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 - Ottawa, Monday, JURY THINK IT SERIOUS THEY...
Ottawa, Monday, JURY THINK IT SERIOUS THEY CAVSE THE ARREST OF MRS. LYNCH AND HER MOTHER Pending thi Finding of tfcs Verdlct-The Ar rest wu the Result of Mrs. Eilverson'i story As Adjournment Had for Further Wit. BNHI Mrs. Matthew Lynch, grandmother and Bridget Lynch, mother of Robert Lynch are under arrest on suspicion of foul play in connection with the death of their ight months old child. They were placed under arrest late Saturday afternoon on the coroner's warrant,! as the coroner's jury empanelled to hold an investigation into the child's death, considered there was sufficient evdence to take this step and secure the mother and grandmother pending jthe finding of a verdict . The Jury began its enquiry in Rogers' morgue at two o'clock Saturday afternoon.' There was some delay in beginning the inquest as Coroner Mark owing to the. importance of the case was anxious to procure a full Jury of sixteen before opening the evidence. Fifteen Jurymen were obtained and with that number the inquest proceeded. Chief of Police Powell conducted the examination of witnesses In a most satisfactory manner. Detective Hat-ton was seated beside him. The Jury after being sworn In examined the remains as tbey lay in the yard adjoining the morgue in a tiny coffin. The body was but slightly decomposed. The pillow, was covered with blood that had flowed from a cut on the left Mde of the head. Blood surrounded the child's mouth and nose. It was a sickening sight. Mrs. Elizabeth Sllverson of 672 St, Patrick st. was the first witness. She remembered the 30th of last September. There were loud noises and voices in the Lynch house. Sadie Lynch asked her to come into Lynch's as her mother was hurt and wanted her to dress a wound in her mother's head. -, : The Child was Bleeding. Bridget Lynch came to the door and said to witness, '"My God, Mrs. Lynch thy child is murdered!" Blood was streaming from the child's head as she held it in her arms. Bridget Lynch was also bleeding from a cut on her forehead and blood was streaming down her face. As Bridget Lynoh held the child In her arms witness said she thought the child was dead. The child was only unconscious. There was a large blue mart on the left side of the child's head.. Mrs. Sllverson at this stare of the evidence viewed the body. Returning to the Jury room she said she identified the child and recognized the same blow on the child's head. The cut ran from the. top of the head behind the ear to the forehead. It was semi-cir cular in shape. There was no one in the house but the mother and grandmother of the child. The. mother smelt strongly of liquor. An hour after witness' first visit she entered the house a;aln. The mother held the child on her knee. The child was too weak to partake of food. The grandmother was crying. Witness told them to put the child In the cradle as It, was dying and they should let it die in peace. . Witness called again about 5.30. Sadie told her that the mother and grandmo ther bad gone to bed and had left her to mind baby, Sadie said they had put butter on the baby's head which they said would soon make the child better. The Child Died. Mrs. Lynch came into ' the At 6.30 house and told Mrs. Sllverson that the child was dying. She accompanied Mrs. Lynch back Into the house. The child died two minutes after they entered the house. The child drew two long breaths and expired. The Doctor Called. A doctor was called in. She did not know his name. He did not examine the child. There was a cloth over the child's head. The doctor did not lift the cloth to look at the child's head. The doctor asked If the child died with convulsions. The mother said it had. Witness said the child was always healthy and never had convulsions. She did not ask the doctor to examine the child, because the Lynchs were dangerous people, and she did not like to Interfere. Mrs. Sarazin, the landlady, who was there when the doctor was present, did not say anything to the doctor either. Witness said she expressed the opinion to Mrs. Sarazln that the child was murdered. Mrs. Sarazln said: "Yes, but I don't want a murder to be reported in my house." An Arrest Ordered. Chief of Police 'Powell at'th close of Mrs. Sllverson's evidence, intimated that it was important that the grandmother and mother of the child should be put in custody, if in the opinion of the Jury the evidence so far taken pointed to them as the parties responsible for the child's death. This move should be taken at once to prevent the possibility of their. escape. Coroner Mark agreed that this should be done, and the Jurymen were unanimously of th same opinion. The coroner then signed the warrants. Before adjourning the Inquest the Jury thought that the evidence of Dr. Chevrler, who examined the child after death, should be heard. Dr. Chevrier during the examination of Mrs. Silver-son had been placed. In the witnesses' roorh. by himself. When Constable Hollingsworth went to bring him Into the Jury room he found the doctor had disappeared. It was supposed he had ' pone home, as his carriage had also gone. The Inquest Adjourned. As there were no other witnesses ready it was decided to adjourn the inquest until this evening at 7.30. Detective Hatton immediately after the adjournment went to St. Patrick street and had the grandmother and mother arrested at their home. They were brought to th police station shortly after four o'clock. They took their arrest very much to heart. ... An seen ago, to had sent the the ilrm his manners dealings Rld-eau in at not - 80th Russell and fl 0 In this ed as St. at .-.The in parade of and coming loss of t)f Mr. A. re-elected. F. of is in

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