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Blackheath Gazette from London, Greater London, England • Page 5

Blackheath Gazette from London, Greater London, England • Page 5

London, Greater London, England
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BLACKHEATH GAZETTE FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 1894. If Oils it ii IB unfortunate that he did not aotpiiMoe in what will seem a reasonable request the Board that as muoh time had riooe tha proposal waa first made, and there had been various alterations suggested by him to its original that he should Btate definitely in writing he desired thai there might be no room for farther doubt upon the subject. Failing this oom- monioatian, the Board, proceeded without it, patting an end to the old negotiations and to carry out the improvement upon Mr. Story oonTeying the land as ha professes his to do. If there Is any further delaynow.tbe publio will sot hesitate to fix the blame upon the right shoulders. The Board says it is ready to do the work at onoe If "Mr. Story conveys the land. Mr. Story has been saying he is only too ready to do this. 80 now, if he moans business, the work ought to be pushed on, and this eyesore to the High-street speedily removed. It is curious te note from the statement made on Wednesday that as far bank as 1888 the Board sought to carry out this improvement, and sent the agreement on to Mr. 8 Lory, but he never returned it. A statement appeared in some of Thursday's 4aily papers to the effect that a great Conservative demonstration was to be held at Oatf ord on March 37th, when Lord Salisbury and other notabilities be present aod deliver addresses. Upon wi that there is some mistake as the Oat ford and Lewisham Conservatives know XLothing about it. A meeting ot tbe Lewiabam Vestry will be held Baster Tuesday to appoint rate oeUeotors for the year, to nominate overseers, and for the election of representatives on the Board of Looal Guardians, to suprly the places of those retiring by effluxion of time. Ratepayers, note this well. When the Metropolitan Board of Works went out of office in 1888, their rate was 8Jd. in the £. The London County Council succeeded them. The rate now demanded by the County Council is Is. 2Jd. in the £, which is 6d, in the more than the highest rate ot the old Metropolitan Board. The County Council this year takes out of the ratepayers pockets orer THBHB MILLI os POUNDB BTKRLIWO Moas than the Old Board. This ii something to ponder over, when you wonder why the rates are creeping op. The committee, who hare undertaken to carry on the day school at Southend, after the retirement sit Lady -day cert of Mr. West, the present master, hare appointed Alias J. Bradford, of Jjewisham, as mistrots. The committee of (he O.P.T.8. tor the Deanery of Lewie ham, appointed In March, 1692, hare just issued their report, from which it appears that an appeal was issued last year by the Bnral Dean asking the clergy and churchwardens of the Deanery for donations pr effertorios towards the support of the Police Court Mission, which maintains a missionary at the Greenwich and Woolwich police courts. The Deanery is Joined in this work with the Deaneries of Greenwich and Woolwich, the Lewisham Deanery is asked to provide £50 per year towards the fund. Up to the present time churches hare responded to the appeal to the amount of £11 6s. Sd and the committee hope that before the end of thi financial year the sum required will be raised. Mr. Kennedy, one of the magistrates of the Greenwich and Woolwich courts, speaks in the highest terms of the work of the missionary. He writes The Work of the Misuonaxy in this Police Cenrt invaluable. He it in daily attendance and constantly engaged in the useful wctk of recltimirg, restoring to friends, or in other ways assisting those who are brought before the Court, or who rome thtre for advice or assistance. In several oases, to my knowledge, and no coubt in numerous others, be has enabled meo and women to off habits of id 1 and drunkenness, and to became food citizens Instead of bardecs to the country. The magistrates and all who ate connected with one working of the police-court welcome and co-operate with tbe missionary, and a void would be felt were he withdrawn. His sphere of usefnlnera is gr tat, and it might be developed and extended if farther funds were fortb- -otxnlcg." In the oourse of a sensible article suggested by a rather hysterical letter on the ea 00 re nuisance, tbe Times goes straight to the root of the matter by suggesting that if popular singers and players of the day are afrafd of offending their audiences by persistant refusal, let them at least the absurd fashion of substituting something else for the music that has been encored. Let them remember," says the writer, that some 4kf the applause at least may hare been meant for the composition, not for the performer. They will probably find the task of refusing to play or sing again made increasingly easy for them, for a great many frequenters of concert) doubtless go on applauding merely in ordir to bear another song or piece." The Croydon Corporation offered for subscription £300,000 in per cent, stock at per oenL and the amount applied for amounted to no less than £1,244,530, while the srerage price obtained for the stock was ismasti as £100 Us. id. This is the most successful issne of Corporation stock that has ever, think, been made, with the exception of course, of those made by the Land on County Conn oil. Tbs sum of 100 guineas has been given by Lord Burton to tbe Restoration Fund of SL Saviour's, Southwark, towards whioh a large sum was, a few years sfnoe, subscribed in Sydenham. LordBarton 's gift, however, seems likely to lead to some unpleasantness. Mr. W. A. Edmonds, a prominent churchman, of Clapham Park, and a member of the ossau Conference, has written to the Bishop of Rochester, as chairman of the Restoration Committee, protesting against the acceptance of this donation from "a man whose life has been spent In the manufacture and of intoxicating the greatest curse to our country aud whose money has been obtained at the awful ooet of tbe ruin of both bodies and souls of hundreds of sunda of hii fellow men." There will be an exoeilent programme for the srrand fete to be given at the Crystal Palace tomorrow (Saturday) after the Oxford aod Cambridge bo it raos has been rowed. At one o'clock a magnificent show of spring flowers will be opened. At tbret o'clock there will be a performance of Gounod's "Redemption," with an exceptionally strong cast, including such distinguished artistes ski tffw EUa Russell, Miss Marian McKenrie, Mr. Edward Lloyd, and Mr. David BUpham. At six o'clock the military tournament, whioh baa proved an enormous will take place, and at eight o'clock the SL Patrick's Day promenade concert will be given, with such favourite vocalists as Miss Lnoile Hill, Miss Meredytb Elliott, Mr. Henry Piercy, and Mr. Charles Manners. Two concerts will bo given at the Crystal Tal Good Friday, one in the afternoon and another in the evening. In the afternoon, Mtss Anna Williams, Madame Clara Samuell, Miss Damlan, Mr. Edward Lloyd, Mr. Ssntley will sing in selections from Gounoi's Redemption," Handel's Judas Maooabsus" and Theodora," Mendelssohn's 'Elijah," Rossini's Stabat Mater." etc; they will also sing asored, songs by Beethoven, Gounod, etc. The vast audience, led by the choir, united bands, and organ, will sing the Old Hundredth Psalm, Onward, Christian Soldiers," and the Bvening Hymn. In the evening the combined bands of the Grenadier Guards and the Crystal Palace Military Band will play a sacred music Mr. Coroner Oarttar has joit received a sharp lesson in courtesy from the Lord Chanoellor, whioh it is to be hoped will bear fruit At an ingneet held in October last, at which Dr. RrnKh, the medioal officer for Woolwich, tfci 1 ooroner trotted the' doctor most disoomrteowsly, and ended by ordering him out of the room. Dr. Bssith very properly laid tha facta before the Lord and has received the following reply House of Lprds, S.W., 28tfc Fabrnarr, UQ directed br the Lord Ghanosu je to say 1 lhat he has given the most earsfal oonsideratlon to all that you stated to him with refereToe to 'the coroner's Inquest at Woolwich in the CAM of tlior alleged eholtta, and toMr.Oarttar'i explanation tha nutter. ike reniH.ffi* EttrB Qttmoel! 1 haa teltit dufir oopraj to tta MTere plana, ud hi, opinion that he both tailed to at proper nine the eridence whioh yon gave in the oaae, and- also raiaapprqhended his power, in rrlatlen to ui gaf ajfpf Jntt oaose of oouiplaint respecting hii demeanbor to- Nothing haa yet teen 1 heard UqnUater ol the Kent and Bnrrey, and ja the liquidator of that gigantic and oooi plica ted fail Liberator Boil ding Society, hu iaaned thU weak'hii report ai to the itate of affair, in oonneotion with that concern np to December 81st lait. Oonment upon the delay of tha Kent and Surrey liquidator, woold, nadsr these eironmstenpee, be snpermaens. All Saints', Rev. J. H. B. Taylor, fit A. who aS been curate at Ail Stints" Church, Blackheath, since January, 1883, la about to leave the parish. Iioo Baptist Ber. P. G. French, who has accepted, the pswtorate of Lee Baptist Chapel, com me need his on Bnnday. The Bev. W. O. Sje Jouno, who has been In charge of fit. Laurence Parish. Catford, since Christmat, left on Tuesday, for Hanbury, Bcafford- shire, as onrate to tbe Ber. B- C. Robinson. Oolleg-e Park club took part in the South of Th Qharnionahip Baoe on Saturday, but none werd snocessfnl in obtaining a place. On Saturday they will hold a fire mile sealed handicap. Xionton Zieotnres at XiQ Ber. B. G. Cope delivered his last lecture on "The Church of England on Tuesday evening at the Jerrard-street Schools, Lewisham. Mr. C. D. ham presided over a large attendance. The subject was The Oatholio Pnblic Improvements atlLeeOreen, Lee Committee of the flamstead District Board of Works propose to ertot a public oonveni ence In the Broadway at Lee Green. The proposal has met with tome opposition, and a petition is being numerously signed against it, Jjevisham Weslewsan Wednesday evening a home missionary meeting was held at the Church, Lewisham. Mr. W. Oordery presided, and addresses were given by the Ber, Joseph Dixon, of Sydenham, and Qister Irene. Ziewisham Burl-Decanal Sunday Hev. H. Welsford bnell, Ticar of All Saints', Blackheath, has accepted the secretaryship of the Blackheath and Lee division of the above association, in succeision to the Rev. Lewis Arthur Smith. Church ZfftssloBary Society. Sermons on behalf of the (Jhuroh Missionary SocleLy were preached on Bnnday in Holy Trinity, Lee The morning preacher waa the Bev. F. Bsjlis, secretary to the parent society, and the Hev. B. W. Bucke the enening. BXorden olub brought off a six miles cross oonntry handicap on Saturday at Blackheath. Result: T. Miller.2 mins. 50 sec 2. Walter, 1 mln. SO sen 3, O. Walter, 3 minr. 48 sec The winner won somewhat easily, his handicap time bsing Strains. 10 bis net time 39min, Blackheath anneal Challenge Club Race came off on Saturday afternoon. The start was msde from the Green Man, Blackheath, at four o'clock. Harris secured premier honours, White being second and Palmer third. The winner's time was 30 mins. 8 sees. A cnvivial erening followed the race. Supposed coroner has re- oeivea particulars of the desth of a woman, who was found dead early onTnesday morning in the graaiida ot Catford Conservative Clnb. A bottle was found by herside.anditlasnpposed that the poor woman, who had been much dspttesed of late, committed suicide. An inquest will be held this erening at tbe Lady well Baths. Alleged Zfuisanoe at Xiowisham. At the Greenwioh Police-court, yesterday, Messrs. G. A Harvey and of 65, Loam pit-vale, Lewisham, were summoned at the instance of the Lewisham Board of Works, for allowing a nuisance to exist at their Zino Works, contrary to the Publio Health Aot, 1679. The summons was adjourned for a mouth by consent. It was stated by Mr. Hodges, who appeared for defendants, that steps were being taken to remedy the oanseof complaint. Willow Walk DXlssiojt, The Mission Room at Willow-walk, Ruthey Green, was filled on Wednesday evsntng, when a service of song, Eva," was given by a choir of 60 voices, under the direction of Mrs. Moore. The connective readings were given by Mr. Moore. The singing on the whole was of a very creditable character. Miss Book presided at the harmonium. Previous to the service of song a large number sat down to tea. Xicwisham Athletic clnb held an race with the Jilt ham Athleotio and Football Club over a oourse of ten miles on Saturday afternoon. After a well-contested race, the Lewis ban i men proved successful by 33 points. The following were first six men home, the others being fairly olose upA Edwards (Lewisham A.C.), 1 B. Russell (Bltham AC), 2 J. Longman (Lewisham A.G.), 9 G. Collins (Lewisham A.C.). 4 W. Oonlsbee AC). H. De Tere (Eltham 6, A Suspicious Character. At wioh, on Ssturdsy, Daniel And ridge, was charged with stesding a dung fork, value 2a at 121, Losmpit-vale, Lewisham, the property of Messrs. FurJong aod Co. Edward Page, in the employ of the said the prisoner was wi'h another man when the fork was steles. He followed the prisoner, who fork." Prisoner also made a thrust at tha witness with the fork, with whioh he afterwards stabbed him io the wrist. Prisoner said it was Page's own fault, and i wa? dooe in a straggle. The other man took the fork. Remanded. 41 Why Don't Working' Ken ro to Church was the qcrstion which the Rev. A. £. Gregory asked tbe men's meeting on Sunday afternoon at the Wesleyan Church, Lewisham. The rer. gentleman quoted many reasons, and urged tbet the services should be adapted to the need of working men. They should be popular, and there should be no class animated disoussion ensued, the following, among others, taking- part; Messrs. W. Brown, Giles, Oooke. Whymsr, Barren, Clifford Smith, Mao Mullen, Hsies, and Moore. Mr. Robert Blaokifi presided. St, SCary 1 Discussion vioar presided at a meeting of this society on Tuesday evening, when-SirWilliam opened a discussion on "Temperance Reform." He advocated the alteration of the licensing laws and the reduction of the nam ber of public houses by an imperial aad not local vote. He was also in favour of the formation of a Licensing Board, who ooald manage and control the houses and the total closing of publio bouses on Sunday. Several members inined in a dissuasion, and at thenclose Sir William Herschel was cordially thanked for hie paper. Baster If OT el ties. The windows of Messrs. Bossard's shop in Oxford-street, are tastefully decorated with Easter Novelties. BIoLsels and Easter Cakes, which no tea table should be without on Easter Sunday, are side by aide with Marzipan with fruits, flowers, salmon pies, and Easter eggs in profusion, In sugar, chocolate, satin, and other materials. Otoer novelties iiv the shape of chocolate fowls, with, or without nists, chocolate hares, and esoalops Ailed with sweets. Also hasopets, birds nests, handsome fanoy eggs, for filling with their choice sweets, not forgetting the fancy boxes, whioh make vary useful presents, as they can be as work boxes afterwarda. The Passion Play. was a good attendance as the Lmdrtntl Baths, on Monday evening, when the Ber. Canon Brislow, Vioar of SL Stephen's, Lewisham' repeated his lecture on 41 The Ober- A don The lecture was interspersed with songs by Miss Warwick sang the following God shall wipe away all (Sullivan), in darkness (Oowen), The Slog of Love," "There is a green hill" (Gounod), "Br Jean's grave (Farmer), aad for the wingi of a dove (MendaUaokn). Miss BmHy Latter stiXMpaniad on the piano. The proceeds of the lecture go in aid of the Bay Nursery, St. Stephen's Hotae. Sacred Concert at Zterwlsham Wesleyan Lswiahaa Part- Soog Choir gave a sacred concert in the Schoolroom adjoining Lewiiham Wesleyan Church on Thursday the direction of Mr. Benjamin Miller. The first part of the projrraume consisted of a cantata, The New whioh was creditably rendered by the ehswr. The soloists were Mrs. Be Miller, Mrs. lasaUns. Mies Ethel HUler, Messrs-G. Richards aad X. Cssoawr. The second part MsnrTeTesehii's Hear my rprayer.rsW br MQIsr rttr- eirv' 1 If. sriah all your with recitative from Blijak 0 by Xr. G. B. Hxwldne Gtadsosaa light," from the Golden Legend; Oowaa'a Light la patknese" by Mrs. Msakins, who else ioiaed Mr. Hoekiatirs la Spoara DsSUztft lore U- Oarvsiy 1 Wood ward's enthssa has paessd eonoloded theooneesa. Defrauding' a Greenwich on Monday, John Amos, 82, of 9. Glffln-street, Deptford, was charged on remand with ootaioing 4s, by false pretences fronvKr. H. 8. A. For; solicitor, of 135 Brockley-road, tec- tive-sergeant Crawihaw said, prisoner had Jmt I served six weeks Imprisonment for. a similar Kennedy said he was determined to pat a stop to this sort of- thlmj, and sentenced prisoner to three months hard labour. Unlted.TexuperariaeKeetlxtKratZiee. was a large attendance at a United Temperance Meeting held in' the School-room adjoining the Bible Christian Church, High-road, Lee. lest erening. Mr.T^ Woodman presided, and in the course of bis remarks referred to General Heal Dow, the grand old man of Maine," who had accomplished much-good by his self-eacrifio- inft efforts In the temperanos cause. Addresses were delivered by Mr. Tom Elliott, who is known Tbe Happy Shoemaker," and Mr. Oddy, of West Ham. The meeting was interspersed with vocal and instrumental music Institute Bowing members of this club held their first annual Cinderella dance on Taesday evening, at the Amersham Hall, Cross. The ball was prettily decorated for the occasion, and the company was very select. Tnere were abont 100 persons present, and the programme included 16 dances. Messrs. W. T. Boness and G. F. Fraser as and tha. following assisted as He wards F. T. Evans, Wootton, B. 0. fiaming, G. H. Fordham, H. laser, J. Hart, P. 0. Jngnilath, aod Pratt. Mr. G. French's quadrille band contributed an eroellest selection of dance mnsio. Kent County Chrysanthemum society held their fifth annual dinner at the Plough Hots), Lewisham, on Tuesday evening. Covers were laid for 30, and the chair was taken by Mr. J. Lvse (chairman of committee). After dinner the following contributed to ths harmony Sam Payne, C. F. Churchward, Arthur 6. Wood, Fred Berth and Bid Roribner, W. T. Woods. Mr. Fred J. Garwood (secretary of tbe society), presided at the dinner. Daring the latter part of the ereoisg the chair was occupied by Mr. J. W. Banders, F.R.H.S with Mr. W. a Sach (treasurer of the society) as vice. The schedule of prizes for 1S34 having been presented td those present, the usual of thanks were aooordsd, and the oompsny dispersed. Puneral of Mr. James floames, funeral of Mr. James Soames, J.P., took place on Tuesday afternoon at Shooters-hill Oetmetsry. The body was conveyed from Hastings on Monday to Westsombe House, the residence of Mr. J. K. Soames. The mourners inoiaded Mr. J. K. Soames, Bev. W. H. K. Soames, Messrs. H. Soames, W. Soames, Arthur Soames, F. Soamea, Alfred Soames, R. Soames, Rev. Brooke Lambert, Bev. H. Btobart, Metsrr. H. Jackson, A Evans, L. Btobart, Horton, Kolie. and Batchelor. Tbe coffin, which was of polished eat, bore the Inscription James Soamec, died March 7ih, 1894, aged A large number of sympathisers assembled at the grave side, Including about 20 employes of tbe firm of Wilkie and Soames. The service was oondocted by the Rev. Brooke Lambert, assisted by the Bev. W. 8 to bar t. The deoeasd was interred in the same grare as his wife, who died 10 years ago. There were many handsome wreaths of flowers sent by relatival and friends. Children's Concert at Perry A childreu's coneert given on Wednesday eveniog in St-George's Parish Hail, Perry Hill. Tbe first of the programme consisted of a cantata, The Comicg of the which was rendered in a creditable manner by abont 150 children from the parishes of St. Mary's, Lewirham, Christ Church, Forest Hill, and St. George 's, Perry Bill. Tbe first-named pariah represented the crocus and byacimths Ohrlst Church the lily and geranium, and 5t. George's the buttercup and dandelion while violets were made np from each school. Spring was Impersonated by Miss Beatrice Wyatt, who fairly captirated her andienoe by her sioging. The fall chorus, Eastertide," wa-. especially well rendered, and the song by the violets, We can tell shout a little girl, was vociferously encored. The fecond part was of a miicellaceouj character, the following James Blair, Misses Marion Heap, Sisley, Mabel Harwood, Beatrice Wyatt, C. Tullett, Mary Bedwell, and Barbara Monro, Messrs. T. Fenton, C. Preator, and H. 8. TEt t. The cantata was conducted by Mr. George Hare, and the accompanists were Messrs. Badd and Solly. The proceeds of entertainment will be divided amongst the schools taking part. A BURGLAR IN A BEDROOM At the Greenwioh Police-court en Wednesday, Thomas Murray, 25, of Smith's rents. East-street, East Greenwich, was charged with burglariously entering thodwelling house of Emily Bush, widow, of 5 Trafalgar-road, Greenwich. Thomss Flide, retired ironmonger, uocle of the prosecutrix, said cn Monday night whea he went to bed all the windows and doors were faoteoel. Shortly before two o'clock in the morning be was awoke by an unusual noise in his bedroom. He jumped out of bed and saw the prisoner at the foot of the bed. Witness then went to the door for the purpose of looking the pri'oncr io, bat found the key was missing, He held the door as long as he ecu Id, and when he was compelled to release his hold tbe prisoner ran past him and jumped down seren steps on to the landing and escaped through a window. Prisoner left a pair of boots on tbe stairs. Three brooches had been taken from a bor and there were fonnd at ths foot of the bed. Witness pioked tbe prisoner out of a number of men at the police station as the one he saw in the room. Mrs. Bash said she heard ber call oat, and saw a man esjape by the window, bat was unable to see his fsoc. Mr. Kennedy, who he had seen tbe prisoner before, remanded him till Tuesday. CONUEBT AT LEE. The first annnt! concert given by Bid Harberts and Phil Psyne evening in St. Margaret's Parish-room, OM-rcad, Lee, was attended, and prosed a great Pianoforte dueti were played by the Misses New- bsry, songs by Mary Sherlock, Miu May Shaldsrs, Messrs. E. Young, A. Chee-man. A. Outhberts, J. Frost Lambert, and Percy West. The com to clement wai sustained by Messrs. Fred Vaoghan, Bex Herberts, and Phil Psyne. A banjo sclo was excellently re ode red by Mr. Sid and the recitations by Miss Ethel Perks, Miss Freda Claxton, Mr. Marshall Bteele, and Mr. Reuben Leethes proved very acceptable. A mandoline trio by Miss R. and F. Paris and Mr. Sam Payne was encored, and Miss Nellie Raberg was farourably received for a violin solo, as was Mr. A Parry for a piccolo eolo. Mr. Sam Payne was irrepressibly funny in a muncal sketch. The following carried out the duties of stewards Messrs. P. West, 0. Barnard, C. Westley, C. Edwards, 3. Field, and Sid Herberts. Mr. Sidney Cozens acted as accompanist. Tbe platform was adorned with choice conservatory plants. BLACKHEATH PETTY SESSIONS. Taesday Present Mr. Brownlow Poulter (chairman), Captain Robert Dr. Good. Ing, Messrs. J. T. 0. H. Robinson, H. M. Gordon, J. Knill and G. LidgeU. Taursrxa or uexscu. Tbe following were the applications for transfer ot publio house 81.Paul, Royal from Patrick Arundel Hurley to Neagle; Prince of Wales from Harriett Hearn to Kdward Chapman. from Wen. George Chambers to John Stephen Allen; Royal George from Harry Gaunt to UL Garter, Steam Ferry from David Hawkins to James Epsom. from Charlotte Mary Lambert to Alfred Baokhatue. from John Henry Lyes to Frederick Drake. Wool and Dragon, from Henry Shelley Hough to Charles Gordon; Fort from Henry Smith Syer to John Rich. Mill from George Wm. Lambert to Walter Ramsay; Percy Arms from John Frederick Day to Louisa Harriet LazeL Transfers of wine and beer licences were poaad aa Bt. Paul, Edinburgh from Frederick William Borgeea to William Qawnigaa Wilaos; 25. Douglaa etreet, from John Gharlta Wrllf to Henry Baldwin. of Cambridge to Lno, Rmily Ede under the H'-h Store, Tajlor'e-lane, Sydenham, from Inremen John Hatha to Jaoe. Bute. Woolwich. Boa, of Denmark from Oharlea Smith to Darid Plume Jamei'a-plaoa froraOeorfa Henry to Herbert Harry Page; Bridge TaTern from Harry Raandera to Wm. Prantioe- Hr. Pook appeared far Mr. Neagle, the applicant for the lioeoos of the Prineeea Royal, St. Paul. Djptford.who had been flood 20a, and at Qreenwlch Pollos-oonrt, for avanldfur a man on February 25th. The Banoh sMmltad and tha Chairman aoaDaaoad tkas the ftAnafer woold not Tie -whole of the other appHeatiom w.ra (ranted. BHIBTB, wide freota aad aqaaia eafta, ready far aaniarriataaaa, 6a. ad, and 7a eaob. Onatt dnaa flona, la, la. Sd, and la. SdT par pair. Pfcrii draw for I tot b.ed.-.H Xiitn Bland, Hooer, Hatter, and JJhirtmikjr, Bydeakanv. A ehniee adaeUon 61 Giata Orawdai Qowne, aod TfabreUaa, FOOTBALL. tlii Played on tha Xewlabim on Saturday afternoon, resulting in a win of 3 to nil lor St. Mary'i; The fame waa a fairly fart one throaiJjoat, and aorne Tety near anaree wecw olrrerly atoppad at foal ky Parkae. fToaporB waa made in tha eeoond team: Parkea (goal), B. CraTtn aad A. Orayen (baeka), Landon, Sutton, and Hopper (half-backaK Harryman, Barnea, CoUsy, Friee, and Sop pet (ijrwarde). LONDON SOH.OOLB FOOTBALL A380OIATI0S. HiTHn Osns IL v. "RIOSHT STEFIT, DXPT- on Blaokheatk on Saturday morning and resulted wis for Hither Green by four goal, to one. Thompws (3), Oampbell and Smith planing the Qreen team: Porritt (goal), Brewatar and B. WUkina (books), Ohallen, Oampbell and Wella (half-oaeki), Smith, Ihomp- aon, Turner, Ayling and Badoeok (forwards). HtTHXB OBSET V. teams met on Saturday morning on Blackheath, the match resulting in a win for the by five goals to nil. Mordeu Terrace baring won the too eleoted to play downhill and with the wind. Tha play at commeneemeat waa of anevennatare, both teams showing creditable combination. The first goal, shot by Harrison, waa the only one before half-time. In toe second half the same boy waa I responsible for three, while one was pnt through the Morden goal by one of their own beaks. Reynolds and Harrison played a good game for Hither Qreen, while the left half-back of Horden Terrace waa in good form. Kr. 0. Sytnon acted aa referee, and the match lea Tea Hither Green still undefeated. Green: Hill (goal), Haynee and Beynold, (backs). Dibbling, Hen wood and Benjamin (half-backs), Lane. B. Reynold, Oollett, Gardner and Harrison Terrace Hedge Fender, B. Hunt and Goodwin (half-backi), Olapaon, Bldred, Fryett, Heawood. and Gent (forwards). ftrblic OPEN SIDES. J. J. MATTHIAS. letter will appear next week. A QUESTION TO THE LEWISHAM UNION GUARDIANS. I cams across a letter under tbe abevs heading- io yoar issue of the 3rd and bapeeuios; to know the Tacts of tha case, nish them for the information of tbe publio. It is crtainly true that the master and niatron, having adopted a Workhouse child, did for some years draw rations for him, bnt then they olethed and ed oca ted him at their own expense, the actual cost to the ratepayers being under 2s. 61. per week bad tbe boy been sent to the Anerley Schools he would have been there for at lsast ten years, at an average weekly cost to tbe rateoayera of the Metropolis bf 10s. 1. par week. When tbe order was made that 3a. 6d. per week should be paid by the master and matron, that was very nearly if not qaite the foil value of the dietary ot a lad of 14. Advantage was not, however, taken of that order, for In less than a week tbe lad was rent away into tbe country and remained away until early in 1892, when being well educated for his age be obtained a post at, I think, 12s per woek, which has recently been raised, owing to good conduct aud steady application, to45s. per week. Instead of the master aod matroa baring anything to regret in their past oonduot thay and the lad deserve ths highest praise of all hjnourable men and women. In conclusion I must add, it fs a pity tbat "One of them did not ask a plain question inastralgbt- or ward msnner Instead of writing such a letter as rbe one in qaestioo faithfully, FBEDBL MOULD. 39, Longton-grove, Sydenham, S.E. March 10th, P.S. forgot to say that I have Keen ths lad's board and lodging book he has always paid 8i. par week, and the book is s'gaed by tm landlady for every week since he first went to her in 1892. THB NBW SIB following questions affect all the ratcpsyers of Lewisham more or and should be answered by the clerk to the Board of Guardiana through tbe medium of your papsr 1. Under what conditions were the oontract for excavating the foundations for the new Indrsoary made. Was the mat a rial taken from the foundations to be carted away at the contractors' expense 2. By whose authority waa the immense hesp of earth excavated (representing thouiands of tons and visible from the recreation grounds) placed within tbe premises of 3. What amount was rroelved then, and what rent has liuce been charged for the use of this part of the Union grounds? 4. At whose expense are these thousands of tons of earth being now removed and deposited In the garden attached to the Union 1 5. What amount is the parish receiving for this -on?" Contractors know the trouble and expense there usually is in getting rid of rubbish, and as a rule have to pay for depositing ft. This matter represents some hundreds of pounds for or Against the ratepayers, and those questions should bs aniwered in a straightforward, businesslike A RATEPAYER. ALBA-COKE CRESOfiNT, ifnoerely hope that Bfr. Bailey not misleading us. when Io his letter of the 27th inst, he Informs us that the Board are now taking over Albacore-orescent, with a view to havtag it paved and formed. I unfortunately took a boose in tbe street seTeral months ago, and then that as the initial proceedings bad been taken by the Board, tbe paring, would be commenced in a very short time, oat as Mr. Bailey says, sot a penny has been spent yet. The roadway is simply disgraceful, and tbe pathways are very little better. If we had a medioal officer attached to the Board, I am sure he would here the ttreet long ago as dangerous to tbe health of the inhabitants. Hoeing that we pay full rates and taxes, we a titled to expect some consideration at the hands of the Board, especially with our more fortunate fellow townsmen, who happen to live in other parts of tbe and have their streets well lighted, swept and am, Sir, yours truly, HOUSEHOLDER Lswisham, March 6th, 1894. DARPIELD BOAD. BROCKLEY. I am glad to see that Dr. Brown called the attention of the Lesrisham Board of Works to the delay whioh has taken pisoe in the making np of this road. I understand that the Board itself have undertaken this work instead of letting it out by coo tract in the usual way. I hope I shall be forgiven If I venture to dosbt the convenience, expediency or economy of so oh an arrangement, ss compared with the contract system. The veyor explained that delay was das to the fact that he was waiting for If tha fob had been given to a contractor, who lays himself ont for this kind of work, be would probably have the material on band or at any rate be in the way of getting it quickly. At all events he would be under penalty io complete the work within a oertain time and if the start was delated he would have to pat on a large staff of men to complete the job np to date. The Board who have Wo such penalty hanging over their heads will hardly be likaly te adopt tbe reme oourse, even If they have sufficient men they can spare for this kind of work. The residents In the road have to suffer in etc. DESPATCH. March 6th. 1894. THE PUBLIC LIBRARIES. are a cool lot of people down ham way; at least that is how it strikes some of us at Sydenham and Forest Hill. I see by your last paper that some of them memoralised theCom- missloners to move the site of the central library nearer to the Obelisk, and expressed the opinion that they thought If this were done, and with probably some provision for Lower Sydenham very the needs of this large unwieldy parish would be met" Would they I think we should have something to say about; the matter at this end If such a settlement of our Unrarin question were at all probable. There ate a good many cool things in this memorial that I cOuld hate something to say about, only I know you don't like long letters. But here is one nloe Utile looks almost like a threat on one side and a bait on the the rneiaorialfrts bold out to the Oommlssiosers. Thry say, Your materialists are persuaded that any attempt to obtain a penny existing cironrnitaaocs, will be meet and it is partially with hope of overcoming this opposition that this representation is What sort of vote do the Ooatmlssioners expect pa jtet from Sydenham and Pores. Hill if listen to tbe advfos of the TSMcrt or rss QTJB3TION. Aawtwlutm If The Rer. Henri AtooU s4dcwsssd a Jarre jratheriar of ttt. Mary's, lewisham, on Sonday after- noon, the subject being Miracles." LEWISHAM DISTRICT WORKS. BOARD OF WfiDJrnrDAT. Messrs. T. W. Wi Harms (chairman), Johnson, Thomas Jones, Dodaou, Beeton, MoTSOQ.Grant, Bradley, Wooff, Wbittaker, Elliott, Forbes, Trenchard, Matthias, Denn, Luck, Moore and Couchman. PROPOSED EXXBHBIOX OF EOADS. The Superintending Architect of the London County Cenncil wrote, requesting suggestions on an application by Mr. E. Yates, to continue Athen- Uy-road south-westward, and to form four new connecting the continued portion of A then- lay road with Ivydalo-road. The Surveyor reported that the application was anobjeotionable, and it was resolved that the County Council be so informed, LEWISHAU THB HEALTHIEST DISTBCT IN BOTJTH LONDON. The Medical Officer reported that daring thO four weeks ending March 3rd, 169 births and 126 deaths were registered in the hewiaham District. 54 births and 39 deaths. 68 33 14 38 34 Lewisham Sydenham Penge Blackheath Lewisham Workhouie-. Lower Sydenham Home for Siok Children 1 North Burrey Schools 2 The death-rate for the four week" was per 1,000. as compared with 19-5 per 1,000 for London, and 19 5 per 1,000 for the 28 great towns. The death-rate for Penge was 20-6 per 1,000. Tbe death-rate for Lewisham, without Penge, was 15-1 per 1,000. There were 32 eat ha from diseases of the respiratory organs, 11 deaths from whooping ooogh, eighs deaths from premature birth, four deiths from induenxa, five deaths from measles, three deaths from diphtheria, ono from puerperal fever, and two deiths from scarlet fever. 27 deaths occurred II persons over 65 years of age, and 25 in infanta under one year. Eight inquests were held during the four Lewie eight months, convulsions from improper feeding; male, 34, accidentally knocked over by train; male, 21 days, suffocated by murder. 52, syncope from heart disease male, 62, failure of heart action following shock; male, fire months, heart failure from malnutrition. 15 and inflammation of luoga female, 20, apoplexy. Dr. Elliot" said be waa glad to see from the report of the Ragu trar-General for the past year that the orrish of Lewisham still retained itB position as tbe second healthiest parish in the metropolis. The death rate of Hampstead was 12 9 and Lewisham 14 6. The Chairman We are the first healthiest district in the whole of South London, are we not Dr. Elliott: firat in South London and in tha whole metropolitan area. I think this is a meet satisfactory position and one on which we may well congratulate ouraiWea (hear, AHALYSIS OF FOOD. Two samples of butter aud one of milk in the Sydenham and Forest Hill district were reported by tbe analyst to be genuine. Another sample of milk was reported to contain 20 per cent of added water and the Board ordered that application be made for summons against the vendor. Three samples of coffee, two of milk, and one of butter taken in the Blackheath and Lewisham district were reported to be grnuineanda further sample of butter waa reported to contain two per oent of excessive water. THE EAST KB VACATION. Mr.Forbes moved, and it was resolved "That the Board at its rising that day, do stand adjourned until Wednesday, the 11th April, and that the ons Committee Meetings be held in the week preceding thu last mentioned data. THB CLOSING Or BTttEXTS. Mr. Dodson reported tbat he attended with the cle.k*before the Parliamentary Committee of the London County Council, to represent the Board's objections to clause 4 of the Council's General Powers Rill relating to the closing of streets. He explained that tbe Bill proposed that sot only should the sanction of the Council be obtained before a street could bs closed by a district board or vestry, but it provided for certain conditions and penalties. Mr. Dodson said he pointed oat to the committee that the Board objected to the Insertion of tbe conditions of whioh they did not know the nature, and to penalties based upon conditions which might be very objectionsble. He had a long talk with the committee on the subject, and tbe chairman promised that the points raised should be considered. The Chairman thanked Mr. Dodson for his service and report to the Board. Were receWed (1), for the annual contracts, (2) the construction of flushing tanki, manholes, (3) supply of granite kerbing and pitchers, and (4) obstruction of vans. The Chairman stated that there were altogether 72 tenders and on his sui? treat ion they were initiated and referred to the Works Committee. BECKER HAH BOARD ACTION. The Finance Committee reported that they had considered the bill of cosM delivered by Messrs. W. W. Young aud Son, in respect of the action by tho Beokcnham Local Board. The Bill, as dsliverei, amounted to £218 15s. and it been taxed as £205 Da. 2d. The Committee recommended that the bill, as taxed, be paid- BONriELD BOAD. The Lewisham Committee reported with reference to the order of tho London Coonty Council for renambering Bonfield-road, that a letter waa written to the Council ax directed, Bugfrfsnng tbat the name Bonfield-road should be limited to the road between Albion-road and Clarendon road. The Council replied, stating that, after careful consideration of the matter, had resolved to adhere to their order rjirtjnting that the whole line of thoroughfare from Albion road to Gilmore-road be Bonfisid road. VELDAY BOAD. The Clerk reported, with reference ti the ont- Instalments in respect of paving Pelday-road. There In one snm (£22) due on a piece of vacant groood, to farther proceedings would have to be taken, and there is a rum of £21 9 due. in respect of which an undertaking for payment has been (riven, and a sum of £6 Is. doe In respect ot tho as to which an arrangement will be made. The Lewisham Committee soggestod tbat the work should not be further delayed, and they recommended, and ft was resolved, that advertisements be famed in the usual papers inviting tenders fer the work. sM UBIWALS. Tbe Sydenham Committee reported that they had received from the Surveyor a statement or report on the urinals attached to the various public-homes in the division of tbe district Some of sach orinals were reported to be in such a as to be a naisance, or injurious or dangerouB to health, and in other cases it was Btated that certain alterations and repairs are required- The Committee recommended tbat In the first mentioned cates proceedings be taken under the Publio Health Aot, 1891, for the abatement of the nnfsanocs referred to, and that in the other cases the owners of the property be requested to make the necessary repairs. HtrasTBOcasrs: HOAD. The Clerk reported, reference to Harnt- boa roe -road, that a cheque for £310 HP. had been received from Saunderson, Holland and Adkin, fa resroect of property ia relation to which legal proceedings have for PO long pending between the partial claiming to be interestea therein. There Is still outstanding a ram of £19 Ss 6d. on three empty houses, the ownership ot which coald not be ascertained. The Sydenham Committee reco-nmended, and It wai agreed, that advertisements be Issued Inviting tenders for tbe work. HOUSTON BOAD. The Clerk reported, with reference to Houston- road, tbat Mr- Harriott had, through hii solicitors. the apportioned charge of the estimated expense on Ms property, and that there -is due a sum of £341 from Messrs. Dingley, Pcarcc and Co, of Okahampton, who are the owners of the property occupied by Messrs. Carter and and that he has made demand for payment of that amount. Tbe Sydenham Committte mended that be taken for enforcing payment of the outstanding amount. UJT HOUSE BO ID. The Clerk also reported, with reference Kent House-road, that the first and second instalments Jiavs been received in most cue, that there are three in which payment has been by magistrate 's orders, aud will be enforced by distress, and another case in whioh a small mm Is doe from an owner wbo has recently acquired the property, and fresh proceedings will have to be taken in that case. Tbe Sydenham Committee reeoouBended. and it was that advertisements be issued inviting senders for the work. PaTCOE BUtty AC! WAT SB Tbe Pen go Committee reported that cossiderab 1 had been made wash tbe surface drajnafr works. An old 12-in oh sewer had been found ia Cintra pars; in a very bad condition. Tbe Committee recommended that such eswer be relaid at aa estimated cast of £50. With regard to the boundary ditch, tbe Surveyor reoommendad certain works for the Improvement position veryeitarly, of the water -way, and for rendering it sufficient for carrying off the adaitional water to be conveyed into ic at the point near Elmer's End -road, and along the ditch to Ihia ditch forms tha boundary between Penge and Beokenham, and there is a Urge quantity of water conveyed' into it from Beokenham parish. The Snrrayor reported that the capacity of the ditch varies very much, and that in places it ia snfflci- enity large to carry off auv water that is likely to come into it, but that it was to a considerable extent blocked by enoro and very irregular in its course. The 'Committee were of opinion that an opportunity now presented itself for affecting a very considerable improvement in the ditch or watercourse on both Beokenham and in Penge by otherwise improving the stream. The Committee were also of opinion that the matter is one in joint action should bs taken with the Beokenham Local Board, and they have no doubt an arrangement could be made to the advantage of both districts. They, therefore, recommended that a letter be written to tbe Beokenham Local Board informing thdm of the circumstances, and asking them to join this Board in affecting anj Improvement in the boundary stream. MXDICAL OKTIOEBS" BALAHT. The Works Committee reported that they had considered the question of the remuneration of the Medical Officers, and recommenced that the salary of Dr. Jolly ba at the rate of £200 per March 25th next, and that the payments by the Board to Dr. Wilkinson ceoae from the same aXTIBEMENT OP MB. gttAW. The Works Commit tea reported that they had had under consideration a letter addressed to the Chairman of the Board by Dr. Jolly, with reference to tbe state of the health of Mr. H. Shaw, the Sanitary Inspector of tha Sydenham and Forest Hill division of tbe district, from which it appears that Mr. Shaw is unable longer to discharge the duties of bis office with efficiency, by reason of permanent infirmity of body. The Committee had very carefully considered the matter, and were satisfied that the serious nature of Mr. Shaw'a health is such as to render it impossible for him to properly discharge the duties of bin office. Mr. Shaw has been in the Board's service 20 years.and he has discharged hii duties with efficiency. They are empowered to grant him a retiring allowance of £43 6s. 8j. per annnm, for life, npon his resigning or otherwise ceasing to hold hia office and the committee recommended that the sum of £43 6i, 81. per annum, from tridyday, 1S04, be granted to Mr. Shaw as a retiring aiJoxance for life. THE PAVING POaMIXG OF HEW STBEET9. The Board resolved itself into special meeting at" this etaga in accordance with a duly signed requisition, to consider the following motion by Mr. Williams with regard to the procedure in relation to new streets That the Estimates, in fatnre, be stated in one total sum. That tbe practice of issuing a preliminary or cbjecuonrk be discontinued and that the reaolnticn of the Board ot the 17th August, 1871, directing the apportionment of the estimated of New Streets ibould, in the first instance, be made provisionally onJj, and that notice of rach piovisianuj apportionment be Riven to all persona chargeable, and a day be fiied for hearing objections to and finally settling tho same, and any other resolution to the hke effect, be revoked or altered accordingly. That tha apportioned charges be nraie wiihin one month from the dato of the notice at the order or resolutiou, but tbat to cases where the ownership of tbe property ia admitted, and application made for an extension of time, arrangements may ba made by the Clerk for the payment of the apportioned charges by four equii quarterly instalments preseut, unleai otherwise ordered by the Board or Finance Committee, sach arraagtuieuta to be subject to tbe approval of the Board or of toe Fioanca Committee, and also subject to an ngreemi-ot or Magistrate's orderfor securing pavmeut of the amount. That the resolution of the ol the G-h 1378, making the anpirtiooed chargo in respect of New Street- pavablo by four qaarterly instilments in all cases be accordingly. That venders be invitrd loin the Ficiccc mittee sball that a sofficieni snm to warrant this step is hand. That the form of order or usually aiopted in respect of New to altered accordingly, and that all future orders be nude under the Seal of tbe Board. The Chairman said he had already had an opportunity of this matter in the Works Committee, and he need not, therefore, go very fully into the details now. The alterations, which It proposed to very important ones The existing arrangement waa come to in 1878, when it was decided that before the paving of any new stree; should be commenced, the Board should hi in possession of half the cost due from eaoh of the frontage owne' a.He bad the the then Chairman of the Finance Committee, of propoaing tha" resolution, and he remembered well the cir cuinstances which led te that course. At that time streets wero beiDg at Silverdale, and other places near, with which a member of the Board was connected, and they had the greatest possible trouble in getting any contributions towards these particular works. It waa cona.dered very unfair that the public chonld be saddled with the cost of aoch either dire idy or indirectly, and tha matter came before the Finance Committee at that time In auou a serious form that he, ohairman, thought some arrangement should be made to prevent this condition of things in future, and so an order of Board pneied which had been acted upon ever since. The arrangement was made twas that tbe Board should receive from each contributor one half o' his share of the cost before the work wna commenced at all. That arrangement had. he thought, on the whole worked very well indeed (bear, bear), only it eo happened thar. It had resulted in occasional inconvenience to the parties immediately con-erneO. There had, for instance, been cases in which the Board had decided to pave and form a road, mo-rt the contributors had paid their xbare, while certain otheis bad held back or tbe Hoard had not bem able to wfind the parties who were luble, and so the work had been delayed The object now in view was to meet these particular cases. Tho new arrangement proposed would enable the Beard to proceed with wnrk that would otherwise be delayed, becauro of difficulty in tracing the owners of all tbe property or in recovering tbe payments due. Then they propojed that the estimates in future should be ntated In one total sum. Dp to tbe present time they had given particulars. It was just possible that a perron deiiring to the work might be assisted in doing so by taking exception to One of the and miirht cause considerable delay by flyhcin the at the police ccart, and perhaps afterwarda appealing and the whole work was 'topped pending litigation. Tbe Board would prefer that the objections should be deferred uatil the work waa finished. When the work was dene it did not matter what objections were raired, becaa-e they were quit? fled of tb ability to substantiate their estimates. It also proposed to abolinh the preliminary notice which they had in the habit of giving. This notice had been of a sorne- whai formal character, buc it bad a'sj been rf a suggestive character, because it rather invited persons who were so disposed, to to the paving of a new road. The concerned would still have an opportunity of objecting, hut tbe Board woold not invite them to do SO- With regard to tho payment of half the cost of before proceeding, it waa really only proposed to absliah tbat as a binding resolution. The practice of Board would cootinne the same as before- They would imisc upon pay- men, of half the cojt from ortry owner who was In a position to pay it; bnt if there ehould be a dispute aa to ownerxhip of a particular plot of ground, the new arrangement -i would avoid the delay of the work while this dispute was bamg settled. Under the old arrangement thoy bad fonnd in some cases that when the six months bad expired, and they were almost ready to commence the work tbat they were met by some ques'ion of ownersnip or liability, and ihs work had been delayed perhaps six months to the of ail concerned. By the new arrangement, if an owner gate a written acknowledgment of his liability to pay, the payment could be made in four icstalmemsas hitherto it and in some exceptional cases even further extension of time might be granted. This would apply to aoch as they bad had at Lewisham and Catford, where a very large proportion of the amount to be contributed fell sometimes upon one man and pressed heavily npon him. in anch ca the Board wanted power to make an aTangement that would be convenient at once to tbe frontage owner and benefic al to tbe public. Be believed that the publio convenience would be materially served by the new arrangement, and be was certain that the interest of the Board and tbe district woold be answered at tne same time (near, Mr. Dodson seconded, remarkingthat he remembered the under which the old arrangement was come to perfectly well. was necessary at that time tbat thin arrangement should be introduced, bnt he was aware of tbe difficulties had arisen in connection with it, and he thought ft would be well to ad op 5 tbe plan wblob tbe chairman bad sketched out to them. Mr. Moote said it seemed to him tbat those wbo had time slanted to them would have an advantage over those wbo made prompt, payment, unless wars charged on the money. Be thought in money that was outstanding they should charge interest at five par cent. The Chairman said it would be rather unfair to charge interest before the quarters hitherto allowed for payment had expired. If still farther time were granted there would be no objection to interest being charged. Mr. Jarratd thought the chairman had stated the The contribmtors would be asked for the four payments aa hitherto. If a man had a very heavy sum to mett, further time might be granted and interest charged on tbe money. This waa a very proper arrangement, nad would result in works being carried ont much more expeditiously. The motion wae then unanimously agreed to. THB JJOISAJICE AT HESSHS. HAIlViiY A.SD WORKS. The Chairman said the Board would member, acting on a statutory certificate of residents the Board hadT obtained a summons against Messrs. Harvev and fa respect of so nauanco at their in LoampU -vale. That Bommons had already been onoe adjourned, and now 3tocd for hearing on the fallowing day. MSSHTB, Harvey aud Co solicitor had that day leea to the Board's office, and asked the Boird to content to a further for a month. (the chairman) had had an opportunity of seeing this gentleman in oompany with the clerk. He stated that Messrs. Harvey were doing certain works with ft view of remedying the nuisance complained of. He (the informed the solicitor that he thought that statement should be put into writing before tho Board consented to an adjournment, because as he reminded the solicitor, soma time ago this firm, according to the Surveyor's report, informed him uhey were going to do certain work3, und afterwards denied that snob a statement had been made. He (the chairman) therefore thoight it wtll to get the statement in writing this lime (hear, hear). As the result of this interview, he had since received from Messrs. Harvey a stacfrment in writing to the effect that "They the course of erecting a shaft for the purpose of off the fumes from their works; that they of opinion tbat this wonld largely if aot entirely get rid of, any nuisance that had been It was resolved that the Board consent to the suggested adjournment for a moDth. THE Hioa ST MET IM PB'-VEMEJ-T. Acting upon a recommendation nt be VTorks" Committee the Board went into coajonUeo to consider the subject of the proposed improvement In High-atreet, Lewisham, and tho sugcerted arrangement with Mr. Story in connection therewith. On the Board resuming, The Chairman reportei that this matrer had been before the Beard aince 1838. In that year there was placed on the minutes of the Board a resolation to the effect that the Board would be prep" 1 red to carry out tbe improvement connected with this particular enclosure npon Mr. Story signing tha necessary conveyance of the land to the Board for the benefit of the public. The agreement td give effect to that resolution was sent to Mr. Story, not returned. Without waiting for Mr. Story the Be. at that time carried out acertain part of tne ovi -inent at the expanse cf over £100, which wa, to he a portion of the consideration to be to Mr. Story for tbe giving up of his land. Tha: xas to the Board made up the pathway in front cf the shops whioh Mr. Story bad built, witho-t wfahir-g for Mr. Story, because they Mo that the public would be suffering by tha delay. Coming to the mora re -ent history of the on February 23rd, witii a view of brin to a focus the different points and vemona of icrtns in dispute, and which Mr. Story had rai-ed from time to time, the Board sent to Mr. Story the following resolution which they had "Tbat having regard to the time that has elapsed since the proposal with respect to the enclosures in High-strett, Lewisham, cime first before the Board, and to the alterations in it that have from time to time been m.idc, Mr. Story be requested to submit to the in citing before its meeting next Wednesday, the definite terms (with approval of clean copy of plj which will be sent to him) on which he will be prepared to convey to the Board the pices Ur.d in front of Nos. 98 to 1 High-street." The Boird received a reply from Mr. Story which oid not. however, contain the definite which Mr. Story was asked for. Mr. Story returned the plan which he marked 11 bit the tcrnn ware not stated, so that the Board were not in a to decide npon them. With tho however, of removing all tbe difficulties in way of this much desired improvement the Board in Committee had now resolved to put an end entirely to the old negotiations, and the Committee recommended that in order to focilita 'e matters the Boird should express its readiness, in the to aarry out the improvement forthwith or. the land being conveyed by Mr. Story to tho Board in a-xordaoca with the plan approved by Mr. Story and with the terms of a draft agreement which the Board had approved. This the recommendation of the Committee, and -3 uijvtd its adoption. Tne motion was formally seconded an 3 agreed to unanimously. DEFRAJJDING A. RAILWAY COMPANY. At the Greenwich Police-court on Tuesday. John Matthew Klenck, of Wirkham-road Brockley, was summoned for travelling en the London, Brighton and South Coast Kailway without having previously paid his and with intent to avoid plevlei Siilty, and paid he had been out Mr. Kennedy fined him of 20s. and 10-i. costs. Kbft'to Crowley, of 1. Crowfhor -hiil. Vor'-t HB1, was aummoned for travelling beyor ie a'ance for which he had paid his fare, arjd riving a falie name -if i he had no intention to lu-. 'Jbe first case and 20s. and 10s. in the secund. Charles J. Berridge, Kelvin Hon-e. Kelvin- grove, Sydenham, was summon ai for travel on the same railway on the 12th February, without having previously paid his fare, and wi 'ha citcilar offence on tha 30d. and lCh. in each case. HOLIDAY RAILWAY ARRANGE Vf KNT3. The Easter holiday arrangement? of the railway companies have been issued, and effpr the uioal ample facilities for travelling- public at this sea-cn. The Great Eastern Kail way Conif any coll -pocial attention to the issne ni tbe Company's West End offices, fil. Ragent street, ami Edgewaro-road, and at their City -l ''Vesn End Booking A al Hi'-c will be opened at the Liverpoot-ecreet from the 19wh to the 22nd inst. for the oi ordinary tickeis aa well as the cial aod Thursday, Friday, and to cheap to the seaside. Special> nill be run on Thursday, Good Friday aDd i to all the popular seaside on the Company's system and midnight trains will Saturday night week for Norwich, Cambridge, Yarmouth, etc On Kaster Monday there bo numerous excursion traica to Southend. Ciacton, Eppiog Forest, The London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway Company have srracged tbat thtir Weft End offices will remain open until 1" ra. on Wednesday, Timtiday and Saturday for the of the ipecial cheap as weil as ordinary tickets to all parts of the line and Continent, at same fares charged at London Bridge Vic-r. ii. On Rood Friday, Easter Hondiv. Monday aud Tnt -sday ''ay trips ut excursion firea will ma 0 I4e of Wight, Brighton, Portsmouth. Halting'. Worthing and otnersonth coast and Friday, Saturday and Sunday to Monday or Tc-'sday tickets will also bs issued to DieDpi Extra trains will be run, as on Crood rand twister Monday and Tuesday, ro the The Sou'h Railway Company anrrunca excurpion from tho local ro the resorts on their pyntem. including and Folkes'one. Dover. St. and Hastings, on Good Friday and Easter Moaday. Cheap excursions.will also be run to XorthSeet, Gravesend, Chatham and Sheerutsi. B.A.O.B.,C ASTLB NVJCTA ODGB brothers of tbe above held a omoicing concert ia open lodge on Wednesday week the btmQc of Priroo John Brace. The chair -A copied by "Sir" W. Groom, inpported by "Sir" Charles Bedo and the principle officera of tte th-? varmna kindred societies in the ftmted. The harmony waa conlribr -d lo by Win Graham, ''Sir C. Pnmo Coitip-, Wheelan, Longstaff. Kncwl -fs. Arkwright, Kichardson, Maj field. Krcoe, Smith, Kmery and others. proposed the health of members of kindred socift cw.reiuark- ing that as a philsnthrcpfc Bociety 'he were equal to any in existence. Bro. Evans, G.M K.TJ.O.r*; replied, and Bro. P.G.M., also spoae on nf the G.U Bro. Henley responding for ths Druids. A.OB. members cf this clnb held their 21s6 annual smoking concert Saiuriay tHeir dub-honsa. the Fortune of War. Woolwich, the chair feetng taken Mr H. Marr fa.ced ic the vice-chair by Mr. W. Tne foil. clube responded, in good numbers to the invitations The Metal Club. Cartridge Factory No. 1 Piece Club, Crovwi and Anchor, Jolly Boys.Percy Arms and Princo Alfred Piece The commenced tbe harmony by singing, ia good style, Alone on tbe raft," which was by various songs by menibexs and friends of the varioos club'. Matter Ksyce was ehcce io Yia singing of heart 11 and song that reached my h.sart.'* The usual toasts and followed, and vnteaoi thanks were accorded the (Mr. the ohairman and ami the committee, Mr. J. Mskepeice waa the pUnisL

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