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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania • Page 1

Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania • Page 1

Chester, Pennsylvania
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THE WEATHER Washington, April 1 Eastern Pennsylvania Occasional rain tonight, probably ending Wednesday morning; somewhat colder Wednesday. LAST CITY EDITION 65TH YEAR NO. 20,136. Dally Leaded Wte Reports oi United Pjs CP) CHESTER, TUESDAY, APRIL 1. 1911 PUBLISHED YEKV EVE.MN1, EXCEPT SUNDAY.

PRICE, THREE CENTS DANISH SEAMEN ARE COAST GUARD "GUESTS" WATER CO. CASE! GOES TO JURY! 19 FRENCH SHIPS IN U.S. PUT UNDER CLOSE GUARD AND YUGOSLAVS GET NEW PROMISE OF AID FROM U. S. IN CASEOF WAR Envoy in Washington Consults Government After Telephone Order From Belgrade Appeal to Duce Also to Prevent Attack by Nazis Hitlers Legation Staff Leaves ft LAST MINUTE NEWS RACING RESULTS At Tropical Park First: 4 year up, mile; Posterity, 113, T.30.

1.20, 3.70; Blue Leona, 104, (MeCombs) 9.20; Cruising, 10S, (Meynel!) 5.70; time 1.12 4 5. Also ran: Patapsco, Present Time, My Ace, Eternal Wave, Evandeti. Bright Spot, The Trout, Cautivo, Airlap. CUBA "HOLDS" ITALIAN CRAFT Havana, April 1 (INS) The Italian merchant steamer Recca, a vessel of 5,400 ions, was held in "protective custody" by the Cuban Navy today. The ship has been moored in Havana harbor since June 7 of last year.

MEXICO TAKES OVER 12 AXIS VESSELS Mt'jtico City, April 1 (UP) An official source reported today that Mexico has decided to place 12 Italian and German vessels in two Mexican ports under protective custody. BRITISH CAPTURE CAPITAL OF ERITREA Cairo. April 1 (INS) Asmara, the capital of Italian Eritrea, has been captured by the British, it was officially announced today. Capture of Asmara leaves the way open for a British drive into Massawa, Italy's remaining port on the Red Sea. GERMAN PLANES DETAINED BY PERU Lima, Peru, April 1 (UP) Peruvian authorities today detained two airplanes of the German controlled "Lufthansa Peru" Airline at Limatanibo Airfield from where the managers of the Hapag and Kosroos steamship agencies were attempting to leave the country.

NAZI PARACHUTISTS MASS ON SLAV BORDER Belgrade, April 1 (UP) Reports spread through Yugoslavia today that Germany is massing troop concentrations on the Yugoslav frontier, including crack mountaineer detachments and parachute battalions such as were used in the low countries. There was no estimate here of the number of German troops reported to be moving up to the Yugoslav frontiers. HINT U. S. USE OF SEIZED SHIPS Washington.

April 1 (UP) Official circles today expressed increasing belief that the protective seizure of 69 German, Italian and Danish ships by this government was a prelude to requisitioning of them for use as part of the U. S. Merchant fleeL Some officials said that the shipping shortage and other events during the past several months had convinced them of the inevitability nilfid un on Eltts Island. New York, reminded oi timers of the from Europe. The mounds of seabags, suilcasts and trunks belonged to protective custody." the sailors arc pictured, above, us with Coast Guarus nen they sort out their effects.

Belgrade, April 1 (INS) Faced with increasing possibility of invasion by Germany, Yugoslavia has asked for and received new assurances of material aid from the United States, INS was informed on reliable authority today. At the same time, this threatened country appealed to Premier Mussolini to use his good offices for preservation of Yugoslav peace and neutrality. Foreign Minister Momcilo Nincic had two trans Atlantic telephone talks with Washington yesterday, it was said. First, he telephoned Constantin roue, Jugoslav minister to wasn ington. Nincic described the situation in detail and asked Fotic to see Presideni Roosevelt or the State DeDartment.

A short time afterward, Fotic called back from Washington with renewed official promises that if Jugoslavia is compelled aeiena her independence against invasion, American aid Trill be forthcoming under the terms of the Lease Lend Act By royal decree. King Peter ordered the Yugoslav Senate into indefinite recess and appointed new governors for the Danubian districts. A high Yugoslavian authority revealed to this correspondent that Premier Gen. Dusan Simovic and Foreign Minister Momcilo Nincic last night urgently proposed to Duce that they journey to Comx in an effort to avert war with the Reich, Mussolini's reply now is anxiously awaited. Nincic, in a statement to Inter national News Service, i iiooe the present "grave situation" would be straightened out, and said Continued on Page Column YOUNGSTER DROWNS IN PRIVATE POOL A stubborn, four hour battle by physicians in Delaware County Hospital failed to save the life of four year old William Kelly, of 1136 Drexel avenue, Drexel Hill, yesterday and he was pronounced dead of drowning.

The child son of an assistant vice president of the Pennsylvania uompany ior insurance on Lives, fell into a small private swimming pool ine rear or nome oi Robert Grant. 1115 Childs avenue, Drexel Hill, where he had wan dered with a friend. Robert Mack, lour, or liui uouas avenue. The nooL surrounded bv a fence. contained about three feet of water.

Robert became frightened when he saw William fall in and ran home to tell his mother. Mrs. H. F. Mack, who notified Mrs.

Grant. The latter waded into the pool and pulled the Two painters. John Coughlin, of 247 Hirst avenue, Lansdowne, and Raymond Cianci, Philadelphia, were working nearby and applied artificial respiration until TJpper Darby police arrived. They took William to the hospital and he was placed in a OUT LIKE A LAMB MEDIA SUSPECT DENIED FREEDOM District Attorney's Office TOMORROW: TWO TALKS REMAIN J. Paul McElree And Wil liam A.

Gray Will Conclude For Defense Today C. William Kraft Asks Costs Put on J. L. Rankin; Toai Cites 'Political Pressure" The Chester Water Company conspiracy case will go to the jury early tomorrow afternoon, it was learned at Media today and former State Senator John J. McClure and his six co defendants in the alleged $625,000 fraud may know their fate by tomorrow night.

Judge Samuel E. Shull, 62 year old Stroudsburg Democrat appointed by the State Supreme Court to conduct the trial, will begin his formal charge to the jurors at 10 a. m. tomorrow. Upon the verdict reached by the seven men and five women who have been hearing testimony since the trial opened March 17, will depend the' futures of McClure; his business associates, William Purdy, Mayor Clifford H.

Peoples, Attorneys Thomas A. Curran and John V. Diggins, John P. Connelly, accused straw man for McClure, and Cornelius van tier Berg, vice president of the Federal Water Service Company, which owned the old city water works before the Municipal Authority took it over. C.

William Kraft. present ing McClure and Purdy, asked the jury lace yesterday to acquit tnem and place the costs of the entire case on James L. Rankin, local at torney who was the instigator of the Grand Jury investigation which resulted in 13 being indicted me aeai last January. Two more defense law summed up their arguments di this morning's session and two Ccyitj'iiued on I'ajre 2 Column 1 FIRE DESTROYS NEW AUTO, TRUCK An expensive nw automobile and a truck were destroyed and another car was badly damaged at 4.30 today as fire swept a large frame and tu i rs Oie: home of M. D.

Andrews, 112 west Ashland veniip r.pnnrinn. The new car, which had been ii property of Miss.E. G. Sturhp. Andrews' sister in law, who lives at the nouse.

Tne truck was owned by C. Baucher, also a resident of the house, who carried the mail from tne railroad station to the GJi olden Postoffice. Andrews managed to push his own cir rn.i. in out was seared by the flames and the upnoisiery was ruined. He estimated total damage to the building.

the vehicies and a small electrical shop he maintained at about $3500. Mtss Stumn's rar was not insured. Baucher discovered the fire when he arose shortlv after 4 o'clock far a trip to the station. He telephoned Glcnoldcn Fire Company and then aided Andrews in getting the only car iney couio reacn out oi tne garage. Foicroft firemen aided the Glen olden volunteers in battling the flames, threatened lor a time to spread to tne house.

EAST EXD BLAZE Howard Dempsey. of 529 East Tenth street, received treatmen from members of the Franklin Res cue Squad for bums of both hands when lie attempted to oent fire in a defective oil heating stove trie living room oi nis nomc at p. m. today. and Walnut streets and firemen removed the stove from the room and prevented spread of the fire to heavily upholstered furniture in the juamaee otner man tnat caused to the stove was slight.

Y. M.C.A. AUXILIARY Tne Woman's Auxiliary and Mothers Council of the Chester Y.M.C.A. will meet tomorrow afternoon at the association building. Seventh street at Edgmont avenue at 2 o'clock.

A report oi the nominating com ittee will be presented by the chairman, Mrs. William N. Trainer. Mrs. William Bancroft will have charge of the devotions.

Mrs. Fred Ousey is in charge of the program. Tea will be served at the conclusion of the meeting. British Naval Analyzes London, April 1 fUP) A naval spokesman said today that three British battleships, four cruisers, the aircraft carrier Formidable and destroyer forces comprised the fleet which won the historic victory of the Ionian Sea over three Italian battleships, 11 cruisers and destroyers. "The engagement was hLstoric because for the first time skillful coordination of navat operations with MAY BE SEIZED Merchant Vessels, Including $80,000,000 Liner Normandie, Also Under Surveillance Washington May Reject, or Ignore, German and Italian Protests Over 'Confiscation' Washington, April 1 (UP) The United States placed 10 French merchant ships, including the SSO.000,000 luxury liner Normandie, "under surveillance" today.

This announcement came from a high Treasury official and was interpreted as a fore runner to seizure of the res ids which are tied un six United States ports. Since Saturday 69 German. Italian and Danish vessels have been seized and the' ews of the. German and Italian ships have been detained. The treasury official said that all French vessels in American ports were being watched by coast guard iu iiui auuiontics "No additional seizures are nlan nedat least for the nest 24 hours," he said.

There are eight French shins, in cluding the Normandie, in New York, four in New Orleans, two in Si. Thomas, Virgin Islands; one in San Juan Puerto Rico; two in Los Angeles, and two in San Francisco. Further action was exuected tn be delayed. Roosevelt indicated yes terdny that he had personally ordered the German. Italian and Danish seizures.

The State Deoartment consid ering the official Berlin and Rome protest against the seizure ol Italian and two German vessels, umid definite indications that the United States would prosecute some of the crews for sabotaging their siilps in violation of the 19X7: espionage act. That act provides a $10,000 fine, two years' imprison ment, or oocn, ior persons wno sano tauc shins in American norts. even if they own the ships. sine engines ana atner machinery of 20 Italian ships were smashed by Continued on Tage 2 Colunra 6 SAPOVITS NAMED ON TWP. BOARD Harrisburir, April 1 (1NS1 Road side zoning regulations for billboard "control" in townships were advocated today by Henry D.

Harral, planning engineer, before the sixteenth annual convention of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Commissioners. "Regulation requiring permit fees, stability of construction, providing yiiinst Lrauic nazarus, are gooa ai ar as they iio but thev have not solved the problem of prohibiting blllSwards nt incongruous locations," Harral. of the Lower Morion Planning Commission, told 250 visitors. Morns m. faapovits, Delaware county; A.

A. Reiter. Haverford; Clem Slroebel, Penn township and A. E. Swctland, Lawrence Park, were named committee chairmen.

INTRUDER BEAT RETREAT Mrs. Charles Carpenter, of 303 Rural avenue, told police early last evening that while she was reading in the front room of her home she heard a sound in the kitchen and. went back to find a strange man inside there. She said he asked for food and she fled from the house and called to neighbors, whereupon the Intruder disappeared. jamcs Fa; ne, of 618 west tram street, reported to police headquar ters late yesteruay aucnioon, urns he surprised a burglar on Sunday evening, who was attempting to gain entrance to his home through a cel lndow.

Topics of Times Youll usuallv find a house with spirits in the cellar haunted by lncncis. In more wavs than one vou're safer getting health than wealth. mo one tries to oorrow it. Lots of women miss their husbands, but one in Alabama was arrested for it. She did it with a gun.

It's easy to tell on which side your bread is buttered. Just Crop it on the carpet Kilts have been worn since 1626. Scotsmen always have been known for their thriftiness. In Today's CHESTER TIMES Amusements Answers to Questions Bedtime Story 1 Bridge I Comics 13, 15, 16, 1 Crossword Puzzle 1 Deaths 1 Editorials Fiction 1 Financial 1 Health Article 1 In Hollywood Marriage Licenses Obituaries Radio Time Table 1 Serial Story 3 Society News Sports 12, 1 Stamps The Brighter Side The Game of Politics Thirty Years Ago Women's Pages 8, 9, (I: Irictud iiiunipralion i of 15 Danish shins skeleton 3,000 ITALIANS DIE AS RESULT OF SEADEFEAT 1 red as Ships Are Sunk by British Shell Pounding Nearly 1,000 Others Cap tured Captain Tells Story of Nijjht Battle Alexandria, April 1 (OS) Italy! navy has been eliminated as an effective fifhtms force, British authorities claimed today after an un damaged British squadron returned to Alexandria, from a battle In which at least five and perhaps eight r.TdsL warships were Cnptain Despisi, commritirie the sunken Italian cruiser Pola and one of 017 Italian prisoners limunlit to stjc.vnnann. sain ueucvcci tne 35.000 ton Italian battleship Vlttorio Veneto hnd "definitely sunk" with its complement of 1,600 officers and In the battle waged in darkness n.irilit iLfiU.

saw k. to have lost three 10,000 ton cruisers and two destroyers and is nciievcfl lo nave iasi. aiso uk oai uc y.hli, Hie S.Ofin tnn cruiser Giavnnn Delle. Bandc Nerc and a third de stroyer. (Editor's note: A Rome communique stated: "The Italian Admiralty, which does not hide the truth, absolutely denies the inKini' oi tne ngm cruiser admission of the losses sustained by the British fleet off Crete.

British naval officials estimated at least 3,000 Italian officers and men perished and that many hundreds more were wounded in ihi battle. In addition, they said. neany i.uuo Italian naval men were taken prisoners. Admiral Sir Andrew Browne Cun ninghnm, commander chief the British Mediterranean fleet, es timated two thirds of all Italy's battleships have been since Premier Mussolini plunged his nation also estimated than 50 per cent, of Italy's 3 inch gun heavy cruisers have been sunk aiong witn at least 2o per 6 inch gun cruisers and de stroyers and 30 per cent, her submarines. LENTEN SPEAKER Mrs.

Guy C. Hey, wife of the pas tor of the Upland Baptist Church. wili be speaker at tne Lenten service for bovs. to be held at the Y. M.

C. A. building. Seventh street and di foi vill sing a baritone solo at the AXIS SHIPS SET AFIRE BY CREWS Seized by Venezuela An thorities Crews to Be Interned Caracas, Vunc7ucla, Ann) 1 Four Axis ships three Italian tankers and a German freighter were smouldering hulks off Puerto Cabello today, scuttled by their crews, out inrec otner Italian tanK ers were under control of Venezu elan authorities to keep them from beine sabotaged. Scuttling of the vessels Inst night caused an outoreaK oi anti Axis sentiment in Puerto Cabello.

during which mobs burned the German owned Hotel Gambrinus. whose manager had fled three hours ear lier. The destroyed ships were the freichter Sesostris. X987 tor Hamhtirp. and the Italian tankers, Trottlera, 6,205 tons of Venice: Jole Continued on Page 14 Column 2 seized by the U.

b. JaKcn 143 SELECTEES OF CITY, COUNTY, READYFORCAMP 41 Leave Today for Phila. Induction Center; 102 Go Tomorrow 37 From Chester Given Farewell by Veterans and Officials One hundred and forty three men from Delaware county will answer the sixth Selective Service call of the 12 ic tile boards today and to morrow, as the machinery of the inunction organization settled down into routine precision. Of that total, il selectees wi! port at the induction center at Thirty second street and Lancaster avenue, nuadeipnia, today, representing Delaware County Boards 1, 2, and 3. The remaining 102 will report for induction tomorrow.

Chester is represented by 3G men for the current call, with 107 being drafted from the nine boards of the county proper. The seventh call, quotas of which have already been published, are much smaller than the customary renuircments. and lo cal draft board officials are free to admit that the lower requirements will afford them an opportunity to catch up with deficiencies resulting from physical rejections at induction headquarters. "Bum Les" Is Wooden Among the many amusing experi csccs of Local Draft Board offcials. come this anecdote from one of the Chester boards.

Upon reading i returked questionnaire from a pro spective soldier, the Draft Board officials under physical deficl r.ncut.v iilht let'." The aDtHicant was instructed to report for medical examination at the Chester Hospital, and was turned down without more comment than "unfit for military duty." Later an official of the Draft Board happened to meet one of the examining doctors, and brought up the case. Continued on Tasc 11 Column 45,000 HOTEL FIRE AT STATE COLLEGE A $45,000 tire destroyed a hotel resta.urf.nt early today in the biggest blaze to hit the State College business district In 17 years. Thirty one residents were roused from sleep and sent fleeing to safety in their night clothing. Two firemen were injurca naming tne names. The fire raged through a build ing, known as the Ailencrest and owned by Claude G.

Aikens, until nothing was left standing except brick walls. Stores nearby and other buildings were damaged by smoke and water. Many of those forced to flee the bumed building lost their clothing and other belongings. U. S.

TREASURY BALANCE 015.609.25; internal revenue, $5,573, 462.76; customs receipts 537,676, 409.02; receipts ex pendi lures $6,703,906,469. Office Ionian Battle attacks launched by aircraft resulted in the enemv's speed beine re duced and our main units being able to force action upon a reluctant enemy" the spokesman said. The 6.DB5 ton cruiser Ajax. the three which drove the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee Into the river Plate where It Continued on Page 11 Column 3 City, County Quotas for Last Call in April Governor Arthur H. James today announced the quotas assigned to Local Draft Boards for the April 21 to 30 induction period.

Eighty five men will be inducted into the United States Army from Delaware county. Chester is responsible for 16, divided as follows: Chester Draft Board No. 1, six; No, 2. five, and No. 3.

four. The County Draft Board quotas are as follows; No. 1. eight; No. 2.

eight; No. 3, eight; NEW BUSINESS GROUP OFFICERS William T. Galcy Heads The Center Association Discuss Traffic Rule William T. Galcv. local merchant, as elected to the presidency the formed Business Center As sociation, at a dinner meeting and election of officers held last evening aL the Y.M.C.A.

biulding, Seventh street ana Others named to office in the as sociation representing the ares north of Seventh street, are as follows: Roy Hultzapple, vice president; Carl Doubet, treasurer, anc Sarah L. Cohen, secretary. Herbert Mason, Koiniio uyr. juics Schwartz. John McGovern aiu John L.

Clancy directors. To the important tralllc commit tee, the following members were appointed: John L. Clancy. Carl Doubet, Jules Schwartz. Roland Cyr Wallace Lippincott and Coolej Lilley.

Thirtv flve members of the or ganization, which has 69 members enrolled, were present at the meeting presided over by Mr. Galcy. Of considerable interest was the traffic problem, which was responsible for the organization oi tne new association. Shortly before Christmas, 1040, the rerouting of tratUic on Welsh eet and tttgmont avenue crcnieo situation that the business men north of Edgmont street claimed di rn i to ihtir businesses several comjuairiLH vjl il: hiuui; lu the local authorities, but the traf fic plan remained unchanged. The merchants banded together at that I me to nent tne iramc cnange ana result, me new organization came into being.

fontftuni; ormma urn gram, the group was informed last evening that the traffic committee and the Property Owners' Committee will press the need for a change or "traffic on Edgmont avenue above Seventh street back to its former flow, or eLsc have the 1938 plan adopted." inn group acciaea to noio qm ir meeting every thirri Tuesday of each month at 6 p. m. LONDON HEARS ITALY SEEKS PEACE Tendon, April 1 (INS) The London Evening Standard reported without confirmation today that Italy is putting out peace feelers through Madrid. UNDERGOES OPERATION Wheeier S. Soracue.

president and treasurer of the Paper Products Manufacturing Company, Swarth more, is recovering from a gall stone operation which was performed last Friday in the Jefferson Hospital, in iniiaaeipnia. Mr. aprague is a dent of Swarthmorc. MARKS BIRTHDAY Albert R. Granger, regional vice president of the Philadelphia Electric Company and a former president the Delaware County Cham ber of Commerce, is being congratulated on a birthday anniversary to day, Ke is president of the Delaware uounty rnson Boa GOES WINDY MARCH COMHTTEES FOR '41 MAY MARKET Mrs.

W. W. Macfarlane Lists Workers for Hospital Fete Committees for the annual serine appearance of the Chester Hospital May Market, which will be held an the" lawn as customary, at the Ninth and Barclay street medical institution an May 22, were announced today by Mrs. William W. Macfarlane, general chairman.

Assisting Mrs. Macfarlane as vice chairman are: Mrs. R. Hillyard Sweney. Mw.

vvuiiam ward, sra, Miss Mary E. Hinkson, Miss Mary C. Deerinir. Mi's. Samuel D.

Clyde, Miss Edith S. Bunting Mrs. Albert; R. Granger. Mrs.

Robert C. Steph son, Mrs. William A. Faison, Mrs. Advisory committee: S.

Uoyd Irv ine. Rt. Rev, Francis M. Taitt, E. Wallace Chadwick, William S.

Blak elev. wiinam Argyie, Mrs. t. Hiilyard Sweney, Mrs. William Ward, Miss Mary E.

Hinkson, Miss Mary C. Deering, Gideon M. Stull, Nathan Speare, J. Arthur Hayes, H. H.

Ward, Charles L. Flounders. Williazn Craemer. Walter Palmer, Miss Edith a. Bunting, Mrs.

Albert R. Granger. Mrs. Robert C. Stephenson, Mrs.

William A. Faison, Mrs. R. P. Cioud, Mrs.

Samuel D. Clyde. Treasurer. William S. Blakeley, Jr.

Secretary, Miss Regina L. Strain. Grounds committee. S. Lloyd Irving, Walter Palmer.

Flowers. Mrs. J. Newton Pew. Cakes, Mrs.

E. L. Conwell. Candy, Mrs. Gamet Pendleton, Mrs.

Frank Sweeney. Novelty Shoppe, Miss Mary E. Hinkson, Miss Mary C. Deering. Doctor's committee.

Dr. Rocco I. Deprophe tis. wnite JMeunant, Mrs. vviinam Delahanty.

Program. Mrs. William W. Macfarlane, Mr. and Mrs.

Robert C. Stephenson. Prises. Gideon W. Stull, J.

Arthur Hayes. William Craemer. W. R. Ar gyle, Charles L.

Flounders, Nathan Speare; illumination, Albert R. Granger; ponies, Mrs. S. Delaplane Turner; donation booth. Mrs.

R. f. Cloud. loviano. Mrs.

uiaeon sum. Miss Mildred Wetherill Stull; balloons, Mrs. William S. Biakely, Continued on Page 4 Column 4 NEWTYPE BOMB USED ON GERMANS British Dump Scores Upon Emden in Devastating; Raid London, April 1 (UP) British raiders dumped a new tvoe of hish explosive bomb on the industrial center of Emden last night, "with results that appeared devastating," the Air Ministry said today. "Masses of debris flew "into the air.

outlined acainst the slow of nres, me ministry communique saia. a pnot was quoted, i saw houses take to the air." Bremen also was attacked, for the 61st time of the war, the targets being shipyards, factories and com munications lines, and the resultant nres were visible to pilots 120 miles away, auwiontative sources saw. Minor attacks were made or. Bremerhaven, Cldenberg, and on the petroleum harbor and on two air Continued on Pafe 14 Column 3 Oppose Release Under Bail Bond First Assistant District Attorney Henry G. Sweney took the witness stand today during a habeas corpus nearmg oeiore resicient juoge w.

Roeer Fronefield. as the District At torney's office successfully fought an attempt to nave Joan j. uiisseiano, 24 veaV old Media amateur boxer. released from jail pending trial DiStefahb siened a confession, on February 12, admitting the slugging of Mrs. Dorothy Rolfe, 45 year old Media matron, near her home at Front and Monroe streets, two days Sweney stated that, "a great deal of public upset would be caused if tlxis man is turned loose under bail.

It worn one.n UK jjijuce ne District Attnrnev's office to lust condemnation and criticism. Judge Fronefield refused the peti on to free the youth, but sug gested that a mental examination be given the defendent, such a not having been made since his rest. This was asrreed to bv District Attorney's office. Mathues uougnerty, attorney ior tne aeiena ent, and DiStefano The youth was to have gone oi trial last Tuesday, but a continuance was granted upon tne plea oi Attor nev Dougherty, who based his re quest on the similarity between the case Disteiano must stand trial lor, and those connected with George Cvek, who has confessed six such attacks in New York. Dougherty told Judge Frcncneld that Cvek worked along Route No.

1 highway, from Baltimore to New York, where his attacks were re corded. He stated further that the oimpiy iccec youth was known have been in this vicinity at the time Airs, ijiizaoctn usoson brutally murdered in Medt: August 27, 1940. and again at the time of the attack made upon Mrs. Rol'e. At that time, the district attorney's office agreed to the continuance with the proviso that there would be no attempt made to free DiStefino in bail.

Attorney Dougherty told the court today, that "DiStefano has an excellent reputation for honesty and good behavior and when he comes to trial 400 people will testify to his good character. There are serious doubts that this man committed this crime," rty stated. As Mr. Sweney testified, the hearing was handled for the district attorney's office by Assistant District Attorney Louis A. Bloom.

SERIOUS FIELD FIRE been called out to subdue this spring was the one yesterday which occurred at Thirteenth and Kerlin streets. The company was called at 2.30 p. and found a plot of ground, about a square in size, located between the B. O. Railroad and Chester creek ablaze and the flames sweeping towards a row of houses.

The fire is believed to have been started by boys playing with matches. FU nv CONGRESS Washinjrton, April 1 (UP) Rep. Robert F. Rich, Pa today got unanimous consent to address the House for one minute. "April fool," he said, and sat Running true to the old sav March went out like a lamb yesterday after roaring into the city 31 days before in the wings of a howling blizzard.

Perfect spring weather prevailed in the afternoon. The temperature soared to an official high of 58 degrees, the birds were singing and ail over the county the amateur gardeners were hard at work Dairine the damage to lawns, shrub bery and other plants caused by the winter storms. Continued mild temperatures, with possible April showers, were predicted ior tne cir and cc today, with tomorrow to be wha; cooler. UPTOWN NIGHT PARKERS GET TAGS Police on night patrol heeding complaints oi residents in some oi the narrow streets in the unoer sec tion of the city tagged all parked cars iate jast nignr. ana earjy toaay.

Residents of Twentv third street found the parked cars tagged for the full length of the street for overtime parsing wmcn is limited by law to hours on any street. In addition to complaints from residents who fear that the blocked streets would present a hazard in time of fire the Bureau of Street Cleaning has comnlained that the uiHis curasiae parsing maces it au ficult and almost impossible to operate the automatic sweeper Tot cleaning of the gutters. OFFICE BUILDING FINISHED The Baldwin Locomotive Works announced today that its new, one story employment omce nas been completed on Chester nike. at the main gate in Eddystone. The em ployment oureau was lormeriy housed In the main offies huilfiinu.

All work in this division will now pe aone me new structure..

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