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October 5, 1923

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 31

Oakland Tribune i
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1923
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M~ FRIDAY EVENING S>afclan& tribune. OCTOBER 5. 1923 ••» Continued; I 'GROCERY store for sale: doing a i nice little 'busjuoNs of about $50 i a-day' 2 living rooms; rent $25 per t nionlh.- Prfee about $1300 or in' voice. Sold on account of my I ' health. Apply to owner, ..1601 I ' P/jru st., Alamed'a. Take Dinky car. ' .GROCERY stock and fixtures; must . and will be sold immediately, on I . account of death, to settle estato: ! ! no reasonable offer refused. OG23. | Sari Pablo avenue. ; GROCERY store, good clean stock on hand; family and school trade. : On account of sickness must eoll; 4 sunny living: rooms. Price $650; ' take terms. Apply_ajMO E. 14th at. ^ GROCERY sTbhia'on lot looxiTo", on I Market st., cor. 35th, Oakland. ! Phono Piedmont 788. MILL, blocks, heavy, $8 cord. M. a MIRROR, full hgt.. £705 Shatter. GROCERY, good loc.; standard goods; no cut In prices: average ^jfficeipts $60 day. 2940 Linden s t. 'GROCERY; transient, good bus. 684 7th. t GARAGE, whole or half Int.; shows j good inc.; on San_Pablo_._Oalc._S310 1 GROCERY STORE and property by owner; principals only. Elm. 204. t X.UNCH ROOM loc., mfyr. dlst.; seats 30 couples; can make $250 mo. net; eood lease; $250 handles. See Mr. Russell. 40812th at., rm. 202. Oakl. I.AUNDRY routo, good business; mostly finished work. 1307 Seminary avc. JjUNCH ROOM—14 stools and counter: 538 8th St. LUNCH room. 53!l E. 12th st. MILLINERY SHOP On East 14th street, in the heart «f the best retail district; live-year lease,, very low rent. Stock, fixtures, lea.se, etc., $1000. .See Mr. W. Hardman, 410 15th street. MEAT market for sale: reasonable; cash business. Box M 11871). Trib. OIL STATION at Grant & University. Good businesa. Pled. 60BJ after 8:30 p. m. FA TENTS—Write for ,free Guide pooka. List of Patent Buyers and Record of Invention Blank before disclosing- Inventions. Send model or sketch and description oC In- nventlon for our free opinion «£ its ,patonlable nature. VirTOR J. - EVANS CO., Hobart bldg., San Francisco. Calif. Main office. 813 9th st.. Washington, T>. C. PLUMBING and nalnt shop for sale on account of death of proprietor. ]»5 San Pablo, past county line. RESTAURANT, well oauiuucd; doing $50 dally; rent ?30. Practically no competition; welling- cheap; long lease. Deal with owner. See Mr. Brown, 2201 E. 12th. RESTAURANT for sale In Lodl, Cal. Will seci<!flco for $?800, eight year lease. Apply Danis Silver, 'U. b. 'Grill, 121 N. Sacramento St., Lodi. RESTAURANT and lunch counfr. booths for ladies; good business. Inauire 2701 Sun Pablo. RESTAURANT, first-clans grill good lease, easy terms. Burg Bros., 309 23rd at.^ Richmond. Cal RESTAURANT for r.alc; g:ood ioc. • doing good bus. Some cash, terms j on bal. 1836 Marlppsa St.. Freanu I Slfl'NT free to dressmaker to start Jn business at 29^8 CoMege. Phono Berk. 3057, Elmwo d cleaners. -^ "STORE, E. Oakl., with 4 Uv.'rms..' bath, gar.; rt. $30; 3-yr. lee.; groc., tobac., cau(]., etc.. ?500 handles. Mr. Rice 408 12th St.. room 202. Continued. KOB. SALta .UMBER — 580 9th st., nr. Clay. Must sell to clean up lot; % price; all kinds lumber; good sizes; $15 a 1000 ft.; also bricks, $7.50 a 1000; £ I r o w ood $2 a truck load. _ Kindling 60o sack, wood by loud $4 to |2U delivered. Oak. 1011. MANURE—Best rotted, per sack BOc, G sacks $2.50. Pled. 8979W. MANURE, rotted, 60c. Thorn. 2046. MANURE, rotted, 60c. Thorn. a04ii. OIL paintings by Tojettl, Paul DuLac. Valencia. Ph.. Pled. S4U9W PAINT, WALLPAPER r " FOR CASH WANTED, good full dress suit: site 38. 3631 37th ave. RADIO 2-STEP special-'tmllt sets: sacrifice for cost of parts: trade for automobile. Lake. 1352. HOUSEHOLD CDS Qn« Lint, One Week, $1.00. Advertising grouped by articles as ahown by first word 03A—-HUUSfclHOLI) UOOUS WANl"ll AT DAVID BERCOVICH'S you get more for your furnltura and household goods than you get ilscwhare. 1007 Clay; Oak. 5-0. A—Ring L. 6215 for beat prices on your f urn It. and rugs. or double trading; stamps. Our cash 31g tztn st _ ACORN STOVES AND RANGES, BEDROOM SETS, CHESTERFIELD SETS, DINING ROOM FURNITUUEJ At the New Low-Priced . Furniture Store Erdman-Scofield Co. prices are the lowest. TAYLORVWINTH ERS 2031 Broadway. REDICUT HOMES ___ We out our lumber to fit your plan. Mail us your floor plan or phone our Oakland Sales Office, Merrltt 2190 for information and specifications. Turn water Lumber Mills Co.. Tum- wiuer. Washington. R. WHITE, fine drop Head, sacrifice $32. 3-135 Grove, Apt. 4, Oak. Sherwin-Williams Paints 1000 GALLONS Outside white, China gloss white and most colors. $3.25 ga.1. First grade paints, slightly damaged by smoke and water. Other paints—.flat white, ?2.35 gal. enamel $3.00, floor paint $2.40: shingle stain $1; Inside varnish $1.50; calcimine 7c lb.; wail- paper, roofing paper and' plumbing supplies reduced. - D. J. CANTY Rear 954 16th st. SEWING MACHINE SALE 7 dronheads each only fig 34 fne machines at ?•> to jza on tr>rms. We rent. Lakeside 718b. Sewing- Me. Storage Co., 623 14th st. Singer 60, drophead Singer 66. cabinet . nKer. portable, like new ..;. J2o.no White Sew. Men. Co.. 588 Hth. Oak. 1122. SEWING MACHINE KXCIiANGE. 614 14TH ST., LAKE. 60GO All makes sold, rented; used machines ?5 up. cr'Av't'C All bargains, easy terms. OLiALJliO Rebuilt Dayton Antld"* - 'ioledo scalps 324 12th at.. Oak- SELECT Xmas goods now; weekly to secure them: low priced. O|>cn Snt. eve. 2300 San Fablo. SE~WING~~machines and .supplies. :!824 anc! 92Til E., Mth st. Ftv. »3M. Ltt.keslda_«m S LZLIlsL* uifcr^^ia""*' — CASH OR LIBERAL CREDIT. ANTIQUES in mahoguny and walnut. Campbell's Antique Shoppe, 2U.6 Telegraph. Oak. 3785. BED ROOM SETS in walnut, ivory and decorated; special price this week. DREW-MOUNTJOY CO.. Lakeside 2366 16th and Jefferson r Terms If desired. AAA—1 BUY furniture and junk; — Will call anywhere. JlPd^JjJ>S<y. FURNITURE WANTED WE BUV MORR SELL MOUl'3 AND PAY THE MOST FURNITURE. RUUS. PIANOS. KTO. W. H. EDWARDS & SONS MUSICAL, I NUTS. PQH MALU t gj—^^X 08 ^""--'V^'^'T^rJi'A^o^ Continued. VICTROLA. small Bize. almost new, . $20. .Berk. 3026 OflA—MUS1CA1, INSTHIIMTS WNTU BABY GRAND—Must be reas. Box MS4300. Tribune. PIANO—Wanted for cash. Thru. US* 70i DOGS .CATS BIRDS Advertising 1 grouped by breeds, ts shown by tint word 487 !<UTH ST. LAKESIOH 6U6'J 70 n O O A XJ> C AT^ H O»P IT A I, . COURTEOUS, PROMPT, RELIABMS FURN.. hshld. goous bo u gh t. L. 217-'. HIGHEST cash prices paid for used furniture. Phoue Lakeside 69. NEED 50 rooms good used carpets and furniture for apt. house. I pay cash. Phone Oak. 2036. Mr. Fync. UNITED FURNITURE CO., INC. pays highest prices for used fur- nlture. 801-7 Clay St. Lake 292t "WE PAY the highest prices for furr,, and house hoi d_ pro o d s. L. &H13. ^ _ FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS. E. BERCOVICH & SON. OAK. 6988. TITTV JoUI BEDROOM set. ivpry, 6 pieces, %HZ 60- 9 pc. dining room BUitc, $60; 9x12 chenille run, $3fi: Chesterfield set and other furniture cheap. 487 SOtliBt. BEDROOM sets—Complete new linn In walnut. Ivory, gray, we save you 30-40%. Security StoraM Whse.. 6th-Mark"t ate,. Oakland. One Line, Ona Week. $1.00. Advertising grouped by nmk», as shown by first word BEDS—"California" wall beds solve the sleeping prob.; apt. or homo; $26 up. 163 13th at. Lake. 1185. BEDS-ECONOMY wall bed p. ;$ 17 up; " 13th st,. Oaklqni^ 6746. ACCORDEONS, harmonicas. 110_0_7 st BRUNSWICK; mahogany case; guaranteed; we need space and this is an exceptional value at J73; terma $1 per week. WU11L1T2ER CO.. 575 14th st. OPEN KVKS. "BED—Iron, gas stove, buffet, bargain. 836 Fomond ave.. E. CHESTERFIELD SETS SPECIAL FOR THIS MQNTH. SAVE 35 TO 60% Let us figure on your draperies. Your home furnished complete. MACNAUGHTON & LEON. 2805-7 TelegrapliAve Lake. 1273. .vr^r—Black Persian lamb, ermine collar; latest model, fine cond.; also large el-mine scart: must Bacrifice. Pied. 4336. COAL, STOVE. 515; gas stove, J10; Al condition. 9G9 3Cth st. Pied. 182GW. SEWING mac., drop hd., $10. S520 E. 14th. . . SHOVELS, new. 50c eiu at Warren's JTurn. Store, 3193 Adeline. P. vnfiJ. SEWING machine, almost new: very reasonable. 1725 6th av. Mer. a«4L TENT—12x16 8 m.. almost new, $20; 2-biirner wlckless oil stove, ?4. 285;) Carmel. TEA ROOM in exclusive Clureinont district for rent. Thornwali 2764. — BUSINESS OPi'OR. WANT13I* ^^^ VS( ^^^^ VV ^ VVS ^ S ^^ S ^ S ^^^^/^S*%#S*S^S*N^^.^^ "\VILU pay cash' for good meat market or meat and grocery, city or , country. Box M91825, Tribune. LUMBER YARD WANTED . Experienced lumberman wants to buy lumber yard in Oakland, or vlelriHy. 'Answer giving location, jitc. Box M91623. Tribune. GARAGE or-repair shop: have up to S1000 to invest with services, What have you? Box M118633, Tribune. INVEST $600 to $800 wi'th services where money is sec.; give partic. in firs.t letter.- Box M5e022. Trib. WALL PAPER 5 6 7V-C per roll. etc.. up. "PAINTS Outside white '.. •.•J 2 .-_ 5 gal. Mixed paints (21 .colors) . .JJ.50 gal. White" enamel ..-, $d.OO gal. Plat white undercoat $J.^5 pal. Floor enamel .$2.75 gal. THE TOZER CO. 612 14th st..'U4 blka. City Hall.. COOK stove, coal and wood; new rug; also folding bed, cheap. 3ulo Orav st. CHSTRFLDS., din. sets, from mfgr. W. H. cross. 250l^._Pablo. L. 6530. DINING TABLE, C4 iin W. M., 6 lea.; chairs lib. tab., ivory bow ft. bed, chlfferette d.recser. large lea. . rocker; new: all for $195. 3863 Piedmont ave. DINING- table, W. M., 54-fnch, six CORNETS—We still have a few o£ those dandy cornets at $15; an exceptional value at this price: absolutely new instruments. WUK- LITZER CO., 570 Hth st. CELLO—Call evenings. Merritt 694. DRUMS, mus. inst., bght, sold, oxen. Vanorfren reeds, violin -strings, exp. repairs all inst. O'MaMoy's Drum Shop. 216 Pantagea Bids. EXCHANGES. I*Iscellatiuous, are advertised under "Swaps" (Class CD HALLET and Davis; this well kjiown old make finished In oak lias had best o£ cure; $1!.">!<. terms of $6* a month. Sop at Basement Bargain Roums, Kohlcr and Chase 535 14th st. HORNING BROS. cabliu-t grand piano; wonderful '.one; fine for n teacher; $li>!i. $4 per month. Wurlitzer Co., 575 14th st. O|H>u Kven- ingB. •_ HAUSCHKLDT bunjfalow player piano; like new; mahogany case; easy terms-. See thi.-i (iiiick; ?J-o. 575 Mth at. leather chairs: lib.' table. Ivory illl(J bow ft. bed, dresser chltforetle, for large leatlier rocker; $1U5 for all. mo 380a Piedmont ave. . DINING SET fumed oak; 6 chairs; also 4 living room chairs, reao. 968 Rose ave., Pled., take Ng.__A_car DINING" tab., l64-in. W. M.,"6 lea. chairs; ne\v-;?75. 3863 Pled, ave. DINING 'SET — Fumed oak. 4 chairs, ' WINDOW LOCKS -Keep out the prowler, let in fresh air; equip •windows with the Ventlock; all dealers. WASHER, cylinder 'electric; flue con d., $50. 1701 Bdway. WASHING MAdH.—Bluebird, like new, $76, 458 Lakeshore blvd. WANT to sell your business? Want a trustworthy partner? Want capital-.'to enlarge your enterprise? Then call or phone Lake. 3421. National Realty Service Co., suite 110, 1706 Broadway, Oakland. fOR SALE One Line, One Week, SI.00. Advertising grouped by articles shown by first word AA- CLOTHING BOUGHT $7.50 and up for men's suits also shoes, trunks, guns, jewelry, furniture, ladies' clothing. Call any time. Golden West Clothing Company, 622 Washington st, nr. 7th. Lake. 4185. , ^AA^"*^ *.n**r*rw*r*r*nr*r+*w^^^_ : ^ — -^ ; AAA— Lumber, Doors, ,W mdows. ' Wrecking 3 large flatR at .117-10-21 i 15th street. ' Oak. Wrecking and Mill Co. 2736 San Pablo ave. Oak. 3060 BIG CEMENT SALE Any quantity at Lawrence Dock, foot of Jefferson st.. Oakland. BARRELS, KEGS, TANKS for all purposes. McGuIre .& Co., Mfg»., Emeryville. Pled. 725. BICYCLES Dayton, Snell, Iver Johnson; terms; used bicycles 510 up; repair suppliqe^ wheel goods. . C. HarreU. . l. Lake. S021. BASSINET and buggry, almost new, wicker, reas., 64.21 Wentworth. Ft. 3064W. ' BARRELS, kegs, SBo and up. W56 1 Vicente. BASKETS and other curios; Indian Collection of 8 tribes. Pied. 8489W BUGGY, baby; wicker, like .new; reas.; crib, , . chair. 859 Alleen. BED. blk. !rn.; comp. $10; 2-bin kitchen table, $3.00. 486-60 Oak. BARRELS for sale. 1335 7th at. BARRELS for sale—1241 7th st. COASTER wagons, "News Boy's" Beet; disk wheel, cheap. 2300 San Pablo __ _ . ___ CLOTHING of all descriptions. See '^Wearing Apparel,' 1 following this classification. It 13 N.O. 69. CREDIT tag-, $85. Dlnsmore Broa, _ Sport. Oo. Sale or exch. 258 24th at. ElAMOND ring, ladles, value around $^00, want ' cash M110008, Tribune. offer, Boxi DOLL carlages, largest assortment anywhere; lo* priced. 2300 San Pa-blo DIAMOND ring-, Vt karat; will sacrifice. 1409 Seminary_ave. ' , JDRBSS form, adjustable. 983 57th st. DIAMOND, bluo isolitare. Lake. .4063. EXCHANGES — Miscellaneous, are advertised und.er "Swaps" (Class 61.) FRAMES—Wire lamp shade; paroh- liient paper. 1838 San Pablo. OAR.' door, new: glass top. panel bottom, $15; folding, $22.50. 1701 , E. 12th st. LUMBER SPECIALS 1-iS, 1x8 redwood ro. per 1000...$2] 1*10 redwood ro. per 1000 $3( 1.J&2 redwood ro. per 1000 » 1x6 or 1x8 redwood rusllo P erj; .- Ii4 O. P.'floorJngNo.'4'per 1000.$4f> 4 inch novelty siding, clear, 1000.1" O. pine hoards and dimensions ro. 1000 I * 2G E- L, Blackman Co., Inc. 4''2'l E. 14th St. Phones Ftvl. 561 :~ . and 5217. , LUMBER 4.^1..*.- sliingles/Bashess^doors. wal hoard, bath tubis. sinks, toilets, lav- atorl^s. wash trays, paints- Pjf^ stoves and rahges.' B. M. - >'VPJ :a.t E. I2tTi st., Alentt L,UMBER—580 9 nt. nr. Clay. Belt:to clean up let, Vt price. Al , kind* lumber; *t>6d .»l«-ei, $15 , »rlcki, $7.50 a. ; 1000 WHEELS, ,^,-heels. wheels ' for all. Open Saturday eve. 2300 San Pab. OOA—MISCELtiAMSOUS , WANTKD ATTENTION! Call on usl Pioneer Loan Offlce. 705 Broadway. BOOKS bought for caeh. Hardy's ^Bookstore, 916 Bdwy. Lake. 765!>. BUY anything; high prices clothing, fugn.; -vvlU call. O. for •old ; . fcLOTHING CO. Highest prices paid for clothing. , Phone Lake. 2574. 741 VVJK pay cash lor diamonds, gold; 1332 Broadway at 14th st. DIAMONDS AND GOLD WANTED FOR MAKING JKW KLRY. WILL PAY FULL . 11 LOBB. MANUFACT. ,1fc)WELK« SC7 13TH STREET, ROOM 2i. 62 $25. 2411 Grove' St. EXCHANGES — Miscellaneous, are advertised under "Swaps" ' r< '"-61). . WURLIT7.KR CO., ' ° IJRN _ EViiN I N G .S . __ ____ ___ ___ KJRSCHNER upright piano; ju*l tuned and cleaned; .ouk case; in good .co.ulltlon. Call Ht 201D r.Oth ' avc. o '' JjhQJ»g__tg_J'^£» hu r s t 42(1. _ MATlTuSHEK Tipriglit fine tone and good action; just the piano for a beginner; $160, pay $5 a month. Kohl or and Chase basement bargain rooms. 535 14th L _Bt. CATS, dogs, boarded, treated. Sunny alnnle. sanitary kennels. Dr. J. Turver. 1211 K. IL'th st. M. B0»0. 711 —IKMi.S. CATS, IIIUDS l-'Ull SA CAKARIES. Roller; mix. Oak. 7101. AT DALTONS 528 East 12th at. Morritt B«22- ... Willys Knight Sedan .......... !*»£ 3018 Buick Racer . ............. $'80 1919 Har. Dav. motorcyle ...... JJ3" 1917 Chandler touring ......... $J75 1918 Chevrolet ................ »HO 918 Fo rd_Spc ed ^st or . ... .. ..... -$110 BUICK^^^tour. »edan: almost new, $1850; Bulclc '23 coupe: perfect cond; J1700; r both guaranteed; Buick, '23- 4 oyl. coupe; run less than 100 miles. Ouar. A-l by Bult-k dpaler. 4131 Ea . t Hth St.; Frtvl. C.580. ______ BUICK 6 rd.; overhauled: roflnished, good tires; $350; $]2.'5 down; easy torms; no brokerage. Chandler _ A g£j^y._80 3 ° ,_ Oroa ti w a y_. _______ BUiCK^-K.45."prl'vately owned. Just overhauled. Excellent condition. grood rubber, extrnn. $S7T>. terms. Lake. 6350. 8035 Brook nt. __ ~HI A.UTO!* KOU SAI.IU—C o lit 1 n u e 0. Hjt—A^tjT U H^ KO U_ 3*%*£^£ I1HSK SKTTEJn puppies, $33 and $50; Russian AVolfhoutvl puppies. $50; champion stock. Connoniara Kennels, P. O. Box 14. MoraRa. 1 mile north ^of Moragra station, on county road. IRISH Setter pups, pedinrreed: prize winners. R. P. P. Box 4, K. Hth St., enst city limits. San Loandro; end of 6 cent fare line. Kd. Snr- nen to. PU PP1E S, Persia rv kittens; all breeds. Pctland. 1519 K 12th St.: Mar. 3900. <'OOPH5 puppies. 2708 Adeline, Oak. 7U.V —UOGSt CATS, 1I1HUH. WAMTI1. BKST prices for birds, animals. _____ Mltaman. , TeleBrraph. ___ C.R HI 1 1 Cv. :~O. 7151 _ WILL purclinsp young" police dog, reasonable, eligible for registra- 2154 Lincoln; , tion unnecessary. Alamcda 1131-W. BTTKF Oplns'lon Barred Rock InyiliR hens; nlso pullets. 21 Jturdock Court, off 60th itve. BROOD13U stove and Dick's fiunoiiH straw cutter; larg'e Hlze; bot.h for $55. 30H__Poraltii ave. F. SiiilOK. cTiTcKJONS, rab. 3117 Fryo, n. «. aiaplo. I-'INIO flock of 1 yuai- old Cnrneuux niul \Vhlto Kins plfeons. about IrtO birds; a real buy. Price $210. Box SI. Hayward. _ lvT'rioTT~r)y~Calit. Huy 0: Grain, 022 Washington st. Lakeside 274. l?7,;"n|)—(jurflnUlc's; «19 Leghorns and Many Other Varieties in Stock BABY CHIX You buy only the best stock at our store. C. E, HILL CO. 418 1ltli .si., O|ip. T & D. Oak. 7151 MANDOLIN, flat back; „ Washington mandolin with pateiit finger rest; $U: fine tone. \VUK- JlilKUl IWQV* T w * •.•!!** iw..--. •- *,-._-- LITKER CO., OJPEj^J^VKNINGS. FURNITURE, leaving city, must be sold at once at a- sacrifice the , beautiful furnishings of a bunga- i lo\V court apartment; solid man. tables, chairs,, desk, bookcase; beds and bedding; b< ••- Victrola and records; Oriental rugs; silk hangings; pictures; brie a brae and kitchen utensils; every article sold separately. 442 Euclid —FURNITURE 1 —1 solid mahogany 60- in. colonial dining table with 8 chairs and serving table; 1 overstuffed Davenport. Phone Lake. 2051 bet. 9 a. m. and 5 p. m, FURNITURE, manufacturer's cam- ples of distinctive living: rm., dining rm. and bed rm. furniture at sacrifice prices. Op'en evenings, Lafferty's. 2148 Teleg. av.: L. 2428. PLAYER BARGAINS Ses these Player ' Piano Specials in our Basement Bargain Rooms, all used but guaranteed in every way' FURNITURE five or six rooms lo he sold reas. Owner leaving town, j ,1 Saturn, 4221 .Montgomery St., " blocks east Tech. High^ FURN, of 4-rm. apt,; like new; leaving city; sell at sacrifice. 753% Warfleld; 2 blks. E. of Gr f; m 5_ a y_: I FURNITURE of 5-room bu'ngalow including dining, living and bed• room suites, rugs, etc.; all like new. 1728 Lincoln ave., Ala. FURNISHINGS complete of 6 large rms • good condition, $060; houa« for rent. Oftk. 9579.,__ FURNITURE of 7 rooms; must bo sold 2324 7th ave.; Lake. 1638, _._ __ _ ______ _ ____ FURNISHINGS of 8-room house, cheap. 716 Castro st. BUSI EQUIPMENT; TYPEWRITERS Cash Registers, Scales, Etc. 384 12th st. Oaklan.1 70. FURNITURE, like new. Call 705 Santa Clara ave.. Ala., bet. 11-^. FURNITURE and stoves—591 7th st, FURNITURE of 4-r. apt. Lk. 4236. GAS RANGE; Peninsular- used short time;,good ad new; for *dt<. Oak. 3009. CASH REGISTER—Rings Ic to $4.S3. tiOO 14th st. DESK EXCHANGE B ^ kindn office furniture. Parish rctturc Co.. 657 12th. Tjakesidc Buy anfl - all _ Fur- 't,akeside 136S. I BUY furniture and junk. Call anywhere any time. Humboldt JOJ._ MI3AT sliver. (American); St. Louis cash .reg.. ring le to $4.99; good. as new, very cheap. 600 14th. st. RKSTAUR., equip, comp. P. 6822W. SODA fountain, candy equipment bgt.. sold, exch. Sardell, 481 7th s U TYPEWRITERS—Large selection, all makes, used and rebuilt. Typo- writers sold on easy terms. We /also rent and repair. Oakland Typewriter/ liseh., 581 16th st. ' Oak. 3219. '- TYPEWRITERS—Rebuilts and used; rented, sold, repaired. We save you money. O. 4992. 1524 Franklin. • Bay City Typewrlte^Co. "TOLEDO SCALES; NEW $69 up, easy terms. 332 12th st. , \UNDERWOOD and all other makes SOLD AT $5 PER MONTH. WHY RENT? Guaranteed factory rebuilt like new. Five years' (KRBE) .service. TYPEWRITER GUY 17TH AND KAN PABLO. OAK. 92 82A BUS. EQUIPMENT WANTED FLAT TOP DESK wanted; good Bize and condition. Phone Pied. 3783W Sunday before 9:30. 621 MACHINERY JAEGER CONCRETE MIXER; H- YARD CAPACITY. TOOLS. IMPLEMENTS, o. MCQUAID..MANTECA. MULTICOLOR press, cheap. street. . 319 6th '11 BOATS—ACCESS CRUISER —' Sacrifice sale; 41-foot sea gc\ng: new, 'fully equipped; 50 h. p. Peerless Marine engine, cost $7200; will sell for $4500. For appointment phone A v Weber, Fruitvale 1535W. 'WEARINGJXPPARE 1 'COATS and Artss'ts, -food cond. Hopkins lit. ' ' OVERCOAT — Dark brown Kerity • cloth: suit, dark blue, Zarr* -'-•" good condition. Fled. «9W; GAS range, clean and in fl«e condition; splendid oven, $20. Fruitvale S563W. LEATHER rockers, heaters, cheap. L HarrlB, 3279 E. 14th St. Ftvl. 55. LIBRARY' table, oak bookshelf In end. Pled. 9549W. MATTRESS SPECIAL. 100 40-lb. mattresses, $8.96, ana pillows, couches, springs, upholster- ng; 569 16th St. Lakeside_g)9B. RUGS—CHINESE Rara and beautiful; personal expert selections of our resident part- ner'tn China: handmade of pure wool, fast vegetable dyes, luxurious color harmonies; practically indestructible ; will «rl«jUfetlme of »or- vice; wear !mprov««- ta P" Terms cash, no discount to 9xlJ! S21S; 8x10. $160j t"" ' $56: 3x6. $36; 3x5 $30; .--G. WEST CO.. Importers, -4048 14th st., Oakland. Wheelock Pianola Prlmatone Bungalow Bjur Onk .Strand Pianola .--' Weber, like new »VlH H. M. Cable, Roloello Jl>37 Gulbransen. like now $*t.O TERMS TO SUIT. KOHLER & CHASE. ... .siLl 4 !- 11 st> prVNO~Par"i"or' Grand;- niithogauy finish; S450 cash; $500 terms; can lie seen Saturday a.m., Sunday J to 6 p m 2SO Funsion HV. (formerly 13th av.), Sai: Francisco. Take Sutler No. T or_mun_lcl_nal_ C__car- PLAYER pliino In fine condition, with 100 rolls. Price $350. Oakland 3401. PIANO—Upixrlit iiiuliog-i;iy; cheap Pli. Ftvl^J; Apt. 6. PIANCTfO!^church. Lake._1838: p. m PIANO^Bean. mahopany : Fr--it. 4n:',.T R"A"DLK"&" CO" |>iano; walnut case, beautiful tone, excellent condition- real value for student uf music- $209. AVURLITSSER CO., ^75 Hth Ht. OPKN EVE. SCHAEFEU Piano, cuninct grand stvle, finished in mahogany, ele- eant tone; has beon used care- full v; $275. beach Included; terms o" $2 a. week. ICohler and Chase Basement Bargain Rooms, 64P 14th street. . SONORA Console—Beautiful browl mahoff.; juut like new; bargain for cash. Mr. Robinson, 517 13th Bt. Oak. 6-144. SAX.. C Mulody: sacrifice; practically new. Hurry's Barber Shop, 588 "7th st. - LEGHORNS. \Vhitu; 300 pullnlB fn-.ir and a half months. B42 Bancroft nvc. San_Leandro 3H4"W. V. I,EGH., 1000 pullets. 2 nioB., $10 doz. AV. V. Potts. 1062 73d ave. 1IAP.T,KV-T)AV1DRON — Com, ovnr- hnuled; new paint: 2 lights: extra lire; 80 mi.; speedo.; glared up; BUICK 1923 SPORT Brand new; never registered: prl- * ' <jv ~- -~ - iiMov-v/K—Appearance, battery and mechanical condition ifood; $100 cash. g835 7th street, Berkeley. CHANDLICR brSP"l921; a beautiful car; looks like new; wire wheels; • ells rlsht- along for $850; price $6JO; $225 down; lony terms; no brokerage. Chandler Agency, 3020 f) rp adjvuy. "CHEV. TOURING 1923 Gone ir.OO mllers. Oversize nmls. extras. Have note to meet. Must nacrlfce tmmediatev. $475, terms. Cull gorrell. Pifd. 9009. CHANDLER S-pas.t, 1923 I'iko Peak motor: many extra*; and servlRe; nave JSOO; 1-3 down, long-, may terma; no lirokurn^o. ClianOlar Ageiicy. 3020_Bron_Owny. CUlCVnOLKT touring for »6fir>. Now model, JU.fl down, bill. J30 tier month. Still under factory guarantee. Box A191674. TrlhunP. ...,, .>v,i.~ . Bnhy Orand. li)23, «e«lan: A-l mechanically: good tire?. Trade for small *Car. 130 12th at., Oukljind. ClTlO Vnbi7ic'l r I ou r.; pcrf«c t r i: ti n in e order; mom powerful; $!"">; IfiO down: ca.iy terms; no l>rokfi-»no. ('handler Agency. 3J)JJO_ Urondwuy. -rrr::.-_T { g n'jlJ] _~' c j",,^, ^ c " n r " w : ( n," of K«a''H; make 108 miles hour. 1'rio* less thun cost. i-. Desler, Derby and Sh.iiUu-K. CHMV. coupe '7ji7Tr2~(>2: 2 mo. old; will soil on fti'i'omit of ili-ath $740 equity for JuOU cash. Air. Hall, r''riilt.4f.<l. . . worth JT.'iO; our price tu'iii; $1S."> do«'ii! easy tcrin.H; no hroln'rajji'. _ CI(;veland_j\K''ncy, j 0 2 0 li road w a y. "C"HEVROLET7$35 DOWN 1919; only $I6(>. Oakland 8752. CHKVllOLKT utility coupe; cxcol- l«nf oondllion. $175 down. Lake. 1507. CHUV. tour,, '21. perf. cond., fi tir»>a. stop light. $250. 172!) Kveri-tt __st,. AJaiiieda. CllioVHOl^TT'lourlriK. li>20: will soil for balance owing, $100; terms. ' 2801 Broadway. GHKV~"iS22 tour.. , »3ir>, .. __ terms. Frnltvnle 20fiOJ. _ CHEVnOLHT. " Baby "araiifl," 1U20; A-l condition, clu-ap'. 017 Sf>i\t «t. DOHT. 192.1 mod. coupe; $750: will take your cnr In tradn; run very little; new llrcH; n snap; torms. Frultvale 42B2W. (Ire; BU nil.; speeoo.; g^nreii up; , ..._l__,-_- ' n. . buttery; all tlvs good: has . potKJE tour., nlmoat new; just hern well taken uaro of: guaran- nicely broken In; $275 down; long teed; a bargain if bought at. once. easy terms; no brokerage. Chand- !>24S Tplnernnh jive.. Jlr. AVood- i->^ A.»,.n^v sn^n nrnmlivnv. 2248* 'felegraph ave., Sir. Woodstock, r HARLKY with Bide car and tandem, JlfiO. First-class rendition. Call 11V7 Castro st.. 5:30 to 7 p, m. Ask for_Mr : _\Voy. TWIN Indlifii; new tire, Bonqh mag.; $15. Call 841 Adeline, 5 to 5:45 p.m. MOTORCYCLE—At Gordons Repair Shop. 2SOS MllvJa si.. SPOT CASH for late Hnrloy-Davld- son moiornyclos: sold on easy torniB. Ouklnnd Motorcycle Sun- plr Co.. 270 lath st. Ph. Oak. 355. FORD truck lOilf; tukp furniture as part puyiniMit. Lemon live, mid Clicry st. It. 1. Box 5A. liuywitril, CaJUf. FORIl" TRUCK. O. McQUAlDE, MA NT EGA. ^ FCmD~truck. good condlllon. C39 Eagle aye., Alamcda^ Z M;-T. truck: U drive. 5-6 E 12; M. ,,v _'ntA<7i'ons. UNX irAVJS a lot in 13. Oak. 37^x100: 1 rt V JU IV HJV ill I'-Ji \/n.r*. ii * ^j; .-». t w i will trade' for Hinnll truck Ford preferred. Piedmont 21! ' 821 FREIGHT TWO-TON TRUCK for rent, without driver, ${ per day. Berk. 1512J. iAUTOS. FOR -HIRE _lar Atfuncy! 3020 Broadway. DURANTJ tour.. li)23: 4300 miles. A ruro buy at $875. Phone Plod. 9069. DURANT roadftcr, late 1922, in first clans condition. A remarkable buy. Vhom* Ala. 21.17 att«r j'»_y>._ni DODGE Biieodntcr; best looklnf speudsler in Oak., $230; Owner Lakeside 8738. DODGli, 1D18 touring; oxcpllcut con dltion. Ph. Borkqley 24U4J. __^ ljOlJOE~ruad., 1820; cheap; can nr range terms; 2 now tiros. O. 5853 '2B model; ik« new $175 down. L. ]»07; 2U2 Bdwy. UOTX1E tourlnK; runs good; $7fl cusli. 1966 _5^1*8J] a Ph_ R v«. 'fei8~S~RX coach. 192J; driven cwjly 10U miles: like n' l wj new car ^laran- top chiMip. Alnmeda 3IJ12. TflLGIN Bnort, Dec.. 1921., now paint and nieehanlfnlly O. K., lots of ftx- trns, $801), _ Call IJerk. J!42t-J, evo. ....^.^ .922 TourlnK. bargain; A-l Bliape. TermK. 203S 80th ave. " .777. .".jinfi $225 Used car department open evenings, displaying the finest line of high, grade used cars in the city. Come in and see them, let us demonstrate. 10O 1939 MARMON* 7-PA.SS. TOURING Repainted, four now Tires, perfect mech. condition., 1922 NASH SPORT— Repainted maroon and black, gray Spanish leather, five wire wheels, five cord tires, tonneau shields 101)0 1922 CHANDLKR 7-PAS3. SPORT TOURING— Five cord tires, good putnt, A-l mech. cond...., 8uO 1922 CHEVROLET SUPERIOR TOURING— As good as new and only • • 4oO 19"0 STUTZ 6-PASS. TOURTXG — SK wire wheels, six cord tires, nne California top, perfect condition: a bargain at l-oO 1919 FRAXKMN- TOURING— New paint, good tires, A-l condition OOU 19 = 0 JORDAN TOURING— New paint, good tires, fine mech. shape OOU 1914 CADILLAC TOURING— This old car In good running order 1OU 1920 CADILLAC PHAETON— Six cord tires, re-finished; many extras J.OoU 1921 CHALMERS TOURING— . Repainted, four new tirei, A-l condition , /OU 1931 CHANDLER TOURING— Repainted, good running order UWJ 1922 DODGK ROADSTER— _ Look and runs like nnw < UV 1922 DODGK SCREEN DELIVERY'— ,_ In fine condition throughout ^OU 192V HAYXES MODEL 60 TOURING— Lots of extras, line condition < »U OPKX SUNDAYS AXD EVENINGS 2211 Webster St. Lakeside 7040 Fo rtl «-'oupe"~l il 2~l Ford tour., 1S21 Velio 5 tour., IBIS ............. $^«0 Ford Kcdnn 1022 .............. H»0 A fuw good ruuninir Fords, J75 each. San Pablo Avito Market 2150 Sftn 7 J ablo aro __ •ROCKER and companion ohafr, fumed oak; real leather; box couch good condition, cheap. 340 61st st. RANGE", comb, coal o v "" new - .*>?* pled RANGE wood, coal; "Quaker-Gem E," $25. Ftvl. 4-193J. STOVE—Universal coal or wood r"n£e7 maluble iron top, white splashers, warming oven wlin ai tached 3-burner plate and gas oven- excellent condition; cost $165; sell for $65. 284 Perkins sL SILK LAMP SHADES Any •tyl«,.color i> or <i p i rlce; also dies- STOVE—Comb. Bas range; 2 ers, din. tab-, 6 chalri, $14; beds. 12 up; fold, bed, elec, washer. *2o. 1910 E. 14th st. velour; also 2 upholstered v..-.. = ; oak hall seat- hat rack. Phone Lake. 4259. STOVES—Buy your stoves at The S to vesii op. 665 16th BI TABLE, 3x6; 2 large mirrors. 913 67th st VACUUM clean.. A~-l cond.; reas. ,. — .— pada, tent*, tablw, couches and Vac cleaner*. IrivaMo Parish Purn. Co. L. * ' WEDGEWOOD coaI-wood; »as attach;; like new; $20. 1064 Uth «t. WJSDOEWOpD stove, «ood Cond. »73 ISti) Ml. WINDOW •ha_d«j. «pci . «»tl „, ,4« »p«c. *!M. B. 14th. rty. ' USED PIANOS AND PLAYERS FULLY GUARANTEED — Small modern apartment piano, beautlfui, deep rich tone, pretty _ 0 brown mahogany used only a very short time; cannot be told from new; fully guaranteed. See this piano right away. Terms. £290 —Klmball Piano; the very best buy in Oakland today; used ten months; in perfect condition. Regular vaiue $550. Terms. 8190 —Stelnhauer Piano; mnhog any case; very fine condition. JIO.0,0 cash, $10.00 per month, S440—Kimball Piano; the $850.00 style; mahogany; used seven months; can not be told from new. Terms. OPEN EVENINGS WITHOUT Each line $3 a month. AA- RENT CAR DRIVE IT YOURSELF Mayborry's Auto Service. New Fords, Chev,, Buicks. Studebakers; also trucks and deliveries. 152 12th at Marllson. Lake 783. i?5ltf) coupe. '21; snap, $27.' terms; cord tires, nhock absorber* and mechanically o. k. Mr. Dyer, Ktvl. 405, between S and 10 u. in. or S and 5 p. m., or 59 10tl> si., apt. 10, cvenlnys. __^ FoilD toTiiT: late model; ». ».: sliooks; Bosrti l«n.; 1 man fop; new tiros: runs :t million; only J17C; $5» down, bal. 10 mo. 21M1 AUTOS, TRUCKS, RENT You drive. U 20,1. 12th and Oak 6ts BATES KORD SERVICE FORDS WITHOUT DRIVER OAKLAND «35. 1^0 12TH B'l. CARS rented without drivers. Lakeside 331'). 2ISO Han Pablo. KORUS, ?7.50 1U hours. All other makes $12.00 10 hourai also 3 '£ ton trucks. 26» 32tn at. Oak. 8954. Open 7 a. m. ^to 9 p^ nu AUTO HERVICE. U DRIVE. nt 1 r 'TIl ST. O.,K. 5360. ___ NKW CAU.S KOR HKNT U drive 'em. 2H18 Sliatluck; Bk. 71tt. WITH JJIUVKIl SIOHTBEKING. Special rates. — :u. Wray Taxi. Oak. 92. 841 AUTOS FiOR SALE Advts. arranged by make of car, as shown by first word AT S25 DOWN Ford tour. Full price $ 75 Kurd lour. Full price $ 7!> Olds. 4. Full price $12S AT S50 DOWN OKly. 8-18. Full price $300 Vtlie tour. M9. Full price -$326 1 Bulrk MS tour. Full price $350 VIOTROLA: mahogany ca?«, in perfect condition; formerly sold for *15Q; our price Including $10 reu- $150; oiir price Including $1S rec- Olfd '' » 98 coM^A y Nrr m '- *""*" VldLlN—Fi n« pi d French Will «*^ eS*m'« f or. u*ed fura. J14I T«l«r. H. S. Hood tlren, shook ub extra oiling Hj'Hlotn, outnlcl); iiumper. Stewart horn. Bpctidoniiter, lunsrewlieel, look. $36I>. KOUD sedan. 1823;4600 mi,: rm and looks like new; speed.; *, K.. d. r.; $500. See owner, 2!)li K. 14th st. "ASK THE ENVELOPE" A NO KNOW THK TRUTH AUOI'T HOWARD USED CARS How can you expect to know the currt-ct cost of a uaed oar until you know how many miles you can got from it? Tim hlg orange colored envelope attached to our used oars acquaints you with (ho Information and facts—the sort of "dope" which will enable you to Itnow definitely ami accurately the exact amount c-f mileage nnd service, you c.-in expect. And on this bnsls our used cars prove to be the ^ loftHt expensive to buy. 'lA s k the Envelope" spoll.i economy. ^ satisfaction and service. 1923 Buick 4 tour.. .$825 1922 Buick 4 road... 650 1923 Hup. lour 850 19!8 Buick 6 coupe. . 475 1920 Buick 6 coupe. . 900 1921 Studebakcr 6, 4 pass 600 192! ,Ford coupe 375 1919 Nash 6 sedan . . .600 191 7 National sedan. 500 f 920 Chevrolet F. B. lour 350 1915 Cadillac Jour.. . '4.25 1 9 I 8 Studebaker 6. tour 275 HOWARD AUTO CO. Broadway. Lako»ld« 34»0 STUDE. LIGHT SIX TVrfort condition throughout, .?fi7r>; vrry easy term?. 1i. 1507. 6 Sedan, paint^condition A-l, »50fl. Mayor Felton, San Leandro. ST'tJb'EBAKKR"light 6 tpuring. 1922; all in A-l condition; good tire*: original paint. Phone Lakealde 141 KEbSTER-^Spcc. built; sale or trude for touring car or anything. r,S5 20th St.: Lakeside 1352. THE AUTO MART KXi'*LUS£VI«: USKD CAR DEALERS 21'J2 Broadway. 1J"0 Hudson speedster, goon paint, Urea, extras, inc. West shocks » 34t? IU19 Mitrmon. special top: very good condition throughout. This _ la real value at only »3»B 1!)20 Buick 6 tour. 5-pass.; gooa condition; good car. This one _ is a bargain at.. j* 01 * 1B31 Nasn 4 touring: In good condition; excellent value .$5fl» 1921 Chandler Club., very fooA shape: enameled gurfae«......-$«0» 1921 Overland sedan, repainted. This car looks and run* Jl!te1 , I- new. A low price .........-»4« 1021 Ford sedan, good rubber: now paint, mech. perfect *no the price Is only...* ...,..»«• 1922 Chevrolet roadster. For a small economical car this can t be beat. We ask • Many other cars, some real u-^- calna In older and light cars. Always worth more than we now mitt °We wll! trade your old car. Liberal Terms. Easy payments. TFJ^j3AjaAND 966 TOUR "car In good cond., in ex. for piano. Pled. 8120J". AUTOS WANTED JIOWKTT, 1924 Sport, }1275; new car. 2471 dliattuck. Berk. Lex. Sport S 550 Oakland Tour, A-l. Rick. '22 Coupe... Chevrolet, A-l .... J. F. K. MOTOR CO. Autos Wanted Wanted »t ono«. 100 good u«»<l law model cars for export. W" Day you highest cash price. FnoB» Oakland 1614 or call at 2323 Broai- way. Oakland. • "ACCEPT lato tour, car first pay. N.W. cor. blvd. and Castro vly. rd.. nnf house; lot 7jxloO. Owner, _J,ak*. 4695. _____J— COUPE WANTED A used, good small car; must b» reasonable. Write White, 2312 Dtt- ranl ave., Berkeley. ACf\ £;AgH_for_caj:s. any cond. 4bU|^ A[ _ K Kl) od"make touring or sedan $1580; Koo as part, payment, with little cash, for 6-rm. bungalow Hearing com- Pletion. Owner. 3012 Seminary 2919 Bdwy. Oak. 1424 i'OUD sedan. 1921; privately owned: Al cond.; car at 14 IS Webster, or Jihonp Onk. 7510. Mr^_>tor8f. __ '20; many extras: <-x. cond.: .stiirlcr, dfin. rims; JliO. Lakeside 8738. FOFID coupe. 1921; exrt'lleiH «on$365; r'xceptlunally easy dition, taritj?. lBO12th»t. ___ _____ __ FbTtlJ~speedstcr. 19)7; special ho<ly; wlnilHhleld; good motor and tires. 2941 K. Hth st. ___ ___________ _ panel top delivery, 1322; (jak. :'8,>3 good _ FOJiD Speedster top. wlndalileld, atarter. O" 1 t ztn ' 1 __- FOHD speedster. 1917 model, $75. K venlngH or .Sunday. Kim. 497. FORD touring, 191*5: good condition; $50. Piedmont S508J. FOKP, 1921 tour.; s, ex.; 1225; terms. like new; FORI> tourinK. l'J21, run 7000 inlleB. 561 48_th. _I'led. 7_8m_V. Haynes Sedan—New Car A beautiful nexv car, fully equipped; S eord tlrea, C dlao wliuel-i. l>niui)- ers trunk, etc.; a wonderful car at LOCOMOBILE"" louring; «xoellent uondltton mechanically; good puint ami rubber; special tonneau windshield ami other extras. Owner goinff Knsl, will sacrifice for quick sale. See at, 1500 Harrison. _ ""iMARMON TOTIRING 1!)19 model, newly painted". * now tires, perfect condition throughout. A real bargain. $1100 . Mr r J'^' ia ._|_- ak(< side "040^ IIITCHIOLL tour., 1018: $75 down, linl. easy payments. Oak. 6853. .______. 1S22 model, painted maroon and hlai-k, gray Spanish leather, five cord lir«)». fivo wire wheels, ton- nenu windshield; many extras. S950 Mr. DavlB. Lakeside 7_pl^NASH, iflSO !our., very groo'd cond. 3158 Elm st. or ph^ Pled. 435^ "OLDS 4 TOURING 1922 JUST LIKE NEW. $750; EASY TERMS H. G. Markham Co. RROADWAT trade "for tour, car. Fruit. Z7 2650 Muinhaldt ave. 83 AL'TQil' KOK *tr*s**r OAKLAND -20 : v good cond.; trade for good 4 cylinder car. Pled. 14U6J. _i WltT. BXCHANOK my $3325 Lex- inKtou Supreme 7-pass. Ansted motor for a desirable res.\lot. Phona Pjt'tlmont. S4K2R. MOM2Y LUANKD OH UTOIACCESSORIES BUMPKR. bai'k (ft DodS«. Frultvale avt. Vtvl. 143J. SSI AUTO REPAIRING Willis C tour. ' Full price $300 AT $100 DOWN Chandler Dlep'ch '19. Full price $800 .Sheridan tour. 'ill. Full price..$BOO Auburn coupe '19. Full price...$600 StudebAker Special. Full price..$,»DO Olds. 8-20 *°W Tiie above earn all put in good running order. Lakeside Motor Sales Co. 260 12th st. . Oak.-8334 Open even in g«_tni_9j A.- SPECIALS' Buivrk 17-6 with Calif. tOP. A-J. 1475 Buick 20 totsr., «plend. cond...$600 Buick 16 tour., O. K $«2o Chandler 18 tour., O. ^••••; h™ Dodge 15 road., $12.) nncl U tour.tt.2b Chev tour. 18. $12S (20. $160), (23; J75; extras, $500.) Chev. F. B. tour, 81 U26 Ford p»n«l del. 20, excellent... .$?»0 Over, oedart 20 • •. • J398 41S1 E»nt 14th St. Frultvalft year's car—this is a new car, fully uurantecd. No t\rc stile, bank sale, etc Juat a new ca* at a very large savin*. See car at 2122 Broadway. OVERLAND COUPE 1923. many extras, con! tires, bumpers, car cannot be told from new; had best of care. Must sacrifice this week. See this car before HUDSON SEDAN Late model; A-l cond.; bargain- Looks like new. Will take Hunt car in trade; terms it desired. Ala. 4021. ____. HUDHON speedster; extras, . rra tires, sun visor wheel lock. fnotometer, $850. Take small car part pay. Qatt.._pjQllJ\l£—JJ—i^—. "HUDSON speedster; ">?tra tires, bumpers. »un visor, theft lock; motor A-l; M50 ctsh; ligrht car _pj^^_Ql i L-gi°-l- ..?J1 Rlch - 135tf - HUPMOBILE tour., 1921; .original _LoJ.s_of_ext£as HUPaiOBlLE. 1U19. $385; Filbert st.. Oak. S753. SEALSKIN coat. K«nnlrt« 41 inches !»»»': rrtmnk collar **4 «uffi;*lm»tt ».*.»«. »|«..:,v.-. JOKDAN Roadster. 1531, *3«0, In Oakland, 2094 Harrln«ton »»»., must b« sold at ono«, ; Communicate with owner, Mr*. A. M, Sand. 811 J »ter<t g«er»m«nto. The TRJBUNK, I'KKKLESS eoupi', 4-pass.; run only 1SOO miles. Owner wants lighter car. If you are Igoklny: for this class of car you can save oonsjd- I'AINTIS'G. Each llne $3 a.month. AUTO and BATTERT r»P*irinir. Work fully guaranUads fl*t r»t««- 211 12th st. eriibl. money. s " 8 - Night SERVICE D«y WM. L. HUGHSON CO. ^4th^iul Bdwy., Lake. 175 oi^AKANTKED auto repairs at your home or mine. Ernest Knox, Sl!» Foothill blvJ.;_photie_Elm. Htl. "Gtr.VtlANTlSBD "repair* at your homo or here. A..E. Larson. %i 10«4 st.; phone PAIGE t-H6 tourisis cur. 7 pass., 1921; perfect condition; c speeiiil curtains: looks like closed car; pricv $930; terms; lols of extras. IJitS Frar»kHn_ st.;_Oak. 2412. l^KKKLKSS 3 tour.j late model; almost new; $1300; $800 down, long e;ti)y tarms: no bokeru-Ke. Chandler atrency. UU-0 Broadway. Lakesi.Je I SAV pf money by " helpfiii an -__-.- 1 rerair your car. At 25IT Filbert or your !-,onie. Lake. 8617 or Elmt STUTZ TOURING- 1920 model, >vith fine CaUforulu top. six cord tires, six wire wheels, " paint: A-i mech. condition. $1250 Mr. .Pavls. Lakeside 70-uV - 8TUOEBXKBR U«ht « road.; brand new; new spare cord,- bumper; not yet broken In save $2eO *hd **t a •«w car; 1-1 down, long «asy terms; no bcokeraje. V, 3020 , " " LIGHT delivery body nnd top. S34 Athens ave. VOKD" BbbiES." NEW AND speedsters, tourings, roadster*. deliveries. CASE USKD BOOT' SHOP. 301 llth Bt, Oakland; Ml Golden .qat>_.avc<. S- F. - TKAILT3RS. trucks, used bought"sold. «xch. 73* K.;.tat> GAHACKS. GAS, oil. acoesaofles U. .S-t' air work. Lopes Oarag*. . pair work. Lopes arag 14th st. -Elm>ur»t 1SSJ. •ay you MW lOn^l^HISltKJfc : :'stf^&i : ti^.£3&,<£s^^^' •!s^-^'A-!<;£ f il\iSiiJlii'^k& 1 :::^i&y^