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Article Clipped from St. Louis Post-Dispatch

On Making the Movie Stars Jimmy Dunn, of the Team of Dunn and Eilers, Was Headed for the Brokerage Business When The Stage Called and Then Hollywood Began to Jingle Its Bag of Gold Coins Sprang Into Fame With His First Picture and Has Kept on Springing. THERE axe a lot of promising young stars on the atudio lots oat in Hollywood. Many of the young men who are facing the camera for a living got into the game, not as stage-struck vautis but because they wanted to act and because California was calling to the world with a bag full of gold coins. A lot of 'em could fcaTe made good in other lines of endeavor but it would have taken a locg time to work up to the important money which the movie mozxi scattered so lavishly. Take, for instance, Jimmy Dunn, of the Fox team of Jaat Dunn and Sally Eilers. When Jimmy succumbed to the lure of th cinema the stock brokerage business lost one of its most premising members. At least that's what Jimmy thinks. What the screen ha gained is fairly obvious, for Jimmy is now one of the most popular leading men in Hollywood. When he had finished school Dunn worked In the office of Sa father, a New York broker. Young Jimmy liked the business bu: he liked acting better, and between office hours he would slip on: to the moving picture studios whose doors carried the "extra wan'e sign. Selling bonds was alright but somehow the founders of thj. profession had left out the romance. Jimmy found it on the ran- ous movie lot3. Jimmy was born in New Tom City, Nor. 2, 1905. He enters his father's business in 1324 left it in 1927 to begin his coioi-ful career as an actor. T-Ti a 4M ret on rro ffomnnt tri w. I a small theatrical troupe plair what show business calls the "Hinterland." One tr! the plays called "Night Stick." a which Jimmy played the roie an under-cover cop, wa3 laie made into a picture called "Alibi." Next came a 3 7-week engage ment with a stock company Englewood, N. followed by ay nihar 1 rm rr eta-v -with a trnitn Winnipeg, Canada. Upon returnis: to New York Jimmy got his Sr. big chance when he signed for th Morgan in tha musical she Queenie Smith in person on the stage at the Fox. leading male role opposite Helen "Sweet Adeline." IT WAS then that the picture lnanstry began to take notice James Dunn and he was cast in several "shorts" made in the Eastern studios. These proved successful and led to Dunn's am tions a contract with a Hollywood studio. In May, 1931, Jimmy reported to the Fox West Coast stadiw and was assigned to the leading male role in "Bad Girl." The pic ture "made" two prominent stars Dunn and Sally Eilers. The success of "Bad Girl" found Jimmy in demand for leads in severa. pictures and he followed with two team pictures with Miss EilerF. "Over the Hill" and "Dance Team," and leads in "Sob Sister," "Society Girl" and "Walking Down Broadway." The team's fourth pic ture is now in production on the Fox lot, and although it was tu.ej lur uie rau duj 11 uui, a ac n-ci iu started the pair on the road to stardom. The new picture will reach the fans before long under the name of "Sailor's Luck. Jimmy is not the flashily-dressed type of actor. He wears clothes of a conservative color, his only weakness being neckties. Sunday mornings generally find him on the links, but he dees not boast of his game, which is in the low In "Society Girl" Jimmy played the role of a boxer but he has no: had a glove on since. Two of his ribs were broken by an over-enthusiastic trainer during the filming of this picture. a a a HE 13 superstitious regarding but one thing whistling in dressing room. He says two men whistled in his dressiis J00-at Winnipeg and he met with an accident after each pexfonn-ance. On the first occasion he was hurt in a taxicab accident anc on the second, he broke another pair of ribs in a fall. There u. needless to say, no whistling around Jimmy's set on the Fox lot-So far, he has steered clear of matrimony. Living with fc' mother in a modest home on Sunset boulevard in Hollywood, he es-j joys company and frequently entertains his friends. Like man other film stars. Jimmy has become minded" and is workJ-for his pilot's license. When he gets that he intends to buy 1 plane for his own amusement. He lilies working with Miss Eilers, who, in private life is Mf- "Hoot" Gibson. The two get along excellently together both on onri off anrt fpi that thv have contributed to each other: cuccess. Right now, Jimmy is strutting around the Fox lots in a sauor unirnrm iia mia in "5ilnr'a Luck" beine that of a tousrh but ro mantic gob from the U. S. S. Missouri. The United States' Navy played a part in making this picture a large number of the early shots being made in the harbor at Pedro, CaL, with real sailors furnishing the atmosphere and ships, of one sort or another, the background. The Navy is pret s-noil ahnnt that sort of thine and the cinema. find others tuiw c- to provide settings, too. a a