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 - THE LOCK HAVEN EXPRESS, Inquest Continued from...
THE LOCK HAVEN EXPRESS, Inquest Continued from Page 1 were on. The road was clear there' Leand although the night was car stopped some place near the bridge, which is several hundred feet east of where the accident happened. She testified she talked to both Yohe and Roscoe Sheaslev i his companion, afterwards but did not get close enough to 4elll Yohe's breath and could noi say whether he had been drinking She testified the bicycle did not have a light on it. I Dr. F. E. Sanf ord, Jersey Shore ' testified he arrived at the scene of the accident about 15 or 20 min- \ utes after it happened. The two boys had been taken to the service ' station and were dead before hei' got there. Their faces had the'; appearance of being pummeled' with many cuts and blood was' oozing from the wounds. In his I opinion their skulls were fractured j and their death had been instan-j laneous. Miss Shaffer who had a' cut on the forehead and seemed f 0 ; suffer from a leg injury l>e or-1 dered to be taken immediately to the hospital. Examines Yohe On request of Patrolman Rock, Dr. Sanf ord examined Yohe in a. back foom some "20 or 30 minutes after I arrived at the scene." The witness would not say that Yohe On cross-ex-aminatinn hv A w ' un cross examination bj A. H.. were badly mangled and that they' must have received a "terrific, • - -• out, blow." A. K. Bobst, who lives at theK ice plant but who was inside the': fet-fl/i!, „„,,JL"' n UUI \\ D Cli - . ,.. , .. ---. e was a^ fhTdo°or commit- ..„„ . ,„ ^ ..... he heard the crash and a scream. When he went out he found one of the bodies and saw the boy was dead. He then heard • the moans of the girl and went to her aid. He pointed out on pictures where the bodies were found, where the first pool of blood was and where the car was when it stopped. The road was clear there. Bobst testified, and the lights of the sta- j tTon were O n. He dd no t see other car going in the opposite d£ rection. While Yohe was rather loud in his talk, Bobst testified he was not close enough to smell Yohe's breath. Had Flashlight One of the boys had a flashlight in his hand but the witness could i not say whether or not it was was rammed into the i~" c '"" w " sn £. w as they P icked the . b °dy up. time afterwards. Patrolman Rock testified that when he arrived on the scene he rl H nnt roalim (V,o,-o 1,-J !,„ IQl did not realize there had been any one killed as a truck was parked first though t S \vas° that 6 there'had been a collision. -When he went . into the gas station he found the i two lifeless bodies and then : learned Yohe had been the opera-, tor of the car. He testified he detected an odor] --- Yohe's talk was thick" and he was unsteady in I his walk, the patrolman added. Sheasley was in the same condi- " ...^ ~. ........ - "V c ~y~7i '•, ^°" a ^ dki ^ utte0sfUtfihepd ' " S % m f1; I? got a Klck out of the accident." hat the firs | body was 49 feet from the first '^««"» Es-n-r the r« I the car had run" TnVn "ti-To "Srtin. . ^en^^^ front seat of the auto but was walking back from As Snelling saw the first body stoed h etreme ----- __ ..... „ .„„,. UUUJ he stopped his truck and got out. i He testified neither Yohe - nor " Sheasley would help him carry the bodies into the gas station He believed Sheasley, who had gotten out of the car and had come back, had been drinking when he leaned over the one body and at- ing in the same direction, and that the highway was sufficiently clear to allow two motor vehicles to pass at the scene of the accident. Corporal Laurence Corson testified that Yohe was taken to the Lock Haven barracks of the motor patrol but that he had not questioned Yohe much. Yohe Tells Story Although told he need not testify unless he desired to, Yohe took the stand and said he had left home some time after 7 p. m. and picked Sheasley up and went to a girl's house but she was not home. They then went to the Gap Hotel where he left Sheasley and went back to town. He returned later to get Sheasley and at the hotel drank a glass of beer. He and Sheasley then went to the Earner House in Avis where Yohe testified he had another glass of beer. I He denied that he had consumed' any liquor, but admitted that he had drunk two bottles of beer in the afternoon. He said he did not see any one on the road and denied seeing the lights of the gas station. Yohe further testified that as he neared that spot, lights from another machine blinded him momentarily and he then realized he had hit some one. He slowed down his car gradually and stopped just as he got on the edge of the bridge. Yohe was emphatic in his denial of seeing any one along the side of the road. He said he could not identify the car on which were the lights that blinded him. Sheasley told practically the same story, adding that the windshield on his side was broken and that he knew they hit something when glass flew all over him. District Attorney B. L. Haag represented the commonwealth at the hearing. The jury was composed of P. R.

Clipped from
  1. The Express,
  2. 05 Feb 1936, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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