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Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas • Page 54

Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas • Page 54

Abilene, Texas
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Frankly Speaking By Verle 'Frank' Englerth Two Break World Marks THE ABILENE REPORTER-NEWS Abilene, Texas, Thursday Moruiag, August 26, 1H1 Dickey, Staubach in Showdown FOOTBALL PLAYERS--at all levels of the game --come and go. Some leave their trademark, while others don't. However, while Jack Kiser was a hard fighting Wildcat at Abilene Christian College ho left his mark far and wide, and especially in the Southland Confernecc. Kiser graduated (his past year, but memories of his name and games linger on. He's not Hie type that's come and gone.

But lie has gone--on to brighter days. Kiser New UT Assistant Received a Idler fnim his mother (Mrs. C. D. Kiser) the other day.

It reads: "As you seem to be interested in our local boys, thought I would lei you know a Jack Kiser will become a freshman football assistant at the University of Texas at Austin this tali. "He will be working with his high school coach, David McWilliams. Jack played his college football for Wally Bullington at ACC. "He played defensive tackle and was named All- Southland Conference for two years and was named as Honorable Mention for i All-American 1970-71. "He was named an Outstanding College A in the publication, College Athletes of Sincerely, Mrs.

C. D. Kiser 425 S. LaSalle Congratulations are in order for Jack. Graduate grid- ders are few and far between dial have the chance to coach on the collegiate level (and especially at UTi immediately following graduation.

Bullington informed i corner earlier this week a Jack had dropped by to visit with the head Cat mentor prior to his leaving for Austin. "Jack has to be one of the brightest students of the game I've ever had the pleasure of coaching," beamed Bullington as he spoke of Kiser. HOUSTON' (AP) Uiiherald Tom McBreen of San Mateo, outswam a classy field HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) Rog- sidelines last Friday when Craig first hair before the vetcran'the 1970 i i i game, 37-21. up blitzes better than and set a world record of 4:02.1 cr Staubach and rookie Lynn Morton played all the way as Charley Johnson took over Sal-i While indicating Dickey is toi er before In two exhibition in Hie 400-meter freestyle Dickey are expected to be the Dallas preserved a 3-0 exhibition urday 'night to complete a 21-17 play the first half 'I hursiiay, Wednesday night in the finals starling quarterbacks Thursday record with a comc-from-behind victory over Philadelphia for a Hughes, the new Oiler coach.i 8 5car laul)acn nas of the National AAU Swimming night as the Dallas Cowboys and 16-15 victory over Cleveland.

2-2 exhibition record. jwas undecided whether to sc' om P' clc(i 35 passes for Championships, the Houston Oilers renew their Dickey, the former Kansas Dallas holds a 3-1 edge in the Johnson or Pastorini or both Ihei 235 var ds and four touchdowns. i McHreen, who barely made "'i'exas Championship" exhibi- State star, has been impressive early season battle for the Tex- second half. has completed 21 of 43 finals' with a qualifying I' 0 rivalry before another in three previous (iik-r i i a Governor's Cup. But Houston! Staubach, who started llr 223 yards and two of 4:07.752, broke into Ihe standing-room-only Astrodome lions but will be making his first holds Iho cup at present despite the Oilers last year when Johnd 'lead at the completion of the crowd.

start. Dickey watched from the having been trounced, 52-10, by son had a good night, believes, lap and moved ahead of Staubach, recovering from a bench as his rookie rival, Dan Ihe Cowboys in regular because (if experience cr tcam wi l)c al field a included former minor injury, watched from the Pastorini. guided Ihe Oilers the play after the Oilers had taken is now reading defenses and! Slren 8 lfl world record holder a Larssim of Sweden and American record holder John Kinsella of Hinsriale, 111. McHrccn's record, which must be approved by Ihe FIN A to be i i a eclipsed Lar-! isson's 4:02.6, set in 1970 at Bar-! Spain. Oaks be Sold It was the second world mark a Tuesday, but ap- set on the opening day of the lht re shortage of prospective buyers, according to Lance Alworth, the great receiver the Cowboys obtained from San Diego, has damaged ribs, and Mark Washington, the 'comcrtiack, Mike Dilka.

the light end, and Reggie Rucker, by Joseph Privctt, but construe- said, "With the proper approach area. w'de receiver, also are side- lion in the area has been more and conditioning, the course In addition to Ihe club and the' Elm Oaks Country Club was or less at a standstill in recent could be in lop shape wilhin course, a swimming pool is tm-j Dallas By AItT I.AWLER Ifcporler-News Sports Writer months. Harvey emphasized a pros- to 2 years. The front nine, a dcr construction and a 3.263-yard lav out, is open al the court is near completion. Coach Tom Landry tennis a has irK)ira 'cd Calvin Hill, wlm rusn ed for 167 yards on 21 -m memberships would still be present and some work has been ccl a dcnlant plays against Cleveland, will (honored and that the golf course don on the back nine.

the club and we're very oplimis- scc onl i i dul Landr the future," Harvey said Hill needs a rest. four-day championships. Earlier Wednesday Mark dlll) ro I Ham Spitz of Santa Clara Harvey said he thought the'would continue to be maintained The biggest problem with the tic about broke his own 05.6 own world club would have a new owner injuring the transaction period, front nine has been with Hie said. Ron Billingsley, defensive record in the men's 100-meter the near future and a work Paul Johnson, present greens fairways which Johnson says The course is i lined and Lcroy Sledge, run- with a 55.1 clocking, the golf course and club house-superintendent and Harvey both need to be reseeded. with trees, hills and water, but ni 'ck, are out for Houston, McBreen's coach, Tom Hoi- be completed.

optimistic and predicted. Potentially, Elm Oaks golf Johnson said it could be made Billingsley with a damaged man said he r'aiwd not at liberty to say who is in- the clubhouse would be open be-'course could be one of the finest easier or more difficult, as de- knce Sledge with a broken for the race. He said McBrecn terestcd in buying the club, but! Fore too long. "It's looking real in the area. It was originally dictates." a usually tried to come from be-1 do think there'll be a business good," said Harvey, who re-designed as a championship cal- At the present, the course, the Without saying how long Stau- i to win, but in Wednesday's Tansaction a i place in the fused to elaborate.

iber golf course and most ob- clubhouse, swimming poo! and bach will direct the Cowboy at- jrace McKreen broke for the immediate future," he said. i Johnson, when asked about servers consider it to be one of tennis court, all appear to be tack, Landry has said he ex- front and stayed. The club is presently owned the condition of the golf course, the most challenging in the about 75 per cent complete. pects Morton lo play some. See where Roger Martin, who guided the McMurry Ind i a of Coach Buddy Fornes at quarterback last year, is back in camp after calling it quits following the 1970 football season.

Fornes is, of course, tickled pink that Martin decided to give it another go. That gives the Tribe two highly a a quarterbacks. However, Instead of being No. 1, Martin finds himself battling for the top dog position with sophomore James Paige a fine, up and coming quarterback. Oh, the spirit of competition there's nothing better.

And, while we're still or the subject of football. Appears the Key City will have fine college grid teams for a few years to come. Both McMurry and ACC have a i freshmen corps this fall and, wil'i a i experience and maturing, should be capable of carrying on the legends of both schools. Though there's an entire crop of frosh under Bullington at ACC, he says it's doubtful a more than a few, if any, will play this year. But, Bullinglnn did go as far as saying Abilcnc's Dan Cobb, former Warbird, may be one of those lo see action at fullback.

At present Cobb is i at third i bell i siandoiils Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Lee Williams a couple of bruising, yet very nice, Wildcats. On the rounder side of sports, turning to basketball a is, the Wildcats of MSI coaching at UT Coach Ciarnie a and assistant Louis Stone have had one whaie of a recruiting year. And, it looks like they won really big a with Baylor University in signing Victoria All-State standout Andrew Prince. a could easily say- a made his year in itself, but he and Stone went much in i i a wliole crew of promising freshmen. PASSING THOUGHTS: Who said the Dallas Cowboys "need" Duane Thomas anyway.

Certainly, from ini- i a appearances and performances, it was either a i i Walt Garrison. Staubach was so jolly last week with his bruised ribs and being forced to watch from the sidelines. O'i. but didn't running mate Craig almost blow i against a what Roger was i i Joe Namath's playing days over or will he make another comeback from his i riddled career. Humphrey, ACC's 6-7 offensive tackle, reported in i year at 259 pounds ooooh, tSial's a a man, but Bul- 1 i 's pleased to no end.

Tech Offense Has Good Day LUBBOCK A Texas Tech had i first full-scale scrimmage Wednesday, and No. 1 and No. 2 offensive units each scored three touchdowns. Charles Napper directed the ifirst unit against the No. 2 de- Ifensc and completed seven of 111 passes, one for a touchdown.

Sophomores Jimmy Carmichael and Joe Barnes directed the second i attack. Barnes hit two of seven passes for 25 yards and Carmichacl connected on four of nine for 35. Substitute tailback John Kleinert led all rushers i 5I yards i i eight carries. a i tail(back Miles I.anpehcnnig had 53 and two touchdowns, i Second tcam fullback IMosley also a i twice. Missing I scrimmage i a i pulls were starling fullback Doug McCulchcn, defensive backs Ken Perkins and Dale Rebold and offensive guard Mike O'Brien.

Haider coach Jim Carlcn "We looked ragged in certain areas, and we have a long way lo go before the Sept. I I opener against, Tulanc." Cowboys Sign Pat Richter PALLAS, Tex. (AP) The Dallas Cowboys announced FAYKTTCTll.LK. Ark. (AP) Wednesday thai they have ac- --Soreness and heal plagued inquired night-year veteran tight Arkansas football team as it re- end Pat Richter on waivers lo regular practice from the Washington Richter caught only two pass-; The Rax.orback:; worked only es for the Redskins last year, once, pell ing morning off to! down from his host of 42 catches register for classes.

jn IflfiB. The a on Ihe A 1 A Cowboys spokesman said Turf reached about ll'n Pichler was picked lip as pro- 1 "This is Ihe part of Ihe year, lection in the i end position, a is i i for a and Mike Dilka, who is on coaches," said Coach a Ihe sidelines i a broken P.royles. "Their legs an- tired hand, and Hilly Truax, are vet- and sore, hut i is a trans al the position. have to go through lo a The Cowboys also announced Defensive end David lieavis a i a flanker Lance Al- left Ihe field a he I i worth and cornerback a i his knee a i a a Tin- Washington had been placed on Duncan. i was not the waived injured list.

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