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Pottsville Republican from Pottsville, Pennsylvania • 1

Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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fTTTI I if 1 1 i --AV i i 1. jl jl- kj J. pkiob onhoent; POTTSYTT.IiKPA MONDAY AFTERNOON. AUGUST CO, 1S97. VOL.

XXVI-NO. 10G ELECTBIC KAILWAT RTirfCK A Jf TOSfKAY Alrt KsUSTOH aOtD OUT. iiiHfini! rarier Arvaas A at iiair iis Taw Haiiii A Fellow Cotmtryisaa StrOies the Fatal Blow. LAST EDlTlOtl rtm. a Tmkav A Kriaton.

wttn headquarters In Haaleton, and eonduct- Wdasttoa Mad. ca Uhae at tb tammr Walk. Property holder at th or.per end of the boardwalk asad ronptatat to the Scree CosBSSKta. of Council on atcvouat th track of ta PottsvJl at luaoioa; tectrie RaOway, C. bstps; pt rear tb carbaton of their propertie.

leavtof them no room for a was on to unload coal A. mki4mi hi twtr ui otjevtie ft lna- branch stores In Nrw xorsw IU I cities. nAv be- hit Stealings Reported TtsEnlisIi SFeafctag: Ulcers Keep Alocf. The 5ute Depirteent Have ITd Knowledge cf Hia. I TIUV com QnADrfAlly embarmasea.

an otytee to coTitlnu busincsa. It Is Al Haye Been Hade. A BCtlJCTi StUSGX COVBSti i 1 la Rkwral ilina rwM Thdvty Vavr tiari. Bchuylkill, county never fails to point with pride to the bravery of ta aol-diera during the bua war. Many of them, bowerer.

atifrer in ailence the woobOb they awured ta the numerou sreat battle that were toabt from It beg-inninc to the cad. Abiotic Potta-llle'a bravest who nobly responded to the call waa Isaac Kelp, who Joined Co. H. 7th Penna. Cavalry.

Ho waa conapicoooa fejrure at the battle of Ge.ttysbanr. July fc-d. 18S3. where ha received a bullat in the rlgbt breaat- It waa never located. And, of course, remained la the soldier' body.

After the war be moved to UHton. where ta now reside. leged. dectAed to Appropriate fy 1 frr MfekeeotnA to TOO HUCH INTOXICATED It BUT WILL KOT OPPOSE IT HIS MOVEriEHTS A PUZZLE were present with lab way totnsatssww- iar a hs cvx-ha-ata. chief A Serial Calhai tag 1 naiie with the German.

Polish and To lad Bssplsysa mt OtAee Coal Ca- I engineer for the iiieetrie KaUwsy Oo. THE WEATHER. re the ensuing boar comencing at GeneAllT fair lonianX and Cooler Taay. TBS HEWS Of IOD4T. rte mt Sphar Pamgva.

tray, of Souih Carolina, attacked Senator "1 Ulead In a aeoh'at Florence. 8. nrii, a UnlTWfttr Pennsyl- wu set UP" and bewiea Stibod by touch on West Bethia- MA Is Mavlr as TbaAKswe nananaa rWiw irnnbi iM almost Anythlos; Wrika-Ve TkfaaM AaAsstyatad asttawday Jtlshs TersaJa-Oa A aUniag mt the aVsardaa; BaTm Mar. Is Kw te Jan. Bawaaed la Awladlaa Can Cmwmr by'thl class of their own natk- Coaaal Gwaaral Cao Will Calted Vpm to Zjtplaia rililMBtera Cc4 Away A larra Mr of Kn Eacapo OetooUraa TTko Vara Shaaowtay Thrab TraeA-Otka Xew.

a Crwl XaAsr. tllWU-d, i ZZ.t'TZZ TWy Are JUady EadU 4 Ha owl imuw mmM walked over th disputed ground eua viewed 1b led- of rocs which If Broposed to piece th track of th Eteo-trt Co. on It way to ati. vrion bor-arh aad BcbuytkUl Haven. 1 cODBsa.ttee coooemned the rocas as beiaa; dancenma and adocxed thi aropw- i nenrramauw, mm elded success at Haxleton shortly After arriTlcz from New Tork, and to Iiinoer k.

ih nADi mi ab Tha miners tn tn Haxleton region Some tlra atro Buffered terribly from a carbuncle, which broke out In his. neck. Leading- physicians were sltioa that tltcirw avanwar WaahhirtMi. AnaL 20. Th autbori- I emm Ih.

mjalirton store aa oderiT bat BtUbbOTA I Mrauted to ran tta Una of railway on th rha Republican primaries In Luseraej were notable on Saturday lot- pou-1 tie Are investigating- frauds In the to Pottavllle, where a tor iea are tnvesumuu i c.ntn street. The firm Also cajiea upon, out no one, even the suf aerators Accede to I asst side along th fence and that th flght to for the operator 1 eM-ctrkc ooatpany be asked to remov to A dispatch from WasMngtoo to the New Tork Herald yesterday state: State Department authoritlea Insist that Mr. Flshback. who te In Havana Acting; as a newspaper correspondent. "Squlr Boyle, of TamaqsA.

committed Mike fttraprash. a Hun-rlA, fo tb murder of Adam Mortsch At Seek, this county, on Saturday eTetan. Tol-lowin; a well estAtoUabed eustoia among the foreigner. A good supply of beer Is Always provided oa a Saturday: nl-ht for Sunday. Last Saturday nistst rn Ika Mi.

of rocks 40T th demands. Th opera tore, fcow-i lerer htmseif. over thoaxht of the wound he' received at Gettysburg. The Treaaury Department. Big stealings 1 te(UMbip ticket, and Acted a A their nriviinn stven them, or to th va lust a determined not to.

I carbuncle became wioce painful, aad bis sriit. ik a laeat 24 feet reported. And th. work of. dearth- gS, flZZ eU IUie uraest ote on record a pnm7 -ta-taona -Joha age 13.

of Bristol; ls. '7, KMtld under ear. wheels at M'tucbeu frTtintMiddfcn application of the brake 2d died anortly aJierward. I ami were alarmea. last Saturdav lna; the fraud is prorreslnly slowly desit directly with thenv purport ns; io yield.

It Is 4 therefore likely tHAi in trtka will become general tn that re provided by the ordinan? r-vmg them th right Of way on South Oentr St. Another proposit-oo was to reinov th in order that none of those encAged 1 h(rM xhe firm, however. It gion. The foreign, element are In the hla daug-hter, after pleadina- with the father, was permitted to squeeae the lump on bta neck, which had grown to a fearful aise. To the aatontahment of AIL the daughter brourht out with the tiit r.n nn raoelota for this money, was do exception to tn ruie, ana boarding- Taoose kept by th murdered.

wiatorlrv la the present nrwi Ibut in place of sending- to various UU1US and who Is occupying a desk in the consular offlce and using the services of a consular clerk, baa no connection with the federsJ rovernment. Tbey further declare that they have no knowledge of his presence i except i what nas leen sained through the "newspapers. I contained a good stock or wi cover cis cracaa. poisonous matter th ballet which en place In Europe. It Is claimed they ap-1 -English speaxmg minera, propriAted It to their own use.

The their effort a succeaev Are not bevera-. had seven or hoarders, all of whom were IndBUttn tared his breast in the battle of Oettyaw Immediately after its removal that utDEMirrrx bosh. flrnV taklnx a very active part In th freeiy on baturday evening. The the swelling; went down, ana all dangei -vaa. Caritsl BIU I I mi of the I bat will not ODPO It.

renc ana piece a wire i fence wowld be reinov ad. kaooy members of th Btreet t'omaitte were of the opinio, that th P. A R. Co. baa taken too much space for th walk, but that was a matter for tafture action.

Th CowncU wlO mtmt thi evening In ComnlUH of the hoi clock for th purpose of viewing th groond and taking suitable action on th proposition of th Street Committee. Th preeeot -lines along South Ceerr St. hav been adopted as an ordinance, and it will reoutr the whole Council to enak th chana and th acceptance by The assistant" secretaries, who nave in nciu m. r-T l-- of ratal results mjsm a war. Tknalastd-Tkal Bow.

town. And they rented rooms tna nav "''Vj derer. however, was no turned up later in th renins. companion crowded around him, and direct control of-consular matters, are Mr. Kelo and hla fain it are ao over a.i iwiiii4eiiL I Hans bunding on Kac for" a .7.

aji. to atas all out Of the city today, but the Ubor- loved that thev enuM no rmmlmt fmm adtoantn- in teiugo Harrlabure. Ane. 10. There IS no street vajyamm I tina.

In tlw HaAleton atret that Of Insisted upon mm nnt rew-lv before bis arrtv- cssnates who have neon aeen say tnu wnttna; to Pottavlll friends About their the ptivjUesea of the consular Sice in terrible experience. The course taken Havana have been given to Mr. by the bullet waa remarkable, and the longer any doubt but that a upheaval 1 vauey borate 17. Ti. a'cton was -4rrwed a Pon at val 1 Valley Railroad offlce, where they con xt.

and declined to take Any mors. TveIv-yer-OKI a-ai bcvmiim lu a-m a sat un to a packet fence at Frae-L On of the pickets went through neck, holding her fart. A neighbor. Jj-iup her erita. extricated her from Itr perilous position, Edward Kearney said that Tammany ve-j'd ignore the filrir iseue and vouid use it wmH wholly on local Issues.

trai of Lloyd Wlnterteen.tBe BVaassbarg lawyer, on the chary of SeSME implicated in the blowing up of the Jojw of Lev E. Waller, has been fixed tor special term in November. -Orarle Lu ajred killed on the Northern Central Railroad at Trout Ecu near Wuliamsnort. yesterday, while be was riding on th bumpers, he was attacked with aiT epileptic- It. Ha i the track, the wheia passing oyer his head cutting it tn two.

f-. In the act of Jumping- from a moving hi at Lancaster yesterday, John Fa t-trtwm. aired of. iamar Pace, aiMDoed throiwh a bridge and sustained as injury to his snlne, paralysing ht lever body. Ha haa a wife and, twelve rianirm HUl La I i MUiin.

kii vMtaraar memwa. uMvii scale. Tonkir as jtrtaton i rmuiiui pacK it is witnoct tnstrucuons rrora or aauarnter takes pride in the fact that threatened. The newspaper exposure H.rto- frequent trip. All the cwertes ox '1 th management et tn waa hitherto stoown aa a fellow, and his friends became Insult because did not Jota them.

0.000 bond of Pnttavm. to look After their bualr I ana Lnign vmrj I concerning th approval ox me vqHnnraii. i ane Detierea an saved her lathers life. is probable that Consul-General Ieel i will be called upon for an explanation. 1 Ma Attaeka

v-, visited, and every mm; rsawub jaxaw TTae BWardtawjr Bi Wdlnr bos followed Mk out hw creVa of the Th. weeks ago It became noised 1 the men It is clearly aeainet the letter and the I Monta-omery, Ala Augr. SO. A mob Sa Cass aad Ge fee I aa -a AA nf fksB. mtSwOTllM.

lOIB UW WUfTOiniV. saw rs4 law J.i.i. snch a. steo kM-inrT Aiionwy i vwttu i- a arouna ibwi i spirit If the consular regulations, and I attacked Greenville Jail this morning, i monwealth Reeder. nirTi John P.

1 that th business connecteo wn in. toe impropriety in mm case is i ana attempted to lynch John of th bouse into th street, endeayor-Ins; to induce htm to return to th house. His fellow boarder were 7 at th conduct of Strapreato, wfe ulaxly marked on account of th ford, who killed Kranci. Barto Lloyd. El kin.

aa protection for State money Sdedd7o look force. i a naifiiMi roil in vi u. uv. i Sunday W. L.

STramer went to Shamokln on a buatnaas trip. Mnnwa matuffiB aireaar exisxxnw ue-rth wi nap. wmdmiiiv. "vit -at. lannneM tatav I qct uuum i i I a.

T. last Tveanesaay. I ne aarsocea iv vm.j Mnaat BMMBt in tn way vi tween the United States And Spain, Jo Colin left for PfcUa, this moral ng tack was repulsed by the Sheriff. Dur- the late Legislature, has forced matters aw ZZiZZLTU Vhi rm i eocurred. Many of the men Attended i and on account of the desire of the ad-1 inr the fliht th prisoner; escaped, to A crisis.

Will Reeder and Elkin. re- onWkVpB Ex" service. atTh. various churches la the ordered out the mUiti in Is the uUon of th hour here In J-VSL were not aiUsfac- morning, and In the afternoon gathered ministration to avoid grivlng Spain such Gov. Johnston 'ton children.

peerned to evade his Ota-lime inewu tb present JolliflcAtlon. Tbey showed their IndignAtlon by heaping curses upon th man. who had rerused to Jota them tn their Saturday nirhl and subsequently cilowed him Into th the onr a bustaes trip. lira. John Jefferson, of Trenton, spending a tew days In town.

Walter I. Rahn returned home from week's trio to Atlantic City. 1 a ground of aa she would anticipation of Another Attempt. i Harrieburg. 1-.

la- In groups on the hillside, wbt where Itetbooks, one con There JLirj hrnl-n were droooed tn 1 have It articles unfavorelle to her -i ni viw net-faf svoiuus. iru.u i i sitMsiiAsi wai MvniT aiRrusvi au 1 H-se Gam iw I.dl.. I conservative Republicans Is that i- was sued tor tneir arreax TT aooeaf to be any foundation W. G. Foehl's cafe, at Lancaster, by a I emanated from the AmeriCaMI Coos- mW whose description tallies with I Daniel Hut lev and stater, of Bt Klck- London.

Aug. SO. The Birmingham gun injudicious and exceedingly Impolitic to I Ktvcn aersinst ine nrra. iy for tlM. mmor that the Sheriff had been I manufacturers dealers wr notined bv I aV ih.

Ummt tar thes two men to go to claimed. immeKliateiy I k. Keen dose to 2 hat of a well-known pwx pocket- I rtM State TVnartment waa aicallV CSVaU. the All the departments of the Penn Steel I embarrassed by the premature publica- ufen1 tarf --re4 as and personal paru unknown to to tacrta v-v a ha nnal of Gllbertoav no irtins lows, Warks. at 8teel ton.

tw i tkB of Consul -General Leew X) vards shall be admitted to India. ndoeted their Bid In A aa De. offlela report In the Ruix ease C. J. wulna, of Scraaten.

waa tb guest aumimi ox inr uvtfi a-- 1 Uveir refused td approve Any Item that pending the duration of th rebellion on th frontier. itomera. ana a om wfcicK Hriar to them th 17111- I e-L- Pm veaterxiav. customers, and a bill of not an anianaa leltimAliy in-i" .11 IW art 1VU laaHtlmalt IB.1VB tin uuur. huhmu I ana.

awara Gilmor. one of th If tsa Sarah trtm- wb of tetor it reached Washington. Since aZTfed then th authorttle have been partlc- "toTOthedamouVf tmPothiS2 ularlycarefui to guard the correspond- "rT- Is aM- emm the Havana, consulate. It Is cmxed In coVnecTlon with the work of I time been don. make tlo.

P- TE7olence would ruin Tka Csar Tfcd raria. l- Btor. haa goo, lo iota oa a tMuu the Legislature. Paris. Aug.

SO. It wsg announced to- enhHDeXrd thetruand they wl street. A fight soon rouowe. upon Straprash retreated to tn wood a. After be sought A plac of safety fc warned his pursuers not to follow htm.

Tbey did. however, with the boardir.g boss In the lead. He was Intoxicated, and. not apreoendlng any danger, urged bis followers to brins back th man who for some unknown reason bAd deserted them. Straprash picked up a stone, and wbeti his boarding bos approached him threw the mtsania.

whlcn struck him square In th face, knocking bira down. Wed profusely, sad soon After was cold la deth. Great excitement followed. Th dead man was tenderly carried to bis borne John Herbert, on of McAdoO's residents, shook hands w.lh r-ottsvOi tout J. -Z: w.

pointed out- that If Consul General Lee day that the Csar wil visit Paris some I 11... KMJv moa nf IU TDy nVW. awwr-rti. plied their name to A document JT! ueTi, opemlora that they are prepared to the death of persons and tbe aeeirwe- i nas given tne jmniegra naraaa today. 1-onatabia Malooey.

of East Butler Twp. was a reproach to wwr. IZnvZtt'tolZltll out to th end bob of buildings In Japan. I eonrespoBdent It would be practically -Ura. Cora V.

Hosktns, 30 year of impossible to ruard the secret of the transacted baainawa at th court T-aboe taasera Csaavwaataav of "r.V..re1"" "T'r bacconuu'to pay" th amount of rent pM.n. nous, i i. a ar twa a-wsrden of tb county St. LouIa Aue. SO.

Many labor lead There have been rumors in in mwr 2 W. Marcs tnie-nann, xne -yf Pottsvtlle branch th I Sew Tork. yeaterday, by Jumping Into Bold rtUbnstar Get Away, Plnce closing: the ol- tOB' of Mr and Mr. W. H.

Ltchten- ers arrtved to Attend the conference of rfpcle1 ln Harrlsburg for some time action osrra. prhron. eanae from Auburn on eiaclal buatnes. a is Tampa, n. kf Aerinarton- of Korth Car- Auar- 8a One of the United Labor, which will take JhVt Reci-et art Reeder was not In ao- Brm has continued In business at Ha- hahn.

of Third and Race 8ts died at fUtbustertngexpedl- hereon the big- coal miners' strike. ird wUh theolicy of Governor Hast-I eton. Where tbey conduct a large parents' resetje oclock thia Oltcy or taovernot- 1 -a Tii fT "i dtea.ea. most remarkable Able Kw Ik. Pnat offiea.

iaa fLnal- atuso. v.yfw I 1 This was attributed to tn vov-, -v V. iv-omstina a paralysis of th Ixasrt. .7 TV but here. too.

they have been th charare of mbtuto. Uim r.m rtereland about eKhtrl Ta PJ.a-T mttMm. 1 Howard Ely. a typo of th -RepuWI-raa" ob roosas, is batilng with aa attack of rbeumatisnv. -Charles H.

Pltlsbury, sn ofRctal of th But. Coast Railway of km Mate, la vkht- i. ra t9k laaa I to isawnai. Kmmmw nearby, where be was Attended ey un. Davis, of Laasford.

And Lltue, cf Tsraaqua. He rapidly grew worse, and died at AO o'clock, four hours after the accident. The murdered man was IT xvtat. He wa released on 3 ball. mne south of -thia city yesterday on 1 nttsbursr, Auxr.

IT Incidents around J7 Vhe flfrvemor- veto of sev-1 conducting A business on rather a loos WhiCSi as com i oiki i th Fearless. A soeclal train loaoea I AT-mltf mine are not exciting. I au annareniiT. meet I Plan, ano aa a resun tn i I u.fpi March, Ma. Hi father, who I THE COAX.

with Cubans and munitions slipped out I Xhe strikers -entertained the usual I aonrovai of bis Secretary of I the Arm on Saturday were arrested on anaaced at Chic go. wa appnsed of, )ls at taa jennM Pats returned fcotn on i years Old. sad A slendtil specimen cf i a simuar cnarwe as lutit rouiTue, i naaa ano amvea noma is Saturday after pending three weeks la I physical manhood. He Is survived ty niVaut nn nua ail a Inna-1 mrA aiiila ttren- I Tt -1 -1 How much money th firm secured 1 a'nlork last evening tn lima le re th a isr PnUsaeiphMt mmoam oer fnenaa. llf go out of him.

who waa tn pna i a widow and two children. the line. Tool- train proceeded ax Ledger' Weekly KvtW th IJa aad iibird. The anthracite coal trad oulet and not a how much chanT from the the lather and tb fond ana coerninea tojarations for a week wort, wnicn tB, Quay-Hastings ftirht of 1895. Which rrota pairons not anowo, In I exneeted will be full of active opera JilLT bv s-olns to supposed to be a Urge sum.

A Haxle- John sheetx, a prominent P. R- oflS- Osv B.sasU Ta, Cleveland, where the Fearless hoM ef th mother. He waa a nephew 4 iRmst-'istkar than atav at home and I ton paper of Saturday- last says: waiting far the expedition, fjoionei rmrlns- th eceme that followed cial of reaoing, waa wwb wb day. Of tnartes mwuii. Toana xfsreh ecmdlttoa heretofore reported.

There la in I 1 A WU. I Constabl- Boyle last arrested Men end ex. who takes a lea dinar part lea-la nanllar of tb a uitie attr-un a mope the dealer tn this BICBXK wages roR mdteka. the exneditlons. is given lull credit the murderer Straprash, Quietly wandered off to tb be remained until last evening.

He sub-. notntawt him to office, that General 1 John Tonkay and John Kriston. of the hoy of much promise- He was of a kind Sr? fn tZl hitt of Sena-1 Arm of Tonkay A Kriston. who conduct EmonTipt at hls.etudjes and of pre- Racier is the hottest of Sena tir mm nf whom are said to nlaclnx P. telegraph otflca.

waa the guast of Philadelphia traend ever Sunday. for the management of this one. Large Tb Bts rs M.WlW lss Six Pr Ca ordera for Beptember delivery, as the at- a store on South Wyoming street. Tbsieociou intelligence, ns oesin "wr bodies of strange men nave peea in nnenflr arsve htmaelf CO to t-Bart- tctation is that oetor very, ton- cv tor Quay that the latter baa In the Rr.a a Tna otvenlv declared that It J. W.

Conadoa. of Paleeson, is, J- was Ataatv Bsskv' arsreant was lasuaMl be 'Kouire CJor denlored oy a tarxs cimw vi uu. Waltoa. a Coal aad Iron poJlcemaa ye ar Ilia halanna na Inlm Rawin a I kOW blttl DUt tO.lOV him. (osiers will be preoanns; to ouy auuri idw 1117 iw anwu an In aha.

tnaHa. ar. v-. aIam! wat.nMl liv-delaetlvaa and Th following- were the coUieri-s drawn th guest of J. M.

lUrrts. huit. of Hilk MiU. at th aichanta' the Leblgb Coal and rtavtsa'on ever an antl-Ousy -war arose in tn, lie would be found on the side Hungarian resident of Honey Brook. I itw ai bow ttoptng tor coitier wraimr uu uw 1 the Spanish out xneiri ana vuuium ivi im It.

was not bat he ttrye. Ed. E. Kasecaer. th eistnct mmtng sua break-up of the sotnTtier vacBTtoo 1 loastl, so own that no one vIAu ut and first hr or eptmoer; wno- cnargea inera viu larcqij.

mm 'TJSlaa-' Tmaaat- was a Yiaitur to to I made him so to th bills, but be was of Quay. The disclosures made eon- 1 a- rukfi tvon v. i aa mm ballee. They were given a hesn th. TipT I momlnc.

Loughran appeared Weaver and xarlta, had thepcers I eouaty se-t. Tkavls- with ssslstants I axrara oi ocin: av jv-r niiiA tuc axrvtva iiaw I .1.. T.a TS think 1 them credence, i ney maoe no attempt i Kiwuetoncier, r. m. al blns ri to at concealment nritfr the v-ry l't Osh Mahsaoy tJtnSm? I tooxuvead most admirably la Wust th centre of th truar care p.

anxious mood all day. Wheatnei oeorge Downes. a ssechanical enytneer 1 arrived At the county prison this axter- It was after consult toe wltn. Knator I for the prostc.rnd Attorney Ith I turned ln at o'clock this tTl.7.. ta guest of Dsn.

Lsteriy I noon, sod showed ao emotion. He e-vi- frnm Ih. maA Who lia BURO i ni k.t..MaJ nf nr. TOT me uerenoanta. rtotn anwnera "a-.

a 1 vhm nearlv tons was sent dentiy does not resits tb enormity of ou.Fm., iU.t. vuaj aiiu lu. imnrainv a La auiuuiuim i om naaiaii v.rket all -the rornnanles and July, been shadowing; tnera. ora rrotn t.a. and rate of wages Hsstinas.that signed bis name roe "A Tko Ir-i mediately for extra I

wife and son Walter, us mmWiii Inr ta xt tons, and that bis criroa aad spears ta have acted ta -self-defense. He ta about 40 years old. ClevelAnd rhat the expcditioa 8ft jp.r eanu shove basis. to thia famous document- 1 1 dutv. and about o'clock took a I of KUengowan.

were among to vtatter tma eotput waa demonstrated to he la suecearfullv. Xt (UnaaiL- la havtBar a 1 away say snd bas a wife Aad fir children In th Aa for the ueDOtr Attorney uroerai, 7- Kn, nniek araik out West niorwe- I te ta oucaa wm" mt. h. i. ih.

mouthniapa of Beutor Quay I were entirety oirrereni, neia taem unaer rJ aan) ani.l ui vtarv and Maaal oe! ai.a Meaa. Ererrbodv seemed Koehrlg. of anrxavtia. adneu inftwnra thlif moot li Cttbaa'a ua old country. He has been in this coun The match between Wm- Shaffn-r.

rf hn ih- state. The Governor's veto cf $500 ball for their appearance at court. try but three years, is a ta oarer lt a not yet known whether an mcreas New Tork. "Aug. Raaac, ara via ors to itewn.

tb of Airs. Edwin Aviiler ea thud at. OUS tO KnOW VUI WWW OH law Mat. neoole along that busy tborougtifsr cupAtton, And speaks English good. Is prices will be ordered in September.

jjrvson the Ntv Tork carrespoadent, I Schuylkill Haven, and D. Bonawlts, of (25.040 worth of extra expense bas left Kb nnaitloo nf th maoaxen the Com- I IT I n. -k. a 1 wi MT. cakbox xwiersv a a lha nffle-ra aa i -mj9 a a j.nranaon.

i. ni I wil a riTir. i it i nrm 1 1 aa Tn 1.11, v.ii.w v.a M. E. Doyl and M.

J. Lawler. of Shenandoah, were axrong- th vUltor to Hew aWsAtatsvka Cam. lie. thst subt of John Brown, adjoining th i Is loyalty to Senator Quay, and bis their mire ion.

Officer Weaver told th FxranlaaWU tb Kwttckbaek eaMaaJ town, iney oicusa j-oa-ia, ai i Bealtb fBeer Cant. 7. H. Hoaktes reporter they were out ror musarootns. "antPtlng HAvanA by General Wcyler-.

orderm. borough of "y'Virknied to aBtnma. adnneex. n. (Suae eanu.

sn, bv Ehsff ner. be bAvlng killed bis rather than consult the Interests and Theodora Lord, th Korth Centre St. atari. rewaaaU. a.

tarn a.a ra.ia at attnai harta a but Cbief 1 "XWI wantsr larger tobacconist, with hi family, arr.ved bom Kq. araj West Railroad street, Kiahoach. Michael the well knows ha. that. The officers, even particularly a so many Industrial es- than ever before, sad that the 1 seven birds.

His opponent killed six feejlngs of the man to whom be owes UWishisents heretofore Idle resum-1 tnrr. weaker, for the sol-1 snd wounded the seventh, r-1 Quit A I bis appointment as Deputy -Attorney from A Bailing uip lanmia iwta, -a, I whet Ignata now era. ace is. ano Anna citixan. tn his (1st ytar.

tealdlng st tus VtofooL were as quiet as mutes, ana Jdr sad Mrs. Fred. Leawins aad Mr. I oRowevs. area a are anecte wjia illna laat I aiaeaaa.

Cairt HosklnS vtstted th rise fi itntTBT no die under Weyler have not Wr. number of people were presenl frotu General. General Hastings, will cost nrst dam at Tumbling Run. waa taken aomg could learred save that their ailS JfclCTrhe? ar. umTried aadconseouently refuse to figbt.

There Plnerov and other parts of the him about 11.000 as one of the principals suddenly 111 last week. He waa attended maton was to search a bouse. It Is Sit? howJtS. hoTl Ta rTr sent mentxTog tVi bpaui- county There will be a return match l0a the bond. I DT P.

J. McCoy, tb rector of St, I thought for plunder. The reporter. that both Reeder 1 I eTecipa rem pleasant visit. AtUnue wUkUr.

lrerthta moaulnc and putosd City. rata arttt ha taken that tha It Is believed here wtrtck'a church en Saturday morntng. mnntnar to and fro. but Chief Da-1 t4 West, that there Is a less oemnd I lards favors We to he eni- -f 1 ln the near rutureaj jttjctov. Walter I.

Rahn, Bao I diaaaaa will sot vr.reaA and la oroer ana t-ixins wxu tnis wees imam- iiirri- 1 Amoroes vol toox a spin on na wnwei 1 instructions are explicit, snd nis 01- ten days' visit at vn. -s aoidevnic gave tmnaediat ta- -iMit at Atlsnllc CHy. has lor ehestnut than for tb Urter obwc Cuba to the mited States. The Span-1 T. mis-Ksai ta aiv, ran.

A fear also expressed In som Mrt, aisnleaaed wltb Wevler'si retarneA home sreauy otaetutd aod ta resignations to uovernor tuauntx 1 down the road yesterday, wune in 1 ticyfn certainly repct his order. trucoons to iusisrai me ptac. and aotably In the West, -that This la ewnnhaj.1 zed nr-t auiet report 1 Pnwen and John laamiren were down at 1 methods warfare. And tbfa. for th P.

R. C. At Health Offlcer Eilkaoa. of torkvine, re- k- i. MM IA atAV the that Governor Hastings Is very Indtg- the -camp ssretlag at I TtlTt AtTC hlflC.

and TlCS. nra-t. tha diia.msei entirely oUlte-rated. visorous bealta. Miss Bertha Lsngeuth.

wbo has been otourniag for three week with friends fo, will oe np-rapferu. I nant vwr the matter, and haa not he-1 Mr. and MrsjWm. wa. accompa- jroos mav seriously tnterrere witn ineiuie anncnuva 'vw suwu-i ir naoon a tion of coal when business The Cubans, as a rule, oppose an- I nose a numoev ot xpvrt wiami rx in hi Jurisdiction, and ha will take extreme care that another out break doe as occur, reta brisker as winter titw i nevat Inn.

however. Tftev ar becominr I heen hroucnt trom una. it, n- I i.a.iru i nr "-'J 1 ta thai io ox h. uind.r hrkoa, axpiir.iaa la thai "A lt OX feeling te already nrompttng soma deal-1 bjtt- against the United States feeling I already prompting some deal- Wtta, aginst the United States be- tor, M. aik 7 ThS hu Weads on the subject.

At rat. lichhack XaVdlCB pannw aniivarv. a Jn fhiiaaetptua aao jttiauatec anvf aiTbti Ba Handkerchiefs, neatly bemstltched aad turned home 00 "aturd-y 8a-r Tboy hid a dTisbTful time. They a nice. One finish, the quality that asu- 1 waa sccompanled by her friend.

Ma- In PtuiaaelDhia and Atiaooe v.y. Phlta. OQacer os klrur rvduests teat peopt ra 10 a la Mnilliaai a-" --f- IT I IPWV WTUi. IV uw amu ui uuaa- I iurr nixiiim. I cause of that country a lndirferea order lupunn.

I a .1 aha vitinlrv'a inrf aa HartaisB, of should, as much as possible, price arrived romt about hi o'clock. .1 ally retail at 10 and Uc Our ble ln store for somebody. ol their tonnage for th Cubara welfare, and should any other -SvJnport. Wm. McMullen.

John IL. rahafa welfare, and ahould any other flJ. in John Frank WadTtsser. the wtll knowa tb sarroandlngs of their aotnes. ana Frank Leonard ana oiotnin-, ni0a this lot.

my apiece, a i a vi.hanov City, wa the guest week eodliMt Assust rt and tor th vea ir country comm 19 its asst seance tnai and H. B- Keroau.a. Palo Alto. w-r. at ta hemest aad ea use all possible care to prevent th col (HISfAKOOA MBJrKXXICGS.

A new II of Ladles' Tie Bows Just of uncle. Joseph Wdunser, ef 1 Vala Rj. tae ssna ojia, eonparcg wixii icraiDM7 wiu caifcvmij ibiuicu reanectiv ameunts carried to the samth Cuban Republic when Independence 31 KW IUUK hTOCkva. lection ot decaying rnaxeriau. as xrux only tends ta Add fuel to tb dlseAse, received, at the Fancy Goods Counter, that we wilt close out at liy-c.

-each. Court hotel. Aes, Osniet WiiK of was xn alleal Aaaatlalla Orgsalisd isa: lis attained, guest of her soa John oa Mala 6U rwatraA I Tnana. law student with W. ns-arta-t fas tb "8wacaa" by BckS 1w.k I iw? I isr ITMfrerenc.

aa? ikaw laf thia emflOll Cubans have about 40.000 In the field. tenia. a CITES, POIEEOT STT 11T. Padatl raaAeal Arthur L. Shay, th prominent attor itaa Bnoemaaer.

Uhamoxin Dec- M.go I and aa soon as the rainy season Is over (eraaea. New York. Aug. 30. for Atlantic City, wher will spead a week battling with tb wvea The tecb season Is bow at Its beigt-t.

ney and county chairman, paid a bu-l- can Attend to viflted relative her on Eiurday. i Thai third brtdxe cro-alrur the Schuylkill CI Pa i.l4 l-i-rr l.M T72 Dec. Weyler Will faV all 1 Noe iaS. 72 to Joolla sftS- The "pa Sad to those deadring good fruit d- nes visit to our towa ou Saturday last. Opening.

Cloa ac. "pacified" mw. Miss Annie Campbell and Master wu- aaDlv aaw C. Geo. MlPer.

Mcr -1- ray TawTiaaa Receiver of Taxes, Mr. Charles Has- -r IM, he ow fceven fct.ra, for th new trolley I 15.1 Mr. John T. Jones and daughter. Mix Ma af Malxeville.

snd MIS tsars us- na nwif jrarouwa. -r'. aM a i ittces. in oT viniasra 01 ne i a trniin i.aa ef Gilberton. ar spcnQinx a I wilt be th finest la euality.

aad very seeca r.TI. Ml 43. 1. uit.we.i-t. a i

Pret renorts in auaines ta omc as Mtnnle. of Lost Creek. Journeyed to Cea-1 Was. now.beir tZ. I Mdo7 tVehTh-: copS: tertalned tlm.

I tloa. Other parts of the road bet wee 1 B. A St, flair Badge. I ties, the Cubans are constantly receiv- cam paced with th same tiwt last year weekwtth their grand parent air-1 low in price. will recriv a very vlew street.

lebote coasinmert of Damson Plsm David Thompson, who waa slightly In- 1 anj Deiawaj-e Cantaloupe, both of Vra wtfa ne. Donlan entertained a I injr supptles of arms and' ammunition, Canada feouvne Delaware haries PnvtnsVw he" aen- a rtillsdel ML Carbon and Connor' are being Btarfac nhl. fn a few flaa. hnatnaaS trln. disposed for a.

-n at wwra i tham very poor la for their fin Quality. omber of voting people on the G. A. R- I aad are comparatively well equipped, (rounds on Seturday. In honor "of ber I Qen- Quintin Bauderas, of the Cuban ad and ballasted.

The rails era ail laid ts very slow, in. is acruniaj mr oy tb fact tuat th dfpUcat of lat was not eompt until Nov. li. aad peopt generally took advaatsg of th flv per attending to the tTB--i Ju. Goadfaan Co.

A-U asmes sa. aauiianey aua naiitr aa." son wore among those who took In th student of Uirard la I army, with men. virtually ho'dj ixialsvllle KashviEe varting at home, i noanession of Pinar del Rio orovlnce. I Mlssourt Pacific numerous up to th archway at tne lower cad ot Ike borougn. i John Bachmaa ts still confined bis room suffering with catarrh of the sto a- Penney Atlantic t-Jty excursion yeier- at.

rroaia. 1 Bis year tm oupntai, waa submitted and Receiver Haeeler 1 a. a Th public schools opened today sfter aav moraine. Carw iwa TscaUon of two and one-half months- Cfcleag Item alt far Twaa. ready for business en August 11 and the Thorn.

OntMjmh bsd U. MM EIaCK DTCSS VtCeOOS. i-iimMt a few wreks aco St to I Northern Paciijc ach. He had neeo veax at times, trax Hunoreds or persons were atxraciee High Point Park yesterdav to listen te upper shop, to Improving rsp dly. sad I masilnceat assortxaeet In plala ofkAxhlee Club at Baelat I Chicago.

Aug. t-TW hundred Amerl- Northern Pacifio, Pref 11. nenmx I cans with three carioads of amw.t.nltk,a North western now Is somewhat Improved. Lr. P.

W. Boyer la attending him. John aouldea is now era Dloved by sC wiil be able to resum nis a i -d fancy weaves. the concert s-iven ny tne tmuu xtanu. Mr.

and Mr. John Wliam and Mr. anA Mea. fl U. Crdia.

Zt Mt- CarmeL recerpts lor tae rrst two ana m. naii weak' since ha opened ofRc ts rot eona! to e-foarth that of rh -sn- l--t year. Tb first day's work netted th of-So about tm. while laat var tatty waa coaiected i not la a slngi day short time. Vnder the new TARIFT, tbeae antil noon a was running from I TOppo-eu xo SrSnX Mali P.

Quinn at the West West branch of the drove over yeateroay to spend sunaay Jaa-ph Ptflllps. or wnxes-warre. sran-1 kra all advanced 1 per cent. Think ol itawa the picnic grounds carrying I ,1 ter.twt I Phila. A- Reading.

0 back and forth. Th. dav was aa aus 1 board, th steamer Bpledad for soine po-nt I Tnhaen Bcnut.aCiu a Dove rorresTviiie at in wtth feiativea. -a-i uir. He is runmna oumn.

buying them at 10 per cent, lea than old pricesquite sn advantage In get rn.nM m. Kinin ana wm as jveroer. Prt en in the hi-tory of the ctuo. i SVr AT -TV a a m-r t-. nV V-orn- I Rock Island oarrspher lor naawn.

uarma vToodward, attornays at Jew. ws it-ttor to town. His fries Harry Diee- the tit of tne eve per ce-ni. aiaoatani laal -aaeatld tha Office anaaeiDS leSB th -chooi Board meetiaig on wdesday SI 55 17.4 K.4 (1.4 17. a It).

1T.5 50 4 130.7 71 14 Xt 51 4 1 17.S rt it si 1 101.1 31.4 14 -4 1 1 u.t 23 7 Sh.J IS l-4 t.T S6. 17. K1.4 -71 rtt ii. so. S'.

I7. 8-I .0 30.1 I' l'S rx 14 VI K.S K7 1 4 HI .4 U. aa the members add one Don point to who a pent the past ween tn slrht seeing uMina iKa Chteauro-Cuban conttnaent ar i St. Paul tmiliif. aeoadL did the Honors who, aa irieaau.

ting- your biaca dress tr's wees, sn tberet is very erultant records aa tns ocat aatartain -a bk Rhnvllrtll HAunta. atnailr a th unamolovad. Thev en 'la ted ti 008. while Mr. Ha-e alar reporta hla lowest day work at SW.

around UufTalo and raiagara ana. timal koaM on Satnrdav evenins. The pontic crooi win open ea nexx I. a rr Don nelL brother of Thomas Amertcaa Cottoo Vnton Pactftc Western Union C. C.

Wa. w. Thorn, who haa been spend- After a tea weesa European mp xvunrar agnuiy lUl a Ktiaa-7 auvuiii. aw-au at aa nresumed the children will make trnut H. Ror Son.

for twelve swouut 10 receive pbimt i Oft per month. In th event of Cuba's freedom each soldier ie promised a kvrg E. Johnson, tn leosi threes oninm. seveni days ta ffiua. oa susasarts.

turned home. i- i tk Sfaaa4tal. Th foDowiag gentlemee bav been se home on Saturday after-1 preparation, for that da tr. Th cornpul- rrDonsen, of th Dletnct Attorney office 1-tt thl morning for the Stat Normal School. Ixtcfc Haven.

Mr. O'Doo-aeU Is sS cf SC CUlr a brightest young turned to tract of land and a sum of mvsey. 'A Bssdassaa Bteyeta. atr. Frsnce Crone, th blcvcl tns no- noon last.

He gives a very entertaining eenitnt of hi travel through points in Beary Nattr, of GJrardvUle, ts retatlwa in ory education law will be enforced this year. Wm. Brown visited relatives at Schuyl lected to re resent the people la a game of base ball next Smtntday week. Uth men. 6E3U WOODFORO TO 8KB A BTIAX.

fact urer. oa Wen Korwegtaa street, tea England. Ireland, acouano. niiea ano J.nat at lenlan rkrt for the oenent ot kill Haven yesterday afternoon, and An He savs that America is ths only been badly etrected wits tae tvaonc; "the a-ottsvlla Hoepet Tb composition Secretary Dodge, of tb T.

M. bas rone ea a week' vacatiea. and ica nn a farm somewhere is John Sherman and wif ar spending a Jw days with friends at Trsvertoa aad unbury. i Oar churches were atl well attended yniwdav avawt la. aatrarat mm I ea at ions Miinfrv after all.

drew Aurkpatrtca was at u-reasoaa. Me Haa AaAawrtty SsMk flee Owr of tb club aaeds aa eommeat- bvery told fever and aa ass uaunee prevacti in from sroing to tb rtckes of th Vhah pret Tena c. I. Soger Ref Chic go Gas Am. c-nirit Co- Pref.

Am- Spiries National Lead Kdhton's Manhattan El I', a. Kan. A Texas. Boot hern y. South era Ry.

Com. man Is expected ta ma a a some ran. Ulrs. a fries aa. sniiiKr ma im i Pottsvlll to vhrit her pareata.

tna aanahbtarhood of Auburn. A MW yarkvtna will positively be no cisspnoint- mrnbart wrtn via It blm Washington, Aug- J1- General Wood SBjoyed axcotlent atrraon. from aa efll- Borough Council win meet la monthly ment Adm'aa oa. cants Jacob -hoe-n. Th onenanoeen rTajTriceui.jcai eta-social ion have organised for the com Ins; .1 In.

onaocmw making ta trip ea their ford. D. S. Minister to Madrid, starts Root. r.

Potter, troaa. f- uevta, aaatsioa on aaonaay arenimr nexv uw is. oent corps of minvsters as may twinA tn tha eal rurlnna mr ir nuY, i northwest, aaa oeetoed to max enaaaeled bicyclea. wtlch be ha Jas piacad aa exnibttion. Tb bacycl ta o-a of the moat Matlaos ever tarn ad out by Mr.

Crona aad beside having a I modem empterraeBt Is eowtpwad wtua Ivory tip oa tb hand's bar a. wm. Ieckie-. rt. r.

latu-r. sa from Paris for San Sebastian tomorrow cars: President, p. p. I). Klrrn: ice I Tha St Cl.

i- ajr-ta fhnetta a quorum will oa present. School Board will also hold their re. ot t. Wsamer. of tie Sprlnrtown.

Pnaiiaat rnariea PovinsKt: ireMBree, to nresent to the Queen Regent -tae Shearer, li. w. Kriaer, J. H. terbey, K.

H. Bergeeaaa. C. J. Shnmway.

Chaa. Darkt County. Ttn-e. Is vianiag hi rsmnnaTtion of th State Department 'Haw her Charles and sister. ular monthly meeting oa tae aam Otterbine and Charfe Lots Ckdeavg- Oa-ta- Wssley: while the Executlv Coramlttea uaa 1 1 it Jones.

af tawn. He inepacted to, tha andtnar of the Cuban war. Wood Tke LUdarfcraa Day Ow. Opeet'ng. Oeedng.

sr Harry m. vtaeiay. j-aui nvuca were among the tide of excursionists to th "RepuOUCaji pie na. ara napu F. Kear: rata vtrs.

Koot. Aiuson. Khaber Wilson, B. R. BddaU, m.

C. Fox. John Finney, Wm. Cowan, A. J.

ShortaJl. Wm. U. Taeaglliag; Alaa. Duffy, Frank KnltU.

-M4 h. Haeennurn. ford's Instructions are qennite ana con-1 lAnn aa i The bom of Jane J. CoakJev. of i rhaT.btntna I Tornorrow win be a gala day for Atlantic Ulty yean eroay.

Our schools reopened for th fall Dec C1UB2TWV aratraaawa. tb -ita ieh kfaha itraat. was mad hflotrr on -tZ--tha aaaer which carries th I IJederkrans. Tb members. him to secure a positrve repiy ai aa this mornins with Isrs attendanca.

Saturday morning when a daushter mada her aooearanc there. Mother and and It Is booed th teachers and scholars people la this" SI. 4 14 1S.I new to thousand of bat evaoioe held th first rehearsal ta jwaca Mmjrtyra of the Arena." This a te be th (ISO competition piece at afaksnoy CHv oa Nov. th. Sehte McDonald, of Mill Creek, called your correspondent on Saturday and sested h'ca to etBohstlcalv e-trdlct tt meant published la th St.

Clair tesl. th effect tt will shortly rry a youBg lady of town, lit MeDon-Ji feel Justly tndignaat that such sa jrticle should appear la print. He and yotm- lady named are total straag- each other. Archia haa demanded rjlat1oa. aa bas Also Miss Mul- early date.

If Spala rails to respond aatiataetnrilv in the rrelimtnary oego- wrytAlag tratae. Lata dispatches received at' tb "Ra- hav been txiutsally benefitted by their i vt aea tatiAeiad aa dotnar wall. Cora. Sept Oats, Set T)(J4S county. i thew- wlva and aweeJjetH, and several hundred people eccompanytn.g them, will take a trip rr the famema Switch-Back and picnic at Giea Onok While tw of ex-Supervisor McGwire' publican" office this afternoon state 7 HI 1 ST 4 8 4 C- summer- vacafloa.

and will eater apoa their duties with renewed visor. Th Tork Farm colliery will work to tiattona. It is believed vaooatorus n-structlon are to autborlse him to let aha. Ananlak OoTerBttteal understand at Caw Piaaat. children were playtog in their hack yard a fianmiar thev were almost drawn that everything is quiet rn ine xxaxie- Jt will le a day of great sport, Aad ea ta IH aa at war aiwi aa-aaa v- morrow aad Friday of this week, maklng Lard.

Pept nvl' iMank aJontajr. the well knows ix I .4., c-i-. toa retrlon. No Attempt bas been mad hta a mine breach. A neighbor seetns: that th United States Government will I to stoo tb other cotllertea, It Is ex twe days raaner Backer, the tailor.

wfTI ta a Le -a dealer of TorkUlost a vluabt tow th morilftr wIll rvr-ter some their peri Ions position rushed to their sld Just In time te ssv them from ser nected. however, that th strflt will 1 cmnhr bv being drowned la a not permit anything to intervene snui tb matter Is finally disposed of. A--atatant Secretary of State Day w.U days ratnora to three door a hove hi their choicest vocal aelecticTiS. fotb at I October rmant nlaew. of realoenc which tm at I spread a carsw innivrj tuaaa n- i hrearn Bear 1 OT I arm rouieir.

ious injury. rkaraa Otitnn esine down the Glen aaJ on th trip. Trun tcarvt a a a took after tha Interests of at a. so, aad win return at a. ta.

17th aad Market streets. I pected. New developments are hourly I wr Morttsg' cows wander around th Th pcnic of th Oood 7ntent TVrm What, tbey. will no oa I irisld la that locality, sot withstand- H'rhest. the Singer Sewing Macbln Company tn have full eharga of the conduct of the neetlaUon.

and be will pracUcatiy supersede Secretary Sherman. Va.iaalKay ana U.WI waa Well. Six Days. Ifohday, Aurust SOth. to Sasv'ay.

September i 4th. inclusive lust "six H.J Ikl. jeiatv44 ITrle MaCtsdy tng hi efforts to keep a Close watch an them. The scene of the accident ts not mammoth affair. Great preparations ar being mad by th committee ln ha rare to properly entertain their guests, and Tb Harrisburg Savings aad Loan St.

Paul N. P. John Melnwkey bas gone ro oa of th city hospital, for treatment of an in-lured arm whch has bsffl-d the phv-t- Open'ng. 1S.S rs ni- 1.4 IS.T THE COCCTBT. AssoctaUoa bas established Its business in which to take advantage of -S 1U.4 14.4 st.s 14-1 mar than twenty feet from tae rau-road track.

When trains whirl around ta aabare curve at that -point tb cow plappert' Park will witness a throng. riae. of tbts aelghbornood zor Atchison L. A Nash Reeding; pPtteaal opportunities offered by Special Clearance enle ia our city and In convenient omces. wtth M.

Mover, contractor and tKh as It never held oetora. scatter la all directions. This was the eats mr a a itt you come this week or miss builder. Room a. Mortis building.

oa APTEKKteO Disr Att'BTA Waa Vaa Ana- SB. Tt ta eoaflrmed la 1 aas oa turner. 1 cow. in getting Hen's SHoes, Par Over Pttky Tears. altogether? Centre street- fjyruB has Wall street that -aa exploeai loo ayndl- a tiata e4ttr haa aaanoalad th i Mr.

Wllllaea weca. tae General est ef toe way at ta spTwoaching train, ran Into tae breach, waica is a a few first-class leathers: correctly put to H. Royer Son. for chiidrea taethlBg. It soothas th A sent of tha aasoclat kto.

its ef th eatlr mining and real estate to- aU paba. child, aafteat tb g-ess, allay gether by skilled workmen fashioned fa the -very latest tylea, and superbly terests a- I twll. A collialon of re presents tlv ta thl dty. and will pleaaed to meet any and atl wbo may cure wind coUO. aad far dlsrrhsea, finished.

"TEXHAHN. On tha SOth mstast. Twenty -six lines: e-ry color; every deslr further iniorrnaiion rvgaruing this aasociatloa. eitber as a borrower or said to be several" haadred feet deep and fun of water. 'The animal atrus-aied to reach tb shore, but failed.

Ths Is ta second cow Mr. Moatsg bas lost within two years by falsing into mine breachea. aad be thinks the company should erect a feces around there death b. I two pas-encer Injured fourteen, twelve tSSr- only son of Wm. aed Mary aged 11 years.

4 aaoaths shane: (1.1S to (ASS a pair. At tb ADeatotrn races tUfardar last Knck. of Hinkln ttprmg. we th en mil State cbmplohip avnxt-sr Ik la tb balf-witt aite-r. Vo-lty.

of Mahanoy Ctv Intsht-d rn-e-i. Ia th en avU open McGla a's Iiaiiv-d third. KBt Caa iwty nateaata. Sheriff Macklin r-ad IwtlMnotary Eet, coatrty, wera tb gueats fkjin-misatotter Heats, Myers aad Marti t'-dsy. lAtey vhntad th ixmrt b-prison aand other jntets of tun 1 Th eiarea themselves as bsov than -bruited Wtn old tWhuj-lkiiL It teaetul surroajtarrngs aad tb bttapita-ktr vs Couaty C--i at laaaocie.

a. Tb IV'ul-Coloo BJeycle xb are fi. ravrtas; to bsvs saotaer' outing, Tne.r first ei was very wapteaaant. as It -rained dartng nowt of th time. Prtd gaetb bef or a fall.

Thar tta reason. rawha.ojy. why v-wMfi n-partur Is sa AjaansU an taveator. OTuroi. Governor of waica On next rriday evening at o'clock a s-rand Echo Meeting will Take any pair at any price, aad de Tbts association ts tfoersttnAT under days, fiveral oa Tuewdav at o'clock, from Vlrgtala.

is director aad vice president- I Elaatris KaMway ea duct It oer cent- Several members of Council he been be held tn Trialty Reformed cliab, of tb Basking Department ef oar State, aad Is prsx9tlcally and actus I ty a locai Foe this week only. rrapa. Parents reidettce, SJI Korth Third lmemaeut at Odd rUows' ceme- Kew Tork. Aug. tcrei i 71a ZTTLZi.

7. Vha alatea. mna ta 1 daacv4ottv-a of th outward trite. testitatioit; H. Poycr Son.

Stnar- Ql I Wm. laanceia, aenauaiioa I afca jHarriateurg Trust Co. Ia tae i ZL aatnaaaaee. eaS ae tpen- irataaa. "aaa UK), pwt a-onvaraataaaw, Th a hoofing match at live bards an A Wa trustee th fund aad sscurlttea of rTT I tialaattun aver On teas Of rocs.

thWaaaat enamha aaanl wo. sues KUk A. front lukoa am hi Katurdav bet wee Harry Delbert and selactad for Mr. Cbsries Mortimer, tha rants fur-1 tb as a flat low, aad It -plea fa Strict ly MhsB' Ida M- Heper, S. M.

TTp-Secoad-h-nd desk wh fiat rod ham, lA, iMaa e. B-Oea rZ aaKa. a. a. to hi Albert Barmr.

both of Crataaaa wa that reotat tn Itaaa aaiaja -w nhthtng tnaerchant. has a force of sses at I iwJdem aad up ta date ta every pajrtkc- 1 tha two hoTOtlaha dav tt KHMiaa. rev-o aara hat' 2 aJOXOW. aaraa-a IhM nvarMnf Ircrina eat th rntl.i I won ay llterT. wno suited St 1 tut now a

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