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May 18, 1937

The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 18

The Kansas City Star i
Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1937
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THE KANSAS CITY STAK. Tl ESDAV. MAY 18. 1937. F “Ycu're, wfftrlng an engagement ring." he about something and when he finally spoke, pointed out. the word.s came haltincily from his lip's. -That doesn’t mean any more than vour ‘^>3 you remember what you told me this chauffeur's uniform. In other words, darling. ... . . . ,. ... tiig of Tonj^ and the others cAlling you an im- it s just .-how »-ould JTO s«y It?-. r.cket.” p„ 5 ,orr- he «sked. Thin. “H.s It b«n preyln» Chick said through clenched teeth,'’A racket?. on your mind that much?” Well, if it’s anything like what it seems to be, Kay said. "No—I wouldn't call it exactly PADIO PPOGRAN 5 V/D AF „ Bordcn. beautiful and cultured young --------- ---------^ , York model, is accustomed to strange as -; Tony said, '«as it occurred to you that he by the Gorman agency where she i might want to protect the person he suspects? fiancee at a week-end house party ' than the ‘personal vengeance’ i tfnrtlcd almost to the point of not ac- i . ^ overlook the fact that i ÛS p'¿ TacP' Lee told Tony he'was engaged try the same thing. Fnalish Qirl: this was when he returned “Isn’t it possible that is just what Pierson [Ö iri he expected to marry, had married an ' Stephen Pierson. Kay con-> June. ' .J financier, aiepnen t'lerson. nay con i.fs ^0 pose as Lee’s sweetheart over Friday, S' h(T feek-end MalieBeliae Yule Kenny COPYRIGHT BV ABCAPiA MOl/U continued from The Star this morning.) He impre.sses me as having plentv of gray mat- really i^nt any reason for you to lose replied quickly, "Please don't misunder-» phiiin mo^s nmkrr* 'o«vid H«rum <8ponsor<*d by *' --------------- i' . f, J ‘"I your temper or even to get excited. Im not ctand me” wyne Kinf» orchMtr* (Spon.»or«it»v B«b-o». ni break Masters s necK--—” j. preying ------” “Piov'ided you could get away wtth it.” she' “But the thought have been there" he replied. “Othrr people might know something I Insisted. "Otherwise, you wouldn t have spoken about the gentle art of breaking necks, too. i about it in that way. Well. I’ve been thinking you know.” Then, suddenly it occurred to her about it, too. And I'm not so .sure that you that unless she calmed Chick's suspicions, he .should go through with it." might resort to some rash act which would re- v^y the blood ru.-^hlng to her face, j suit in a gener^ unmasking of all pretenders ^ «i—i m sorry if I have failed to plea.'^e you.” on the premises—herself included. So she said, s-jg satd in a small voice. TOM«; HI. Addre». Dr J*hn Opie Mccill, "Bia Teeth ior LltUf On«.” .^•^•-D«ncí Sel«tJoft», | .’••IS—Sonas of Tomorrow, wtlh A> Crocsef *nd £dciir Sharrntt, ptauixl.s Juh* Iki Rup, sonix. Scores. k ; oa Mr*. Wl|«s of th« C»bb*ge P«JCh ^ Air" <8ponMred b> , iSponnured bv Amrrlctn Homo Products». A;1.^ Sv( lni" nn»r«i‘'o«ldmsn> <Spoiu‘«red I Jof’« • Other Wife (Sponsored bv Ooidman Jfwelrjf companv». I Aniericwn Home Productsi. Tfie Kansas City Star 6iO Hflocyclei by 2:4.V—The Ouidlnc Ll|ht (Soonnored bv m»k- era of White Naptha Soopi. »;««—Kitty Keene Inc. tSponaored by maJc- rra of Drcftt. S:l.n — HouKebnat Hannah (Sponsored by makers of L.ava Soap). S:SO-~Uon Winslow of the Navy. 4:ii<V—Baseball Scores. ; X:4.V—Address. Col. PrinJi P. Stone, “The Army Dental Service." %'.M- Dance Selections. 4MH*--The aentie Reader, conducted by Mrs, Velma West Svk*'* <i;tN«--.,1ohnnv Presents Russ liiorgan's Or* H:a»--Ju8t Plain BUI (Sponsored by Amert-14;|.n-Xhe BIrthdal Bell, chestra; Charles Martin's Thrill; 8wln« ! can Home Products*. : 4;H»- News fourteen; Olersdurf Si.’^ters-f’rances Adair; i Today's Children (Sponsored by Pills-' 4 ; 4 .%—Address, George M Husser. maneger S ynopsis . stand me.’ „ , ^ ^ool. Chick. And Lee is a gentleman—be- -it isn’t necessarv to j^oare inv feelings.” she He’s proved that in his business affairs,” lieve it or not.” * »sni neces.^r> lo .spare mj, leeuiiKN ^ , informed him. ‘ If I haven’t come up to your •'Then exactly what is the game?" Chick de-; expectations ____" manded. ‘’You have.” he assured her. ’‘Even better D^'aZ'^vice-p7emeni ¿f a broad-1wa.s made upon him-a rather vicious ^ wouia sni* «*in -h has bum a tww house in I Tonv® slightest room to complain. Lrf nnd has invited Masters for the week- seiiousness». Tony po.ntcd out. . voure uo to—fven ii 4 oiiL>h He cxpects Masters to bring his fiancee. don’t.know definitely what it is.” ip Morns ClRarettesi. • t:<to David Harum iHponsored by matLcri of wyne Klnf's Orchestra ( bv Lady Esther company) Backstage Wife iSponsored by makers 4 ;«») Vox Pop, conducted by Parks John-1 of Dr Lvoixs Tooihpaslei. son and Wallace Buttrrworth (Sponsored i Hew to Be CharmliiK (Sponsored by by makers of Molle Shavlng Cream). makerr. of Phillips Milk of Magnesia Face, Fred Astaire, with Johnny Greens Cream). ! Orchestra; Charles Butterworth. comedian. »¡«.i—Votce of Experience (Sponsored by 1 Mary Marlin (Sponsored Ivory Soap). Marshalls, tenor. East iSpon.<ored bv Ster- . gave * jte what can be dune «bout It now. ’rom Africa and learned that June Howell, the is counting on?” Jack asked. “Yes. That makes me rather worried about Lee tilamped his Jaws together and she saw ’’Well, you don t have to know,” he as.serted. he had a very firm chin. "Plenty.” he All that you have to do Is not to admit, by asserted. »¡ti^Eaay Aces (Sponsored by makers ol Pecks on the Air. Anacin). ¡ 11 ;;io—Wu)^ld Tiadc Lunchcon. • ;.W--Phll Duey-Marjaret McCrae (Spon- ■ lt:0«»--8avttt Serenade sored by Chevrolet Motor company). ilS-.w-News „ , r ^ Newcomer s Mlsed (^uarteu itl.w Service. Reports (Marketframs; For one thing. I can go to Tony lO;««-Emery Deutschs orchestra. Weather Report*. In ;.'((»-> Bobby Mueh'irbach. Jack shot him a quizzical glance. “Oh. It word or action, that you’re acquainted with I o^^n and make a full confession "But wouldn’t that place you in a very em-' it.iu) l ^ u I s Panico’s orrheitua. "And that, I suppose, will make me an ac-1 barrassing position?" she demanded. ai Ka^eiin'» orchestra. »rnnlirp in nnvtHinor vaiiVo f/\ W/\ ^ __ r _____^ or tlie Better Business Bureau. Adventarrs of Dari Dan (Sponsored by Bowey’s. Inc.). 5 ;I.%“-Uncle Esra (Sponsored by makers of Alka Seltser). 8:üO—"School of the Air" (Sponsored bv Kats DruK companv). 5:45—Let’s Oo to the i4ovies (Sponsored by Pox-Mldwest Theaters). «:iM»—One Man*« Family (Sponsored liry Ten- Jane (Sponsored by Folger ; derleaf Tea», «:.10—Wayne King's Orchestra (Sponsored bv Lady Ksther company). 1 ;(»(>-Town Hall Tonight, with Fred Allen, comedian; Portland Hoffa; Peter Van Sleerten’s Orchestra and guest artists (Sponsored bv Brlstol-Myersl. Vour Hit Parade, with Mark Warnow > Orchestra. Buddy Clark, tenor: 3ongs»miih Qiinrtet; siiMt star (Sponsored by msk- er» of Lucky Strike clRarettes). 8 ;4»—Address. Dr. W, l¿. W. Spiavn. “'me Place ot the Junior College In Our Education Sysirt«.’ Meeker's Orchestra. Hole) i is;4s- unda's Firsi Love (/Sponsored by : P;iM»—Amos 'n' Andy (Sponsored by makers Sunday, sne t. chaperoned b, ; does, does it? Why don’t you take it up with P'»''"'"* “> | -saw hi. face redden .t the mere pw- afurao'/ u ‘ r«.:..,..» sn«. .saia. ! qj admitting to Tony and the others thati«:<w Bih? t" friend. Linda Foxwell, also of the Gorman , Pierson, himself?’ urh/tn ihfi tinn tiiom^n Mrrivtt ir.ifh i "Lpp flirt ” Tnn' "Nftver mind that,” he declared. “Just don’tj^e had been guUty of a hoax. But he replied,; Dot Leeds, tcho in the script plays the role of 8 flapper type, is at the house party and icarns thal ihe has designs upon Tony. Kav takes a v:olk around the grounds with Lee. They follow c minding path to the sunken garden until they find a bench in the shade of a mass of evergreens and in view of a splashing fountain. C hapter V—(Continued). • B y niutifel consent they sat down upon thf! bench and he turned his back upon the beauty of the garden so that he might appreciate fully the beauty of Kav. Well, how goes the masquerade?” he asked get suspicious. Understand? ;*1 understand,” Kay replied meekly. • # • • ^ Miss Linda Foxwell paused for breath and Lee Masters glanced at his watch. A second .nrncv- toomen Atrnve with j "Lee did.” Tony exclaimed in disgust, "and here anv morp And «nothpr thinir Hp fe af Rogg^vorf‘ <^re met by Tony Dean > wa.s told to mind his own business,” to call me ^Coísln^ c5^e ‘Chick* of and Eleanor Stone. In Cousiru t^ chauffeur, \ Jack spread his hands apart In an expres- anyone who heard it would probably Kay is startled to recognize Chtck. He whis- | sive gesture. "There you are. And It was very P ® ly Jerl ‘'Careful!” to her and proceeds to ignore : succintly put. I’d say.” ^ be.fore the others. Chick is her brother i "But are we expectedwto remain passive and end she wonders what he is doing in hU present j see her life endangered because her hu.sband role Eleanor’s husband. Jack Stone, writes and l has some crazy, quixotic plan?” iirects - The Family Circle'’ radio program. \ "That’s precisely what we are expected to iTilr'hrhflri ------------------------------------------------------ --------------- ‘r lhe:‘“!":'XXeVay guy married the girl—that she is legally hisi„„<j ^ - t . j n^rrvlTwouldttT^^^^^^^ "i -«nda ^^But^ course. I d express it dl^ I.e Tony excLlmed aneruf "h a crvlne grounds.” Tony replied, i " Although Kay was two year.<i his Junior, the shame Jarkt” ^"Srlly. Its a crying -Then. I think I'll run outside and look her; look that she now gave him had a touch of the "111 erant vou that” Tack said ‘•But farts 1 «enounced. | maternal In it. aie facts T?^^ sensible th^rfor vou to do ' "Can’t you understand that would only make i I it. "Gracious, cerUinly nothing would happen 1 matters worse-from my point of view. Lee?*' "Never mind me. It's you I'm thinking of.” "Really? And what would you say to Tony?” "Id tell him the truth," Lee declared. "I’d tell him that I was just a plg-headrd fool who dragged you here as my make-believe sweet» | heart and------” •! "I see,” Kay said wtth a smile. "And you ! think that would help? In other words, you’d ' tell him that I am here merely as a hired» Kay could have gone,” he hand?” i Krotei' Grocery BaktnnVompnnyt. ' 1 of Pepsodent> 11:«» Pepper Young's Famllv (Spon.«»ored by *:1»—Esisy Aces (Sponsored by maker* of j makers of Camay). Anacin), il; 1 IV- Ma Perkins (Sponsored bv makrra of- Man-fo-Msn Sports Review (Spon! Oxydol). /■ soied by maker* of Rol-Tan Cigars). I !>'<»-vie and Sade (Sponsored bv makers i »;<»—Victor Arden’s Orchestra: M«rtha «¡»«-Morning Bible Lesson, eonducied by ofCrlscoi. Meats, soloist; the Funnyt>oners Bishop J. A. Hamlett of African Methodist; t¡ 4 A Tha O'Neills (SiKinsored bv makets ot > ^or.>d by Diamond D-X Dealers). Episcopal Church (Sponsored bv the Kan-j I\>oty) h 0 ; 0 «--"Seelnc Kansas City." .«as City Council of Churches). |;nn -Lorenso Jones (Sponsored by Sterling ; «0:1.5—Henry Busse » Orchestra. RM.n- Morning Melodies, Products) ' tM;xn—lights Out (Mysterv drama). «;M—New«, ] t;iA—Morin Sisters ¡11:0«—Bobbv Meeker s Orchestra. :rtO—The Musical Clock (Spon.nored bv Buick t:»l> Follow the Moon (»sponsored by mak-I Mnehleb»ch, (Spon- Hotel Motor company).ers of Woodbury's soap). II:S» Paul Pendar\-ls’s Orchestra. olo man. Is to wait and see what happens next.; to her at thLs’time of dav Then you may be able to find a way to «lake j ^ s.ome sort of action. Last night's visitor may , have been nothing more than a passing hobo. I m not worried about her,” Lee replied. "It I just occurred to me that she might want com- Tony was sllent.for several foments. Finally he said reluctantly, "Maybe you’re right. Jack. puny. I’ll be back sho)[tly. hfr tim. •I was afraid that the weight of my Dot exclaimed—with the barest suggestion of But just the s«ne, I feel that this affair caiis for investigation, June must be protected at; said dryly, ••There's sometining so ro-! only on. thing for me to do; pack up and leave Station Kilos WDAF ...........».............. «1« WREN ............................... KMBO ................................ fitto KXBT ............................ im ; WHB ...\ ....................... HW KCMO .......................... !»’• KCKW ........................... (taif mlnafe program chanptt tM« I make ft tmpoiftc The Star éccuTOcp of Much better _than^l expected;;_Kay_ told ta„, cost-and I’m determined to do Just th«t | „bout an engagement, isn't there. Dot? slie asked. "It’s true that I don’t really know these people and that I’ll probably never see j '¿„’'"¿uaran'tet tun any of them again. But they have been so nice that. I do want them to like me and toj TONIiillT respect me; not' to think of me as an adven- who came here undei^ faiije colors. If Add?e"sr DV.‘John opie vou tell Tony the truth now, there would be McCaii, Big Teeth tor Liitic * - Ones;’* Dane« Selections lecret might make me feel uncomfortable." “But it hasn’t, has It?” he insisted. "Not m the least.” she confessed. "Prom the regardless of what legal ..rights the honorable Mr. Pierson might have!” "What an unromantlc creature you are!” E>ot protested. Slowly, careful,y/Kay worked'her way to In shame.” I Verl Bratton. "But don’t you want me to do anything about ^,? ms ?** it?” he asked anxiously. "Ye.i. Let matters remain exactly a.n they are.” she declared. "Tony thinks we are en- Dcrls Soott, songs. A IA P. If. I WDAF Crocker pianists. and Bharrall, Vm pl»d Of that,'’he said,-because rm sure« serious ¿roMem. But Linda came to her!TV'vCn KÄÄiJ'ar™. Ao.jnum. the way Tony and Eleanor wan, -scu^in^ orihlcHaf Än‘by Te^stLrS IS feUm ‘i w*^ek%" tTÎ^^hindsire .-•.if-.r'.iî.;... ! A''»*"; .‘here was no. sign of Kay. but It oc- ; ,„„ry. and I aeoepted ll. So far It has proved that you to [pel." Thpy ve boon perfectly grand to me,” Kay enthralled just as long as she continued talk tnld him. ‘ You’ve no Idea what a relief It Is ji-jg, to find that not one of them is even slightly; so while Miss Foxwell was talking a blue suspicious ' '.streak, Kay slipped out of the house. Her, - Why should they be?” Lee demanded. | manner was such, however, that even if she ^ Innt " •Didn’t I introduce you as my fiancee? That I had been seen It would have been surmised' tl him ou?ht to be enough for any of them.” that she had gone outdoors for the sole Pur-1 "”1^^\t ^hiteve^her m^ mteit “Just the same.” Kay replied. "I know I’m' pose Of strolling about the grounds. ' Whatever her mood might WDAF—Baaeball Scores. ft;lO F. M, ; curred to him that she might be down in the' a very pleasant job. I only hope it can con-j wrkn ~^*eorg«* g”* ff\n^ tenor, garden. j tinue to be that.” 1 kmbc—Alexander woolicott. He was surprised and more than a little dls- , * • • • _ . I WDAF Swing Time at Gold- The Family Circle” was broadcast man». ____. Friday night at eight-thirty, Tony’s an- 1 wkkn -Lutu orphan Anni«..might have been sociable enough to let him | „ouncement to his guests, including June and' wH^iimt»««» club.' gcing to have bad dreams tonight that I’m being kicked out in disgrace with Tony and Eeanor and Jack and Dot shouting. ‘Impostor!’ tl. me. "Well, if you do, you just dream a few minutes longer and see me shouting ’Phooey!’ back It them,” he advised her. Kay laughed. Lee was proving a very agree- ible companion— even when he did not have to play up to the pretense of their make believe engagement before the »thers. Taken share it with her. have been, he would have been glad to adapt As she approached it, she heard the scrft hum of a running motor. The front door was open and two cars were in view—the limousine which had brought them back from the station and a smaller sedan. The hood of the limousine was folded back and “Cousins.” in overalls and with wrench in hand, was stand- 11 in all. she could find no fault with him. It | ing beside the car tinkering with the engine. y;a.« an inexplicable mystery to her how June t Kay stood there for several minutes, watch- ould have turned from him to Stephen Pier-! ing him in sUence, He continued with his „i"“ ‘'imselt to'lt. Had she wanted sUence he would Although her steps probably would have seemed j ^ aimless to an observer, she was careful to direct them toward the garage. ed to ni ler ice )in fd nd of ;r )re 'nt ;x son, Lee had youth, health, amiability, pres- nce. and an extremely pleasant personality. While Stephen Pierson evidently had soured cn liie In addition to being much too old for June, he was sharp-tempered, jealous and irritable. There must have been other con- riderations of which Lee was ignm’ant. The tinpleasant scene which they had witnessed in Pierson’s home that morning mtist have been typical of many others. But though she pitied work, unconscious of her observation. Finally, she moved forward into the garage. A second later as he reached for another tool, he discovered her presence. He paused, staring at her as if he could not believe that she was actually there. Then he frowned angrily. “Of all the crazy stunts!” he exclaimed. "What do you mean by owning here? I thought I warned you to be careful!” Chick,” she admitted iid 3^' et)n Ota “I know you did, the girl, Kay reflected that June surely must i breathlessly. "But I simply had to see you.” hive known Pierson well enough before she i “And. incidentally, run the risk of giving me married him to appreciate the unpleasant pos- away to the entire household.” he replied. "But fibilitips which would develop during the course now that you’re here, don’t stand In the door- spea had wanted contrersatlon. 6n the other hand, he could have answered her demand adequately enough. But she was not In the sunken garden. Suddenly he recalled that he had not looked upon the tennis court to the south of the house. I’he shortest way there w&s around the back, patt the garage, and he immediately directed his steps in that dlrectioxL In rounding the rear north corner of the house he stopped abruptly, almost colliding with. her. "Well!” he exclaimed, "I’ve been looking all over for you. Wherever have you been?” Kay flushed. Somehow, there was about her the air of a person who had committed a guilty act. She seemed to hesitate before replying, “Oh. I’ve Just been walking around.” “AloneT’ he asked. Kay, recovering her poise, smiled at him. "What do you think?" “If you had given me a chance, I’d have gone with you,” he said. “There are more attractive views than Tony’s back yard. I imagine.” "I managed very well, thank you, formed hifti. . In.spectlng back yards? Well, if that’s what Stephen Pierson, was not quite so much of a KCMO-Bobby. th surprise as he evidently expected it to be. He | wDAF-^ohnny**i*i the Machelor. M, . . . J I WDAF—Johnny Present«. explained that when he had had the house | when —H usband* and wive«, built he had seen to it that the plans Included kmbc —H ammersttin music a room which would have the acoustical requirements for radio broadcasting. They would be present, he went on, during the first time that this room would be used officially. He had arranged for the program to be broadcast from his home, ai>d Jack Stone had prepared accordingly by writing only three of the characters into the script—himself, Eleanor and Dot Leeds. After having completed this explanation, he RUgge.stAd that they all go to his miniature studio so that the players might be in j to start the program on time. , “The opening music and ’commerclar will be broadcast from the studio in town,” he exclaimed. "Then they will cut us In for the dialogue and. finally, switch back to the studio for the closing ‘commercial’ and music. To the. listeners all over the country there will be no noticeable break.” They filed out of the living room and proceeded to the studio, which was located down the hallway, just beyond the library. Kay, Lee shft in -1 and June sat on one side ot the room, while Linda Foxwell and Pierson were on the other Hall. WHB—Coiicert B«rle«. 8 :M r. M. WDAF—Wayne King« Orch. WRia<— Bdgar A. Oue«t. kmbc—A1 JoUon; Vio fount s Orch. WHB—Eddy Duchln's Orch. KXBY—Mountain Ranger«. KCKN~La PstU« Musical*. 7 : 0 « r. M. WDAF—Vos. pop. WRKN - Ben UernI« and all th« or* filde. The three players grouped themselves about a microphone in th(i center of the room' wdaf vie Vnd 8a<i«. to await Tony’s signal to start with the play, i wren —H arpsicord itnsembi*. Lee Masters, seated between Kay and June, - ' replied—and his man-Uald, "We'd probably enjoy the illusion better ^ou apparently don t realize what might suggggted that her answers had dissatisfied ’ of her married life. : way where you can be seen by everybody who ^ am I to coniplaln? Kav .sai(i. "I’ll try to keep my dreams under glances in thLs <^lrectlon. Come back further “Then, why complain?” coi.trol and I hope from the bottom of my;into the garage, . . ." “Simply because It’s the most peculiar idea reart that events over tl},e week-end will re-1 Eagerly. Kay obeyed, main under control, too. Lads; Lou HoHi, guejt. KMBC At Pearce a Gang. WHu —Joe Banaers’« Orcn. F. M. WDAF—Fred Aatalre. WREN~8wcetMt Love «ongs Ever Sun«. KMteC-~J»cK Oakle'a College. 1:«ft F. M. KXBY—Union Station. SiV« P. M. WDAF—Fred Aatalr« (cou't). WRKN—"Th* 0«urg« WMbin«* ton;” Nai’l K«creatlon A«c u Program. KCMO—Moonlight Musical«. S:se F. M. WDAF~.LHollywood Go««tp. WREN—"Th« Meaning of Junior League.'’ KMBC- Poly FolllM, KXBY—Meiropoiltan Church. I:4ft F. M. "Don t worry about It,” he advised her. al- come out of this visit of yours,” Chick said, „i^re than he had admitted, though there was something in his voice which when they had drawn away from the open Moreover, when he returned to the jnade her feel that he was not. quite so con- doorway. “But you didn’t consider conse-1 ^.jth her, he sedulously avcHded mentioning the | clear to everyone present, Ment as he had been in the beginning. “All 1 quences, did you? that mattered was that | incident tfi the others. ... i Lee and June a sUsplclous glance which in- youhave to do is keep your chin up and your | your curiosity had to be satisfied. Well, what, ------------¡eluded both of them in its Impllcati^s. »:0V F. M. WDAF - Amos ‘n’ Andy, WREN -Sports Bnap«hotl«r. KMBC- Poetic Melodie«. •slS r. M. WDAF—Ba«y Ace«. «yes on Monday morning. Everjrthing is going ■ do you want? to be all right.” i “I want to know what you’re doing here,”! "In the meantime, I wish Dot Leeds wouldn’t. she told him boldly. 1 gii* over us so much.” Kay replied. | He made an impatient but expansive gesture t included the garage, the cars within it his present costume. “Can’t you see?" he demanded. "I hope I C hapter VI. Standing before the pier glass in her bed- t .*»» ” room, adjusting her dress fw dinner, the Lee grinned. "In a way, I rather like her to that it,” he said. "Gives things a sort of— ami authentic touch. Listening to her, I find my- “C _______ Hlf believing that we really are en-1 don’t look like a cook, a butler or a houseboy if Tony would turn out the light«.’ “The illusion—among other things,", Pierson _ remarked from across the room. His meaning i wren — xVvier Cugat « Orch. since he shot 1 KMBC-Mu«Ic of th« Moment. •iM p. M. WDAF—Ptoli U»rf»r«i McCrM. KXBY—Ckrolval. t]«ft F. m. WDAF—Mixed Quartet. ICMBC—Prank. Dailey’« Orch. u m p. M. WDAF—Bmery Deutsch’« Orch. KMBO—Anton Week’« Orel». KCKN—Wr«MUng Matche«. Eleanor said quickly, "We have to read our* ’Quiet!” Tony cut in. Then, at a signal gleam of her “engagement” ring caught Kay's irom the attenUon. The first ^agement ring she had! ^ FamUy Circle" was ever worn—even In this day and age when girls, ^ ^ form romantic aUianccs just for the thriU thatj broadcast at which Kay . —----------------- V. ^ «M .. get out Of them Without any pretend Of I present and »he was not sure that Pafwl ” I Her cheeks flushed with anger. "Never mind permanence. But all girls ih all ages have j wanted except as a novelty, to be But I thought that’s exactly what you don’t i what you’re supposed to be. I meant-what looked forward to the day wheh they wUl weax, , 5 ™^. another. Lee was right: seeing the »ant. she objected. | are you really doing here? You’re no more, such a ring. And she had been no exception- ¡.haracte« fead their lines did ruin the Uluslon. Lee caught himself up abrupUy. "Right you chauffeur than I am.” ¡bad speculated, like all the ^eni, on the ty^ sitting beside her own radio, her Imagination If** he said, the grin disappearing entirely Their glances met and locked for a moment, of man she would eventually ma;rry, the clr- ! provided an element of reality to th« [om his face. He rose to his feet. “Don’t you Then Chick said. "There’s such a thing w be- i cumstances that would surround his propo^.i subtly merging Into the char- Jmk It would be a good idea to start back to ¡ing too curious. Kay. Now be a wise lltUe girl the manner in which she would expr^ - acters they portrayed. Here, all she saw was 10:80 l‘ M WDAF Bobby Meeker’s Orch. KMBC- Sportcast. tO .<2 r. WREN neggle Child s Orch. KMBC- Bob McCireft « Orrl). 11:00 F M. WDAF -Louis Panlco’c Orch. WREN Russian Rhapsody. KMBC Nocturn« with Eddy Hou»«*. KXBY Friendly Voice. liti» p. M. KMBC- Mark P’Uchrr's Ordj. p. M. WDAF^Al Kavelin's Orch, WREN King’s JestiM-'s Orch. 11:45 P. M. WREN Al Vlerra and Hi* Hnwallans, KMBC Don Chiesi a’s Orch. \VKI)M-:.S1>AY. S:Ofl A. M. WDAF—Morning Melodies, KMBC—Farm Service Hour. «tSO A. M. WDAF -Mornlng Bible lesson KMBC -fllng. Neighbor, fling, KXBY -Mountain Rangers, «:4A A M WDAF -Mornlng Melodies. KMBO - Morning Devotions, SiRS A. M. WDAF News 1:00 A M. WDAF The Musical Clock Review, WREN The Breakfast Club. KMBC Tex Owen«, songs. 1:»0 A. M W’DAF Musical Clock Review (continued). 1:4S A. M. KMBC Across the Breakfast Table i:M A. M. WDAF -Mr«. Wlgfs. KMBC—Gene and Glenn. KCKN-Harriet Han«, •:ll A. M. WDAF-John’« Other Wife. WREN -Vaughn de Leath, songs. KMBO—Good Morning Tunc«. KXBY Morning Meditations. S:S« A. M. WDAF-Just Plain BUI. WkEN~^o*h Hl«glns of Finchville. KMBC- Kitty Keene, Inc. S:4S A. M. WDAF-Today’« Children. WRSN—Helen Jan« Behlke, soprano. KMBC Montlceilo Party Line. WHB-Norvell Slater. A. M. V/DAF—David Harum. WRBat—The VKBKtwnds. KMBC Joann« Taylor. KXBY—Happy Long, • ilB A. M. WDAF—BackatKt« Wife. WRSN -Larry Larson, organist. KMBO—The Gospel Blnger. I>;80 A. M. WDAF- How to Btt Charming. WHEN Kilocycle Limltod. • ;4S A. M. WDAF Volor of Experience. KMBO Address Dr. Allen Roy D«foe. WHB Th« Weatherman; Story Behind th* Bong. KCMO-Varletle*. I«:0« A. M. WDAF-Judy and Jane. WHI^ Municipal Court, KXBY Organ Rhapsody. A. M. WDAF Mary Marlin. WREN- Homespun. KMBC—Edwin C. Hill. 10:80 A, M. WDA^Thre« Marsha)!«. WHEN-Jo« Dumond and th# Cadets. KMBC Roman«« of Helen Trent. KCKN • Musical Memorie«, 10:46 A. M. WDAF—Joe White, tenor. WREN—Viennese Sextet. KMBO—Our Gal Suuday. tl:04l A, M WDAF—Way Down East. WREN—Arlington Tim« Signal; t.ove and t.earn. KMBC - Bettv and Bob. KXBY—Cod’« Quarter Hour. 11:16 A M. WDAF—Patricia Pe<'k. KMBC—Modern ClndereUa, Kt’MO-Plano Moderne. 11:80 A. M. WDAF V’arid Trad(p I.tjncheon, WREN—Farm and Home Hour. KMBC Betty Crocker, Hymns of All Churches. WHB Ray Frye, organist. 1S,00 NOON. WDAP 4!avltt Serenade. KMBC - Big Slater. 19:80 r. M. WDAF- News; Service Report«. WREN-Tulsa Ted. KMBC—Tex Owens, songs. lti4S F. M. WDAF- Linda's First Lov«. KMBO—Myrt and Marge. 1:00 F. M. WDAF -Pepper Young. WREN- Do You Want to WrlUT WHB Voice of Kansas City. KMBC-Magatlne of th« Air. Ills p. M. WDAF-Ma Perkins. WWEN-<3ontlnental Varletleis. t:8o P. M. WDAF -Vie. and Bade, KMBC -Flvf-dtar Revue. 1:4ft P. m.* WDAF The O'Neill«, WRim— Michael Strange. f:«0 P. M WDAF—Lorenso Jones, WREN- National Congross of Parents’ and Teachers’ Association. KMBC Aunt Jenny'« Real Lit« Stories. KCMO -Swingtlme. 8:ts r. M. WDAF Morin Bisters. KMBO-Pretty Kitty KeUy. t:8« P. M. WDAF-Follow the Moon. KMBC^weet Bwlngsters. t:45 P. M. WDAF—Ouldlng Light. KMBC—Happy Kitchen. KXBY-BaaeUll Game. 8:00 P. M. WDAF—Kitty Keene, Itw, WREN—Organ Reveries. KMBC Ki«l«. Thompson, or* ganlst. WHB—Staff Frolic. Ill» P ML WDAF- Houseboat Hannah, WREK -Younf Hlckor». KMBC—Four Star Q^jartet. KCKN- Kaosa« Aound-up. S:S0 P. M. WDAF-Don Winslow of th« Navy. * WREN Hawaiian Seranader«. KMBC -Talk, Kathryn Craven«, WHB—Al Jahn’a Orch. S:4S P. M. WDAF-Adflre*«, Col F, ». St«ne; Dance Selections. WREN Meet the Orchestra. KMBC -Classic Hour. KCMO W. Zolley Lrrner, poems. 4:0« P. M. i WDAF -Thl^ Gentle Reader. ' WREN Harry Kogen’s Orch, I 4:16 P, M 1 WDAF—Birthday. Bell ' KMBC Romance ot Hop« Alden. 4:8» P M. : WDAF Baseball Scores; News, : WREN—Clark Dennla. singer, i KMBC Sports Resume, WHB--Cavalcad« of Song. 4:46 P. WDAF- Better Business Bureau Procram. WREN Betty and the EscorU, i:0* P. M. WDAF Adventures of Dari Dan. WREN Ronnia Ashburn and Verl Bratton. KMBO Texas Rangers. 0:16 P. MU WDAF -Dncle Ezra. WREN- Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, talk. KMBC—Circus Adventures. 6:80 P. M. WDAF—"School of th? Air.■’ WREN - Popular Melodies. KMBC—Magic Island. 8:4ft P, M. WDAF-Lft’s Go to the Movies, WREN—Little Orphan Annie, KMBC Boake Carter. WHB—Embassy Club. • ;00 P. M. WDAF—One Man's Famllv. WREN—Beatrice Llllle. —Cavalcade of America. WHB Musical Mardt Graj. KXBY Vagabond« of th« Prairie. KCKN—"Intlmat# Int«rvl«ws." 0:88 P. M. King’« Orch, WREN Famous Actors Guild, W®*'« M(?nk«n. KMBC Ken Murray. WHB TwIllBht Hour. KCKN—Community Sing. 1:00 P. M. WDAF—Town Hall Tonight. WREN—"George Washington:' String Symphony Orch., cor ducted by Franit Blcck. KMBO—Lily Pons; Kost«]sn< ets'« Music, WHB—Jack Denny's Orch, 1:8b P. M WDAF—Town Hall Tonight (continued). Box Thester, KOMO -Uoan and jimmie. songs. KCKN—Homespun David, 1:4S P. M. KXBY—Union Station. WDAF-I^uV*®HU Sirsde. WREN—"The Fata of the Loen Act," KMBC—Gang Busters K^N—wyandott« High School Projtram, «—7 y M- nHTSN —Carol Wcymann, mesao-soprano. S:8o P. M. WDAF—Your Hit Parad« (continued). WREN—Minstrel »ho%. KMBO—Babe Ruth. KXBY~.Xlmplca T«mplco Orch. 8:46 r, M. WDA!<u-Addres«, Dr. W, M, W. Splawn. 8:00 P. M. WDAF—Amos ’n’ Andv, WREN—Sports Snap«hott«r. KMBC—Poetic Melodie«, H:I6 P. M. WDAF—Easy Ac««. WRBN—Emil Ooleroan'a Orch KMBO—Bunny Berlgan’« Orch, KCMO—Around tha Old F«mlly ergati. t:80 P. M. WDAF—The Sport« Reporter. WREN—CUrenc« Dyk«tra Program. •:4S P M WDAF—Victor Arden’« Orch.; Martha Meara. soloist. KMBC—Musical Momenta. 10:00 P 81. WDAF—"Seeing Kan««« Citv.” KMBO—Eddie Wkln'iTOrch. I0:15 P. M WDAF—Henry Bus«e'« Orch. WREN—Don Bestor'a Orch. 10:80 P M. WDAF—Lights Out. WREN—Lou Breeie’« Orch. KMBC—Sport« a«t. 10:4$ P. M WREN—Maurle Sherman's Orch. KMBC—Red NichoU« Orch. 11:00 P. M. WDAF—Bobby Meeker'« Orch. WRSN—Eddie Vartos’a Orch. KMBO Nocturne, with Eddy House. KXBY—Frl^ndhr Voice. 11:16 P. M. KMBO—Roy Eldredge’« Orch, 11:8(> P. M. WDAF—Paul Pendarvla’* Orch. WREN—^immy Joy’« Orch. KMBC—Don ChlutA’a Oreb. SUES AN ORCKmtKD HJTVRK. riiiontxattoii of Ma*« Iiidii.-xfrlo» In HIx Afoiilhii Forei?«iit by HopUltm. {By th* Ai$oei*t»d Fresa.) Scranton, Pa., May 18.—Harry L. ‘nobody will the house? Lunch ought to be ready now . . and don’t ask too many questions. consent and the final big moment when he She answered him hotly, “If you’re wise, you: would slip the ring upon her finger, won’t do anything that youll regret afterwards, j ‘ But never did I think It would be anything If you were up to any good, you wouldn’t be PO anxious to hide your real Identity. Besides, I don’t like the way you disappeared several like this,” she reflected ruefully. “That it Luncheon over. Jack Stone returned to the uwary 10 continue working on his script which as beginning to take satisfactory shape, at for the truth, Jack would have aa to admit that there was no real reason ............. 1 . « 1 . , wi. * * j he should rush the job, since the script out of sight for the longest time. Were the; nice contradiction. But in reality Lee hated to be used in a broadcast five weeks hence, nolice after you?” ' women no more than she herself hated men. 7 once started, on a task of this sort, he! His answer came qulckly-too quickly, Kay He might fool himself but he iiad not fooled *‘^ay.«i liked to carry it through to completion thought. "No they weren’t after me.” , her. All he had wanted to do was to establish -- ® ‘Tlien, why did you go?’’ j his independence In the eyes of one woman acters they portrayed. Here, all she saw was 1 i>roBress adminte- three acquaintances standing m the center of HopWns. works 1 ^ 0 ^ aom n» tiie room, reading lines from typewritten pages, with the fourth acquaintance—Tony Dean- introducing what few sound effects were trator, predicted last night that all the mass industries will be organised would be for nothing more than a week-end | occasional opening and within six months and be talking about it.” In another prediction, Hopkins said the unemployed "are going to use the i weapon we have used for years- -1 political action,” Business has used political action. pie are to use political action. In m.7 opinion it is going to be successful 1 political action." garhik I ì L f : i >’ a . nmtnzjo ili .. O ardone , I taly , May 18,—fA. P.) — Gabrielle D'Annunzio, it was learned Every time you turn around you step I today, Is suffering acute Indigestion on a lobbyist in Washington. Labor : and Ls under the constant care of a has used political action. These peo- doctor. closing of a door, the breaking of a dish and make believe.’ viwo... v,* . . —... months ago—rushed over to Europe and stay^j The flanoee of a woman-hater! ITiat was a j ^ ¡¿queal of an automobile’s brakes. She was . .... 4 _ « ____ VVtA ‘ «> «»A ^ «AM 1«% •iAAiii'Vfl T AA VhAPAjl ' '*m extremely disappointed In the experience, but she would have never thought of admitting as much to the others. Pierson, however, was le.s« reticent. After they had returned to the living room, he ex* pressed his dlssatlbfactlon in no uncertain "That’s my affair.” he snapped. who had hurt him. Some young men enter- ___ fMmmra frm «asapí* a^ Walktag ÄS addroaa ^ ALUM'S rOOT^MB. LB ROY. N. V. To UClCtlUIlfi ftllU illLCliUiCttUiVilO. a draft was finished he would turn it over inri who would sit down to a machine difficult undertaking of ‘nging order out of chaos. That she was able accomplish this was proof of her patience ind ingenuity. > . '^'isy sending his pencil racing across bin? I which lay on the table before Tony came in. Jack paused mo- Iv u ^ glance up, then returned prompt‘y to bus work. down In a t»mrnf table, "Sorry to in- ieriS fellow.” he said. “But you have a e imagination—sometimes too fertile—*nd thought lomp might be able to help me with pieces in the Pierson jig- ‘ down his pencil resignedly. Joii rin duckiest things. Why can’t torifi« puzzling and let me continue “Pro5- confounded continuity?” tenor of the whole tojr.fu affair.” Tony confessed. “There’s tne rather cock-eyed about it. Jack. to sunnuM Jjpply the answers I need” ^s?’’ Jack ••r.- ^l^anor tell.................. ............................. ........... . ; today?" Eaged. Any truth in that?” hf If'*' admitted. “What do you think His manner and tone were aggres.'dyely de- con^in. bv sucgcfitinK that he could handle manding and it gave Kay considerable satxs- Do you mind if I ctoee the door? he asked, iri h^c^rway?” Son to answer him in a way which, she , "I--I don’t want anyone else to h«ir what I ®il. his manner imniipH timt ) ip harf nn kiiew would irritate him the most. ^ have to say. ^ thrbere,'’'v{srr-s.‘vsii'^^^ brightly. I face her again. .orried And you mean to say big money is paid for —. --------------- X w * 1 # ... * * .< . * ^ f V. J «'"It kind of twaddle?” he demanded. ; talntest Idea why you left the country but if duster to two Uves instead of oiw. ^ had: ^ony laughed. “Just that.” he replied. «But i it was because of any trouble and W you ; chosen the opposite coiir^. He l^d délibéra^ twaddle when it Is heard over | haven’t any right to be back In the United, ly *orced him«lf to brieve J'* radio and the imagination of the individual | States now, doesn’t it occur to you that you j nothing more to do with girls—«nd hence his ; j|gt<,ner creates the Illusion of reality/' nüght be caught here, even though you are, delusion about hating the wx. ^ j “In other words, then, the listener does half hi(tog?” ' failed to observe the notej work?" “Im capable of taking care of myself," he of pride that had crept Into his voice when he! half—but a large percenUge of It,” interrupted her j had presented her to his friends and also to ; admitted “Oh. yes, you are!” she replied. “I supjwse] June However, she told herwlf, ^^^t>rlciei that cas^, listeners ought to be paid al- you. proved that on several occasions tlwt I,was in no way au indteatlon of af^ion or ^ ^ ^he performers.” Pierson could mention? That’s always been your fault, ( personal attachment to her. To guard against capped. Chick You've always wanted to prove how j any foolish notions, she decided that as far as gald, “Get them to do that, Mr. Pierson, smart and how brave you are-and then you j l^e Alters wm concerned she wa* nothing ^ listener instead oi a per- end up by taking chances that a re^ly In- I more tton an inter^ting ^owplece which he i farmer. But now that our work is over, how telllgent man would never think of taking. i was exWblting under false preten^. He j ^ bridge? We have enough for two Nothing is going to happen to me, he de- ) wanted them to believe he was engaged to her —with one iHayer to spare." II) b — --------- .1. only reason I’m acting as chauffeur now is because it Is to my best interests to be here in that capacity.” “But is it to the best interests of a few other people I could name?” she wanted to know. nm To kiO htd bun, dtgir mm and young, us« PMTtnan’s Diicowy. AB'puqMxe itvma- €idm€Ma-i4oih»jAmytAtk>ti^ into att cracks in nnH and Soot. Pbt k m Pierson gave him a rather unpleasant smile. ’ other *oul<l be more agreeabl« to ^ it in and ai.. . jc, OU, wouldn’t vhey, Mr. Masters?” ; andfioeaanTatyoiicdniggl^i. dared. "Besides, whatever chances I am takta«. i tmt was not ^er to have hi. fte^ti. rela-; couDt me out,” Lee Mid prompUy. tfs weU worth my whUe to do so. And to Uo^p develop ae^ ^pHeatk^, feel up to bridge. --------------w- jjgj. toilette completed, Kay was about to call Linda, who was dresalnc in her own room. • »other when she heard a light tap on the door which toway. her bedroom ûom , ^hg quesUon took Lee by surprise. He re- _____________________ , V, ^ «ittil^ ^ «J yoy J i m not thinking about other people, he turned the knob of the door o^iUng into the ^ ^ number that I would like a whole informed her shortly. “But now that you’ve ■ nail. She was surprised to fi^ Lee standing ; ^han playing bridge, right now.” started this game of asking questions, supp<w ^ rather embarrassed expression on “what i had In mind was perhaps a walk— .. --------- i iivcu ycu give me a chance to ask a few On the, hif face. . ^ * t, with one of the ladies.” Pierson told him “ked, his interest becoming ! way baclt from the station I heard Dean and • May I ~me In^ ^ want to tatt 5 last. ! ct«t»r make several cra£ks about you and *.th you before you go downstairs.. exclaimed, “A very good Idea!” Kay Kay was slightly ^prehet^ve but »f^ an «gg ^^at he was angry. It showed in the awkward mc»ment she moved aside to let hun manner in which he clipped off his wordh “Any other suggestions?’' Pierson’s 'eyes narrowed. He did not stop Mulling, however. ‘'Why not put that question to—Mrs. Pierson?” Lee's square chin came forward. “Okay,” he leplied sharply. Then he turned to June. “How about a walk in the garden, June?" PEftRMAMS aisrowEiiY able 1 ain I ycu vray____ i hl 3 sister make several cracks about you you about our visit to Pier- young—wliat’s his name?—Mastep being en- TMMX ARM m/oi/ms rtvt uMdTM^r; 4PMMKI Be sure t • « n u «ared for. your vet ) leciai BESTS (Continued in The Star tomorrow morning.) ■, itit aai WsIbhi AnUwric»« Dealer« for Esns Jtttlsk ShoM fS & f« M inneapolis -S t . P aul and the 10,000 LAKES REGION Rente of the popolar alr-conditloRed MID-CONTINENT SPECIAL s Comfortabie Ckwcheo and Observa tion-Lounge- Dinlnjt> Sleeping Cart. Complete travel service in a tingle Pullman. £?ery convenience right at hand. Leavet 5:45 p. m. SHORT LINE EXPRESS With air-conditioned Coach, Pullman and Dining Car Service. Leavet 11:59 p. m. 1 .AW excursion w vl iJtfvi JT aJrtCS day on the Rock Island, Plan to spend your summer vacation in tha cool North Woods beside one of Minnesota'a 19,IM0^takes. ^ t Full dmtmiU, tiektt» mnd mtmrvrntionM •< ’ CITY TICKET OFFICE, 783 Walnut St., Kansas Cit)\ Mo. Phon« Victor 39««: t'nlon StMtlon at Uniqn Ticket Offic«, «14 N. «th St., Kanau City. Kaa.. Phon» Grand mi FiOtK’ Ì S tÄ:^ D- TRAVf L BY TRAIN‘*.FOfi CQMPpRT SAi^ETY ECPNOK^Y if •ito ■iii] it: