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September 21, 1923

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 11

Oakland Tribune i
Oakland, California
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Friday, September 21, 1923
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FRIDAY EVENING DabtenD Criftune SEPTEMBER 21, 1923 AA PHIIMT BAIT LURES VORACIOUS TOR TO DEATH And Mother Gets Her Baby Back in Perfect Condition; Also $2. fi By T. W. International News Service Staff Correspondent. MOBIL'S, Ala.. Scpu i."—Naked pickaninnies are being used as alligator bait around Chipley, Fla! But wait These little black morsels are more than glad to be led to the "sacrifice," and do their part in lurking the big Florida •gators to their fate without suffering so much as a scratch. With the demand for tanned alligator hides far outstripping the supply, hunters along the Santa Rosa coast of Florida have beset themselves to helping relieve the shortage and incidentally to fatten their purses. And little negro babies are providing a necessary part of the 'gator hunters' equipment. No, the pickaninnies are not torn cruelly asunder, like wiggling worms, and placed bit by bit upon giant fishhooks, but go Into the •water alive and whole and come out wet and laughing. Aside from the novelty of the method, this baiting alligators with negro babies, a-scheme said to have been originated by a Chicago man, there Is nothing so terrible About it. except that it Is spelling death for the alligators. FOND OP ITiESH. Above all other things, the Alligator Is most fond of human flesh «« an Item of diet Hunters say that while an alligator will risk its safety for a young dog, it will Jeopardize every hope of life for a live baby. And in the matter of color, the additional Information is vouchsafed that black babies, , in the estimation of the alligators, ar.e far more refreshing, as it .were, than white ones. According to reports, the method of bating with the negro baby is simplicity Itselt -Nothing is needed but the pickaninny and a Winchester rifle or two. The baby is placed in the edge of the water where it is shallow, near the alligator's haunts, and the rifles in the hands of expert shots, who are hidden behind nearby clumps of bushes and dense growths of marsh grass. ' / The "bait" is ; placed, in water Just deep enough so that .it can frolic and p5ay and splash its fln- gers through the water and white aaad in childish glee. The "bait" is used naked, which adds no little, BO the hunters are said to have discovered, to the value of the "lure." A black baby, or a baby of any other color, it is well known, likes to splash in the water when clothed, but stripped naked the child is In a heaven of delight and makes a great to do, chortling and laughing, which attracts the 'gator. THE 'GATOR COMES. Hunters declare that before the "bait" has emitted half a dozen or laughs, or coos (as his FREE Baseballs, Gloves, Bats, Track Meet Supplies FREE! For information phone or write ml once—Circulation Dcpt. OAKLAND TRIBUNE When in the South You'll find the TRIBUNE on Bale at ali the important new* ctandi. LOS ANGELES GIob« New* Co, • Kemp News Co. 'Gonzales Co. Central News Agency California News Stand Rainbow News Co. Star News Co. People's News Co. Little News Shop LONG BEACH Long Beach News Co. SAN DIEGO Hinckley News Co. Pacific Nev/s Co. SANTA MARIA Santa Maria Inn DEL MONTE Hotel Newt Sund A«k far the IftttD CtJDune humor may prompt, a slight rustling Is heard In some nearby la- STDcm, and presently a long, dark, shadowy line Is detected beneath the water, creeping toward the poor little "bait." Now, the baby is always placed In such a position that there is shallow water for a considerable distance beyond, him, out into the water. Then as the 'gator draws near he is forced above the surface, wading toward the "bait" with his head and forequarters well exposed. Then— Bitig, bing, blng. Three or four rifle shots ring out, and the hunters rush into the water to retrieve their .prize. For Florida alligator hunters do not ever miss their targets. And as they rush, also rushes, usually, the mother of the "bait," who almost always accompanies her "coal black rose" to the hunting place. As the mother gathers up her offspring the hunters finish off the 'gator by blows from heavy clubs. And usually while one of tho hunters drags the "game" well up on the sands another of the group pays off the mother for the use of her negro baby. There is a set pr'ce. It is: : Two dollars. i OflEtHI LIFTS ON WHITE mm, SUIT "Lei's Not Be So Narrow- Minded," Says Mayor of "Fifth City." By WILLIAM J. HTJSKE, International News Service Staff Correspondent.. CLEVELAND, Sept. 22.—Cleveland's bathing beaches henceforth will not present a riot of color when maids and men seek relief from hot weather In the cool water oC Lake Erie or disport themselves on the beach sands. White bathing suits, taboo heretofore, because "too revealing," have received the official approval of no less an authority than Mayor Fred Kohler, than whom there Is no higher court of appeal in the "Fifth City." The edict permitting the wearing of the forbidden white was issued as a result'of a personal Inspection of the beaches by the mayor. Upon his 'return he called Park Director Kutenik , into conference; "I saw a lot of great big'signs out at the beaches saying 'No white bathing ouita allowed'," the mayor told the'park director. "I told the man in charge out there to take 'em down right away." "Perhaps you uon't know -the reason for ' those signs," Rutenlk parried. "There Isn't any , good reason," His Honor replied. "I know what some 'birds' claim is an excuse for it. ' "Let's not be so. narrow- minded. I've been around to lots of big beaches, and they let 'em wear white suits if they want to." So the big sign went down, and almost synchronously therewith pretty maids made their appearance on-the beaches In the hitherto forbidden suits.. Dealers in bathing suits reported a rush to purchase. "It's quite true that white suits are more revealing 1 when wet than the darker colors," International News Service was told. "Lots of beaches forbid their use, and our stock wan very low as it was • only people with th«lr own private beaches or' those who were going somewhere where there was no ban on them that bought them. We sold out oUi. entire dtock' the first day after the mayor lifted the ban. "It's getting pretty late in the season now to restock, but next year we'll be ready for the spring rush. The girls nowadays like to buy something that is considered 'daring,' and the advertising the mayor has given the white suits will help their sale :"or a while at least. "It's funny about this bathing- suit • business, though," tho dealer continued. "I remember when women's bathing suits were so voluminou.1" that I don't see how they ever swam «. stroke—perhaps few of them did; but now they're going to the other extreme, and it may be we'll reach the point where women in the water will be considered sufficiently clad In men's togs. It's rapidly reaching that point now." Safe With Student Funds Is Stolen BY INTERNATIONAL. NEWS EEKYIOE LEASED WIKE TO TRIBUNE. LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21.—Atter attacking and binding G. W. Robinson, night watchman, and robbing him of his keys, a gang' ol nix bandlta entered the library building: of the University of California, nouthern branch, in Vermont avenue, and 'carried away a safe containing $2288 ' cash, but failed In an attempt to steal another larger safe eontlnlng $3GOO. Th« money which was stolen had been raised by th a Southern branch as a relief fund for students at the nialn university at Berkeley, who were left practically destitute by the fire last Monday. - BEEOIAXISCHOOE SOANDA L. Antwerp.—Ninety-children founa living in fllth at a . rival* school in Ranst have been e«nt to their parents and the institution closed. Mrs. Elizabeth Fry was the first English woman to instigate reform In the Newgate Prison. London. DOUBLE TRADING STAMPS AH day Saturday—Ask for them MEN'S CAl'S LATEST MODELS I.ACE CURTAIXS 2% YAHDS LONG $1.50 Pr, Great Sale of R. & G. Corsets Nos. 706 and 712 Corsets $125 $1 nn values «P 1 • UU Nos. 212 and 1258 Corsets $2.00 d»t JC values «P* «TT«J Nos. 102, 670 and 814— $2.50 to $3.00 values .* ft t V* VJ J- T. $1.95 $3 and $3.50 values Nos. 172, 720 and 832— Nos. 526 and 848 Corsets. $4.00 values Nos. 1212 and 1294— $5.00 values $3.95 Special Sale of Ladies' Sweaters Ladies' All Wool Sweaters, made in six colors of the Latest Vogue • d»o AC Good $5.00 value «P«).«/D Men's and Young Men's Suits Young Men's Suits, Made of Fine Tweeds and Velours. Sport $17-75 Models... 1' Men's Suits, made of Lester Worsted and Soft Finished ma- $| 0.75 terials. 1O Ask for Double Men's Suits, Latest Fall Styles, Browns, Grays and Striped • - $ni .75 Materials £t 1 Men's Suits. Made of All Wool Worsteds and Cheviots. Conservative Sport $9J-75 Models. ...... ....• fcrT Trading Stamps NUVXD AND WASHINGTON STREETS SATURDAY SPECIALS MORRELL'S PRIDE SELECTED PICNIC HAMS—4 to 6-pound average— Special, per pound BEEF Positively all No. 1 STEER BEEF Standard Rib Roast, per Ib Round Roastr— per pound ..... Top Round per pound Pot Roast, per pound— 17c* AND 15c Our Own Cure Fancy Sugar Cured Bacon, 6 to 8-pound strips. All selected and well trimmed. By the whole or_ half strip, Ib.. PORK Legs of Pork, per pound Pork Butt Roast,- < p*er pound ..... Pork 'Loin Roast, per pound ..... VEAL Legs of Veal— O£ per pound aCDC Veal Shoulder Roast, Ib. STAPLE FOODS CHEAP Skaggs Stores make no pretense to handle luxurious or poor quality foods. Our efforts are confined wholly to the purchasing aTnd selling of wholesome staple table supplies. You'll find in Skaggs Stores and Markets the best place,to trade if you desire good eats at the lowest possible price. BUTTER—Skaggs Fresh Creamery — ^ per pound ..'... 2 pounds CC DDC PRUNES—Sunsweet, 2-lb. carton 23c PORK and BEANS— Medium can lOc FANCY RICE— 3. Ibs.. 25c PECOA Nut Butter— Ib 25c OIL—Pure Salad, > O |Large 28-oz. bottle.. «-DC PEAS—Large^cans, | C _ Sweet and Meaty.... IDC SATURDAY UNUSUALS 12-oz. CORN BEEF 15c 1-pound can ground CHOCOLATE . and COCOA.... 4-pound can SNOW. DRIFT «7r' Shortening.. I DC Heavy Five- Tie Brooms EGGS—Strictly Fresh, Ige. white ranch,— r*r 1 dozen.,.^. 09C 2 dozen for SARDINES—Booths, large oval can, 2 for CORN—Country | r Gentleman, Ige. can IDC PURE LARD— 4 Ibs 8 Ibs. 75c $1.39 OLIVES—Large, ' ripe, quart can.... 37c VINEGAR—Cider, ££ gal, jug DDC BEANS—Stringless, | f large cana.. IDC 20c AND Breast, of Veal, per pound ..... Veal Stew— per pound ..... -j r IDC IN OUR MEAT DEPARTMENTS Our Sanitary Meat Cases are All Refrigerated. BEEF — Choice Shoulder Pot Roast, Ib. , 12C and 14C PORK^-Young Legs, whole or half^ . Ib. .>;•;-. PORK Shoulder ! Roast, shank end, .4fo. 14c SATURDAY . . UNUSUALS.. Until Noon <• Mild Sugar Cured BACON, whole or half piece, Ib.'....... 28c PORK — Shoulder Butts for i rr roast, per Ib. 11 C MILK VEAL legs, whole or half, Ib..... YOUNG LAMB legs, Of* 4 to 6 Ibs. av., Ib..... DUC YOUNG LAMB shoulders for roasting, Ib 18c WASHINGTON BRAND HAMS WASHINGTON BRAND HAMS, all Fancy Eastern Sugar Cured and every one guaranteed, 10 to 12-lb. average, by the ham, per Ib...... Washington Market! 178 Ninth St. 10:? Eleventh St. *i7 Sixteenth St. Iftth and Broadway Cash, an d Cam/ " STORES 2017 San Pablo Avenue, 2311 East 14tb St. West Berkeley ttii Krulttfile Ave. 2UiS Broadway 8020 College Are. 3!H»8 College Ave. 2320,Shattuck Avr SANITARY FREE MARKET at Washington and Tenth — where shoppers save on quality products WINNING NUMBERS for the Durant Auto t> 358822 , D 180029 ' D 360950 INTERESTING MARKET NEWS Saturday Specials Fine Gold Loaf Cake, each Stand No. 16 Original Scotch Scones, per dozen 15c Health Bread, regular 15c loaf, for IQc Ginger Rolls, doz... 15c Stand A'o. 27 New Crop Honey— comb 20c 2 for 35c J. Howard, Stand 63 Baldwin Apples— big lug box for •. 7. Perctz, Free Delivery Mrs. Wright, Stand 31 Fancy Table Butter, per pound 47 C Mixed Color Eggs, per dozen 43 C Butter Box Isleton Butter, lb..55c Butter Cup Butter— per pound 4gc California Full Cream Cheese, per Ib 3Qc Stand No. 35 Fresh Ground Horseradish, new Home-made Sauerkraut, 2 Ibs.. -15c Sweet Mixed Pickes— Pint Cutsup, bottle B ... Stand TVo. 33 M. & M. Milk, n tall can ....... OC Douglas Oil— '' V 2 gallon can. ,65 C Quart can .. . . Van's Grocery Ghirardelli Chocolate, 1-pound can oo for Mrs. Renkwitx, Stand No. 34 Cream of Wheat, pkg... 17c Kessler's Grocery M. J. B. Fancy 2-pound | /» package 1UC Jensen, Stand No. 19 MEAT DEPT. Branch of Washington Market Shoulder Roast of Yearling Lamb— per pound . . . Pot Roast of Steer Beef, per Jb ---- SHELLFISH Fresh Deep Sea Crabs, each ........... Abalone, Ib CriveUo, Opp. Butcker • .. » .... ..,,,. *.^. **.„*...,*..: Sole Agents for This Market FOR SATURDAY SHOPPERS No. 56—MRS. R. LOUIS—No. 56 Golden State SEAL SHELL EGGS Extra large, dozen . . ..45C Fancy, Frfesh Pasteurized Creamery *BUTTER, QC^, 2 pounds for «7DC Imported Swiss CCj» Always Fresh—lowest Prfcoa Cheese. Special, Ib.. JOC HOME GROWN VEGETABLES Green things that are raised with tender care, irrigated with pure, clean water and sold here by the man who raises them. KESSLER'S DELICATESSEN Salt Pork, .per Ib... 17V 2 c i Sugar Cured Bacon, per poun,d 24M>c Tuttle's Cheese, Ib. 16c Fresh Killed Hens, per pound ........ 25c New Zealand Cottontail, each 29c Oakland Poultry Co,, Stand 22 VAN'S GROCERY STAND 65 M. & M. Milk, tall can 8c Folger's, Shasta Tea, 3/2-lb. package .... 24c Douglas Oil— ^.-gallon can ... 65c Quart can ..... 35c FOR THOSE FOND OF GOOD COOKING Tripe, per pound .. 10c Lamb Brains, each. 5c Beef Brains, each. .20c Ox Tails, each .... -20c Stand No. 39 THE FRENCH BAKER STALL NO. 2 brings in hot Frenfch bread twice a day—be cause French b^ead is best when fresh. Soda Crackers, Ib. -13c Graham Crackers— per pound ........ 15c • Aisle Stand — Horufitz Strictly Fresh Pullet Eggs, dozen, ' nit^ limit Stand No. 37 We have all kinds of the finest Fruits, Melons and Vegetables. KESSLER'S GROCERY Cream of "Wheat, ' package 17 C Schilling "Coffee, Ib. 37 C Handy Matches, pkg, Sell ihe Best /5r Less Trade at Your Neighborhood Mutual M.&M. MILK 3 tins ?7r Limit 12 tins *•.'*" They .are there for.your convenience. ... Open when you need them. Stocked with fresh, clean, well-known merchandise. No cheap goods at a price but QUALITY merchandise — the kind you know are good and sold consistently for less. \ will appreciate Mutual Service Milk, Cream, Ice Cream and Groceries MUTUAL SPECIALS-Friday & Saturday, Sept. 21-22 Argo Corn Starch, 1-lb. pkg. BABBITT'S CLEANSER Large Tins ^. For Whi'n acconipimled by the coupon appearing in .all Sunday papers September 33, .1923 ?^ APPLES Fancy No. 1 Bellflower, wrapped and packed. Per Doz. Per Box 15c $ 1 25 LIMIT STARCH 2 Packages for. i. . 15c BLACK PEPPER, Folgers, plr tin. .5c GLENWQOD OLIVES, per tin 15c LIBBY'S MARMALADE, tin....... 9c FANCY POTATOES, 6 pounds 25c KIPPERED SNACKS, 2 tins........ 15c PAPER NAPKINS, 100 for.......IQc GUITTARD f S CHOCOLATE, 1 Ib, 22c PURE OLIVE OIL • Imported. 4~ot. botUcs. 3O6 lint -tins, . 43«i PEETS WASHING MACHINE POWDER, Large 28c 32 MUTUAL STORES—THERE'S ONE NEAR YOU 9ia XJnd Street R701 Sao -Pablo tOA* San P«Wo Avenue S50 Eaat t9th Street JIM East 1MH Street' JTO67 SSrd Aveuae- 14S1 SSrd Arenae • «MI Ptodmmit ATeane SAM Grove Street 5327 Grore 8tre>t 2537 T«tegr*pb .-Avenae SS23 TelevrBph Avenue 5910 Telegraph Avenue «S»7 Telegraph Avenue W»l OnOece Areaite OaklaBd Ave. and -' . . Santa. Oat* SMB Bond 2208 Hopkins Street 32SO Foothill. Boalevard 40»5 FoothUI Boulevard 1«« but 14tn Street lit* Eaat 14tb Street J7J4 Kaat 14tb Street Bllft E»M t4tn Street •4S4 EM* t4tb Street 8424 Eaat 14 th Street SAN LEANDRO East 14th St. STORES 120S Liao>li» AventM 154* Park Street CM* Uaeota Are«w> . 1S43 Webater Strevt