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The Sun from Chanute, Kansas • Page 5

The Sun from Chanute, Kansas • Page 5

The Suni
Chanute, Kansas
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THE HUN SATURDAY, JUNE 2 lJt6 porches and commodious public rooms. ed its work by dotting it liberally with those imperative auxiliaries of modern Big Stock Just Received ROOM MOULDINGS in natural woods, gilt or colors, to match Ingrains, tapestries, gilt or flat papers. Its Straw Hat Time! PLATE RAIL in solid Oak and Pine (no Dining Room is i complete without plate rail.) GILT BEADING or binder to finish the room. 1 1 WE'VE EVERY KIND THAT'S GOOD. 50c 75c $1 to Panamas to $6 Headquarters For Newest Wall Papers Dont believe there's another such a showing of choice Straws in the town.

The Beautiful Sapphire mm lay CLOTHING COMPANY Country The Lake Region of the South, Along the" Line of the Southern Railway. civilization resorts, summer and win ter. In the ease of the 8outh these resorts have proven not only protectors of our people's health; they are adding now and they will add substantially in the fixture to our actual wealth. "The Florida resorts need no detailed eulogy at this date. Northerners and Southerners from the lure of European spa or the eall of the Biviera.

A more wonderful conquest, and one which should interest the entire South, is that of the radient Sapphire- Country, that Eden of the North Carolina mountains, with which the word 'Toxaway' has be come inseparably indentified. Its beau ties and its health-compelling qualities have been open to civilization for only a few years, relatively; yet means to a host of Southern and North ern people' today recreation and recuperation under conditions as ideal as can be arranged by the copartnership of man and Nature. "The five hotels under the manage ment of the Toxaway Hotel Company, with Mr. J. Burows at its head, have been instrumental in this rapid achieve ment.

The Sapphire Country itself has done the rest. The hostelries have been artfully located, getting the wide benefits which eome from altitudes ranging from 2,500 to 4,780 feet. The far-reach ing estate of Toxaway comprises 31,000 in which are more than seventy- five miles of brook and river fishing, yielding the gamest of game trout. Ia the rugged recesses of the state there are deer turkey and raffled grouse, with bears here and there, and occasion ally quaiL The three lakes, like shim menng sapphires splashed down in the heart of the mountain, with the wind ing roads, ereate Indelible impressions of the plaee. "With the opening of the winter sea son Toxaway Inn the greatest of all the Toxaway resorts announces itself ready for business for the approaching season after having -completed the-mos successful summer season known is the history of Southern resorts.

"From this time on this institution becomes not only a summer but a win ter resort, appealing to the South in the summer and to the North in winter. II is on the direct line of travel from east ern and western points to Florida, and Manager Burowes has made every ar rangement to catch the -business as it goes to and from Florida. "And it is safe to say that those who stop to take in the beauties of the Tox- away country will be amply eompensat ed, for in the matter of scenic attrae- ions there is nothing like it this side of the Bocky Mountains" On January 1, 1906, the Southern Railway acquired control of the Transylvania Bailroad, and extended its service direct to Lake Toxaway, and the best schedules and service are now afforded to this delightful The Fairfield Inn, on Lake Fairfield, is open during the summer months and is reached over the Southern Railway to Lake Toxaway, thence eight miles over the Sapphire Turnpike, which drive is one of the features of the resort. Mneh of it is through primitive forests, left undisturbed in their natural state, and all of it possesses a beauty that appeals to the lover of nature. This resort is' beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Fairfield.

It is a modern house in every respect, with excellent water supply, good baths, elec trie light, etc. It has wide, spacious ON SECOND THOUGHT I have noticed that the less hair a man has under nu hat the fatter. his stomach is likely to be. When I see a man passing the hat I know I am about to meet another re former. Where did you meet your wife!" a man asked Eph Wiley the other day.

"I didn't meet her," replied Eph. "She caught up with me. Social note: Mr. and Mrs. Beverly Upton, who.

were mailed recently, announced that they would go to California on their wedding trip. The mail, however, is being forwarded to them at Chillicothe, Mo. Up to yesterday afternoon the eligible young man about towa had been able to hit upon no feasible plan for meeting Mrs. D. W.

Mulvane's maid. Our idea of wasted energy is to use it working for a medal. Despite tne best efforts of the graft ers with the Wallace circus, there was still a little money in circulation in To-peka yesterday. There is considerable conjecture as fir ADE'S Racket to whether W. H.

Bysn's eelluloid collar wLi lose the democratic party as many votes as Bill Sapp's silk hat. Frank Jarrell tells that a woman whs lately sued for divorce ealled at the Holton Signal office and said to the editor: "Please publish an item about this unpleasant matter so that people will quit talking about it." The womaav had the public sized op correctly. She knaw how to stop the gossip and eliaust- ate the "mystery." People. won'V de vote much time to plain- facts. The" -thing they like to chew out It "mystery." ELLIS WYCEOFF BARBER SBrtOR Under First National Bank; 'for-Pint Class ia Brery Keapcct.

Bath oom is SatWaction Guaranteed. IMS D. II. KENNEDY INVESTMENT KCB) Meaer te leas ea est ess! sssse property sad shsrt tsase less specialty. Fire, Uffktahg safti I ads iasuraaee.

Taxes feel. D. Sf. BXKHEDT first Katlonai Bank SvfioW Furniture Store 121 W. Main while beautiful grounds and parka, de lightful boating and bathing, serpentine drives and shady walks around and about the lakes, make this an ideal place for pleasure-seekers.

On the immediate grounds of the hotel, within one hundred feet of the porches, there is a spring of pure water bubbling from a cleft in the rock. This spring has a continual flow at a temper ature of fifty-two degrees the year round, and the water is shown by analy sis to be the same as that of the noted Poland Springs in Maine, that is, abso lutely pure. There is also a fine chaly beate and magnesia spring on the grounds at the foot of the lake. The guests of Fairfield Inn may enjoy the same variety of amusements as of fered at Toxaway Inn. The lake is well supplied with boats, and the fishing is exceptionally good.

Equi-distant from Fairfield and Saphire Inns there is a good golf-course. The Sapphire Inn, on Lake Sapphire. with its cottages, is open throughout the year, and while it is one of the smallest of the Toxaway System, it is one of the most comfortable and popular. Its situation at the foot of Mount Toxaway is especially attractive, and its home-like surroundings are most desirable. In fact it is preferred by many to the larger resorts.

This resort is reached by a seven-mile drive from Lake Toxaway. Lake Sapphire is a perfect gem of mountain lake, and guests will find at their disposal every facility for boating and fishing. The amusements mentioned in connection with the other hotels of the system may be indulged in by vis itors at Sapphire Inn. The Lodge, on (Mount Toxaway, is opea during the summer months, and is easily accessible from Lakes Toxaway, Fairfield and Sapphire, by a nicely eon st rue ted and well graded road, winding along the side of Mount Toxaway. The trip to the is one that every visitor to the Beautiful Sapphire Country should take, because from here he sees and absorbs, to remain in his memory forever, a picture of glistening lake, massive rocks, towering peaks and far-reaehing forests varied by shadows of constantly drifting clouds.

ft hss eome to be an established cus tom of the guests at the other hotels to ascend Mount Toxaway and spend night at the Lode, that they may enjoy the incomparable views of sunrise and sunset to be obtained from that point First rate accommodations are provided for the visitor. The Franklin, at Brevard, N. one pf the most enterprising towns In the state, located on the Southern Railway, 22 miles west of Hendersonville, N. is also a delightful summer resort, and the Toxaway System have spared no pains or expense in making this a most desirable plaee for a summer outing. The estate connected with the Tox away Hotel System contains aooui 31,000 acres, and is well stocked with game.

The fishing is unexcelled, the hatchery connected with the estate supplying 150,000 trout to the streams and lakes yearly. There are seventy- five miles of river and brook fishing which has been under careful patrol for several years, and as a result of such protection, trout weighing over three pounds have been taken. The shooting comprises deer, wild turkey, ruffed grouse, quail and ducks. The restrictions as to hunting and fishing are those of a legal nature and such rules ss are required in any well-ordered game pre serve. Visitors ftom all sections to the Beau tiful Sapphire Country will find the schedules and service of the Southern Railway all that is desired.

From the North and East fhe best route is through Ashsviile or Spartanburg and Henderson ville; from the South and Southeast through Spartan burg and Hendersonville; from the West. Southwest and Northwest, through Knoxville, Asheville and Hen dersonville. INFORMATION. Tt Is desired that patrons be provided with all possible information concerning rates, train service, reservations of sleeping-ear space, cheeking of baggage, and any inquiries made of any rep-resentatire of the Southern Railway, or connecting lines, will receive courteous and prompt attention. s.

iLHARrrmcK, Passenger Traffic Manager. W. n. TAYLOE, General Passenger Agent. Washington, D.

C. March 10, 1956. Th Scent of Violets. Thwe who Iotb the scnt of violets should place ground or pounded orris root, made lata Fachtta. amsj tbeir linen.

Florentine orris Is the best fcci it mur be u3 asiocg tte tv. curi-oiri. a.v.e:; hi ia the drawers ia tte sheet of water of such great size 3,100 feet above sea level, in a setting of gigantic mountain peaks, and abounding with speckled and rainbow trout! The lake is equipped with a large and well-fitted flotilla of row boats and power launches, and the unsurpassed trout fishing may be enjoyed to its fullest extent. The falls of the Toxaway Biver have a drop of 400 feet from the level of the lake to the bed of the river below. The mountains at the upper end of this lake are Cold Mountain, and Panthertail, which have an altitude of 5,000 feet.

The entertainment offered to guests of this house includes boating, unsurpassed trout fishing, horseback riding, mountain elimbing, driving, and all of the regulation indoor and nearby sports and games usually found in the best equipped modern hotels. From the hotel itself, and on riding, driving and mountain-climbing trips, the scenery is unsurpassed. The water supply is from mountain springs of absolute purity, and, in addl tion, there is at the foot of Lake Tox away, at a point easily accessible from the Inn, a fine spring of water, sulphur and iron. To many visitors an abundant supply of absolutely pure water is essential, and of this they are assured at Toxaway Inn. In an editorial on October 12, 1906, the Atlanta, Constitution says: "To the man whose imagination is fed with facts and fortified with observation, the southern portion of the United States will always seem the favorite child of Omnipotence and its handmaiden Nature, Practically every resource that ministers to the wealth and greatness of a people, has been lavishly placed 'within its borders.

"Though the Creator of this full-bosomed magnificence dwells neither here nor. there but everywhere we like, in all reverence, to eall these Southern States indeed 'God's One who knows the South realizes how, after material gifts had been so generously bestowed, the designing power complet This marvelously beautiful and pic turesque region has been frequently compared to the English Lakes District to which is it not entirely dissimilar in aspect; Jut this "Lake Begion of the South" is on a much grander seals than even the beautiful English Land. Its numerous mountain, peaks. tower higher in the clouds, its cliffs are twice the height of those ia England, and its waterfalls and mountain streams come plunging down their rocky, bods from far greater distances than the English streams. Lake Toxaway, with a shore line of fifteen miles, and with an elevation of 3,100 feet above sea level; Lake Fairfield, elevation 3,300 feet, and Lake elevation 3,300 feet, are the finest sheets of water in the Southland.

Mount Toxaway, elevation 5,000 feet, is the best view-point in the region. From its summit the spectator can survey the whole of the Piedmont plateau, while in the distance seen the rugged picturesque outlines of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee More than a hundred mountain peaks are visible from among them Mount Mitchell, Mount Pisgah, Old Whitesides, Babun, Panthertail, Cold Mountain and many others. The great natural beauty of the landscape of this favored region has not as yet been marred by the hand of man, his only encroachment being the erection'of high-class tourist hotels on most attractive sites, and the construction of carriage roads and horseback trails to afford the proper facilities for the enjoyment of their guests. Toxaway Inn, on Lake Toxaway, the South 's newest all-the-year tourist resort, is the largest and most modern of all the hotels of the Toxaway system, and is one of the most attractive and best equipped resort hotels in the South. Lake Toxaway has a shore margin of fifteen miles, and to be appreciated must be seen.

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