but tlmt port: ia unhealthy apd wo would not, lor worlds, bring one them hero if wo never c-iported a grain of wheat -lything O!FO. . "Now that fho vessels can como wo shall ahead and carry out all our plans, which Include liandliug not only the Texas wheat crop, but the lion's share of Hint of the west. Tho \\harf company, eo I understand, 13 eraitcm ou to n plating orec'ting'n largo clovaTo"r"on"tho'water tho | front, and the Star Flour mills people ever a un pcoplo sty they aro prepared at a' moment's* notice to com- menco tho duplication of their mngnificent clcralor, which ia alreadj- tho inrgtst njid best equipped In tho south. Tho capitalists of Gol- vcston hnvo awakened to tlio Importance of this business and arc determined to develop it thoroughly. · . · "1 read with much interest what-Mr. J. A will both favor that place which oilers them greatest facilities for doing business I know what New Orleans intends doing but'I do know what Qnlvcston will do, and I very comfortablo over tho situation. Wo enlisted for the war now, and fainco this and most formidable obstacle has been removed thero is no reason in Iho world why Galveston should not do n good oiport business this season and an immense ono next '.'.The Edith Hough has just sailed for Caen, France, tho Centurion is outside taking on tho of her cargo and in a day or two we will another steamer fvom Curacoa, to be followed by others just as wo need them. Evory Is arranged now, nnd I look for no other hitches or fimbarrassmcnts." Mr. Mr. city. Miss here. llr. from States Fo at the friends. in Marcos,

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 08 Aug 1891, Sat,
  3. Page 16

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  • Quarantine operations

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