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January 20, 1969

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Carbondale, Illinois
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Monday, January 20, 1969
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Page Thirteen Carbondale—Herrin—Morphysboro ILLINOISAN, MONDAY, JANUARY 20,1949 Rea! Estate For Sale 9 RITTER AGENCY Murphysboro Property 2 bedroom, modern, full basement, tire place, gas heat, 1335 Maple; 3 bedrcom, modern, 1320 Maple; 2 bedroom, modern, 1114 N. Hth; 2 bedroom, modern, 520 N. 8th; 2 bedroom, modern, '55 So. »th; 2 bedroom, modern. 419 N. 7th; 2 bedroom, modern, needs repairs, 712 Chestnut; modern duplex 121-123 N. 18th. Farms 147 acres, large modern home, good buildings, plenty water; 10 acres, mod- •m home, next to Kinkald Lake; .60 acres, modern home, other bulldinss; 133 acres, excellent buildings; 140 acres, good bulldinss; 114 acres, bulldlnns; 1W seres, buildings; In Union County, 429, acres; 210 acres, modern ^homc; 175 acres, modern home, good buildings. 1011 Chestnut St.. Murphysboro, III. Ph. 684-6741 Jim Tirdall 4B4.«.ia Earl Canning 687-1035 Joe Bryant 4SJ-2763 Rentals -10-24- 10 CARTERVILLE, MOBILE HOME, '•bedroom, with study, central heat and air conditioning, utilities paid. Private lot. Call 995-3477. _ _ CARTERVILLErTRAILER. 10' X 35' With carport. Cal OE SOTO, ~HOUsi7 Country living; modern, 2 -bedroom, lull basement, slower, -2C03 private phono, after 4. , , built-in cabinets. W-2C03 DE SOTO MOCILE HOME. 1 bedroom air conditioned, clean, heat & water furnished. Married couple. Call 847-2444 be- -10-20- HERRIN, APARTMENT. 3-roommetfern, unfurnished. Upstairs. Nice. s«. Adults only. P. 0. Box No. 8, Horrln. HERRIN, "HOUSE. Modern, Telephone 1005 North 16th, 3 bedroom Trl-Level wi.h large family room, 2 baths, carport, ,o- catcd on large lot, In new subdivision, 77 Candy Lane, 3 bedroom, with lots ol cabinets, carport, close to schools, excellent location, only si9.000. K,,-^,., 2135 Logan, 2 bedroom, full basement, oas heat garage, large lot, $10,500. 70 Candy Lane, 3 bedroom, fireplace, central air, 2 baths, garage, on corner lot, reduced to 525,000, . Rt. 3, 3 bedroom, fireplace, 9 arag« and carport, s« heat, good water, barn, an , fenced In on 4Vj acres, 513,000. j 90 acres south of Murphysboro, good road, no building, $12,000. Other listings available. -tO-20- rooms, gas heat. Private. HERRIN, HOUSE, person or couple. 942-22.12, HERRIN, TRAILER SPACE. Shady. Ca!l 942-479.1 after 4 p.m. HERRIN ~hbusT' (2) 708 N. )3»'; 5 rooms, oil neat. (3) US South-near -ar. tervllic Blacktop, MO, no heat, (•» 600 S JSth-couple preferred, no pels, 3 carpeting, double carpo-., 13in—modern, 3 ted Alexander Reil CHANCEY-OZBURN-WUEST 19th & Walnut Ph. #4-2165 or 684-3058 bedrooms, SI 10. (51 217 S. rooms, S85 month. Estate, 109 S. 13th St., Hcrrln, III. «'• MARION, APARTMENT. 3-rooms furnished. Adults. Call 993-4216. MARION, MOBILE HOME. Completely furnished 2 bedroom. Call 993-2456. MARION, MOBILE HOME. 2 bedrooms, 5)10 month. 1205 North Madison. MURPHYSBORO, "APARTMENTS New, unfurnished, 2 bedroom. Phone 684-3106. MURPHYSBORO APARTMENTS 1-3 ROOM FURNISHED, 1-2 BEDROOM Legal Notices ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Proposals will be received by the Board of TrSs of southern Illinois University In the Office of the University Archllect I" 807 South Marlon Street, Carbondale, Illinois, 'for the General Construction; Pumbng Work; Heatlns, Piping and Re- frlgcratlon Work; Ventilating Work; and Electrical Work for the Remodeling 'and Addition of Shryock Auditorium located on the Corbondale Campus of Southern Illinois University, 'until 2:00 p.m. C.S.T. on Tuesday, 11 February 1969,^and wil be opened in Shryock Auditorium at that time and date. WorK consists of the remodeling and addition of all Phases of Shryock Auditorium. • • Contractors must comply with oil Illinois law regarding minimum wages and the employment of labor. Plans, specifications and forms MURPHYSBORO, tive home with HOUSE. carpeted living room, '' Neat attrac- Legal Notice? IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS United States of America, Plaintiff, vs. NS man Everett Reeves; Margaret Irene Reeves; Clarence E. Wyatt; Alice R. Wyattf Dewoy Louis Woosley; Phyllis Jean Woosley; Defendants, Civil No. 48-75 • NOTICE OF MARSHAL'S SALB Under and by virtue of the decree o! said Court, made and entered In the above enmiKi cause on the 7th day of January, W9, the undersigned, on the 19th of February. 1969, at the South Door of the County Court House, Jackson County, Cilv of Murphysboro, Illinois, will sell at public sole to the highest and best bidder for cash, the following described real estate, io-wlt: Part ol the Southeast BUarter ot the Northwest Quarter of Section 28, Township s South, Range 2 West of the 3rd p M. described as follows: Commencing ai an iron pipe set m the ground 16 5 feet north of the Southwest corner of the h |an rooms of , n( , F . Soulhcast Quarter of the Northwest Quar- , , st Louls , Mi5l tor of said Section 28, thence running P° r <"!°" . ., „„„, East a distance -of 357.5 feet to an Iron pipe set In the ground, thence running North a distance of 388.0 (Mt to an Iron pipe set In the ground, thence running East a distance of 247.5 feet to an Iron pipe set In- the ground, being on the West ' ; ne of the public road, hence south along the West line of said public road a distance of 388.0 feet, more or less, to the point of Intersection of said West Ine with ,he North lire of the pub'lc road running East and West, thence West along the North line ot said East and West public road to the point Of beginning, as shown by recorded survey In Book 3 Surveyor's Record, at page 260, In the Recorders'! Office of Jack =J n proposal obtained on or after N „„,„,„,„ „„„ from the Office of Ferry and Henderson Architects, Inc., 1MO South Stale Street, Springfield, Illnois. Two (2) sets of plans and specifications will bo Issued to bidders on a deposit of 5100.00. Plans and specifications for "take-off" purposes by material dealers and subcontractors will be available '- ,„, above described tract, along the North line of F. W. Dodge Cor- Aissourl; Chicago, illlnois; Springfield, Illinois; and Evans- vllle, Indiana; the Southern Illinois Builders Association, Belleville, Illinois; and the Associated General Contractors, .Paducah, Kentucky. Plans will be Issued to prospective bidders only. Deposits will be refunded upon the rcr turn of Plans and specifications In good condition to the Office of the above Pre- lect Architect within ten (10) days after date In which bids are opened. ISouthcrn Illinois University reserves the right to reject any and all bids for this work and to waive all Information In bidding. C-7«7 Jan. IS, 17, 20. Hospital Note* DOCTORS HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Drees, Jodie, Carbondale . Morrison, Orblc, Carbondale . . Lougue, Bonnie Lea, Carbondale Bearden, Mrs, Wallace, Marion Jenkins, Eunice, Carbondale DISCHARGED: Bain, David Brent, Corbondale Wesrberg, William Carl, Carbondale Parola, Troy, Carbondale McDonald, Mrs. William, Cobden McKeiizle, Mrs. William, Carbondalt Ramsey, Merlk Rea/Carbondale Keslcr, Kent Stanley, Ullln Spindloe, Emily, Murphysboro Jacobson, Mrs. Wally, Chlppawa Falls, WIs Boykln, Mrs, Everett, Carbondelt HOLDEN, CARBONDALE ADMITTED: Whaicn, Mrs. Euls, Carbondale Yates, Robert, Cobden Tana, Miss Tara Lynn, Carbondale Calvin, Mrs. Mary, Carbondale Stanley, Gregory Dale, Carbondal* Harrison, Mrs. Georgia, Carbondale Mullen, Mrs. Zoa Jean, Carbondale Brooks, Mrs', Maria, Mount vernon Smith, Mrs. Bonnie, Cambria DISCHARGED: Barrel!, Floyd, Zelgler Batlnskl, Mrs. Andrea and son, carbon- dale stallons, Michael S., Hcrrln Graves, Mrs. Irene and daughter,. Carbondale ' • - , Phillips, Miss Frances, Carbondsl* Hughes, Mrs. Flossie, Carbond»l« (ADVERTISEMENT FORBIDS) thence West The Jackson County YMCA Is soliciting ong tne Nonn u™ »i public road bids for the following types of furnish- dlstance of 76 2 feet to a point, thence ns s and equipment to be used In Its new North parallel with the West line of pub- FURNISHED, ON OLD RT. 13 OPPOSITE j ||c ' oad runn | ng North and South a dis- _ tance of 33 feet to a point, thence East .— .___ ....Ftr-n ><M ( AftC lo'l^-c u> Jrf . ^ - r ..__ „, „,,',Itf DRIVE-IN THEATER, WIDES VILLAGE, 457-SSM or atf«r 4 p.m. — 687-1249. HOMES FOR SALE VERGENNES STATE BANK VERGENNES, ILL. PHONE 68'4-3S26 Rental* HOME. 15°"mll« from Carbon, lul.^J ...... --• all modern. Call 457- AREA. dale. 3 bedroom, 4W after 6 p.m. AREA, HOUSE; 2 bedroom, modem, gas (war. Phon* 658-3)83. _ AREA HOUSE. Furnished, carpeted, een- T ral air cond tionlng, tlertrlc n«t, on pr'vaSJ l«k». No pen. By appointment and leas*. 457-7332. _ AREA, TRAILER. Married etwplt. N« pell. Call 549-1782. _ ^ CAMBRIA," HOUSETRAILER. 10 X SI'. _ 1C-20 - , CA'/BRIA. MOBILE HOME, 7 miles .Tom SIU. 985-4434 or CARBONfJA PARTMENT. J r»m, central air, ftmKhed or near downtown, ce , C"urnished, 5125. Cowl. only. Call H- velsmler Realty-i57-3'34. CAR30NDALE, APARTMENT. 1 rcoms, CAR80NDALE, APARTMENT. West. e»droem. unfurnished, »rp«tln9, ajr « ditioning, off-sfreot parking. MW779. CARBONDALE APARTMENTS 1.3 ROOM .FURNISHED, 1-J BEDROOM FURNISHED, ON OLD RT. 13 OPPOSITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE. WlOES VILLAGE, PHONE 4S7-10J1. _ 4 CARBONDALE, APARTMENT. Area Furnished, 1140 Per month. 437-2491 .f- tar s p.m. only. STUDENT RENTALS MURPHYSBORO, APARTMENT. 3 room, partly furnished. Phone 684-3715. MURPHYSBORO, APARTMENTS. 1 bedrooms, furnished, Phone 457-8680, 10-22 MURPHYSBORO, APARTMENT. 3 room, modern, completely furnished, gas .•><*• carpeting, 5100 month, Including utilities. Phone 634-4815. MURPHYSBORO," "APARTMENT. Furnished, 1 bedroom. Phone 684-6407 after 4 p.m. AURPHYSOOKQ, UJi i«i»c. w,i -y.. Blacktop, i rooms, modern. Will be available Feb. lite. 375 a month. Call 484- MURPHYSBORO, COTTAGE, Small, furnished, gas heat. Phone 487-1152. MURPHYSBORO, HOUSE. 1829 Kennedy. 2 bedroom. Modern, 684-2683 after 6 p.m. MURPHYSBORO, ROOM. With kitchen privileges. Call 637-1272 alter 5:30 p.m. MURPHYSBORoTTRAILER. 10 X SO, air. Call 687-1473 after 5 p.m. " TRAILER. Nice 3 I, — , • \i f oaratlel v/ith the North line of pujlle read running East and West a distance of 742 feet to a point on the West line of public road running North and South, thence South along said West line a distance of 33 feet 10 the point of beginning, tract hereby conveyed containing ,ss acre more or less; EXCEPT all coal and other minerals, and SUBJECT to mining rights heretofore reserved. Situated in the Counly of Jackson and the Siatt ol Illinois. Said sale to commence at 11:30 A.M. Terms of Sale: Cash, subject to the general taxes for the year 1968 which are a lien and any special assessments or special taxes levied against the said Social Area Furniture and Equipment Office Furniture and Equipment i n a Checking Equipment Draperies Floor Coverings Lamps and Accessories House Service and Washroom menf Natatorlum Equipment Physical Department Service real estate, At said sale will give to the purchaser or purchasers a certificate n writ. Ing, describing the lands and tenements purchased and the sum paid therefor, and at the expiration of the Period of redemption as provided by statute, the holder thereof will be entitled to a deed for said premises, unless redeemed according to law. Dated at East St. Louis, Illinois, this 14 day of January, 1969. Harry C. George uuKPHTiBUKu, i ™..-.-«. •••—.room, utilities paid, S6S month, also nice sleeping room, S30 month, 684-3641. Wanted to Rent IDA -10A-22- CARBONDALE, HOUSE. 3 bedrooms, Vft or 5 : batta. Parrlsh School District area, 10A . J6 CARBONDALE, LAND. 10-15 acfes of land for corn during 1969 corp i season. Will rent by crop share or cash. 54F-7.U4, CARBONDALE. ROOM. Working girl. 457-2335 from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. DU QUOIN, OFFICE SPACE, Temporary, Call James Adams, 549-5391 or write, iouttern llllnolsan, 710 N. Illinois, Carbondale, Illinois 62701. United States Marshal for the Eastern District of Illinois Carl W. Feicfccrt United States Attorney Posr Office Building East St. Louis, Illinoii Attorney for Plaintiff C-7572 Jan. 20, 27, Feb. 3, 10 Card* of Thanks -12-2 We wish to txpress our sincere thanks and aporaclatton to all ot our friends, neighbors and relatives who helped In Jny way following the death of our Mother and Grandmother. Especially do w. wish to thank Rev. Jerry Brown; tho oroanist, h» Singers and the pallbearers, and all those who sent flowers and cards. Also, the "Miller funeral directors. Evw act ot kindness will always be remembered. The family of Wattle J. Klncald. STATE OF ILLINOIS IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT JACKSON COUNTY In the Matter of the Estate of Joseph J, Taggarf, deceased In Probate No, 68-P-17B NOTICE BY PUBLICATION OF PROBATE OF WILL Notice is hereby given that a Petition 121 has been filed In this Court stating that Joseph J. Taogari of Murphysboro, Mil- Mis died the 3rd day of December, 1948 leaving a Last will and Testament dated Equip- Equip. Physical Department Program Equip- '"lids must be received by 12:00 noon, Tuesday, February 4, 1169 for Further Information or bid Sheets, Call the YMCA at 549-5359 or visit the Office at 213 East Pearl Street, Carbondale, III. C-7429 Jan, 20, 21, "2 boy NOTICE Public Notice is hereby given that on 15th A D 1969, a ce-tlflcate was filed n the O.Mce of the County Clerk of Williamson County, Illinois, setting- forth the names and post-office addresses of all of the persons owning, conducting and transacting the business known as Public Ice Service Company of Herrin, Illinois, ocatcd at 900 West Walnut Street, Her- ' Dated this 15th day ol January, A. D. "" Barney R. Boren, County Clerk MN 5935 Jan 20, 27 & Feb. 3, 1969 CHOICE LOCATIONS AIR CONDITIONED HOUSES APARTMENTS TRAILERS M6N WOMEN APPROVED HOUSING FOR: Undsrgraduatw Graduates Marrieds VILLAGE RENTALS 417 V/. MAIN-CARBONDALE PHONE 4H-4144 Legal Notices STATE OF ILLINOIS IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF 7HS FIRST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT JACKSON COUNTY Berth/i Donctwo, V, Orble Lee Donehoo M °'"NOTICE BY PUBLICATION Notice Is given you, Orble Len Donehoo defendants, that this case has been com- menccd in this court against you and other defendants, asking for divorce end for other relief. UNLESS YOU file your answer or other wise file your appearance in this case in the office of the clerk of this court, Jackson County Courthouse, 2nd Floor, Mur- phviboro, Illinois, on or belorc February 27, 1969, a Judgment or Decree by DC- fault may be taken against you for the relief asked In the complaint. Witness, January !'• '" James R. Kerley (Clerk of the Circuit Court) By Jennie Crawstww (Deputy) (Plaintiffs attorney or plaintiff If he not represented by an attorney) Name—J. 6dv/ard Helton Robert Howcrton Attorney for Plaintiff Address—3rd Floor—City Hall City—Carbondale, Illinois Telephone 549.4746, AW354 Jan. 20, 27, Feb. 3 June 15, l?64, and asking that said in-i strument be admitted to probate as the Last Will and Testament of the decedent. Said Petition further stales that ticcc- o-ent left him surviving as his heirs and eqatees, Helen Pellegrini, Joseph Lowry, Bishop Albert R. Zurowcst, The Sisters of St. Francis, a religious order, St. Joseph Memorial Hospital of Murphysboro, Illinois, Oulncy College ot Ouiney, Illinois, Rev. Glennon Sims, Rev. Meinrad Dunn, Rev Bernard Sullivan, Rev. Donald Lcn- linl,' Rev. George Lalley, Rev. Angela Lombardo, Rev. Cletus J. Cunningham, Rev. James P. Burke, Rev. Robert Hutsch, and Rev. Herbert Kopff, and further stating that there may be other Heirs, nor known to the p«tllln«r, who are made parties to the proceedings as unknown Hospital Notes FRANKLIN, BENTON ADMITTED: Conner, Victor, Benton King, Mrs. Lula, Scsser Hall, William, Benton Fisher, Mrs, Sandra, Benton Sweet, John, Bcnfon Holman, Mrs. Alice, Benton pane, Mrs. Marguerite, Sesser Savant, Mrs. Charlene, Johnston Cily Frost, Albert, Logan Chaplain, Mrs. Patricia, Benton Rotramel. Marian, West Frankfort Finn, Rolla, Thompsonvllle Cockrum, Mrs. Elaine, Benton Yates, Mrs. Helen, West Frankfort Clark, Mrs. Lark, West Frankfort Williamson, Elmer, Christopher Cook, Robert, Benton Summers, Mrs. Linda, Bentoo DISCHARGED: Boylcs, Ceclle, McLeansboro Newman, Mrs. Pearl, West Frankfort- Taylor, Vernon, McLeansboro Hclfrlch, Mrs. Helen, W«t Frankfort Finn, Rolla, Thompsonville Krai, Mrs. Emilia, Royallon Burpo, Mrs. Pearl, West Frankfort Burns, Mrs. Lula, Bcnlon Carroll, Mrs, AAary jene, West Fra Collier, Mrs. Annamarie, Christopher Duncan, Carolyn, Benton Mandrell, Mrs. Bonnie and Mby, B ton Ov/letf, Mrs. June, Christopher Hall, Mrs. Maudic, Benton v/lnn, Thomas, Sesser Florenjl, Cynthia, Bcnfon Fisher, Sandra, Benton Harris, Mrs, Karol md baby, Lhr phcr hearing Will to heirs, Notice is hereby given that n on the Petition to admit said probate is set (or 10:00 o'clock a.m. the Circuit Court Room In th« Jackson Counly Court Houje In Murphysboro, Illinois on the 10th day of February, 1969. Dated December .31 ,1968. ,, James R. Kcrlcy, Clerk Wolff, Jones & Lawdcr Attorneys for the Estate 1013 Chestnut Street Murphysboro, III. 62946 Telephone No: 684-3115 M-7347 Jan 6-13-20, 1969 RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE SANK OF HERRIN, HERRIN, ILLINOIS ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Proposals will be received on behalf of the Board ol Trustees of Southern III - nois University until 2:00 P.M. CST, Tuesday, January 28, 1969, at the Office of ihe Architect — Carbondate Campus, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, for completion of basemen! a no fl-st floors of the Office Building, 206 West College, Office Facilities for R. Buckminster Fuller, Carbondale Campus, Csrbondalc Campus, Communications Building, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, The work will be executed under one lump sum contract for th« General Con- strucllon, Mechanical and Electrical work, all inclusive: specifications, and proposa 1 pally - 4574186. CARBONOALE, RENTALS. and Graduate Rental: Air Approved cond 196? and each Saturday thereafter. Sccrctary'ol the Board of Directors The Bank n> Herrin Htjrrin, Illinois H-7IM J 20, 27, F-3 -r «rm. Crab Orc'hlrd Motel. Also 2 trail- fARBONDALE, ROOMS. Next to SIU. Men SlngYes and doubles, unsupervlsed, S70 and up. 457-6167* CARBONDALE, TRAILER.* private 1st, married couple, , 10M ' _ _ ,o-23 CARBONDALE, TRAILER. Id X »• Airport Road. Married only. Call 457-2664. CARTERVILLE. APARTMENTS. Furnish- eo I and 2 bedrooms. 935-4594 or Car- bo'ndale 4i7- 2 bedroom, living room, 'built-in kitchen, elccirk hctt, central air. Precllwlly new. Cook Construction Co. Phone mi-WO. mcd- STATE OF ILLINOIS IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT JACKSON COUNTY Charles Deposits will be refunded upon return of plans and specifications In good con- Siflin to the Architect - Ca .. r , bon ^ ° Campus within ten (101 days after date on which bids are opened, The Board of Trustees of ^Ihtrn Illinois University reserves the right to re- tect any and all bids (or this work »nj : o waive any Informallltes In bidding. C-7574 Jon. 17, 13, V HERRIN HOSPITAL ADMITTED: . Rogers, Mrs, Llndi, West Frankfort Pastorla, Mrs. Frances, Christopher Phillips, Mrs. Lucille, Mulkcytown Rogers, Mrs. Velda, Johnston City Chamncss, Susie, Energy Hodge, Mrs. Pauline, Carter/lite Williams, Daniel, Hcrrln Collins. Harry, Cartorvllle Robertson, Mrs. Ellen, Carterville Geravaglla, Charles, Herrin Perkins, Jackie, West Frankfort Odum, Coy, Hcrrln , Frasler, Mrs. Ruth, Hcrrln Shaubcrt, Mrs, Clarice, Herrin Sharp, Mrs. Mary, Royalton Carnashie, Mrs, Catherine, Herrin Jarvis, Mrs. Lillian, Herrin Klnlcy, Edward Jr., Hcrrln O'Connor, Mrs. Elizabeth, Herrin Horn, Mrs. Fannie, Carfervllle Augustine, Douglas, Zclg'er Pcrschbacher, Paul, Johnston City Garavalla, Mrs. Reba, Herrin DISCHARGED: Cates, Loroy, Hcrrln Storme, Mrs. Violet, Hcrrln Pennlngton, Mrs. Lizzie, Cartervll,e Webster, Mrs. Grace, Zeloler Argos, Mrs. Jennie, Hcrrln Lewv/lll, Llndsey, Herrin Moakes, David, Herrin Hall, Mrs. Carmen, Marion Bov/en, Mrs. Eula Mae, Herrin Butler, Mrs. Altha, Zolglcr Murrle, Mrs. Emma, Carter-vine Croln, Victoria, Cartervllle Snvder, Mrs. Anne, Herrin Barclay, Mrs. David and baby, Johns- BaBlngTon, Mrs. Rlcliard «nd baby, Johnston City Campbell, Harry, Hcrrln Stidd, Cathy, Royalfon Vandevecr, Mrs. Lizzie, Cambria MARSHALL BROWNING ,DU QUOIN ADMITTED: Carter, Roy, Du Quoin Lindner, Jill, Du Quoin Sord, Mrs, Lotfle, RayaUon Adams, Mrs. Maggie, Du Quoin Cral.% Mrs. Adfl, Du OUOln Anders, Marline, Du Quoin Graul, Mrs, Claudia, Meridian, Miss, Graf, Hcrschcl, Du Quoin Wagaholl, Joseph. Du Quoin Benson, Mrs. Mary, Du Quoin MEMORIAL, MARION ADMITTED: Williams, Larry, Johnston City Ramey, Boyd, Marlon Renard, Mrs. Madge, Marlon Heplcr, Mrs. Edith, Johnston City Byrtf, Mrs, Loretta, Marlon Williamson, Mrs. Janet, Jonesboro Maddux, Mrs. Bernelce, Marlon Furlow, Mrs Brenda, Marlon Couch, Mrs. Nancy, Marlon Chapman, Harry, Marlon Warren, Mrs. Jessie, Marlon McCoy, Mrs. Lulu, Marion Smith, Mrs. Maxie, Marlon Odum, Charles, Marlon Simmons, Mrs, Edna, Vienna McAlpIn, Mrs. Ada, Marlon Lcmasters, Mrs, Theressa, Marion Shoot, Rex, Marlon Whlrtlngton, Sylvester, Marion Martin, Mrs. Gatha, GoreviMe Wlckham, Roy, Herrin Mlskclley, Mrs. Bculah, Marlon DISCHARGED: Hill, John, Tunnel Hill Hood, William, Marion Thomas, James, Buncombe Clark, Mrs, Iva, Marlon Short, Mrs. Essie, Marion Luster, Mrs. Winnie, Marion Williams, Mrs. Margettie, Marlon Borum, Mrs, Delia, Marion McKinncy, William, Marion Jones, Mrs. Jo Ann, Marlon Carlton, Jeffrey, Marion McCluskic, Mrs. Marie, Marion Jones, Mrs, Sammy, Johnston City Boatrlght, Dale, Herrisburg Hatfleld, Natalie, Johnston City Knight, Ellis, Marion Hepler, Mrs Edith, Johnston City Odum, Mrs, Eva, Marion- Sullivan, Erwln, Carbondale Lambdin, Mrs. Essie, Marion MINERS, CHRISTOPHER ADMITTED: Calrel, Mrs. Jeonette, Logan Smallwood, Mrs Elizabeth, Valier Mazga, Steve, Valier Grlsko, Dominik, Christopher Janello, Frank, Christopher Scrlvner, Mrs, Grace, Christopher Alexander, Archie, Ewing DISCHARGED: Janello, Frank, Christopher Nagy, John, Benton Orolt, Howard, Wnlttlngfon Stelmazewskl, Mrs. Anna, W»ltonvl!l« Janollo, Frank, Christopher Dlllincr, Leon, Sesscr Sfalcup ,Mrs. Mary, Christopher Marcus, John Sr., Royallon Saniiuski, Frank, Scsser MEMORIAL. CHESTER ADMITTED: Bower, Wayne, Chcslcr Spangler, Richard, Ava Spanglcr, Jessie, Ava Batson, Margaret, Chester Hooten, Sandra, Prairie du Keener Parrlsh, George, Chester Rciman, Susan, Chester Grolt, Michaol, Chester Throop, Mark, Ellis Grove Bass, Pauline, Stecleville Hunter, Tami, W]||lsvlil» DISCHARGED: Phoenix, Gertie, Ava Park, Ethel, Ava Doza, Ann, St. Louis, Mo. Hollcy, Mrs. Carol and baby, Chester Copple, Margaret, Sparta Kloepper, Mrs. Bevcrley and baby, Chester Oualls, Bculah, Ava Rubsch, Marie, Chester Eggerneyor, Dora, Chester VanZanl, Mozelle, Chester Horschbach, Pearl, Chester Hcrberlie, Viols, St. Mary's, Ate, PINCKNEYVILLE COMMUNITY ADMITTED: Qulllman, Dr. James, Pinckneyviile Kullerman, Mrs. Catherine, Pinckncy- vllle Riead, Mrs. Bertha, Tsmaro* Hillyard, Mrs Amy, Coultervillc Hutchings, Randall, Pinckneyvilla Morris, Randall, Scsser Mayer, Martin, Plnckneyville Reldclbcrger, Pete, Pinckneyvllle Habermann, Herman, Campbell Hill Ditzler, Ed, Ava Dllzlcr, Ernie, Murphysboro Morllz, Richard, Pinckncyville Harris, Ben, Plnckneyville McMurray, Mrs, Ruth, Du Quoin Bird, Ervln, Tilden DISCHARGED: vandormark, Mrs. Phyllis, Du Quoin Feltmeycr, Henry, Plnckneyville Hobbs, Wiley, Pinckneyvllle Baker, Mrs. Linda, Pinckneyvllle House, Harry, P/nckncyvlile Mlklos, Mrs. Donald and baby, Christopher Hutchings, Thomas, Waterloo Glmber, Mrs. Cleta, Coulterville Mllligan, Masfcr Michael, Plnckneyville Bkjham, Barton, Plnckneyville Clark Jr., Robert, Du Quoin ST. JOSEPH, MURPHYSBORO ADMITTED: Calandro, Timothy, Murphysboro Dallcy, Mrs. Earl, Murphysboro Hartlinc, Mrs, Ruth, Murphysboro Crews, Mrs. Frank, Murpnysboro Jarman, Eugene, Murphysboro Fay, Mr:. Nora, Murphysboro Park, Mrs. Inkyun, Murphysboro Caraway Sr., Charles, Murphysboro Selbel, Arthur, Murphysboro Adams, Eugene, Murphysboro McCo'loch, Mrs. Wayne, Herrin Lily, Mrs, Minnie, Grand Tower Ncblelt, Mrs. Plcasanl, Carboncal* Ralhien, Mrs. Edwin, Gorham Robcrfson, Mrs. Lcrefl, Grand Tower Crislcr, Edward, Oravillc DISCHARGED: Mills, Mrs. Landls, Murphysboro Verseman, Leon, De Solo Grissom, Todd, Murphysboro Huflhfls, Dana, Murphvsboro Bonclnl, Esther, Murphysboro Foster, Mrs. Charles, Murphysboro Stewart, John, Murphysboro Krause, Mrs, Paui, Gorham Parols, Mrs. John, Carbondalt Hospital Notes UNION COUNTY, ANNA ADMITTED: Fiveshash, Mark, Anna Minton, Mrs, Pearl, Jonesboro Dlckerson, Monroe, Elco Campbell, Sheila, Anna Tile, Harold, Karnak Karraker, Ira O., Jonesboro McNeely, Mrs. Betty, Anna Hall, Mrs. Zelma, Anna ' Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ullin . Smith, Mary Ellen, Cobden Gurley, Mrs.' Carrie, Dongola DISCHARGED: McRaven, Mrs, Louise, Jonesboro Kerr, Charlotte, Anna Rendleman, Mrs. Mary, Alto Pass Craft, Michael, Anna Jerolds, James, Anna Nebughr, Mrs. Bertha, Cobden Campbell, Sheila, Anna Easier, Mrs, Geneva, Anna Moore, Harry, Jonesboro Smith, Mrs. Marcella and baby Jonesboro , u O'Danlel, Mrs. Sharon, JonesDoro Sullivan, Carl, Pulaski Harris, Mrs. Barbara, Cobden Keller, Freddie, Cobden Webb, Mrs. Marlorle, Tamms Holder, Mary Jane, Ullin Bolen, Mrs, Myrtle, villa Ridge UNION, WEST FRANKFORT 'wobsterf Mrs. Rachel, West Frankfort Whltchead, James, West Frankforf Wrluht, William, West Frankfort Wllfhilc, James, West Frankfort Chasteon, Mrs. Anna, West Frankfort Avery, Mrs. Linda, Johnston City Summers, Mrs. Stella, Champaign Dorrls, Rufus, Thompsonvllle Young, Mrs. Etta, Christopher Payne, Mrs. Bertie, West Frankfort Martin, Mrs. Christina, west Frankfort Dodd, Mrs. Susan, West Frankfort Crowe, Mrs, LaDonna, Cicero Walley, Wayne, West'Frankfort Slleven,-Charles, west Frankfort Helmanovsky, Mrs. Julia, West Frank' fort Skeen, Pres, West Frankfort Grosko, John, West Frankfort Herring, Mrs. Phyllis, West Frankfort Murphy, Mrs. Eugenia, West Frankfort Sanders, Rome, Ewing DISCHARGED: Sharp, Shane, Falrfleld Tapley, Barbara, West Frankfort Smothers, Clyde, Benton Ervln, Bruno, West Frankforf Bettls, Mrs. Mable, West Frankfort Raines, William, West Frankfort Hill, Mrs Ethel, West Frankfort Winning, Mrs. Juanita, West Frankfort Clements, Teracic, Johnston City Raines, Mrs. MartHa, West Frankfort Hubbard, Charles, West Frankfort Delvoy, Gustave, West Frankfort Costello, Thomas, West Frankfort Chamness, Diane, West Frankfort ChrosfosKl, Robert, west Frankfort Rushing, Mrs. Golda, West Frankfort Akin, Mrs. Anna, West Frankfort Sterglil, Mrs. Olga, Thompsonvllle Burgess, Obic, Benton , Thompson, Charlie, West Frankfort Willmorc, Marion, West Frankfort Baumgarte, Charlie, Royalton Hoffard, Tommy, Johnston City Sharp, Mrs. Gladys, West Frankfort Filkins, Claude, West Frankfort Annis, Mrs. Edith, Orient Slcvcklng, Mrs. Eleanor, Thompscnville Southern Illinois Deaths ELKVILLE: THOMAS, Mrs. Ruby Cav- Itt, 74, died Saturday; services at 3 p.m. Tuesday in Neal Memorial Chapel in Du Quoin, burial In Elkvllle Cemetery; friends may call at the funeral home after 6 p.m. today; Eastern Star services at the church at 7 p.m. today. JOHNSTON CITY: BLADES, Mrs, Alice Smith, 50, died Saturday; funeral services 2 p.m. Tuesday, Wurman and Wilson Funeral Home, Johnston City; bur- lal, Lakcvlew Cemetery, Johnston City, flrends may call at the funeral home. KEWANEE: WAHL, Mrs. Ella, 88, died Saturday; services 1:30 P.m, Twslai'.ln Creamer Funeral Home, Kewanee; burial In Kewanee; friends ca I from 6.30 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home. ST. LOUIS, MO.: HANSON, Walter Lor- alne, 72, died Saturday; services 2 p.m. today af Crawshaw Funeral Home, Murphysboro; burial in Miller Cemetery southeast of Murphysboro. WALSH: sisKEY, Beniamln Slip?, 69, died Saturday; services 2 P.m. today Schroedcr Funeral Chapel, Chester, burial New Palestine Cemetery. ^_^ Daily Livestock Market furnished by D'u Ouoin Packing Co. Steady Market Hogs Practical (op (No. 2): 519 Choice select (mixed U.S. No. 1 & 2): S19.50 • Meat type (No. 1): SX Sows: S13-S16 ' ' Canner, cutter cows: ill.50-516 CARTERVILLE MAN DIES IN CARBONDALE Iran Wayne Walker, 59, of Rt. 1, Carterville, died Sunday % afternoon at Doctors Hospital, Carbondale. Born April 14,1909, in Carterville, he was the son of the late Mr and Mrs. William Joshua Walker. He married Maxine Moore March 14, 1936, in sonville, Ky. MRS. MILDRED BECK DIES IN DU QUOIN Mrs. Mildred L. Beck, 52, of 5S3 N. Division St., Du Quoin, died Saturday in M a r s h a 11 Browning Hospital in Du Quom after an illness of six months. She was bom June 18, 1916, in Franklin County, the daughter of Wiley and Nellie Spears Short She was married to John H. Conners who preceded her in death. She was later married June 8, 1958, in Dowell, to Julius Beck. Mrs. Beck was a member of the Second Baptist Church in Du Quoin. She was a former restaurant cook, and was a member of the local union representing cooks, waitresses and bartenders in Du Quoin. Mrs. Beck leaves her husband; sisters, Mrs. Luther Loucks of Du Quoin, Mrs. George Copeland of Winslow, Ind., Mrs. Carrie Sheffer of Belleville, Mrs. Joseph Kish of Tillison, N. Y., and Mrs. Robert Rinkle of Mich- jgan City, Ind.; and a brother, Leroy Short of Du Quoin. Three sisters and one brother preceded her in death. Funeral services will be Tuesday at 1:30 p-m. in Neal Memorial Chapel in Du Quoin, with ™ j- ' the Rev Lav-erne Hicks offici- Madi- ™ «*X- _.., wim be ^ I0 OF Births CARBONDALE: MULLEN, Mr. and Mrs, Robert, a son Saturday In Holden Hospital, Carbondale. CARBONDALE: HARRISON, Mr. and Mrs. Darren, a son Saturday In Holden Hospital, Carbondale. CHESTER: HOLLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, a son Jan. 14, Memorial Hospital, Chester. CHESTER: KIOEPPER, Mr. and Mrs Lcland, a daughter Jan. 13, Memorial Hospital, Chester. SLKHART, IND.: CLEMENT, Mr. and Mrs Bruce, a daughter, Saturday, In Elkhart General Hospital. Mater n«l grandparents are Mrs. William Cor ruther: and the late William Carruth ers, of Murphysboro, JONESBORO: O'DANIEL, Mr, and Mrs. Carrell, a boy born Saturday in Union County Hospital, Anna. JONESBORO: WILLIAMSON, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry, son Saturday In Marion Memorial Hospital. MARION: COUCH, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph, daughter Saturday In Marion Memorial Hospital. MARION: FURLOW, Mr. and Mrs. Fred- crick, son Saturday in Marion Memorial Hospital. MARISSA: KIRKMAN, Mr, and Mrs. Albert, a daughter Sunday, Sparta community Hospital, MOUNT VERNON: BROOKS, Mr. and Mrs. Jan, a son Saturday in Holden Hospital, Carbondale. WURPHYS80RO: HUDSON, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, a daughter Saturday in Holden Hospital, Carbondale. A lifetime resident of Carterville. he was a clerk at the Carterville Post Office for 36 years. He was a Navy veteran of World War II and the Korean War and past commander of John A. Logan Post No. 342, American Le-i gion of Carterville. He was a member of Williamson Masonic Lodge No. 802 of Carterville and director of the Air Force Observer Corp. for the area in the 1950s. Walter leaves his wife, Maxine • a daughter, Ellen Jane Walker Of Clayton, Mo.; two sisters, Mamie Walker of Carterville and Mrs. Lillian Franklin of Lakeland, Fla.; and & brother, Ben Walker of Carterville. Funeral services will be l'-30 p.m. Tuesday at Riggin Funeral Home, Carterville, with the Rev. Ernest Standerfer officiating. Burial will be in Hillcrest Cemetery, Carterville. Friends may call at the funeral home after 6 p.m. today. WIFE OF AREA ARMY OFFICER DIES Mrs. Iva Nash Gardner, 38, died Saturday at an Air Force Base hospital in California. Mrs Gardner is the wife of Maj. Richard A. "Dick" Gardner, a former Murphysboro resident. She was born Aug. 28, 1930, in St. P e t e r s b u r g Fla., the daughter o£ Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Nash. She married Maj. Gardner Dec, Cemetery. Friends may caU at the funeral home after 6 p.m. today. KENTUCKY RESIDENT DIES IN CARBONDALE Mrs Annie Lee Boyd, 60, of Princeton, Ky., died at 8:30 p. m Sunday in the home of Dr. John McGowan, Rt. 3, Carbondale. Mrs. Boyd was the mother of Mrs Mary Lou McGcwan and had been staying at the McGowan residence for the past nine months. An employe of the Princeton Hosiery Mill until she bacame ill five years age, Mrs. Boyd was 3. member of Fredonia Baptist Church of Fredon- ia ' Ky Mrs Boyd was born m Marion, Ky., Sept. 5, 1908, a daughter of Leon G. and Bertie Lee McLean Taylor. She was married to Howard V. Boyd in Hopkinsville, Ky. Surviving are her husband of Princeton, Ky.; one daughter, JIrs Mary Lou McGowan, ot Carbondale; two brothers. Walton T Taylor of New Orleans, MURPHYSSORO: PARK, Mr. and Mrs. I Mnrnhvsboro Inkyun, a son, Sunday, St, Joseph Me-!24, 195o Ul MurpnySDOro. .nkyi , - _- morial Hospital, Murphysboro. SPARTA: MINES, Mr. and Mrs. Donald, daughter Saturday, Sparta Community Hospital. TAMAROA: BEJMA, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, a daughter Sunday, Marshall Browning Hospital, Du Ouoin. WEST FRANKFORT: DODD, Mr. and Mrs. Louie, a daughter Saturday In Union Hospital, West Frankfort. WEST FRANKFORT: RANDOLPH, Mr. and Mrs. Donald, a son Saturdey In Union Hospital, West Frankfort. Southern Illinois Deaths ANNA: CARTER, Everett A., 611 N. To' Mary Alice Armstrong, Davis Oscar Hensor,. Ea t -r, of you arc tereby notified that William C. Davis purchased rcsl esUti situated In Jackson County and described as follows to W The Southeast Quarter of «!• s "'"!; west Quarter of Section 38 Township 7 South Ranqe t West ol the Third Principal Meridian on the 10lh day o Oct- obe- 1M4, for the unpaid general real notified petition case boy student;. UliMlea furm.nco. i tea Missouri Ave. alter 2 p.rn. 10-22— CARTERVILLE, HOUSE. 5 rooms, ern. Call W5JJ40 or M5-385J CARTERViLLE. HOUSE. J bedrooms, furnished, nice, «C. Wi-XU ader 5, that the undersigned filed hs on the above named court In and Ihe undersigned shall Ion lo the courl on April Vine hour of 10:00 a.m. or „„ sco'n' thereafter as he may be heard that a deed Issue to Ihc undersigned II me real estate shall not be rweemnt, Irom Ihc sale. M 7350 J»n. 20-8/, Feb. 3, William C. Davis Carlcr, Kenneth, Elkville DISCHARGED: Jones, William, Elkville Jaroskl, Mrs. Elhcl, Du Quoin Foehrer, John, Du Ouoin Roach, Charles, Elkville Kane, Master Jerry, Du Ouom Brunncr, Charles, Du Quoin Walls, Mrs. Essie, Elkville. Clark, Joe, Du Quoin SPARTA COMMUNITY ADMITTED: Mines, Patsy, Sparta Dolno, Frank, Sparta Klrkman, Lela, Marissa Harlman, Robi, Sparta Flick, Robert, Marissa Ervln, Leonard, Sparta DISCHARGD: Flnley, Leonard, Sparta Russell, Eva, Sparta Burns, Hannah, Sparta Bockhorn, Barbara, Sleelevll Nltzsche, William, Marissa Daniel, Troy, Coulterv[|!« Harris, Larry, Sparta Burnett, Herbert, Coullervllte Main St.; died 12:10 p.m. Friday in Veterans Administration Hospital, Marion; tuneral services 10 a.m. today, St. Mary's Catholic Church, Anna. ANNA: GREEN, James, 70, died Salur- cay night; funeral services 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in Crain-Nvris Funeral Home, Anna; burial In Anna Cemetery; friends may call at the funeral home alter 4 p,m. today; Masonic rites at 7:30 p.m. today. BENTON: ROBERTSON, Ed, 81, diod Sunday; funeral services 1 p.m. Tuesday, Hobbs-Johnson Funeral Home, Benton; burial, Masonic and Odd Fellows Cemetery, Benlon; friends may call at the tuneral home after 5 p.m. today. BENTON: JENKINS, Ollie Catlett, U, died at 7 a.m. Sunday in Rest Haven Nursins Home; services at 1 p.m. Tuesday in Poulson - Freeman Funeral Home of Bunion; burial In Masonic and Odd Fellows Cemetery; friends may call at funeral hcme after 5 p.m. Today. CARBONDALE: HOYT, Mrs. Lillian Miller, 57, of 303 S. Marion St., died 6:15 p m Friday In Doctor's Memorial Hospital, Carbondale, after being struck by a car; services 1:!0 p.m. Wednesday, Jackson Funeral Home, Carbondale; burial Oakland Cemetery; friends may call from 7 to 1 p.m. Tuesday at funeral home. CARBONDALE: BOYD, Mrs. Annie Lee, 60, of Rt. 1, Princeton, Ky., died 8:30 p m Sunday in home of Dr. John McGowan, Rt. 3; funeral arrangements incomplete at the Morgan Funeral Home, Princeton, Ky.; burial Cedar Hill Cemetery, Princeton, Ky.; local arrangements by Huffman Funeral Home. CARTERVILLE: WALKER, Irvin Wayne, 5?. died Sunday; funeral services 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Rlggin Funeral Home, Carlervlllc; burial, Hlllcresl Cemetery, Cartcrville; friends mav call at th» funeral home after 6 p.m. today. CHRISTOPHER; PURDIE, William, 69, died Sunday; funeral services, 1 2 p.m. Wednesday, Gilbert Funeral Home, Christopher; burial, Harrison Cemetery, Christopher; friends may call at the funeral home after 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. DU QUOIN: BECK, Mrs. Mildred L,, 52, died Saturday; services al 1:30 p.m. Tuesday In Neal Memorial Chapel in DU Quoin, burial in IOOF Cemetery; friends may call at the funeral home after 6 p.m. today. ELKVILLE: today Elkville Methodist Church; burial In Elkville Cemetery. She leaves her husband: her parents; sons, Bichard Dennis and Gregory Allen, 'both at home- and a sister, Mrs. Marilyn Durden, of St. Petersburg. One brother and a daughter preceded her in death. Funeral services are pending at the • Barnes-Lowe Funeral Home in St. Petersburg. CAMPBELL HILL MAN DIES Herman Haberman, 89, of Campbell Hill died this morn- tag in Pinckneyville Community Hospital, Funeral arrangements are pending at the Wilson Funeral Home in Campbell Hill. CORRECTION Funeral services were to be held at 2 p.m. today at the Schroeder Funeral Chapel in Chester for Benjamin Stipe Diskey, 69, of Walsh. He died Saturday in Memorial Hospital, Chester. It was incorrectly stated Sunday that his name was Ben- l^CWlbUUig, 0-tiJtJ., «~— ~~ •Mrs. Leonard Wilson and Mrs. L E Petty both of Lewisburg, Term.; Mrs. Ralph Bell, Princeton, Ky.; and five grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are incomplete at the Morgan Funeral Home in Princeton, Ky. Burial will be in the Cedar Hill Ceme- Princeton. Huffman Fu- Home of Carbondale is in charge of local arrangements. WILLIAM PURPIE DIES IN CHRISTOPHER William Purdic, 69, of Christopher, died Sunday night at Miners Hospital, Christopher. Born March 17, 1899 m Glasgow Scotland, he was the soa of the Late Sir. and Mrs. John Pur die. A retired coal miner, he last worked at Buckner Mine. He was a member of United Mine Workers of America. Local 1421. Purdie leaves his wife, the former Linnie Meeks; daughters Mrs Linne Mae Jackson of Herrin a son, William Paul of Christopher; six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Funeral services will be 2 p. m Wednesday at Gilbert Funeral Home, Christopher, with Rev W D Berry officiating. Burial will be in Harrison Cemetery, Christopher. Friends may call at the funer. al home after 3:30 p.m. Tuesday; Legal Notices -Charter No. ^019-National Bank Rcsion No. 7 Mu rpl,ysborO ' 'THE STATE OF 1968 PUBLISHED T^SS^UN^ sIcTS^vlsWsfATUTSS , cash, balances wHh other banks, and cash Items In process S. Other Securities /' o?ni? S n ?Jmi<M 5C °fu n rn 5 iluro and fixtures, and other asscls rcpre- 111 Oilier 12.' Total Asscls Dollars Cfs. 13. Demand lions 14. Time and LIABILITIES deposits of Individuals, partnerships, ol Individuals, partnerships. savings deposits end corpora- and corporations 15. Deposits Deposits of ' of United States Government Slates and political subdivisions 1 - tod3 >'- ,, r |-cermed and of tars' ohecks, etc. : PITTMAN, Mrs. Julia G., '»• T°J, oupisits S'' ur ?fy.L5S"feJ;*u.?;E; (a)Toial demand deposits^ Eek and Meek HELP STAMP oar AKJGER 1 - GO JUMP W THE IAKE! - STAMP ocrr MY MISERY .' ASK-SOMEONE ELSE.' HELP STAMP our MY LOfJELIrJBSS .' K1S.S.ME.' (a) (b) Total and savings deposits 59,803,231.37 51,305,521.5? $5,497,710.08 3,12^,155.91 5,148,371 .<! 89,759.38 1,399,108.36 .ll,343.31 35. Total Liabilities CA p,TAL ACCOUNT U M Common stock-total par value No. shares authorized 11550 • No. shaies outstanding 112SO 27. Surplus 28, Undivided protits . !9. Reserves 30. Total 71. Total Cdpllat Liabilities Accounts Capital Accounls MEMORANDA the 15 calendar days ending with 10,571 .OM.41 15 calendar days ending witH from loans shown In asset 32. Avoraae ot total deposits for call date a. Average of total loans for the call Oslo 1 34. Valuation reserves, as deducted Item I, E this bC Wc', the undersigned directors attest the correctness of dltlon ano drHare thai it has been examined by us and toll* "^ofjiur 9,754.398.6» 5.748.89S.74 54,559.5* 'finest Miller, Cashier, of the abovc-namod bank do hereby declare that report of ccn'dilion Is true and correct to the best of my ^"J^.^ the Ernes report of ren- ledge and belief Is true, and correct. M-7351 Jan. 20, 1969 Wm. M. Wolfl, Director Robert Fingar, Director Louis Wides, Director