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Corsicana Daily Sun from Corsicana, Texas • Page 7

Corsicana, Texas
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THE OAII.V SUN, CORSICANA. TEXAS. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1916. PAGE SEVEN The Syrup Ceadei New South Pare Cane Symp Fancy Symp Known throughout the South for their goodness and food value. for all syrup candy, with hot cakes or just for itself as a mealtime sweet.

10c a can and up. New Orleans Coffee Company, New Orleans, La. BRAND (38) Wilson For Prospority Royalls For Goifeo Four More Years Under Wilson Leadership. Every Day a User of Coffee. We are making and keeping new customers daily.

We are demonstrating to thousands daily at the Cotton Palace at Waco the merits of Royali's. We want you for a Royall Customer. We know if you give our cotiee a chance that you will join our list of satisfied users. Order next time, your grocer has it. The Royall Coffee and Tea Company CORSICANA.

TEXAS VACUUM CUP EBONY TIiEAD 6000 5000 Pennsylvania Tires Both of unusual quality at a little higher than ordinary tires and a satisfaction assurance rather than a milage guarantee. Your tire needs in all sizes can be supplied. Boynton Calkins Ford Collin and 11th Sts. fy TUE- UNIVERSAL CAR Three reasons urge you to buy the Ford ear; First, liecauae of its record of satisfactory serv ce to more tiian flfteen hundred thousand owm rs; because of tJie reUai)ility of the company which makes it; because of its large radiator and enclosed fan, str amhne hood, crown fenders front and rear, l)laek fi.a-li, nickel trimmings, is most attractive in To iticse must be added its wonderful economy in and maintenance about two ceots a ic; bkt tbc faid that by reason of its simplicity in conilrui-lion a operate It. Nine thiaisaud Ford ud as universal as the car.

if.Mo.hO. Ilnnabout id-iO HO Uoupelct Town ar is', sn'O nO f. o. I On sale at Boynton Caikins FORD AGENTS Collin and 11th Sta. J.

ROY SMITH MAKES GOOD Corsicana Boy Is Now a Successful Architect in Amarillo The young friends of J. Roy Smith and e.specially his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Smith, of Corsicana, the boyhood home of J.

Roy will be de lighted to read the following from the Amarillo news, to wit: Messrs. Smith Townes, Archi tects, who have Just opened offices in the Grand Opera House, are not new comers to this section, but both gentlemen have been here for some time, have studied conditions, and having become convinced of the future in store for the Panhandle, and deem it a propitious moment to launch their enterprise. The continued growth of Amarillo and the Panhandle is evidenced by the launching of this new firm, a.s Ihe success of its business is in direct proportion to the development of the country. J. Roy Smith came to Amarillo some time ago from Ft.

Worth, his former home, where he had been a.s- sociated with some of the most prominent and widely known architects in the country, to take charge of the architectural business of the W. M. Rice Construction Co. Since being with this firm he has de.signed and drawn up plans for several of the largest and best buildings in the Panhandle. William C.

Townes was the junior member of the firm of C. Ilia.ser which firm now has under construction a court house at Farwell, Texas several business buildings at Corsicana Texas, approximat ing a value of some $35.000,000, a large elevator at Heresford and a large number of residences in Amarillo and nearby towns. As a firm Messrs. Smith and Towne.s start business under the favorable auspices, and they now have sufficient work in their office under contract to keep them busy for lime. This work includes a large garage at Farwell, a three story building at Texlco, a $1.5,000 church at Wellington, a large country home near Lubbock, a brick business building at Farwell, and a modern residence in Amarillo.

Iloih these gentlemen are young but they have a wide experience in their chosen line of work. They are modern. progrpsaive and architecturally, Amarillo will doubtless soon show the result of their advent into the community. The new firm is a strong one and will donbtless make a groat success. They are already well known among the trade and conditions are most favorable.

Their ability a.s architects is unquestioned, is far beyond the ordinary, and it is safe to that their service will be in great demand. especially by those who want some originality of design in their homes and business houses, as widl as the usual features of contruotion. Our Sandwiches, Salads and Chill are different. There's a are all home made. Inabnit Drug 310 North Beaton St.

Men Feel Tired, Too. While much i.s said about tired women it must be remembered that men pay the penalty of overwork. When the kidneys are weak, inactive or sluggish, when one feels tired out and miserable, has the lacks energy and ambition, Foley Kidney Pills are tonic and strengthening. They act quickly, old everywhere. PLANS ARE READY Drane and McKee Will Start Garage About Jan.

1st. Drane and McKee have completed plans and specifications for the build- nig for their new large and modern garage on the property recently purchased by them. This poperty includes the building now occupied by the Sun-Light Ihibhshing which building will be torn down. The new garage w'lll extend from the south lino of their old garage to the corner of Ilth and Collin streets taking in the park soutli of the Sun The contract has not. been let, nor has it been decided definitely whether the buihling will be one or two storie.s However, it is likely to be a two building, but Drane and McKee hope to he in a to start building about January, or a.s near that date as A box c- benedetto Allegretti Can dy will please her.

Beaton Oagby. Pine-Tar Relieves a Cold. Dr. Pine-Tar-Honey contains all the elements of the jiine forest, ft heals the irritated membrane, and by Its antiseptic properties loosens the phlegm, you breatlie easier, and what prorniscMl to be a severe cold ha.s been broken up. For that stufTed-up feeling, tight chest or sore throat take a of Dr, Pinc-Tar lloney and prevent a wear ing, hacking cough dragging through the winter.

At your Druggist, 25c. DATE NAMED FOR DANCE. Elks Annual Ball Will be Held Friday Night, December 8th. All plans have about en perfected for the Klks big annua! ball and the date has been set for Friday night, December Sth. Gardners orchesira has hi eii and invitaliun.s are being printi-d, and will maileil later.

All parties out of town voitarioiifi le nt ill reqiietded to out 'Heir i I tifid 'uid or bring to d- F-ndb' at It iia. also 1) ei) lihuiut i i not only tin it. ilctice, but the mai iqdril wtll Is- diuwri by decorations, hormi, The iii are in.ik irur every to mak'- this the affair of kiml mo far given by the HAS BROTHER IN CORSICANA Clyde Tong Killed by an Electric Car in Los Angeles Recently Samuel Tong, who is an all-round machinest in the employ of the American W'ell and Prospecting Company, recently received the sad news of the death by accident of a brother in Los Angeles, Cala. Mr. Tong lives at 508 North Eleventh street and has been a resident of Corsicana since June.

The Los Angeles Tribune gives the following account of his brother's death: A most distressing accident happened last Saturday morning w'hen Clyde Tong was struck by a Pacific Electric car at the crossing on the Boulevard. He was struck at 9:03 a. m. and died at 10:15 a. m.

in Dr. office at Hollywood, where he taken by the P. E. section crew- on their gasoline speeder. Mr.

Tong was a deaf mute, residing with his mother on East Cumpston avenue and had crossed the tracks hundreds of times before but upon this occasion it seems he was deep in thought over a bil lof lumber he was on his way to purchase at the Blanchard Lumber Company, and thoughtlessly stepped in front of the rapidly moving car which he had not seen. The mo.tor- man gave the usual warnings and naturally expected the man w-ould heed it. The body was cruelly crushed and bruised and the tw-o lower limbs severed from the body. The only consoling thought of the sad accident was the fact that the blow w-as so terrific that he never regained consciousness to realize his suffering and his fate. The car was ill charge of (Conductor Thompson, who quickly got the body on its way to the hospital.

Dr. Smart was on hand and did the first aid work and afterwards assisted Dr. Jackson, the P. E. physician.

Clyde Tong was born at Delphos, Ohio, April 19, 1883, and was married to Nora Tygart in Marion, Indiana, in 1907. Mr. Tong was 34 years of age and was one of a family of eleven. His death was the first in the family and proved a very trying ordeal to his mother. He had been married and one child born to bless the union, but later both died.

Mr. acquaintanceship here was very limited but by those who knew him it is stated that he was an unusually fine gentleman and they are saddened by his untimely end. The funeral services were held at the chapel of the Hollywood Cemetery Tuesday afternoon. Gates Crane were the undertakers. Just where to place the blanio would bo hard to determine.

This i.s a very dangerous crossing and the mere fact that a railroad there should make every one very cautious. The Tong family wish to most heartily sincerely thank their many friends for the many kindnesses shown them in their recent bereavement. Take home a pail of our Famous Home Made Chili. Inabnit Drug Co. 310 N.

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High School Team is Practicing Hard For Game With Powell, Tho High football team is practicing hard for one of its toughest games next Friday. The Powell KchQol of Dallas will send a team here on that day. The team tied 0 to 0 with the Bryau atreet High Hehool at Dallas. UorKlcaiia also did tho thing. A gtK)d game in expected.

It will lirobubly the last game of the season. Big Brother Brotherhood Health and Accident Growing Very Popular From the Start. On yesterday the A received a bunch of fur mf-mhfrship from Pabstine, Wortham and Mfxia, tlie usual large daily Corsi caua business, already applications for agcmi.s been rcceiveil from the following towns; Midland, New Wavt-rly, Han Antonio, Blooming Grove, Ferris, Hrown.s- ville, Palestine, Worfham, Jomjuin, Cameron, San Angelo, Ilou dun. Temple, lamgvif'w and Denison. officers of the B.

H. B. de.scrvtt great credit for launching thi.s Corsicana' on snch a si)umi and foundation. This i.s a llotne Association and has a very im'f itoriour. Health and Accident Policy form and dc.crvi;: the and patronage of our hotm; people.

FREE TICKET TO IDEAL With each 25c fare I will give one adult ticket to the Ideal Theater. Mf. ROY Car Resident Phono 387 Auto Service 1461 Were Married This Morning. Mr. Van Mill.s of Hope, Arkansas, and Miss Ruby ripencer of Frost, of and Mrs B.

L. cer, were married here this nuirning at in the Cliristiati church by Rev Wallace. Will Be Married in Kerens. Mr C. J.

Beck, a well knowft bunk of Frost, and Miss Daniel, daughter of Mr. and Mr T. Daniel of ill be married at Hie bride'n home tomorrow tif-eniiMjii at 4 Sold Cotton Yesterday. H. Ward and hoii, it C.

Ward of were Imndoday cnroute to Fort Worth to buy fiin- for the Ward ranch neiir Ilichlund, Mr Ward Mold hi crofi, con histing of fifty bab yesterday at I.30. Tho fifty bale.H broiighl $5,2597 Rev. J. Black was here yesterday and last night on a visit to H. Bales.

Took Tho Hurt out of Her Back. Mrs. Anna Byrd, Tuscutnbla, Ala. writes; was down with my back so 1 could not stand up more tbsn half tho time. Foley Kidney Plll.i took all of the hurt out." Hhsumatle pains swollen ankles, backache, stiff jo'nts and sleep disturbing badder allmepta indicate disordered kidneys ami bla- er trouble.

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Wood Hardware Co, Tim STORE.

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