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The Times from London, Greater London, England • Page 29

The Times from London, Greater London, England • Page 29

The Timesi
London, Greater London, England
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THE TIMES, FRIDAY, JULY, 17, 1914. BEARING DUST. to child life at camberwell. (Ol NLS NEGLIGENCE. of enteritis has occurred inrirraan in East Dulwich.

lvinfl ill with the disease, one ovtod to survive. Last year in wore fatal occurred at Von of the children was suffer hen admitted to the in ire? 'and the oliarge is made that grave the Camberwell with of the patient. 1 tin intirniaxy is a dust swung, livery YLr Jnnittine in the neigh 'f tlio. intinnary conditions which are i loads of refuse are 'conveyed ajid unloaded within a hundred of tho mtinuary has repeatedly drawn the dancer which arises from this The Southwark Board of Guardians oUuned to the Camberwell Borough the siding, and last year of the Local Government iJJjfforted that "the arrangements for the refit are unsatisfactory, and give rise te nuisance' The jSSpmit of refuse from the carts to the No Si Takes. rrur.unieation from the Board was i bands of the Camberwell Borough Council int vMr.

One is reluctant jSffl horough councU of neglecting bp pobttd out that since the receipt to dimmish the danger and the nuisance. deplorable at a time when onH lvme.n alike are realizing and nipr bv infantile diarrhoaa. In u.u::''r the figures of mortality from this 4 are appalling. In 1911 the number of the age of two who died in r. from merit was 5,313 8 figure ycj i asos.

Such is the toll of enteritis, it against this disease is the fight bad hf t. and flics are the. undoubted causes K.vri' and yet the Camberwell Borough J. riur protests from the medical super of io infirmary, from the Southwark of Guardians, and from the Local or. tfoard, persist in mam taming aranst and death.

An isiund energetic medical officer and his staff mm banlineai and healthy conditions. Tr rdlk'of the patients is Pasteurized all fc iiKion in the infirmary or in the groimds to within a hundred yards of the wards dm are struggling with disease this soun of baneful micro onranisms r. i northerly wind will blow to the open DEAD WIFE'S WILL BURNT. PLEA FOR WOMEN POLICE DEPUTATIONS TO THE HOME OFFICE, Justice Scrotum, Chaxles Francis, a picture palace attendant, was sentenced to three yean penal servitude for feloniously burning the will of his dead wife. Mr.

Hurst, who prosecuted, said thai Mr. and Mrs. Francis were married about 14 Years ago. Seven or eight yean ago Mrs. Francis made her will, with the assistance of an ex police nergrant.

8he then hid the will in a shallow wooden box nailed underneath the and on the folio win dar FVaneU in lbcar penter who made the box and he split it open and handed the will to Francis, who. finding that most of the property had been left to a little girl named Violet Fry, to whom his wife had taken a fancy, and only 4 to himself to buy a suit of black clothes, went into the kitchen and threw the document en the Keane and una the VlnUfc 1W. Mrs. Francis signed her name to the will with a cross. Francis, erring erideace, denied that the name of tiom nj was the wilL All his wife's estate a to dot named Keane.

He burnt the will bee: regarded It at worthless, ss he did not think Hull trustworthy pcrsoncto Jbeappolnted trustee. tx signature wss on the will, not cross. WEEDS IN THE THAMES. Lord Desboroturh. chairman of the Thames Con servancy, writes with regard to the inquest which aua on uie rxxues ox a lady ana gentleman who recently drowned in the river at Pamrbourne.

and the rider of the jury respecting the weeds in the reach, that an inspection of the spot where the accident is said to have occurred shows that that par ticular place is unusually devoid of weeds. The men saw the bodies lying at the bottom, and that when they ring to them. At the inquest Mr. Layard, who that that part of the river was clearer than the other part. In these circumstances Lord Desborough SB weeds, and lamentable accident With respect to generally, he mentions that the Conservators spend annually a considerable DUTIE8 IN PUBLIC PARKS.

Two deputations, representins the National Vigilance Association and other societies, and the Criminal Law Amendment Committee, attended at the Home Office yesterday to advo cate the appointment of women police. They were received by Mr. Ellis Griffith, H.P. (Under Secretary of State for the Home Department). The speakers spoke of the value of women police in cases of immorality and demanded that they should take the oath just as did the men police.

Mr. Ellis Griffith pointed out that this would mean legislation, but promised careful consideration of their areuments. Mr. Donald Maclkak, M.P., who introduced the first deputation, pointed out that there had been no more successful action in industrial legislation than the appointment of women factory inspectors, and he believed that the appointment of women police could similarly be suitably undertaken. TMtUh Vtim.l Cam tee fnr the Nil nnrf winn nf duties of a female police officer would be to take the their contention that (Mali.

Tfcsft oerso would have to be as sacrotsant ss those of the met airs. Jajiks uow (representing tne Mothers Union and other bodies) discussed the subject from leisure. They ought especially to prevent toe crimes which leisure helped to promote and to protect the places where people went for their leisure. Lonn Hknrt Cavkxdish Bxwtiwcx. introduced the second deputation, and Mrs.

Bioiajto spoke Mr. Ellis Griffith, in mdving. said that it had already been recognized that it was good for women give assistance to tne ponce in certain sections of their work. Already there were a few women assistants, and there was one who took the depo sitions of women and children in certain cases. It ixcecdimdv hard that a woman or a child should be in a Court consisting of men only without a single ion and assistance of women in the police force, and arrest, and there an impossible task and would entail an expenditure constables in its force.

That would require legisla of thousands of pounds. tion. and it would be exceedingly difficult to insist ng' apparatus should be provided along appoint women constables. There were prejudices accident at Pangbourne lifebuoys on the bank would He recognized that the deputations repre THE MOTOR TRAFFIC LAWS. MR.

H. SAMUEL ON THE NEED OF AMENDMENT. The regulation of heavy motor traffic and its liability to contribute towards the cost of road maintenance were referred to by the xTesiaent ot tne Local uovemmeni uora address at the annual conference of Urban District Councils, which opened yesterday at Mr Sajctel said the time bad clearly cars and omnibuses sad their contribution to the sary in width of "ijhlch mightbe ne i the regulations of the Local Government relating to the weight of the vehicle and the consider the whole position wit regard to motor omnibuses and trolley vehicles runningin the neighbourhood of great corporations. The question of the roads and! if soThow much. The position was complicated by the fact that while a corporation omnibus and troUy vehicle services could be required could start such services without any statutory powers Referring to the proposed grants to local authorities Hamuel said the promises which had been so frequent Iv had been long postponed, were likely to be at last fulfilled.

Owing to Parliamentary pitfalls, into which the most wary sometimes stumbled, he added, it all these now grants during the present financial rear, nut rarliament would be summoned in tbe winter place these funds at the disposal of the local authori ses oy tne beginning of the next financial year. third in the last 20 vears. which he declared to be me of the most remarkable achievements of social ffort in any country, but added that the death rate still very considerably above what it would be DROWNED IN A SEWER. ice, and in those people who are unable to swim use boats it would be saving apparatus in their boat." be a very doubtful advantage to destroy all veeds and rushes in the Thames, and even if this bers of people who are unable to swim go on the river in boats which they have not had much experience Thames similar to the one which we now deplor SWEET PEAS AND DROUGHT. AWARDS AT THE NATIONAL SOCIETY'S ANNUAL SHOW.

At the National Sweet Pea Society's annual show at the Horticultural Hall, Westminster, yesterday the effects of the drought were seen in the length of stem and size of flower, though there was no loss of brillisncy of colour. Among the novelties, which bad been tested in the society's trial grounds and given awards, the best was Mr. Malcolm's Fiery Cross," a very brilliant cerise ecarlet. Awards were also given to Messr The keenest competition was in the Henry Eckford meaace to health. secms in smps.

I SAILOR EXPERIENCE. 0 THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. "1 your afticle under the above WSJ disagree. hvi nffht to both of atter in rough weather ay. and the foe'sle on the tb hiP catches the piral route thsourh the indeed! Let not Deo Die be JN 4 7 to breed old ws in my time, considered to be 1 raise a grumble.

Th and thrifty but in dirty sailor. Don't spoil him roars fajthfullv. FRANK H. BECK. Hrondesbury, N.WM July 14.

a. 'd4v 7 mnUMi as given notice lL President of the 'h, Ll" attention has been drawn 5 BU Jf5 the Port of 5 th respect to the Uiur. Proposes to take any steps SWT1 kAl bcr of the wZ" 2 ppniaid on April SO to TSilSmSKSSim woS.oASim,or Memorial Class for 12 bunches of distinct varieties G. O. TreTelyan.

Wallington Hall, was first ii Cacke or the Inactiqw. 'r 'h inaction of the council is baaed Mhgi. 1 Offitr of Health in January of par. The repon states that n)on that the cases of enteritis are due rvidence to render it more than a case H' V' Macnamara, county Qare, ar i i. in the ighbourhood nxriiral offiiser'fl rerxirt contained nci'iMtis.

none of which supestd any tutu r.rrancements of the sidinz. ispsrtaoo trf the siding was made during "oLt li mrd, and the Board has now HMsied fun her letter to tbo council. southwark Board of Guardians at a recent i adjourn for the summer recess. i ix. hoped that the council will i Sn.

ihe ttTarpne tliat no'eafl definitely proved to have 'hrwever. be difficult to prove that 'an of enteritis anywhere anv gpmea neap oi retuae. pi urns 'are, however, incontro handled in tons within a hundred nri n'ay easilj' CSUT the dir over th the infirmarv. there oathseak of enteritis, these thrw nointa twie if a public body such as question affected the community as a whole. Their views would be put before the Home Secretary, who would give them his careful consideration.

BARRISTER'S ALLEGED THEFT. An unusual accident occurred at Lewisham Wednesday, as a result of which Patrick Kingston, a married man. of Glenviewroad. Lewis ham. drowned in a sewer.

Mr. W. G. Rogers, of East Down Park. Lee.

found that the drains of his house were obstructed, and asked John Davis, a builder's labourer, of Bhrubbery it rred the Borough Councils sewer in the Seeing a group of men in a neighbouring street, he Kingston came forward, and Davis, thinking that he was. a qualified employee, engaged him for 7s. 6d. Kingston, as a matter of fact, was not a sewerman. I Soon after 6 o'clock on Wednesday morning they I removed a manhole top.

without authority from the i Borough Council, and although it was beginning to rain heavily, Kingston went down the sewer. Davis while Davis, hoping that he CLOUDY AND COOL. TO DAY'S WEATHER FORECAST. To day's Forecast fob Ekolajcd. S.E.

(nr. cluddto London and thje Channel). wind mainly between west and north west, light or moderate to fresh a good deal of cloud, some rain, mist locally temperature Other forecasts for the 24 hours en dins? miomgnt to night are Wind ngnt to fresh between north east and north west; and faerally. showers, local mist or fog rather onoL England. S.eJ rWmd from some northerly considerable fair intervals I moderate temperature.

EimutitD. N.W, and) west. light to fresh change( "1 rsj temperature. rWind mainly westerty. mode Ww.

CflAHWEt ft BAT f'. Hfc fogTotherwise fair. Tho General InfererM of th MrttmmlrxTv Office from observations at 6 p.m. yesterday THE kftTLE FORD' LEADS i the winds and weather approaching Iceland will make itself felt on our extreme north western and northern coasts. Jtoon rises, llh.

29m. pjn. Moon sets, In. 27m. p.m.

Age of Moon. Twenty fifth day. PROSPECTS FOB SEA PASSAGES. showery weather moderate temperature. WEATHER CHART.

The chart reproduced below gives the meteorological At Clerkenwell yesterday, WALLACE ATEINS, 44, mention of what had occurred, but' in the evening he barrister, of New square, Lincoln's Inn, was charged spoke to Mr. Rogers and the police wore informed, with stealing on June 10 a five stone diamond ring, Search was immediately made, but it was not until valua 115. the property of Frederick Box. at Ely aiiernoon tnas tne doov was discovered placp. Bernard Gottlieb, solicitor, prosecuting, said Mr.

Box was a lapidary, and he and the defendant had been friends for 20 years. The defendant telephoned for a parcel of jewelry to show some friends. A collection worth 1.075 was made up. It was anged that the defendant should show the jewels his friends the same night and return them early adhered to, and the goods were not returned until lady diamond ring was missing. 1.

The defendant was communicated with, and the only reply was a threat of procedure for libel. Attenborougb s. pawnbrokers, of Fleet street, where it had been pledged for 60. Detective sergeant Collins said on Wednesday he The Borough Council sewer into which Kingston had descended joins with the London County Council is 13ft. ii and runs from bad entered, that the INCIPIENT INSANITY.

PROPOSED ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION. In furtherance of the movement for the establishment of homes for the treatment of cases of incipient and temporary insanity with a view to cure, a deputa Mr. Samuel, in reply, said that few ol for 18 bunches was won by Mr. E. Cowdy.

Loughgall. and the Burpee Trophy for a group of waved varieties by Mr. E. G. Mocatta.

In the lady members' classes the prettiest taoie arrangement was Jars, lientie of Munroe." of St. Petersburgh place, Hyde be looked after for a period not exceeding six months, the ring pay you. Ihe pros.vut ith bronxe foliage and of Sharnbreok. Gold medals for large trade exhibits 15 decorative stands the best a beautiful group of the REGISTRATION OF NURSES. NEEDS OF THE POOR.

rrt Victor Horslet, speaking at the annual meet ing of the Society for the State Registration of Trained Nurses at II, Chandos street, yesterday afternoon. which Mrs. Bedford FEnwick presided, said many people thought that the registration of was a thing for the selfish aggrandisement of turses. It was nothing of the kind. It was for the uplifting of the interest of the poor.

The yery institutions, but there was a considerable stratum of moderately poor who did not get the advantage of good nursing. Having combated tne statement tnat seconded bv Miss L. V. Hacghtox in support of a petition praying the Government to give facilities for the Nurses' Registration Bill (which passed the first pnmibli ldwriting and the address said that was He hnd i is unanimously adopted. wives attending insured persons ai similarly guaranteed, was also passed with a rider If I am charged I shall be' ruined.

I swear I have never been in Attcnbomugh's in my life, and you saying tho writing on the contract note is mine is only your word against mine. It is a malicious prosrution, and I shall get heavy damages. tions of the defendant's mother, now out of. the country, he had acted for. the defendant in lunacy proceedings.

He had been allowed out in the custody explanation, and he should remand the defendant for inquiries. DOGS IN KENSINGTON GARDENS. At Marlborouch street yesterday Dorotht Ca of Inverness terrace, Bayswater; was summoned before Mr. Denman for allowing a dog to be at large in Kensington gardens otherwise tnan in accordance the the iron railings and its legs were so injured that it James Doughw. On the afternoon in question she daughter, who was in a bath chair, and a boy agec" about nine.

The dog was with them on a lead. Th lead fell out of the boy hand and the animal ran addition to observation wards at Poor Law and other fortnight. I wni yrars past advocated the esUblishmcnt of in Court and shown to the magistrate. mas said that anyone who took a must see that it was und was not so. He fined the defendant 5s.

with 2s. costs. CHARGE OF ATTEMPTED WIFE MURDER. At West Ham yesterday Evan Daviss. 8.

mason, of Heyworth road, Stratford, was charged murder his wife by shooting her in the neck with bullet from a revolver on July 15. At tb fW nf the rrrainff the ChaDUCAX saMOSShgfed i tbt bo van ted her parents on hunday. Tbey were that occasion to define trained 1 to receive a deputation from tbe soewt; THE REGENT'S CANAL DANGER. Mr. Cecil Harmsworth has asked the Home 8eere Uary whether he is now in Canal Company and the polios authorities with a view to preventing the loss of life of children by drowning in the cansi.

Mr. MeKenna replied I regret to say that the fstiU hope they may be induced to do so." as would be found in any large community. As to the general state of the county, it was peaceable and orderly, and it was gratifying to obaerve a steady decrease of zo per cenw in quently made allegations about his wife. Mrs. Blanche Dare, of Heyworth road, said she occupied tne lower part of the boose and tbe tbe upper part.

The Daviess for the last fe them on Wednesday evening and did not notice anything unusual. Soon after 11 o'clock the prisoner brought his bicycle downstairs and, leaving it in the passage, went up the stain again. A few minutes later he witness heard a report as of a bicycle tire bursting, and his was followed by the slamming of a door. Almost immediately tbe prisoner came down tbe stairs. The wit ness called to him.

What is that but he made no reply. He caught bold of his bicycle and left the house with it. Later the witness heard some moaning. She went up and saw Mrs. Davies lying on the floor in the kitchen.

Hood was trickling from her mouth. Constable Hymn said that at 12.1 5 p.m. on Wednes when the prisoner drove up in a eab. He said he wanted to give himself up as he shot his wife. He produced a revolver from his right coat pocket and in there.

I pot seven I meant to pop mental stress. legislation had been introduced legislation was needed for tho execution of their posals the prospects of the immediate future wcr with the Board of Control with a MARY DATCHELOR SCHOOL. SIR MELVILL BEACHCROFTS HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. The position of the Mary Datchelor School for Girls, Camberwell, which was explained in The Timet of yesterday, was referred to yesterday at the school prize giving by Sir R. Melvill Beachcroft.

who presided as Master of the Clothworkers' Company. An Ther. max, 70deg. (5deg. below average) fnT lZ32TgLFEKr2Z.

Cloudy or overcast day, with showers in various district. Raimfall (past 24 hours), 2 6in. Bright THE HEALTH RESORTS. The following reports of weather at the health sorts are supplied by the Meteorological Office from observations taken at pjn. yesterday County Council will contribute intention to withdraw from the 174 girls in the school.

267 whom the ordinary school fees and nothing towards the The Clothworkers' Company would keenly regret hA no mnt And for which thCV COuld not be would presid door remained open, though they had been obliged to give notice of then resignation oi 0VTp Prices (at Works, Manchester) Runabouts, 125; Touring Cart, 135 Landaulcttes.lSo. All fuHv ecpurjpccL Ford Motor Co. (England), Traf ford Park, Manchester; and 55 59, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W. HARWICH ROUTE the CONTINENT via HOOK OF HOLLAND DAILY BELGIUM via ANTWERP ESBJERG for Denmark tear dma wakly. HAMBURG twice weekly.

GOTHENBURG every Saturday. Detaih and Illustrated Booklet freest 12a, Bagm Street, or of the Continental Manager, VU HOLIDAYS IN THE VOSGES. CHARING CROSS CALAIS MARTIGNY CONTREXEV1LLE V1TTEL (lit Clast Fare, plus 9 francs per place). TV bo.e Service run on Tueadavi and Fridm only. For Fares and free Illustrated Uuides apply to the General Manager.

South Eastern end Chatham Railway. London Bridfe Station. FRANCIS H. DENT. General Manager.

CHARGE OP THREATENING A PHT8ICIAX. larged with having threatened to murder Sir William SU physician. It was stated that theaeeosed when under arrest said that no matter what Molt of the piussot ease was she would carry out Srea eVS at the cnfice of her own life. She adad for a week in custody. CAMBRIDGE LOCAL EXAMINATIONS.

1 Jiriv Cambtidce Local Examinations wiU begin on Monday at ll centres fat the United Kine demand seven centre in the Colons. The total number of candidates is 9.481. Mr. J. H.

Rether, Byilii stessMlssy. Bconasp I Bn. In. De. I D(.

Obaa 3.0 fr'O 2 2 SSSowne 1 0 37 Ctaodr Bt. Andrew eojO 5 50 Cloudy 'r ii Kl 'M ladr I motor car or is thinking of pcrchasing ooe. I Jt a a a Wa'lSn Naje 6 3 Si 70 (VwJy "SST. IS 2jg From CI)t ZiXMB of 1814. Suwii SS jlonuT, Jclt 18.

Pbice 6iD. 2ffwT SS itH ImSL ram theatre. XMboaras mi 5 Fine The Opera was full and brilliant on Saturday Brighton 17 evening. Many, of course, were attracted by the SSrx IS cES performances; and act a few. we suspect, by the Bcatksss i SH 57 i Fias expectation of aeemg some dwttaruiabed rrts nssgs alS' I ass 1 wEm other.

Onaesco, in Didssw, met with her essv SsssssmsSl ee ee S7 CkMSy tocaary share of apptaaae. In the lUllet of Le Cahft Is. ss sw V' Vswrmiss pupu. the new Spaahw dancer. rgZmmk v7 I 17 ooadr La Seneca was introduced to dance Torroar 1 2 2 cSZ2Z the jMSSSst Smdmekm.

She is quit girl, and of a HSssil SS i SSb very htteresthag appearaaee. Her countenance, and raterna er Xfl mm her sable hair, ere quite national. Her wee is 5TLW 22 I SS resaarkaWy amaU, and her hmb. reawkabry active. mZm ae I raw We do not recollect a female dancer with snare MM jffli 2 I '2 I IS fqeiekssis.

Her agility ruch. that tha We have also received the following reports from the msusgrsamt of the eastaneta, her other resorts: rapidity of execution exceeds all we have seen of II i sat. 1 lessj. Wssesw. these nsstrwmeato, bet this axdtsa ssussba waits ss Na lb.

testSlal WeejUW attitudea. Brar i sse iiTha. she has some rather fantastie. Her dress wss splendid; iBrtabsesa ee I see Wgm bat in part, aeemed to aaado up a Uttle for effect. i 2 Bts7Mr Thx Srejerrs of his Bernse MajesTT, and par.

ticeJarty the Heads ef Bellgiessi Ordses. CsssssasssgeseBt REPORTS FROM THE CONTINENT. whe Imee eey Cunmm yJcoasSafii rj2ZlZ2ZZ tW iter pelem aetermw. the Contment are fcewareed byjawecrrpoadeeu fmmm fc, deiy ill nsl.rl hy theseeh 1 II mnnssiir, to Mr. Richard Ferris, III I ill I toat I i tee ate i vSSL Umted Kmgdom.

Roc dc FU a Pam th. wtoss vSs is sir Vsmla 'J. ieS rre I Vwrisa Ttoaa par caax. Costs.

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