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'FRIDAY, APRIL 9. I- FINAL SERVICE OF DEDICATION EASTER SUNDAY The dedicatory service of the new Sitnctuary will take place Sunday nfternotm, when Bishop Hughes will preach the dedicatory sermon. The itervlco scheduled for three o'clock. Thin town should eonitlder Itself fortunate to have the opportunity to hour the Bishop who, out of lila busy life, has made opportunity to come here. Scoicu hnvc eomo to him for on Easter Sunday.

The vested choir will alng "Tri- umphunt Strains Arise" by Chip- mnii. In tlm morning tvt 10:30 the Easter service will be conducted by the pastor. The processional will be "0 Day of Kent and Gladness." Mr. Frank McBride will sing solo and tho vested choir will render lion- ncrs' "Ring the Joy Bells, Christ Is AHino-tnn Rloen, oncTSults, the Lord ia Risen Indeed." Enthusiastic reports are coming from all who have seen the sanctuary, us to its simple churchly beauty. Dr.

John Thompson, who nsUer morning so long ago, Friday, tho anniversary FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST Of Burringtoti, Illinois Cordially Invites You and Your Friends to Free Lecture on Christian Science By Snletn Andrew Hurt, S. Cleveland, Ohio Member of the Board of Lee- turt'ship of the Mother Church The First Church of Christ, Set entist, in Boston, Mass, In the Church Edifice East Main Street Tuesday evening, April 10 1928 At o'clock DR, H. RENNER PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Palatine, Illinois OFFICE HOUUS: Mornings, 7-t)! Holiday Mornings, tf-ll. No Hours 80 ivtiuvjr. isii wviiii M.

WIIU preached lust Sunday states that of the more than one hundred Methodist churches in the Chicago districts, which he has helped dedicate, he is more pleased with this one. than any of the others. Last Sunday fifteen preparatory members were received into the church, a splendid class of young people. Easter Sunday morning at six o'clock the Tri-Sigmus tvml the high school league will unite in a break- fust at the church. Following this at seven o'clock, they will meet in the sanctuary for an early Easter service.

The entire community, is welcome to attend this service which is held in remembrance of He who brought joy to tho world that Ens'-- of the death chiirch will observe its Hrst communion in tho new sanctuary. A quiet intimate service is the order, with music furnished by a mixed quartette. Arlington Methodist church not only has an unusual church edifice and community house, but it has been dedicated in an unusual way. Tho exercises have extended over a period of two weeks. The speakers have been men prominent in Methodism and tho presence of Bishop Hughes next Sunday afternoon, is the crowning event of the dedication ceremonies.

Architects, and builders who have inspected the building are of the same opinion that the Methodist congregation of Arlington Heights has received more for their monry in their church edifice than any other congregation that has erected a building in the last few years in the Chicago area. While expense was cut to a minimum, nothing was allowed to interfere with the acquirement of the "necessities." The adoption of tho New England style of ii-rchitecturc with the new England scries of worship, gives an impression of sacrednoss to that sanctuary that is an inspiration. The only campaign for additional funds during the dedication services took place last Sundui' afternoon when over additional subscriptions were made. The goal is set at of which tho church board is within three thousand dollars. The total cost of the im- provnrnent is $60,000.

If the subscriptions reach $40,000, there will be no interest charges upon the remaining $20,000. Naturally the finance committee is making an cf fort to reach that gowl. Visiting I'astors He-re A number of the neighboring pastors were present Monday evening, which was termed, "Fraternal Night." The congregation was pleased to welcome back Rev. F. Luwlnr, pastor of the local church over 20 ytars ago, and Ucv.

Walt- meier, one of the recent pastors. The latter is now stationed at Park Kidge, while the former Is nt Aurora. Other visiting pastors were Rev. Kossack, of the Presbyterian church, Itev. Buthman of Barrington and Rev.

Gage of Kdison Park. The latter congregation has re cently completed a wonderful new church and Kev. Buthn'in is raising funds for a proposed new church building in his town. Music was furnished by the Presbyterian choir. Village Council Holds a Meeting Considering the big municipal mprovements in the making, the Arlington Heights village board tele! a rather quiet meeting Monlay evening when only maters coming before them were of routine ntuure.

All of the members were present and following the approval of minutes the various eommit- gave their reports. The street md drainage committee reported following the request of prop- srty owners residing on Foundry load, that thoroughfare hud been scraped and graded. The attention of the same committee was brought to water that is standing upon Bel- uont and it agreed' to investigate at once. The accompanying bills pay- 'oll were ordered paid. Bills and payroll March 15th to Ust, 1928: Meyer, return 22.00 Lundmeier, return dep.

22.00 Pub. Serv. st. lights 448.20 Pub. Serv.

trnf. lights- Pub. Serv lumps A. F. Wcttcrman, repairs 1.20 Picpenbrink, labor DR.

W. P. SCHIRDING Olassew Properly Fitted SPECIALIST Eye, Ear, NOMC and Throat Resilience Ofllec- Hours: 8 in 11:30 o'clock A. M. 7 to 1'.

M. by appointment Phone SG-J Palatine, IltinoU Chicago Ofttco! Capitol State and Randolph DR. W.F. MCLAUGHLIN DENTIST Palatine Hospital Building OFFICE HOURS: AlRomiuin Tuesday ami Thursday Afternoons Palatine Except Tuesdays and DR. WM.

CAMPBELL PHYSICIAN AND SUKGKON Illinois OI-'t-'ICE HOURS! a. m. to ft. in. 7:00 p.

m. to 8:00 p- Sunday to 11 a. in. Phoni-s: Ortk-c, RoMidcncc 30 Lawyers R. PECK A Suite 170'J, Onn Hundred West Monroe Slrt-ct Building Telephone, Central OCJJl Abo Palatine I5I5-J Easter Egg Hunt Sunday Afternoon The annual Master I'ijor hunt un der tho of the local V.

post of Arlington Heights wil taku place Sunday afternoon, 1 will be conducted upon a stmlt much larger than last year. It is rumored that four cases ol' will be used. This means H(iO or I-MO egtts will bo hidden The list is now said to Ix over $''0 and more arc coming- in Tho child who finds tho. will receive something vm-y mudi worth while. The arrangements are being kept secret until the hour of 1:90 when thy start wilt be made from the office of 7.

D. Wehner, labor T. Kurtz, druyngc 0. Laiulmeier, sup J. Kerbcr, labor check vulve Becker labor E.

coal 68.00 68.00 1.00 1.00 13.56 5.00 30.8 Mueller, supplies 97.22 Vulvoline Oil oil 23.10 Arl. Hts. Fire fire No, 34 32.00 A. Koehlcr, uniform 50.00 It. Rolling, supt.

w. 72.50 A. Dieball, night cng 70,00 F. J. str.

com 70.00 F. Winkelmann, labor 28.50 C. H. Skoog, police 100.00 W. Heinemann, police 80.00 Mrs.

G. L. Parker, nurse 25.00 Northwest Band, 4th quarterly 301.02 Schugman El. supplies 10,00 Total $1717.59 The clerk was also instructed to prepare for publication after each inciting a copy of the treasurer's report in order that the public can see for themselves where the money comes from as well as how it is expended. Thf report for March, will be found below.

It a deficiency of $807.57, which is a much better condition than usual at this time of the year. The clerk was ordered to draw a voucher for $1-100 in payment for three lots secured from W. Krause for the new well and pumping station. This money will be drawn from the s-pecial bond fund. The following election were appointed: Judges: H.

W. Frcisc, R. H. Bocgcr, Albert Ru.s- scll; Clerks, Arthur Kehe, W. B.

Niomeyer, Otto G. Boltc. The board adjourned until 9th, when bids will bo opened upon a dump truck, a new well and othei matters transacted. The receipts include two items totaling $13(5 for interest on village funds paid by -the local banks. Bishop Hughes to; Speak Sunday POLLUTION OF DES PLAINES TO BE A Numerous queries h'ave come from those who arc not Methodists as to what a Bishop of the church is? Some have asked is hejikc a bishop of the Catijplie or Episcopal church? An officer who has a certain delimited area over which he presides? No.

A bishop in the Methodist church is a general There are hundreds of bishops in tho episcopal and churches. Their ten Stories? are not much larger than that of a district superintendent in church. Bishop in the the Methodist Methodist church is in reality a "General Superintendent. One of a of forty men who form the general supervisory body of all World Methodism. The Chicago area of which Bishop Hughes is Bishop in eludes much more than Chicago or even the state of Illinois.

In addition to the territory over which he presides, he is a member of the Board of Bishops which meets semi-annualiy to lay plans for world wide Methodism. The Episcopacy in the Methodist church is not a higher clergy, it is merely an order office which a man, who has shown certain talents and capabilities and who has served his church well, is elected. There is no claim made by the Methodists as there is by the Roman Catholics, Greek Catholics and Episeopaleans of what is termed succession" for the Methodist church dispite the title Riven these officials is a democratic chuich. Those who wish personal information about Bishop Hughes, should sec Mrs. S.

M. Brown, mother of Mrs. Noyes, who is a life long i lend of the Bishop and his family. Mrs. Noyes hoard the Bishop preach bis first seimons, and entertained him in her home often during the years preceding his election to the Episcopacy.

Three sanitary district trustees promised 250 members of the Izaak Walton league and Lions club 'of Des Plaines that immediate steps would be taken to rid the Des Plaines river of sewage. It was predicted that within a year the river w-ill have been transformed from a sluggish, polluted stream into one of clear, swiftly flowing "Action Before November" "There is no doubt," Walter Ken- lil the Izaak Walton league, told the board members "that the Des Plaines liver at present is ai menace to health and a Cook county eyesore. Wfe have asked-you here to extract a definite statement from you on your intentions regarding immediate stoppim; of the dumping of sewage into river." "We promise that we will use all our influence to arrange fur the sewage which is now dumped into i the nver to be taken by means an intercepting sewer to the north side sewage ticalmcnt plant," responded Mr. Crowe, speaking- for the three tiustees present. "It is certain tluvt definite steps will bo taken before the November deit tion." It was announced that the league would that all bathing in the river be stopped until the has been removed.

Many childton have been taken ill after bathing in the river, it was said. Conditions Called Horrible "This project is something Uui-l affects the health of everyone in the Des Plaines river said 'Mr. Kennicott. "At present savage i'rom Wheeling south to May- wood is dumped into the river and i in summer, especially, conditions are horrible. ADDISON STATE BANK ROBBED The AddUon State Bank at Addison, 111., was robbed by three youthful bandits at 2:15 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, the bandits, armed with revolvers, forcing the cashier, E.

G. Miessler, who was alone, to give up a reported The trio ft bandits entered tho bank and asked the cashier about subdivision possibilities in the vicinity of Atldison. Thus thrown off his guard, the cashier was suddenly confronted by three revolvers, with the demand i'or money. The cashier had his suspicions of the trio and his revolver. had his hand upon Wlien ordered to People's State Bank G4.01 A i (W tVrl.

Hts. State Bank 72.03 Spec. No. 57 CB5.00 Spec. No.

53 1100.00 Spec. No. 01 200.00 Spec. No. 05 250.00 Spec, No.

(Hi 350.00 Spec. No. 75 1000.00 Total $3761.04 ICxpumliturus 75 warrants i'ub, deficiency Condition Treasury April deficiency Spec, bond Total deficiency 2401.43 213fi.lS 80G.57 KG7.57 small tots as lust year. This is Heavy Vote In Wheeling Twp. With no opposition on the ticket there was a surprisingly heavy vote- in Wheeling township Tuesday, The excitement was caused by an effort made to write in the names of two clec- num- cly more than a hundred.

The upproxi- nude totals tor tho five precincts are: raise his hands, his gun fell to the floor. Mr. Miessler -was ordered to open the door and one bandit accompanied him to the vault where $1000 was obtained. As the men wore preparing to leave, Ed. Grause entered tho bank on business." 1 He was not molested and no attention was paid to him.

The three escaped in a Ford touring They were jo- pbited to a ch'ango of vires at a Bloomingdalo Douglas Fairbanks At the Arlington Theatre Next Week Operatic Star to Play Golf at Arlington Probably the, greatest theatrical pioduction playing in Chicago today is the Ik-sort Song at the Great Northern theatre. This star appearing therein is Alexander P. Gray, who takes the title roll of Tho R(-d Shaddow. lie has a wondcil'ul voice, which- coupled with ful acting, is the pimcipal reason why Unit show has been a i such a long run in a city in i the big revues usually ate the only popular shown. Mr.

Gray In Douglas Fairbanks' new pic- lure, Douglas Fairbanks as The Gaucho, at the Arlington theatre, Monday and Tuesday, March 9 and 10, he has tho most part he over played. A gaucho is a picturesque nineteenth century character little known to the states, and apparently destinedHo attract more than ordinary attention there as well as in South America. The scenes of Doug's plays have been veering southward; France, England, Arabia, Spain, the Antiles --and now the Pampas. The stoiy has no definite locality but is laid in tho Pampas regions at large, making no pretense at historical ecu racy, but using the picturesque environment as a background for lomance. Many years ago "The Million Dolhu Mystery," a pictumation of Harold McGrath's well-known novel, was made by the old Thanhouser Corporation in serial form.

Recently Kayart Pictures Corporation acquired the rights to the novel am 1 remade it as is feature. It will be shown at the Arlington Theatre next Wednesday, April 11, arid from icports received from different sections ol the country we advise local theatregoers not to overlook this thrilling production. In the Day's Work Tun Mississippi River was rising sullenly, inundating wide areas cf farm lands and making thousands homeless. At one of the many towns a break came, spreading ruin through the streets. A government steamer rescued 900 refugees, but the four telephone operators refuccd to forsake their posts.

Friends warned them to leave at once. They decided to remain en duty, and the exchange was the only thing in town that continued to carry on. The world hears little of "the spirit of service" until times of emergency and disaster. But behind the scenes this spirit is always present, and telephone users confidently rely upon the loyalty and devotion to duty of the men and women who make this service possible. "Get the message through." That is the daily work of the more than 310,000 Bell System employees.

ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY BELL SYSTEM One PoHcy One System Universal Service Mr. M. A. Michaeison Has Given Service The name- of Mr. M.

A. Michacl- son, candidate for re-nomination as congressman will be found upon the Republican primary ballot next Tuesday. Mr. Michaeison in the opinion of this paper is a man who receive the support of a i i hi other and i thinking voters. The that there arc few if any fact ban- an event for the; young children i lli nw commissioner: who will really find enjoyment i 1 -locating the eggs that the bunny rabbits are going to lay that morning.

The prizes should be a secondary consideration. Herman Garms 505 Picpenbrink Palatine lOAV-l; State 10-18 CHARLES HORGAN ATTORNEY AT LAW 1002 Ashland Block Cor. Clark and Randolph JOHN A. SENNE LAWYER With Cn-ttle, Wfllitinw, Castle, 1 ia W. Adtinm Street, Chicago Kvenltijt Ofl'u-p at Home, fiiUtine 1UT-J Baby Chicks Hatches Daily Write for our Sunny Croft Guide to surer poultry profits.

Sunny Croft Hatchery Phone 5 Palatine, Illinois for school i slop: John Suhocnbcck For Constable: Ca-rl Skoog Arthur J. Meyer 43R Large Vote Gratifying To the Township Voters My re-election as highway commissioner and tire confidence of the votcis as expressed at the polls Tuesday, in the huge vote they jjavc me, is appreciated by mo, and 1 want to thank all those who pave, me their support and'vote. I am more determined tluui over to make every dollar of road money bring the most possible results. I i appreciate any supfi-estions Hint may be made from time to tinio, rel ativc to roadwprk. Such intercbl in township a a i is a good omen i for the future growth and welfare 1 of the community.

Respectfully, Herman Garnis Highway Commissioner Wheeling Township Quiet Election in Elk Grove Twp. With no, opposition township election day was a quiet one in the tow prcincts in 101k Grove. No. one mustered 16 votes, which were cast for the two candidates on the Peoples ticket; Wm. C.

Wille, candidate for highway commissioner and Arthur W. Busse, candidate for school trustee. In precinct No. 2 the former received 45 votes and the latter 43 votes, making a to- i tal vote of 61 and' 59 respectively 1 in the township. classmate of George bearing the ridme of Miehael' son thioughout this community is all the more reasoii that he shouUI bu remembered on primary day.

He has no big campaign fund in back of him. Wo could say a lot about his service and ability, but our renders arc probably too busy to read lengthy campaign articles. We 1 will only say that he is a man who herger at Evnnston. They have kapt more or less in touch with each other since i a has been on llm stage, Mr. Gray will he "Hchnci-'s" guest Sunday, A i 15, coming to renew his friendship of school und to play a little golf.

Faster Sunday i the Peter's Sunday school i meet at has the courage to represent the o'clock. The beginner class wjll people. meet Saturday 'I o'clock in tin; hchool hall for'rehearsal for Sunday morning's i a Mrs. A Mi'Filhosc and Miss It is noted that King George, in selecting a job for the Prince of Wales, assigned him to the navy instead of the civlvary. GRAPHIC OUTLINES OF HISTORY By P.

F. DANIELSEN THE FAMOUS ELM TREE One year after William Perm laid out his "greene country lie made a treaty with the Indians under the large elm tree that is pictured above. This elm known as "The elm of treaty fame." It was blown down in 1810, but the spot where it stood is now marked at the foot of Shackamaxon Philadelphia. The appreciation voiced by o'ur patrons gives conclusive evidence of the character of our service. funeral PHONE 27.3 PALATINE, ILL.

HUMAN JUST FAIR CHARACTERFUL His Uprsslit Record Should Nominate Senator JOHN DAILEY ATTORNEY GENERAL Seualor Ifailry's randitlarv brings lo liplit one of the really hlron? trrn of Iho Slnlc now in public life, whose pasl re-cord shmvo -special r-ua! ideal ions for the particular ofTioc ho i For iw only-two cars lie lias as a MiCBilwr of llio Illinois General Assembly; two years as a member of the of and twenty jears as a member of the Senate. As Chairman of Judieisry under four different Democratic as well asMepubli- can, dealt witli every phase of the social and economic life of this Slate. As an orator Senator Dniley has been as one of the preatcst in the Middle West. His supeiior legal ability has been recognized especially ia ihu field of Constitutional Law. His record of le(rfs- lathc action eoneliifsitcly proves the fairness of his attitude tow-aril Chicago.

His familiarity with these laws gives him unusual qualifications for the office of Attorney General. He. lias rcli tl upon his record in puhlic life as a guarantee of stcadfas-t adherence to the pledge made by him to the voters to enforce the law without fear or favor. NOMINATE SENATOR JOHN DAILEY Attorney General Primaries Tuesday, April 10th SERVICE AND COURTESY Elect John W. Jaranowski County Recorder OHN W.

JARANOWSKI, is Mayor of Calumet City and also County Commissioner. He has had a wonderful record as a successful business man in the County of Cook and has arisen from a hard working boy to a successful business man and public official. Because of his many real estate operations, he is particularly familiar with the service and courtesy that should go to the small home owner. TNommate Him April 10, 192811 Him November 6, you to try the NEW 10 minute Paint and Varnish Remover-NOT Inflammable! For Woodwork. Automobiles, etc.

When you try it you'll prove why jff is GUARANTEED! That is if you present this ad, we'll give you-- A. C. Zimmer Wm. Busse Son Palatine, Illinois Mt. Prospect, 111,.

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