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Little M-SK M-«·-'" Vaiue. d^ushi-"!- (' c ° : - Gr ' a " lrs - Yar.ce. c.: F:.-.."r'-^,ur S . the :.;,.; it.":Hot'-! ap?rtrr. nt* ihf 'lift that her it in toi.av and root her d;- ?arltr of Saturday lic r -h--.-.l .)effries was crushed about t h e ;;nd i: is thouiht lie died instantly. His sister, however, was alive when she was found, hut died five . later at the emergency hospital. .1-fTrir.-- and his mister were ide-ititis-ti !.y the::- f;Uh*-r. who w-rit l u th" Iv'rr.l when he li?ar-l wha had h a pe-eci. He said he knew his son daughter had gon^ :o the theatre when he h-jard of the crash he rushed t h e scene- lie found his son's !ciK in the improved hospital and I uiorV-i* at thf Christian ^c;en--t- church. rcur.O :'r. m tht- -'-::i«-r of ho*,p:::i land h.s (lausM-T ha 1 bcsn lid at f.-.e church, thu-n 1 1 hour- r.r l ^^l r. prfs.:lS!"' ' = . :i:t !:;?:? in*- :::^ii:a:: 1-avr no f .5 :-.i.l I 1 -'a rusheu to T:ify w«r* f o u n d at 6: hn.-p:;ai. :(i Sur.J iy \,- \Ya--ii in?" 71ic-re nr;jc.:r r. la.r.'i refnaii . nnd Tr?. Va-ro · in ^ire l « *^' jr..T:3 anJ fr-.if'k -\ Ht.;? 1 !)!-:: "f f«- V«TJ-'-S u n t i l th* rJw her Ii'i3s Ury nM and ihr r^tarn wa* h i Tnthi-r and VTIC-" :nolli«"r TV W.-T The fnrr.ilv -.v;-5 rjrmer;y A:;i.. v.-'.-rri- ;h" irtv: rr. ::i.i!i-.-. X" ''jrlhT ari-.i from St-I -n i iv; 1 \va- Connect**? v'.i'i a .'t-nl --·,«·.- e itar.v and his sist.-r snado d in \Va?hin£irn sorl-;y two yv.i-s ·but JgO Mrs. Annie E. ?enn Buried This Homing The fur.fral of ilrs. Annie K. who !Jr-J on Halurfl::y Hev. .1. pall-Jn-ar* A. D. 3?. W. V,'y.Ji«. tin. .1. C V/atsou mfl Frank Tr.llH't; Tl^e JI'Tivtr 1-- iir-rs v-r- · .1 X ,7i«r«1»n. : K. ^.-j^i'. T: J'. Wiilwr*. -1. K «.n-'-r H. lois?«-3!i. T S. \Vj3]jaT)-«-:.. Teiin. .?. I,. fJrav« J'rv. J ! . r. ], K..«it:i. I'-isni AVlin !: AmJerifJti. IV. T. Owwr*. »r3an. Kyl» J-.n»=-. Tr. H. K. «.h .1. iJi« i3~a 1^.1- t**' i l 5hf paprr* f«1'iTi'3 -a:t-1 hi* "vj*? ail'! JJary -n ih«ir apartm-rnl irl 1n3 Tier s^t-n^ lTi» T-^5 lay n n w ii»(1r«y playing rrjjh T%"OO4* -~il3n1r'PTl TWH oih*-r v j c l i n ' i p r'r?3m»'1 by '3«.l1h Jn 1'T- Kn!r'k-'-3-nr»;. r 5isa.«l"r .John S5. .J*ffri"9 -* y«,ira of SI#I?T. Miss K J4 years ol'l. both 3. son and t«T dinner?A 31 '"T. : ^\-itr. r s.m-l SIT?*- f?r. .1. 33. Tl'Oiins"!!. ."u*! Wjlh»rsi n^d Mil«-« Vxirrf-r JTV-tiA-KFMttXT A\\XM-\-J'!;l ^ _ J-T- r i«3-:i- n:i iy w " it * side by «Mc. in ^c «3»- ' ! thst thf chain* Tor fT)?urnn 1 !i'- *Ti'l Co.

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  1. The Bee,
  2. 30 Jan 1922, Mon,
  3. Page 1

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