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Independence Square to be known as San Antonio Park
playgrounds for children

playgrounds for children

this'-t THOUSANDS TO BE SPENT ON 'KIDS' 0 OAKLAND Mrs. Cora E. Jones Returns From East With Ideas and Plans for Playgrounds. OUTDOOR GYMNASIUM TO BE GREAT FEATURE Swimming Pools anid Instruction fortfouths toBe Had in City Parks. With the. return of Mrs. Cora' E. Jones of the Playground Commission from the ICational Playground Congress in Rochester, X. the commission has commenced work on comprf hensive plans for the improvement of the local children's recreation grounds. In the scheme of improvement is included an outdoor gym -nnslum for Be Kremery park, the placing in commission of cxtensn'piplay apparatus at Independence square, and tlie construction there of large open-air swimmings pools, and the installation of new equipment i.t the other pleasure gardens of tlie boys and girls. The plans for the improvements are being: suggested by the commission, and whipped into shape by Ceorge Dickie, superintendent of the playgrounds. THOUSANDS SPENT. It is estimated that the scheme of improvement proposed will place Oakland In the forefront among cities which are caring for the welfare of the coming citizens. Thousands of dollars will be spent, and the best labors and energies of ex perts in the of fitting the children bv healthy play to become strong and efficient workers will "tro devoted to the Two of the improvements planned which have aroused the greatest interest are the outdoor gymnasium at I)e Frem-ery park and the swimming- pools for Independence square. Independence fqtiare is set down in the playground and will be known from now on as San Antonio park. 1 he park Is at Sixteenth avenue and East Sixteenth street, and comprises four blocks of land. SWIMMING POOLS. The plans for the swimming pools have not as yet assumed definite form, but the commission has asked for plans for the natatorium. It will be unlike any swimming pool around the bay, as it will be open-air affair. Provision will be made, for the small boy as wejlas the large a rd -considerable apparatus is to be installed -in conjunction with the swimming tanks. The playground commission is determined tlialr the swimming place shall" be (above reproach so far as sanitary conditions are concerned, and it is anticipated that provision v. ill bemade to have tha water changed daily. A swimming instructor will be added to the corps of assistants at the park, and one of the main features of the benefits" to be derived will be the teaching of the children to play games, such as water polo, iu the lool. SWIMMING IMPORTANT. The object of providing a swimming pool is not only that of adding lo the playground equipment a new form amusement and exercise, declares Superintendent Dickie. This object will be attainted in a high degree by the natatorljiii, as swimmihg is recognized as one of the cleanest and jm.dst excellent forms of athletic effort, bringing into play at is does: every muscle in the body, nnd giving the child exercise- in breathing and lung action obtained in no other manner. But a co-orOiiate object of no less impoitance is that of teaching the ehil-. dren to swim as' a means of safety in" time of accident. Hundreds of deaths are caused by ignorance of the art of swimming. It is thought that the playing of water games will be especially useful in giving the 'boys and girls confidence when in the water, with the result that the victim "of a wreck on the water, or nn overturning boat, will rot become panic stricken, and will be aMe to take advantage of every chance for safety. CHICAGO MODELS. The outdoor gymnasium In-Do Fremery park is to be planned along the line of models used in Chicago and other cities with great success. High swings, slides. seesaws, bars, trapezes anu otnes- appa ratus will be installed. There will be lild hrtuse for the superintendent of the park, which will house dressings rooms, lockers, showers and other conveniences. There' will De a second field house for tlie use of the girls. The playground will be one of the most complete in the city.