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New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania • Page 12

New Castle Newsi
New Castle, Pennsylvania
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THIRTEEN CASTLE FA Mt r-fthJ W. JAM AR 27, 1933. 'wcre: a.erouti of Sacred Program ers from the little town of Mowca- Weather Halts qua where on NORTH BEAVER Alleged Attempt To Fix Jury Is Being Probed In (yary Church I ers -wtre. killed In a mine After-. parading through city, reDresentatives, of the H-uxllIarv con CHRISTIAN' ENDEAVOR BALLY Thcrn will be n.

Christian. En.don.v- MM ferred with'1 Gov. Henry at the. ctvpUol in an jeffdrt to Jmpreis the-goverrjoi li favpi of legislation State Roadwork finable To Get Onto Roaiis Ghoirj Of Church Will Present i r.ojn':.oiF'SacreJ Num- i or Rally held the Wectfield church Sunday evening. The I unemployment Insurance tpaid; Deri S'lindajr Evenins; Ing." The leader for the evening being Rev.

R. M. Haverfield. Dilrict Attorney Park Of PHU burgh Will Take Action In Court CaM Dyjoaustry try woricers; increased state aid fonunemployed and assurance right of free speech and assemblage. The choir, of the value yty terian- Hew Csjtle, will With Truck And Machinery At Present Time MANY PROJECTS ARE NORTH JJEAVER NOTES ATcx McKlm.

who has been ill foi five a sacred concert Sunday eve flntnriiatloTial 'New, Bervlc. Jan. Half Way House orne time, is so much improved to bo able to be about his home. ning, January 23: The program is, IB7 -JKrl was expected', to; be diaries Rancv who litis been eon- PNDER "WAY IK COUNTY Burned To Ground by District fj IlnDd to the 'hospital for several Park ctioii tends as follows: Breathe An 'zvening Blessing, Wilson Choir. Quartette, It Is Well.

With My Soul. J. Lincoln HaU Misses Myrna and Mildred C. Gi Hairis and u'CCKS. recovering irom an operation for appendicitis, is much im- 'connection', with': proved at this time.

In spite of the fact that weather conditions overhead have been Ideal during the past weeks, conditions leged attempt to influence" "juror (IntcrtinUgnal OIL CITY, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Shultz- have cuse on. trial before visltliicr iturned from St.

Louis. tncy Way a popular b. W. ilCQllOUfil. Solo.

The of e-all- Judge W. Dorr of Jefferson piacc for oil iri tlic first oil antler loot Jiave forced halt state road projects in the county had accompanied Lnc loner mother -Mrs. Knox, who has irone county. in this -Has M. McDonald, trial fttt'orncv.

California to. visit her sister for the the present time, superintendent iybtirhed to the. ground, Mrs. H. Morris C.

G. Harris. .1 he 1 Crioir-: and revealed the alleged. offer. 'to Judge Dorr yesterday.

He said an attorney One of the first, licensed taverns Venaiico county. Way- Mrs: Belie -Hodge -and family Inst week to their home on the hod offeror to fluence House' derived' its narrie fromthe; of the who' More lW To I Choirs rnmimmtBl Park was irrflnted a motion to' dls: Mt. Jackson-Mora via road, formerly the McConncll farm; Mrs. Smith, New Cnstlc "moved to the house vacated, by Mrs. Hodge.

Howard w. iitrhtner of the Pennsylvania Highway Department stated this mominp. A comprehensive program is being undertaken jit the present time, which Tvould provide employment lor a. Rreat number of men. but the roads become so soft that it is impossible to pet onto them to haul-matcrliils or to do sinv HTadlnC.

and un jfichcs: us charge-the jury and re-list the case from the for trial later, -Members' 'Of the. Jury-1 499 seconds. and the attorney accused of the H- M-i. Girl Travels 6000 Z' them, Power' Jesus s. ehanuc In weather conditions is awaited.

The roads --must either Judge Frank T. Pf.tCersor. who WHS called by Judge Dair, Miners Wives And Miles To. Marry IFISHERBROS iJ. a.

up Kie if yerr Antiseptic Certs Are Cat In Half by Vick Chemists further wcrJc can tie done. Am one the projects which- hart under way at the time in-the county are-the fallowing: Daughters Pai-lade Jan. 27. Miss Victoria Fopovlch has sailed for Europe on the first lap of journey, wiiloh ivlll carry her to i Bucharest lor her marriage to Alex Extension of road -to'- Qu Ivn, XI at HiJi -o Lei Me Go McCuUoush, Hay, Har- ris' and. uvri TheVThatiTTust ln The Lord, -Adams JHaJTLs. we, Mercer uounty uric in Jr-iain-srrovc township. Route 317. all -users of a. mouth-wash "or. sarple for JwUtosiS breath: oral hvilene: and 'other- ariisentl( Seek Legislation Sponored' By ander Nreadea, divinity student, at Brasov.

She was accompanied by E. El i MUST BE SOLD Miner In Illinois Legislature On Route 137, worle is done on the road from Hai'lansburg toward East Brook: north from Cooper's on this road toward Volajit, and from Coaltown toward East Miss Sylvia anotnei rar-rell girl, who will be bridesmaid at se he maker of -yitYs, VapoRu aov': brin'pE' 'rral economy, Vieks introduced 'VlckS; AhU-eptlCiftt actuajiy itss Pennsylvania Leads trie wedding. A year atro Miss Fopovlch visited Broom on mc same tooq. Work is beins done on Route 460 en other quaniy CIn tornatlbnal SPRWRTOl ID "27 TiVP HERE EARLY SELLOUTS BE hidpnlRmlv I li SURE relatives in Rumania and met Nreadea, who is preparing to enter the priesthood of the Greek Ortho- thousand strdy; white-clad wivei. fnn i je'Dte: r.r.

VJi Trom Mt. Jackson post rulicrwri to DErintter's blacksmith shop. 1 1 Uitisfptie priced a "tit 50c (laugncers -ana swcointirid-ui mmi-c Lf Lhr In-fr I Miners ui Irom ajl parti or Tots' Mix Wool 9Q a Sweaters Fv Girls' Winter tQ U'suits $2.95 Chin- tie 75 1 f. Lie for rdy ic.v Brvlc) I II nrortrict ran- hr PKTT.Ari'Pll.PHTA vrdjnrlM It Several other projects arc being worked on In Shcnanso township nd between New Castle and E1I-woofi City. Route 107 is belnR improved from the Old Pittsburgh SALARY DONATION BY CITY CONTROLLER let' Warlnp 0 rn.l Ir bti SLOO Tweed Dress Caps $1.00 White O'all Jackets Mix Wool Socks 50c 1 I l-i I I 1c 3asOe-druwJst3-3javeB--limltc-d(i-Ujivisrsif 111 a i r-' I I e-ft 35c: I al of 5C I I 100 Ladies Dresses chilla I 25c 10c ti tairjg the Jf- waiic.

"Jan. 2T.Clliy I 1 ar li i I III juppli lastav of '1 II 25 Is ovclty -nous irjitJ fU 1 lack drpM Ladies' 69c Per- QQ cale Dresses. WWW 15c how they could' help -liquidate- Philadelphia's huge debt have received a' striking answer Route 430 from Energy on the Ell-wood City road to WelBletown on. the Sutler road Is belnp worked cv. Jilso.

one of the longest projects undertaken at the present time. There ara several other roads Athletic Shorts Men's 10c Black from' City "Controller Will B. contributed his January salary, Odd 5c I ir iicr I'm Felt Hats which await the top dressing, which Lisle Hose Large Size White Hdkfs. '9c Heavy- Are noici up until weaker improve some. Boys' Striped Dress Caps Boys' $3.95 School Suits 69c Non-Run Silk Hose 50c Blue Overalls.

No More Piles 3c 8c Tifereth Israel fel.29-$1.69 Regular 15c Canvas Gloves 69c -r "TTTX 1 I I Dress Gloves. Names New Leader liMMt 1 ViMft tor II $1.00 AIl-Wool filljfc 10c Dis- Styles Arrow Collars S8c Fast Color CA Brd. Wash SuitsUlIC Tots'3-Piece Sweaters 69c and $1.00 QO Silk Mufflers. 09C Rev. Joieph P.

Rakusin Will Take Up Hi's Dutie Sunday With Reorganilft- Suede Suits I Men's 0 Brd. Pajamas OvIp Ladies' 39c Irr. 7k Bayon Undies I I 59c Mix Wool Men's $1 Dark 39c School Work Pants tion Work The CDngTCffAtlon of Tifereth whoso synncofruc Is located or i UTourUtchlnr. bleedlncr or protrud- HI I AmB. 1a I ii South Jefferson street, has chosen Rev.

Joseph P. Rnkusln, as rabbi -and-spiritual leader after several months pftoocpre riiill tashioned 0 iiie Gauqe Ultra Sheer PANCAKE I 27rt, to" February 3rd JUUB 'XK riMin v. vacancy in tnc puipit. The-Rev. Mr.

Rakusin is well JtnoMm, "having been in pastorates in Boston, Newark, N. New-York City and Cleveland. Ohio. Tho new rabbi will reorganize the religious Sunday school and the dally Hebrew school find parents are requested to bring their children Sunday at 10 n. m.

for registration. Silk Ch if -fori Hose TABCE SYRUB your rilo asony or m0nOy (,. A 22.0.-.CrUl EACH. Wf" A ll W- SO FEATURES: Pcot Tops French Heels Cradle Soles FulJ FashloBcd Pure Silk GOLDEN SYR OR NjaL IC'- CAN I cr 'tiougrit their entire" Ilcor stoc's of pure silfc'iuu lashiorj stoctiriBs In chirioa and seiYlec weighte. The I regular scllirjf; prices of these stockings averaged iram Sl.OO to 5lu5a.

Your Chance for Extra, Savings Before Our Inventory Saturday Night KW. Dvess Shirts 3. or 5 Cell Flashlight rriDM ciAifcc iic- ''-i-t-'-Sc MEAT DEPARTMENT I iJRk: 'Kr'S COjRN FLAKES Small Siz For 25c frioay.ano s.turjay o.Ni.y. IJf $79.50 Walnut with batteries, $1 .00 Dining SyfA.95 PINEAPPLE 50- Suite $59.50 2-Pc. Tapestry pfrJEAPPLE'N SH.ORT NJOfAMS rb.l5c Living R.

90 95 your choice Electric Stove, AQa green Ww Electric Iron, .00 with cord I Kitchen Light, OQ A porcelain. OvV Suite V9. S24.50 niMEinmr nuz-r i irPrS. RArrKI iL-1T. Lounge SHIRTS SHORTS buys Batteries, IT Steel Bed and Link COn10c LOIn'rOAST 7-RibEnd Lb 10c POrjk BEANS can10, FILLS OF HADDOCK Lb.

21, 19c for all purposes rl NS TWEED DRESS PANT5 Spring, SA.95 complete Hi Coil Spring; 99 coils. UMA BEANS Can 10c JELLY ECCS Electric Curling Iron with switch 7Q A Lb. 10c" y2.Lb.-i5c'.- J.J CHOCOLATE CHIPS $7.95, S4.95 Can 10c novelty Can PEANUT SQUARES; value V- Walnut End A Table 05fC- MILK Lflrge'Cs 3 For 17c Tables $29.50 Knight "6" Rest Mattress, inner- Russet, Juicy Oranges .2 doz. for 35c spring $19-95 4 SALTER. KRAUT Larg 'Car 2 FbriSc N3 2 Can 2 TOILET SOAP, 2 For 9c Annual Sale Men's Sample FELT MATS $1.95 $6.95 Automat- ic Toaster I 9-cup Percolator, chromium $1.00 finish construction I Tangerines.

.2 doz. for t9c Grape Fruit i 6 for 25c Kitchen Sten Stools, with rubber" SI -00 HERRINGBONE C. SOAP Ciaht Bar 4 'for 14c padded steps Steel Ferneries, black DRESS PANT5 WATER SOFTENER COFFEE RecJ Cup Mb. bags Lb 19c Green Gup i ib bagj Challenge Aluminum-ware tea kettle, corner kettle, double boiler, CO a each DaC Glass Dial J-f .00 Scale Food Chopper, S1.00 famiiv size I CLOROX -5i Bofl4c; CAL-O DOC-FOOD Gr 12c Clearance! Men's 15c-25c and red, QIIa height 38" Genuine Cocoa 7Qa Porch IvU Occasional Chairs, tapestry 5A.95 finish rjr fGkiaI Mouse lXS DRESS HOSE SEW CLOVER. STORE LOCATIONS: CASTLE RAY EARL, JUfhland Arcnut Extension, 3104 Croton AvcnLie.

D. BUKRTl, 204 Hlrhland Ave W. SON, Volahi! RALPH SHAWKEYNew MILLER, Cisdcwoad, R. New Castle-- GEORGE -HERBERT, Wmpnw. Copper Tea OQa fettle, 5-qt.


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