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June 22, 1924

The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 3

The Indianapolis Star i
Indianapolis, Indiana
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Sunday, June 22, 1924
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I »V '' 'v ^"''^ ' A^'^^'^^^y^''""'^ 'Z l *' i t'" .y^.cV. ''"·''" ^ / ' · * / * " 1 "'7'iV;'"'' TMV" $ /.^i^'^r^V'^rvlw^^^/iiWl 'p -\ .-. '%·/.? . ^'^(vffi' Wffi^ Chaise Longue, 23.45 HIS'OF WWITHdCUS Members, of Murat Temple Will r) Sponsor Big Show July 3 to 12. BT HABBT K. STORMONT. r Jlmmle, here a circus that's b* here for nearly two weeks of being here today and gone , ·· (tomorrow. Gee, won't all us circu» lorln' folks have a'rlppy time? ' ,,"·"*"* th« Shriners are putting it on, , £00, You know them Shrlrier guys V bora more stream than all of Lew 1 Bhank's road rollers when it comes to jihovin' things along in snappy 1 IfamhJon and them guys sure have a I rep for giving folks a lot of fun for \ fa -mighty little bit of kale. And be- *lde» they are gonna- give all us kinds pne free show, too." , -Thus eoes the word In the language M the back yards and the streets, - (wherever "kid" meets "kid." *, ^And th« "kids of 60" are beginning , fcovtalk Jn*t like the "kids" of 6--foi when It conies to that circus stuff wi '·vrs all like "kids under the skin," ai ' th» colonel'a lady and Judy O'Grad ate «lsters under the skin. 1 .Mura,£ Temple Is planning to advertise Indianapolis In a manner never M before attempted by any local organ! - nation, in sending several hundred uni formed men of its marching organlza- »» tlons to the tos Angeles (Cal.) im , pirlal council session next spring. H Faces Eipen»« at WO.OOO. f ' '";The public may" be Interested In knowing that this advertising trip for ^ Murat Temple ana the city of Indianapolis Is going to cost the temple JUTe cool little sum of $40,000. To procure this sum the temple has planned ··»'series of entertainment events In '.llch. the entire* public will ,be given 5"--.- et» opportunity to ."frolic with the ^" .Bhrlners and to assist in building up *' the needed store of pllgrlmagfe shekels. *t ·rO'hes fortieth anniversary committee, s- - Headed'by Edward J. Gausepohl, un.; der the direction of Charles J. Orbl- »6n, Illustrious potentate, just natur- , j ' «fily decided that the way"to begin on it this pilgrimage campaign was to com- i rnonce. Accordingly a. contract was ttiode with the Rogersi Harris circus ,i lenierprises, an organization of shlgh ,*i" Sepute , in the 1 amusement world, to ,' (Supply bag and baggage, a genuine -, Circus with an honest-to-gosh big top '.'-800 feet long and i all the parapher- ^ Italia and all of the professional acts that gb to make up good circus enter' "tajnment. J- *F "·*· ·-. £And"the Shriners have undertaken to j 1 j Bd, the rest--which means these Shrin/" «rs will have no rSst until after the i-? circus festival'has'made its final show- f-^lng on the lot at Kentucky avenue and Vest streets, known as Diamond Chain , Blan Free Matinee. ' ' 'The Shrine circus is scheduled for V 'laJno Joy nights opening Thursday Hlght, .'July '3, and closing Saturday * night, July 12. On the flrst day a " free matinee will be given to which Clever? ''kid" in the city is invited. 3. IJbey are expected to be there without *, »ny copper plate engraved Invitations. ,-. Ehat "big top",will hold-'15.000 per;,, vons comfortably, and the prediction is J ttade Jlght here that 25,000 kids will In" able to squeeze in "for the free , Bain's on the opening afternoon. Th:s - will be the only matinee" to be given by the Shrine circus. i^On the intervening Sunday there will B» no circus performance, but in the ^afternoon the big Murat Temple band '· and the Murat Chanters, assisted bv circus talent, In vocal and other musical lines. wlH give a free concert open to f t the general public. * " 4 j3very night for the "nine nights of Joy," as the posters express it, the ad-, inisslon price to the big show will be unTo- '-two-bits" to every one. There be two side shows, one of "which ., be a menagerie of midget animals, *i embracing- a miniature tiger Irom In- ttla. porcupines, American bobcats, Kfilnea. pigs, honey bears (very rare) and bear cubs, "grave diggers" from India, ten different species of monkeys, trained white mice, trained dogs and kindred small animals. The second ·Ida show will display several dens of , rare snakes, some of the largest in I. Captivity. Y; Offer All-Star Performance. «But the big performance, made up of aft-star actors from the biggest circus ', "and'amusement enterprises of the ·· -eountryv. will iattract the interest of -· i every one, in the big tent. Aerial artists, daring strong-jaw acts, singers and dancers, clever acrobats, both men and women, will entertain and amuse ", and the acts are guaranteed to be of , -highest class, which will not offend the most fastidious. The Rogers Harris "Organization has been making a spe- · eialty in playing Shrine engagements * in every section of the country, and have the highest indorsements from all _ w 8hrlne temples for^whlch they have riven performances. ' -- A.featura of the Shrine events, preceding the opening of the circus, is the contest to determine who shall be T'Queen ofHhe Circus." Nominations zor contestants in this event are now ' closed with a good list of charming ' young, women who are vying with " each other to determine which will be able to sell the greatest number of tickets in advance of the circus. The ' winner will be crowned queen of the circus ton the opening night and will be awarded a trip to Los Angeles with the Shriners next spring, with all'ex- pense* paid. The second best in the contest will receive a prize of $100 in --W and the third will receive $50. s · member of Murat Temple who ·alls the greatest number of books of THE HAMILTON SISTEBS. Featured with the Shrine circus,-to open July 3 for a run of nine nights, arc the Hamilton sisters, late of the Ringling and Sells-Floto circus. These charming young women have a thrill- ing ladder act and also do a "strong jaw" stunt, hanging by their teeth in midair. To show their daring and extreme skill the Hamlltono do not use a net to break a possible fall. Prophets Convention Program. I TODAY. 9 A. M.--Registration of uniformed bodies, prophets and women, all day at the State Capitol. 10 , A. M.--Registration of, grand officers, Claypool hotel. 7 30 P. M.--Grotto memorial service at Cadle Tabernacle, auspices of supreme council, necrology committee. Memorial Program. ^ f Band Concert--Hindoo Koosh.Grotto band, Hamilton, Ontario. Canada, David Anderson, director. Ca), "Abipe With Me" -(Monk). , (b)' "Overture Festival" (Leut-, (c) "Holy City 1 ' 1 (Adams), cornet solo, Roy Anderson, prophet bandsman. (d) " R h a p s o d y Slavonic" (Friedman). Sing--"America," P. C. James eader; Mrs. William E. Duthle, organist. Invocation--Ma], Earle F. Hites. "Prayer of Thanksgiving" (Kremser), Murat chanters. Welcome to Indianapolis--H o n . Samuel L. Shank, mayor of Indianapolis. "Lord's Own Day" (Krestzer), Murat chanters. Address--"Woodrow Wilson." Hon. Robert J. Aley, president of. Butler college. (a) "Unfold Ye Portals" (from "The Redemption"). Amrou Grotto male chorus, Zanesvllle, O. (b) "One Sweetly S o l e m n Thought" (Ambrose), Amrou -Grotto male chorus, Zanesvllle, O. Address--"Warden G. Harding," Frederick E. Schortemeier. Assembly of Grotto standard!. Ickets will, receive a life membership n the temple, and a Ford coupe will le given as a souvenir each night of the show. ' Altogether. IV looks like Indianapolis is to have a' lively time over the Fourth of July period. "Pote" Orbl- son assures the public that the circus will ,be run on a policy of "your money's worth or your money back"-and it surely will be a poor specimen who can'.t get "two-bits' " worth of fun out of a Shrine ·doln's like this. The Shriners point out that "one night of fun. isn't enough for any one" anjj brqadcast the invitation to "be there early and often, because repeaters are what we don't want nothing else but" ' 5 Events of the Weel^ in Indianapolis. £Tnai«jiapolLs Gospel chorus, meeting. tramllnaon hall, 2:30 p. m. and 7:30 /Indianapolis Christian laymen's com- · jnlttee, meeting, Cadle Tabernacle", ,-;S:80 p. m. and 7:30 p,. m, - 4~! ! TOMORROW. ; 5 Sdentech Club, luncheon. ft Commerce, 12:15 p. en. Board of Public Works, pity hall. 2 p. m. ?· Service Clu fcoln, noon. * u . Chamber meeting-, . . , ub, luncheon. Hotel iJn- Banker Deaf For Years Now Hears Perfectly ^^» Mr., John Ellerman, president of the banners National bank-, Fairfax. S. V.JD.. says that after suffering froip H .tdeafneaa**or many years he can now · '.hear .the slightest whisper and is so - :proud and happy of his own good for:,-.!tune' that he wants every one who is "tteaf or hard of hearing to know about »Jt;,,After trying everything hff could -hear of without success, Mr. Ellerman ...finally saw the announcement of a '*Tew York flrm stating that they had , rparfected a new hearing device called ..the Acoustlcon which would enable any Vone whose auditory nerve was not entirely destroyed to hear as perfectly ,,BJJ those with normal hearing. As this ·"Brm offered--to send their product on ,.ten days' free trial--no deposit--no C. WO. D,. ho decided to try Jt. To his Gutter amazement and delight he found 1 y ,that thls\ remarkable invention enabled -him to hear all sounds as clearly as .Jwhon a bov; He has alnce recom- , tnended it to a number of his friends Stead.they also report most satisfactory ^results. If you want to hear again as £*ell «s when a child, write the Clcto- graph Products Corporation, Suite ISO* J?., No. 220 West Forty-second street. -New York city, and ask them to send Jrow an Acoustlcon'on ten'day*' free .trial. There arc no string* attached, *** their offer. The trial ip absolutely i tree.* Just «enl them vour name ana] ' " s.--Advertisement. * ' Gyro Club, meeting. Hotel Lincoln, 8 p. m. , · ' Central LaW Union, meeting, i 312 Eaat Washington street, S p. m. TUESDAY. *'·· Rotary Club, ' luncheon, Claypool hotel, noon. _ Executive committee of the Indiana state council of the Methodist Episcopal church, meeting, Roberts Park M. E. Church, 2:30 p. m. WEDNESDAY". Sigma Nu Fraternity, luncheon. Hotel Lincoln, noon.. Klwanls Club, 'luncheon, Claypool hotel, 12:15 p. m. / Board of public works, meeting, city hall. 3 p. m. ' American Society of Engineers, luncheon, Splnk-Arms hotel, noon, Indianapolis Real Estate Board, luncheon, Chanfber of Commerce, 12:15 p. m. ^ Bible Investigation Club, dinner, Y. M. C. A., 8:20 p. m. Lion's Club, luncheon. Hotel Lincoln, noon. THURSDAY. Advertising Club of Indianapolis, luncheon. Chamber of Commerce, 12:15 p. m. American Association of Engineers, luncheon. Board of Trade, noon. American Business Club, luncheon. Hotel Severln, noon. Sigma Chi Fraternity, luncheon. Chamber of Commerce, 12:15 p. on. .. FRIDAY. Optimists' Club, 'luncheon, Claypool hotel, noon. ' Phi Delta Thota Fraternity, luncheon, Chamber of Commerce. 12:15 p. m, Board of public works, luncheon. Chamber of Commerce, 12:15 p. m.V Industrial Lenders Society, luncheon. Chamber of Commerce, 12:15 p. m. Exchange Club, luncheon. Hotel Lincoln, noon. ' Indiana Grain Dealers' Association, meeting. Board of Trade, all day. SATURDAY. ' , Sigma Alpha ^Epsilon Fraternity, luncheon. Chamber of Commerce, 12:1S p m. Park board, meeting", city hall, 10' a. m. Necrology Report-- Raymond F. Murray, supreme council necrology -committee. "Lift Up Thine Eyes" (Trowbridge) , Murat chanters. _ ' Address-- Herold M. Harter, grand monarch. Song -- "Star-Spangled Banner." Benediction-- The Rev. J. Ambrose MONDAY. v Chairman of the Day, Onllle W. Wise. 9 to Jl :30 A. M. -- Opening of supreme council session, Claypool hotel. Invocation-- The Rev. Lewis Brown. Welcome to Indiana-- Hon: pmmett F. Branch. Governor of Indiana. Address -- "Welcome by Indiana Masonry." Judge Frank U, Gavin n - t Grotto," the by Barbara ., J. Ambrose Uunkel. , ., . m r o s e u n e . Response-- Herold M. Harter, grand monarch. · venes P ' M '~^ uprero8 council recon- 3:30 P, M. -- Supreme council adjourns. 4 P. M.-- Official uniformed parade, Gen. Harry B. Smith, grand marshal. Formation 'of Parade. First Division -- Indiana Grottos. Second JJlvialon-- 5hlo and Michigan Grottos. ' ^ Third Division-- Illinois and Western Grottos. . * fourth Division-- Southern Grottos. £'«h Division-- Eastern Grottos. Sixth Division -- Canadian Grottos. Grand monarch ana supreme council lSr n !i?$5 er /!,. wlu review parade from North Meridian street stand and Grotto delegates, from the Soldiers' and Sailors Monument. - -- IJno of March, Form on^Merldlan street at Twelfth- street; south on Meridian street around west half of Monument to Wash- i?r»^ n £ tr £ t: I**, 68 ' on Washington street to Capitol avenue: countermarch on- south-side of - Washington street ' TM « ' on north side of Washington street to Pennsylvania street; north on PenTM sylyania street to Michiagon street; easlj on Michigan street to New Jersey street: north on New. Jersey street to N°rth street: west on North street to Pennsylvania street; south on Penn- .ylvanla s^eet to University squSre"" T r. M.-7Grand monarch's ceremo- POPULARITY OFY . PQOU1 2,200 Men and Boys Use Swimming Facilities of Association. ,- Durmg last -week more than 2.20C men and boys used the swimming poo at the Young Men's Christian Association building, according to association records. 'The special summer membership campaign, which offers special rates, Is held responsible' for the Increased number* of swimmers. Last year during the summer months almost 1,000 men and boys took advantage of special rates. Thirty of the first fifty boys who are to make up the quota from Indianapolis to attend the first summer camp at the state Y. M,. C. A, camp near Bedford, Ind., have been- signed up and the remaining twenty places, open to boys, 10, 11 and 12 years old, regardless j of 'whether they hold association memberships, are to be filled tomorrow. Reservations are to be made at the boys' department. . First Camp Opens Thursday. {The flrst camp opens Thursday. I. N. Logan, boys' work secretary, will accompany the first party and see that the boys are given every available accommodation. Enrollments for the second ten-day period In the, Bedford camp, Beginning July H, 'for boys 12 to 15 years old, are being received. The third ten-day camp period enrollments will be received now also, Mr. Logan said. The. Social program at the Indianapolis Y. M. C. A. building Is prov- ng popular. Hundreds of "Y" mem- Decs and their friends are enjoying the special moving picture shows given each Wednesday and Saturday night. Edncatlonnl Claatcm. The promotional work of the fall educational classes will begin next month In 127 factories of the city. Elans are being completed for the distribution of a folder, describing the courses to be offered, James E. Maxwell; educational department secretary, announced. The Bible Investigation Club will meet Wednesday night at 6:20 o'clock at the Central association building. Or. Samuel Edward Long of Indiana Central college, head of the Bible department, will give another of the series of addresses on "Prophecy in he Light of History." An old-fash- oned bean dinner will be served preceding the address. PRESIDENT-ELECT OF * SAN DOMINGO ARRIVES WASHINGTON, June 21.--Gen. Horaclo Vasquez, President-elect of he Dominican republic, arriving today on a short visit here, was welcomed formally at the Union station by J. Butler Wright, third assistant secretary of state, and Sumner Welles, American commissioner to Santo Domingo. He will be received by Secre- ary Hughes and by President Cool- dge Monday, remaining at the White House for luncheon. KILLED FOUR MEMBERS OF HIS FAMILY; GIVEN LIFE CLEAR WATER, Fla,, June 21.-'rank McDowell, confessed slayer 01 our members of his family, who was convicted yesterday of the murder of his mother and recommend- d to the mercy of the court, today was sentenced to life imprisonment Motion lor,a new trial was.overruled, ' ilal at Keith's theater. Eltual pre- ented by Mazda Grotto, Memphis Tenn. ·» TUESDAY. j Chairman of the Day-- Chnrlen J. Malj- » to 11:30 A. M.-- Supreme counci esslon at Claypool Hotel. 11 A. M, -- Massed band concert _ Cadle Tabernacle, 'G. Burton Mount- .ostle. director, 1 March, "Queen of the Fleet," H. Ji Crosby. Overture, "Bridal Rose," C. La- velles. * (a) Waltz, "Sleep," Earl Le- bieg. (b) "That' Old Gang of Mine," Roee-DIxon-Henderson. Walti. "Flowers of the Wildwood, W. L. Skaggs. March, "Pageant of Progress," Fred Jewett. 1 P. M.-- International 'drill contest. oltaeum, state fair grounds. 1:30 P. M.-- Veiled prophets field ay, state fair grounds. 1:30 P. M.-- Band concert In grand :and. 2 ?· M --- Horse show In front of frrand stand by Indianapolis Saddle luD, Dr. Judson D. Moschelle, chairman. Fancy saddle horses. Paclne and trotting exhibition*. ' , i . Exhlbltloh drills. Wall scaling by Tan Seln Zouavea. 7 .to P P. M. -- Carnival night on lonument Circle. .. / __ _ 9 P. M^-Vslled Prtfpheta',, Mara"! ras pageant. 9 to 12 A. M. -- Supreme council *ses^ on, Claypool hotel. 0 A. M. -- Automobile tours to RIley ome. motor speedway and other points t Interest. 2 P. M. -- International band "concert, ndls Tabernacle. 2 P. M. -- Automobile ride for women. 8 P. M.-- Grand monarch's ball, gyptian room, Murat Shrine temple. C O M P A N Y In the Mind of d Maid--Love Pictures a Mullally Diamond ' Her dream of love has come true, and ' · upon her flngef sparkles a fine Mullally , Diamond--a "thing of beauty and a Joy for- *. ever." The selection of a Mullally Diamond is the finishing touch to her happiness. It is a reflection of good taste and an honor to the occasion. · i Haoe Specialized 'in Diamonds /or, 30 Years JtfONP MERCHANT. T T A / T f T T T AT T V STREET FLOOR J . JT . 1VI U L/L//\L/JL I DIAMOND LAST CHANCE TO GET ; Everblooming Rosebushes Plant now and be surprised how soon they will bloom. They are hardy and "will last for years. A' few hundred of the choicest kinds; 2 years old; ehow new growth. Our Olhr more, or seven for... ' .....91. On account of the late season, planting will continue upvto July, We have abool everything that you will need in vegetable plants, late seed potatoes, {seasonable farm, seeds, gladioli and dahlia bulbs, etc. Poultry feed, our own make; bird seed, etc. , TWO-STORES * 227 West Wruhtnrton Street . 3 and S North AIabnm» gtreet MA la 4740 . Lincoln 40SS \ , Extraordinary Reed Fibre Group Priced Way Below Regular Rocker, Table and Chaise Longue Beautiful reed fibe'r group, consisting of rocker, table and chaise longue, "greatly reduced for Monday's selling. Rocker and chaise longue have .full spring seats and loose cushion*, upholstery of chic cretonne. Table has 35x21-inch top. All _ pieces in popular baronial finish. * ,, Rocker, ·11.95 Pieces Ma^ Be Purchased Separately If Desired. Table 1150 IT'S EASYTOTAY THE PEOPLE'S WAY. Reed Fibre Chair, Settee and Rocker A style that never loses its popularity^ If : you want a quality outfit--at a most moderate price--you have to but see the charming group pictured above, finished in rich baronial bi'own 46* Pieces May Be Purchased Separately Rocker, 12.95---Settee^ 21.95--Chair, ,12.95 It's Easy to Pay the People's Way. A Sale of Five-Piece Breakfast Sets Five-Piece Unfinished .Breakfast Sets 12* Strong drop-leaf table and four bow-back chairs, in -natural sanded finish. 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Green enamel case and aluminum s c r e w cap without h«nTl« shown In picture. Pint size, f^ Monday only.e HURRY! Bali-Bearing Disc Wheel Coaster Wagons Easy running ball-bearing pmster with disc wheels and heavy rubber tires, Monday only "CASH OR EASY WAY" wagon* LarLa-By Baby Swings M a d e of strong, washable can v a R on h e a v y wire frame. Monday only ... HUKRY! Nationally Advertised Polar Cub Fans ajs Hurry In tomorrow for 6-inch Polar Cub Fans at big reduction from nationally advertised price. Complete with cord and attaching plug for direct oxi alternating current. 12-Inch Ideal ffOC AA Farjs -. $£t).UU 12-Inch Oscillating COO CA "EASY TERMS " ' , White -Enamel- Lined r Top leers Scientifically built to save food and Ice. White enamel Interior, gol*cn oak exterior, Monday for .... Sl/.tJu "CASH OR EAST WAY; 1 No. 2'Brownie Simple, substantial, Inexpensive describes this Eastman-made camera and splendid 2Wx3'/i- inch pictures the flJQ rjj* result "CASH OR EASY WAY Portable. Victrolas A real Vlctrola for your c o t t a g e , c a m p , canoe or porch that plays all records w i t h that unequaled Vlc- trola beauty and volume of t o n e . Model SO, as pictured in oak or ma. $50.00 EASY TERMS