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April 11, 1937

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The Kansas City Star i
Kansas City, Missouri
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Sunday, April 11, 1937
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12 C THE KANSAS CITY STAR, SUNDAY. APRIL 11, 193^ IN THE WOMEN’S CLUBS. (Continued From preceding Page.) o'clock Monday and Thursday nights. The supervised contract bridge class will meet at 1:30 o’clock Tuesday and the thimble club all day Thursday. The Marianita club will have a tea at 3 o'clock this afternoon at the Hearthstone. A MERRIAM, KAS., GIRL TO BE A BRIDE. Mrs. Dwight Hamilton will be the hostess to the Elizabeth Harding Art} club at 2 o'clock Tuesday at her home, j 3943 Lockridge avenue. Mrs. Harding’s lecture will be on "Mosaics of ! Santa Sophia.” , A tea will follow the lecture. Mrs. Hamilton will be assisted by Mrs. Claude Bailey. Mrs. Lena Gorst, Mrs. Lawrence Fcllars ana Mrs. Josephine Young. The Social Order of Beauceant will have a benefit bridge party Wednesday. April 21, at the Power and Light building. These have made reservations: . w Mrs. Fred Lindsey, Mrs. Elmer Lamb, Mrs. W. W. Miller. Mrs. H. J. LsnU. Mrs. Alfred Ludlow, Mrs. K. K. Wyatt, M ts . E P. Hershey. Mrs. Frank DeCou, Mrs. Harry Weems, Mrs J. Earl Tobler, Mrs. Sam Burnett. Mrs. Luther Brady, Mi». Carl Jergcnsen. fairs: Country. ■‘China,” by Mrs. jt.J- Eagle. Mrs. Otto Gratae will present the Athenaeum Choral club. Speaker, Guy B. Park, former governor of Missouri. Subject. "The Monroe Doctrine Then and Now.” 2 o’clock, Choral club rehearsal, in the tea room. Mrs. Otto Grasse, director. Club Notes— The music department s bridge tea will be 1:30 o’clock Thureday at the ibers and Brookslde Methodist church will meet at the home of Mrs. Norris Cress well. 5439 Rockhttl road. Mrs. R. G. Harrington and Mrs. Ira We therm, hostesses Luncheon at 1 o clock. Mrs. Charles Self will review the book, JThe Street of the Pishing Cat by Jolan F<The* Bancroft club will meet »t the home of Mrs. A. J. Mauer, 1217 West Sixty-first, street terrace. Luncheon at 12:30 o’clock. Mrs. J. L. Donnell, assisting hostess. The program will be given by Mrs. J. W. R. Howard and Mrs. N. J. Ackerman. The Mercy Hospital Century club will meet at the nurses hall. Inde-- --- , nendence and Woodland avenues. Mr. Laurence Sickman Wednesday 12:30 o'clock. Business April 21. open day for the entire club „ t 1;4ft 0-ciock. The hostesses and luncheon for new members. ^ Mrs Charles W. 8towman, Mrs. The Parliamentary club will meet at w , Mrs. R. D. Slaymaker and the Hotel Phillips. Business meeting. M^s c j smith. „ . . 1:30 o’clock. Parliamentary hour 2 ChKpter DB of P. E. O will meet M o’clock. Program: Amendment 13 of the home of Mrs. t . A. Costolow, 4037 the Constitution. "Abolishing Slavery. Mercler street. Luncheon at 12:30 WAS MARRIED YESTERDAY. held at 1:30 o’clock Thursda; clubhouse. Athenaeum mem friends are invited to meet In the library of the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art and Atkins Museum at ! 1 o’clock Tuesday, April 20, for an in- 1 formal discussion on "Pottery of the Six Dynasties and T’ang Periods, by Amendment 14, "Definition of Citizenship ” Amendment 15. "Enfranchisement of the Negro.” Amendment 1». "The Income Tax.” Leader, Mrs. Lee Samuels. _ ... I The Women’s auxiliary to the Retail Druggists' association of the two Kan- o’clock. Mrs.“ Fred L. Lee will present the program. "Life.” The Buddies Friend club will meet at 10:30 o’clock this morning at the Hotel Baltimore. Mrs. William Prettyman will preside Election of officers. The Sunflower club will meet with gglsts' association oi me i,wu xjie ounuuwer ciuo sas Cltys will meet at 12 o’clock at the Mrs John Shanahan. 3518 Garfield Bollerlve hotel. Mrs. W. H. Waydellch avenue. Roll call answered by current will preside. Luncheon will be followed; events. _ ^ ... * ♦ bv a card party. Chapter AV of P. E. O. will meet at e 30 Downs and Mrs. J. K. Frledebach, hoet- esses en’s Needlework Guild, will meet to night With Mrs. H. F. Whitman, 516 Hardesty avenue. Dinner at Alpha chapter of the Philokallan; society will meet in the Municipal j Auditorium at 7 o’clock Tuesday evening. Miss Evelyn Young, educational director, will present the sixth lesson ,_________________________________ of the Philokalian manual on "The Value of Social °ra“sJ" S' m'y Davelopment. Miss Marguerite Be f Thn C1 —Photograph by Emery, Bird. Thayer. Miss Kathryn Lyons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Lyons of Merriam, Kas., whose engagement to Mr. Conrad A. Pflumm, also of Merriam, is announced. o’clock. The business meeting of the Business and Professional Women s club will be held at, 7 o'clock tonight at ths clubrooms. 1008 Walnut street. Elee- ; n Clara Barton circle No. 33, Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic, will meet at 1:30 o’clock at 912 Grand ave- The Sewing circle of the S^^ ^rder StoCbSS* òSS avenu^ Covcrert dish luncheon at 12:30 “ chapter EG of P. E. O. will meet at the home of Mrs. William Temple. 3526 j Luncheon tó Brooklyn avenue. Assisting hostesses, ; meeting at 2 mV£c E. Brotherson. Mrs. O. LHous; The Progressive club of Kansas cit* - — — - «*-- -------*• 1 n~'—'— —, will meet with Mn 12:30 o’clock, o’clock. lev Mrs. G W. Gunn and Mrs. Stewart! Rebekahs will meet with Mrs. DorothV ; Semert, 3549 Genesee. Luncheon • O. M. club of Elyslan Cal- j 12:30 o’clock will be followed by Taylor. The D Genesee. Luncheon »v O clock WiJl ho fnllnn,»! i? “* Chapter EG of P. E- U 1 dron~wili meet at the home of Mrs. I business meeting. 10 o’clock with Mrs. A. ; st n Gortion. 619 Brighton avenue. The women’s auxiliary, Ancient Orri#» and. Mrs.^ D. _L. Hajrlngton^at 17 ^ Hazel Steele and Mrs. Alma Hu- , of Hlbemns will have regular ¿5?* •t the Knights of Columbus hall ________ J—HHKWI ____PMiP ........ ................„ ............... ............................! ««in mirmmt at 12:15 o’clock West Sixty-ninth street. Book re view by_Mrs.M.H.J>^VauH. ^Luncheon . “•^e”,niimble club of Harriet .Dame ¡Main street. : tent brig, assisting hostesses, e Thimble club of will meet at the home of Mrs. io u viuwä. ■ . 4-hä aiiviitarv to i ousannc itiriiLc ? The Choral club of the aiuxilUir,w | luncheon MrS. Vera Eleraan and Miss the Railway Mail association will me , LuJa Barricki asgt8ting hostesses. THURSDAY. for rehearsal this mornine at the home & Fox. 4334 Chestnut avenue. Mrs. Elsie Mountjoy,„director. Chapter EX of P. E O. will meet with Mrs. W. K. Atwood. 1023 West Thlrty- eighth street. Mrs. J. C. Bond will speak on "Women in Radio. , The Junior Soroptlmlst club will meet at 8 o’clock tonight at the home ; of Miss Sarah Curl, 3331 Wyandotte street. The assisting hostesses jylll be | The Pleasant Hour club will meet at the home of Mrs. Woody Randolph. 6815 Cleveland avenue; luncheon at 12 o’clock. Assisting hostess, Mrs. Jack Nelson. . ... The Josepha club will meet at the , , home of Mrs. A. C. Butterfield. 132 * Spruce avenue, for a luncheon at 12:30 ¡, o’clock and a business meeting. The Gracchi circle will meet at the j Newbern hotel for a 1 o’clock lunch- The Book Chat club will meet at * o’clock at the Hotel Muehlebach Th! musical program will include number* (Continued on Following Page.) MrT8heWMo» groupo? theJJn^ Fed- | lion ^officers wlii be held and annual re^reV^tsHd^wnY meet^aT^’clock —Photograph bv Thulane. Mrs. Henry G. Schneikart, who, before her marriage yesterday, was Miss Virginia Katherine Crouch, daughter of Mrs. Ellie C. Crouch. eration of Women will meet in the Sunday school room. 913 Tracy avenue. Mrs. Maude B. Po-ter, parent education leader, will talk on ''Home Life for the Family.” Mrs. N. R. Dernier, chairman, will preside. The Womens auxiliary group of the Unity Federation of Women will meet at 2:30 o’clock in the chapel, 913 Tracy avenue. They will continue their study of women of the Bible and Mrs. Mary L. Galgano will talk on "The Romance of Ruth. Mrs. Mildred Ocamb, chairman, will preside. The Hyde Park circle of the Child Conservation league will meet for a 1 o’clock luncheon at the home of Mrs. M. W. Mauer assisting hostess; Gershon Hadas, guest speaker. The G. N. G. club will meet for a 1 o’clock luncheon with Mrs. W. J. Kamberg. Mrs. George Liddle, assisting hostess. Hesperia Ladies Sewing circle will have an all-day meeting at the Masonic Temple, Ninth and Harrison streets. * KRIPPENDORF ‘4 Spot Comfort' D5 George Jakobe. 3027 East Thirty-second street, reading. street. Mrs. Leo Graham reports or committee chairman will b®' at the home MM« I- BT Sanborn. ¡814 given. Sterling avenue. “The Semper Fidells club will have a chapter DO of P E. O. will meet at ^ .................... luncheon for members and friends at j the home of Mrs. R. J. DeMotte, 644 j R Hammond. 338 North Van Brunt j wm SDeak on “Overland Trails. 1 o’clock at 6 West Armour boulevard \yest sixty-ninth street. Mrs. Roy E- boulevard, will be hostess at 12 o’clock WEDNESDAY. -* Gordon B Wood will conduct the Dlckersoni assisting hostess. 1 ' “ “ ..........................* vvc‘^ Section No. 2 of the Christian Women’s council of the First Christian church will meet at 2 o’clock at the home of Mrs. Thomas E. Burgess, 3218 East Eighth street. Mrs. John J. Riley Mrs. v.—— ------- , afternoon study on "Conservation or Our Natural Resources.” The Deo-Duce club of Adah court. Order of the Amaranth, will meet at The Art and Literature club will verforden, Miss Ethel Hoehn and Mrs. j mcet at 10 o’clock'this morning at the vrr Hail DmiGlnss C. Louise Hoskins also will participate home of Mr,. A..O. Long. <00 Weat “theprogram' 1 «-p- e o- *» fmSer™?l’ciu;K,fsr si" The B'nat B’ rith auxiliary No. 158 of the home of Mrs. H. S. Holliday, 2422 ine « nar m .run w ♦«-I Park avenue. Business meeting. Covered dish luncheon at 12:30 o’clock ìii kA™ “citi will meet at./o' Park avenue Chapter EG of with Mrs R. M. Wrigley, 42 For the bridge tea to be given by Fifty-eighth street terrace. Mrs. J. E. the Kan.*us chapter of the Delta Upsilon fraternity Friday at the Power and Light building, these have made reservations: Mrs. Rov K. Dietrich, Mrs William Prctty- Mrs. Ashley Taj lor, Mr?. William Grohne, Mrs. W. F Metningcr, Mrs. Guy Shoemaker, Mrs. Harry Kuhn, Mrs. W. H. Scott. Mrs. A. N. Jackson. Mrs. Chester Smith. Mrs. Horace Ward, Mrs. Edwin Jewett. man, Mr? E L. Alter. Mrs. Winifred Evan*, Mrs. Frank S. Oretsinuer. Mrs. James H. Mickey, Mrs. P. H. Hawes. Mrs. Rudolph Hircti, _______________ Mrs. Albert Wolch, Mrs. George Krrdolff, Mrs. Robert J. Clark. Mrs. William Howell, Mrs. H. D. Manning, Mrs. A. N Jackson. Mrs. J. A. Hooke. Mrs. Clarke Adams, Kurikler. assisting hosto^. Mrs. J. W. Pnrkcr v.ill give n book review at the afternoon program. Luncheon at 12:30 o’clock The Literary Review club will meet at the home of Mrs. J. I. Compton for : n 12:30 o'clock luncheon. The pro- 5 ram will be In charge of Mrs. W. T. amison and Mrs. A. L. Punton. The Woman’s Board of City Missions street. The program: 9:30 o’clock, board of governors. 10 o’clock. Fuller unit, leader. Mrs. George J. Erskine. Subject. “History and Floral of the Western Trail." Speaker. Mrs. Frederic Halstead. 11 o’clock, inr.tructor, Mrs. Carolyn Benton Cockefalr. Subject, "The Modern Woman.” 12 o’clock, luncheon. Hostess, Mrs. Dietz, Lusk. 12:45 o'clock, parliamentary law, Mrs. William Zimmerman, instructor. 1:45 NQatn?£ dMr°«'i meet at 2 o’clock at the Hotel Phillips. » ~ * ^ternwn_meeting. Mr. . goard meeting at 1:30 o’clock. Mrs. Li. E. Fo.ster, Mrs. B. AV. Dwight find p r immcli* will socak on. ,,Art. in Mrs. H. S. Gibson will give 11 n^usicai = pjower Arrangement,” and Mr. Gill program. Mrs. J. W. Coots will review MlUer of the Kansas city Art Institute the book The Last Puritan, by San- wjll Rlve a talk on -xnterior Decorat- tayana. Mrs. J. R. Hammond will pre- ing » Muslc by Miss Helen Jo Immele sielp- ... ! end Miss Joy Brunner. The Edward H. Shaughnessy auxiliary colonel Roosevelt circle No. 42, La, will meet at the home of Mrs. G. A.1 dies of the Grand Army of the Repub- Huff. 2216 Lister avenue. Luncheon at llc wlll mPet at 1:30 o’clock In room aw~„, o’clock. Sewing. Mrs. Lee C. 202. Y. M. C. A. building, to The’ Tne 7 Merrell W C T U. Mrs. Smith wil assist Mrs. Huff. Adella club, O. E. S.. will meet at the r H K nil Ip rw i 1 Id reside Mrs. C. C. Mlznah Sewing circle will meet with ; home of MrSt Emma McBride, 3435 Eu- HpiiRpli wllf sneak TTie general topic Mrs. Ethel Butterworth 3931 Walnut, clld avenue. «ini hi “Whnf^Youth Wants to Win.” street. Covered dish luncheon at 12:30; The Women’s club of the United Mis AJthen HardV will eive chapter 1 of o’clock. Business meeting at 2 oclock, commercial Travelers will meet at the “fie Alcohol sK" A socfel hour! The Bas Bleu club will meet with Ambassador hotel. Luncheon at 12:30 Tlie Cliff Drive branch of the International Sunshine society will meet for a 12:30 o’clock luncheon at the home of Mrs. Edward Kraeis. 426 South Van Brunt boulevard W. C. T. U. announcements: T»es- dav- Mrs. C. C. Hensell, 3817 Indiana avenue will be hostess at 1:30 o’clock of the Methodist Episcopal church, j o'clock, regular meeting, fr South, will meet at the institutional j church. The executive committee wlll i meet at 11 o’clock, the various com! mltteos at 1 o’clock. Board meeting at 2 o’clock. Mrs. Fred A. Lamb will pre' side. The Webster club of Kansas City I will mcet at 7:15 o’clock tonight at I Loretto academy. Mrs. Norman P. I’he board of manager» of the Federation of the Child Conservation league will meet at 11 o’clock with, «vntions — Mrs. O. C. Peterson. 7401 ^Wyoming. • the de*<fr‘<^ ~T^e Syllabus on Luncheon at 1 o’clock. Mrs. O. H. Law- give ine iwauii _ T „m by esses. The Alpha Delta Pi Mothers’ club Gordon will preside. Tire Council of Methodist Episcopal Women of the Kansas City district wlll meet at 10:30 o'clock this morning at the Grand Avenue Temple parlors, third floor, Temple building. The Kansas City Athenaeum announces these meetings to be held this ternity will meet Tuesday for lunch- ^ clubhouse, 900 Linwood eon at the home of Mrs. A. Dcaring, boulevard: Monday —10 o’clock, meet- 347 Norton avenue ing of board of managers. Tuesday —10 ___________ | o’clock, Mercy hospital sewing. Wednes... ... day—9 o’clock, French class, Mrs. Mrs. M. H. De Vault will review Marie-Germalne Aldrich, Instructor. will mcet at 12 o’clock tomorrow at the home of Mrs. D. C. Kemp, 3512 Benton boulevard. The Mothers’ club of Triangle fra- rence will preside. TUESDAY. Chanter CF of P. E. O. will meet at the Brookslde hotel. Fifty-fourth street and Brookslde boulevard. Mrs. R. W. Wells and Mrs. John Lon-sdale. hostesses. Luncheon at 12:30 o’clock. Program: ‘’Needlepoint and Tapestry. Leader, Mrs. Carleton Armsby. The Art Studv club wlll meet at 2 o’clock at the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art and Atkins Museum. Mrs. George T. Payne will give the lesson on “The classical Rotunda. Election of officers. The Kansas City chapter of American War Mothers will meet at 1 o’clock at the Hotel Muehlebach. Mrs. W. T. "The Golden Fleece of California,” Programs will be presented at 10 , prVsldent. bv Edgar Lee Masters at 11 o’clock o’clock in the departments: ¿ri-~Mrs. The Juiia Porterfield ° _. . ___, . i______Burton S. Dow, director; Mrs. J. L. Friday morning in the parish house Donnell, leader. “Gallery Topic,” Mrs. I ———— Of St. George's Episcopal church, Paul Emery. "A Day In Spain,” Mrs. f Linwood boulevard and Flora avenue. Horace G. Pope. “Seville Cathedral,” _______________ : “Architecture, "Statues and Palnt- ... Itfl ^ , nvn . I% ings." Current Events— Mrs. George W. W OMAN S CLUB CALENDAR, fuller, director Mrs. Arthur Schopper, j leader. “World News, Mrs. Robert L. TODAY. The Yosian Hiking club will meet at 3 o’clock at the end of the Northeast car line for a 2-hour hike. The Young People’s Service League of St. Paul’s Episcopal church will meet at 6 o’clock tonight at the church. The Rev. Richard M. Trelease, speaker. Supper. MONDAY. The Emma Lard Longan club will meet today. Mrs. George S. Coleman will preside. Followinc discussion of current events bv the members, Mrs. Charles F. Tobias will talk on two of the privilece motions. "To Recess" and “To Adjourn." Dr. S. W. Longan will «peak on “Reconsideration." The board of directors of the Minute circle of the Webb. Permanent registration will be discussed by Col. Frederick E. Whitten. History and Travel —Mrs. I. Claude McGee, director. Mrs. W. B. Jenny, lender. Subject, "Switzerland, the Classical Land of Natural Beauty.” “My Impression of Switzerland.” Mrs Otto P. Higgins. “Swiss Song,” Mrs C. S. Ege. "Visiting Switzerland,” Dr. J. W. Fifield. Hostesses. Mrs. Albert J. Hochland and Mrs. Lee Haynes. Young Matrons —Mrs. Irving J. Eagle, director. Mrs. Emsley T. Johnson, leader. 10 o'clock, business meeting; 10:15 o'clock. English lesson, Mrs. Richard K. Phelps; 10:30 o'clock, "South America,” Mrs. George Tyson; 11 o’clock, "Southwestern Bell Equipment Demonstration,” directed and expls Ashlev. explained by Mr. Cornelius 12:45 o'clock. FOrvm and In Circle Friendlv house will have its April ternaiional Relations Class —Forum Mrs. meeting at 10:30 o’clock this morning James A. Landrigan. presiding. Inter- at the settlement house. Mrs. R. J. national Relations Class. Mrs. Lewis E. Klnzer will preside. Rhoads, chairman. Music, "Aubrey The Gamma Phi Beta Mothers club Waller Cooke Ensemble.” A brief an- of the University of Kansas will have nouneement by Dr J. W Fifield. Suba luncheon meeting at 12:30 o’clock at Ject. “Touring Alaska.” A brief review the home of Mrs. A. B. Walter, 5828 of women active in international af- Specializing in eye examination and distinctive glasses that "Grace the Face." OWEN VAIL mid Associate Optometrist 1111 GRAND AVE. au, lal* hour' The Bas Bleu club will meet with Ambassador hotel __________ „nil fr.iir„r tho nrntrrnm Mrs Charles Mrs. William E. Carson, 328 North Fif- o’clock will be followed by a business Minti? 4134 Locuflt^treet will be host- teenth street. Kansas City Kansas.; mecting and card party. Mrs. L. L. ^ the Neal Dow W C.' Lunchcon at 1 o’clock. Subject fo. | Smith and Mr«. L. C Montaom^ry, host T U Mrs A L McKenzie will conduct discussion. “Man the Unknown” T. u. Mrs. a . c c wnlock wiU AHxis Caroi.' Leader, Mrs. Lome Buchner. The Women’s Lake Tapawingo club will have a special meeting at the home of Mrs. D. W. Gist. 4020 Morrell avenue. Covered dish luncheon at 12:30 o’clock will be followed by a business meeting iluiw£prinqs Ctothes Cascades Careful Cleansing gives your garments a new lease on life Alcohol.” Mrs. Fannie L. Taylor will talk on "The Temperance Education Campaign—Our Responsibility. A social hour will follow the program. Mrs M. J. Lang will preside. Wednesday Mrs. ¡'hone for Prices Choral club No. 1. Veterans of Foreign Wars, will meet for rehearsal at 10 o’clock this morninv at 1217 Walnut street. Mrs. Ethel Lee Buxton, director. The Oak Park branch of the International Sunshine society will meet at 4736 Foreit VA. 444)0 C ascade L aundry V v . At every step from morn ’til nite there’s joy and satisfaction in Krippendorf Foot Rest Shoe . $7.85 to $8.50. SHOE CO. r «..I Just West of , 31Z E. 11th Telephone Bldg. VI. 8^40 4 STOP HIS Excessive DRINKING If your husband drinks too much stop him before he ruins both your lives. Give him Tescum Powder in food or drink. Tescum is tasteless. 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CSt I» I »* ft ____________SI.SI * 11 PERM Â N is N T Sí $‘ VIOLET FANNING 1130 McC«. ni Floor. HA. »7« < 50c Beauty Shop Supplies As Low as $3.00 a Month pn Your Light Bill Kansas City Power & Light Co. Baltimore at 14th St. (GR. 00t>0) Country Club Plaza (WE. 7116) North Kansas City, Mo. (NO, 1463) Overland Park, Ka«. (OV, 180) ROS ALEE4 K v»rar“"' Croqulgnoles, SI BETTER PERMANENTS, Spiral or *4 Croquignole, guaranteed, complete UP Featuring round or flat spirals. ?»41 Prospect WA. 170» ?»04 E. 1*11» WA. IMO tl’iO E leth. CH »!*•» SHOPS X Fave Barnhill. Mur Beautiful Oil Permanents, SI.50 up BARGAINS iq Rebuilt Equipment Complete Beauty Parlor for 2 operators $250.00 up Permanent Wave Machines, 12 Heaters. $50.00 up Dryer, $10.00 up HECKEL BROS. 807 Main K. Mo. European Hair Shaping and Paragon Hair Tinting by Miss Furrow. The finest quality of hair can oe made into a per* feet coiffure by this method. Tinting to perfect individual complexions. S ue 0‘Bkess UA. 1900 305 Chambers Bldf. Announcement THE PERFECT COMBINATION! A Zotos Permanent—No Machine! Ana Steam Finger Wave—No Hot Dryer! k A I II It’s New! It's Differ»"' Marybelle A new beauty parlor has been opened in the Hotel Maddox. Careful expert, sanitary service in all branches at reasonable prices. Come and get acquainted. Shampoo and Set, 50c Permanent« (Spiral or Cro«.} *2 Un w*Te*1»* Stars—Duart Permanent. „ HOTEL MADDOX BEAUTY SHOP -° ? Hollywood « a RH <WILMA SAMPSEL, Proprietor and Central Sts. Phone VI, 14th 9855 bers Bldf. HA. »ermanent. Personality Restyling .......... $4,53 PERSONALITY^.^ ^ Beautiful Tinted, Framed 8x10 U Photograph free with 2.50 penna- Health and Reducing $f PA *** Baths. Ladies exclusively I ivU The famous Myra Deane cosmetics from a physician’s formula. Skin analyses and deliverv service free. 801 Shukert. 1115 Grand. GR. 2850. For Longer Lasting Waves Ask ¥ o u r Beauty Shop for THE TONIC WAVE SET—DRIES FLASH FASTE J READ AND USE 8TAR WANT ADS TO TELEPHONE THE STAR. CALL HA. 1200 80' Distributed Main St. bv HECKEL STREAKED. FADED HAIR , Inferior Hair Dyes removed and hair tifuljy retinted. Mr. Woodward, Specialist Scientific Specialty b S. ha . «1! PEARL ROUSII NO TWO STYLES ALIKfc Because each personality ts different! Let us style you an original coiffure! BERKSHIRE BEALTY SHOP ai s. 102.1 Linwood. VA. 8820 PATRONIZE THESE UP-TO-DATE SHOPS EVELYN, INC. V«? Lrerything um need tor the beauty shop. Dependable. Call n* for personal servire. ________FRF»!! COMPLETE STOCK. Geo. H. Weyer, Inc. Beauty Skop Supplie» and Equipment. 1219 Main St. HA. 1370 Beauty Shop GRand 8787 *01 Chambers Bldg., l2tb and Walnut. Custom Permanent Wavei. all standard methods and maehineless Kalor. Zotos. Jamal and No Rav Waves. f3. *5. and *10. Earh bairdress Individually Styled! Regular S3 Permanent, with this A | gf| id (complete) ................. w I iwU CRYSTAL till Grand Downstairs A Schools of Beauty Culture Attentinn Graduates!! Training at the Tempelman School off Hair & Beauty Culture Assures you » iiitps * nnd inilepeiifl^ HA. 2050 SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY Kesjler Guaranteed Self-Setting ............ and men. No. 1111 Grand Ave.. Suite No. ¡103. 1008.10 Walnut. HA l.earn and Earn--Enroll Now. Completely and scientilicaliy equipped reachins ail lines ot beauty culture; for ladle.» Day and niRht classes Catalog ap*n **95- MacGREGOR COLLEGE OF BEAUTY CULTURE C.’s oldest institution, training women for profitable profession. , facilities tor latest methods. 13i< — K Croquignole (hi GrVnd Beauty School Pa* as You Learn. *50 cash: *60 on ..........................•1.40, P,.,,;,.l ..J :_9730 I night classes. Permanent». MARY KESSLER Æ 5 ffiil 1 Md s"“u,i'“ Mildred K. Weaver—Nancy Field* Advanced Beauty Cuitar* Our Graduate* Always i» Dentad *1 a mgnr classes, mn»»— K SUPERIOR ¿PSSLŒSiï