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October 27, 1966

The Modesto Bee And News-Herald from Modesto, California · Page 21

The Modesto Bee And News-Herald i
Modesto, California
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Thursday, October 27, 1966
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<M THE MODESTO BEE Tfcunday, Octubtr 27, am RrateW Face Heavy Ram Line By ui CendoUo The Modesto Junior College Pirate* will run Into the agres-sive and agile 215-pound average Fresno City College Ram line Saturday night In a Valley Conference game. The league leaders play a bruising type game and last week worked over San Joaquin Delta en route to a 30-17 victory. No less than five Mustangs are hobbling around this week or have plenty of bumps and bruises. The Fresnans featuring a fairly well-balanced attack rushed for 203 yards and passed far 112 more while holding the Mustangs to 95 on the ground and overhead. ctx It Star The Rams, sparked by the running of Willie Cox, took a 23-4 lead by halftime but the Delts closed the gap to 23-17 before the Fresnans added an insurance touchdown. Eight Ram backs averaged 3.8 on 56 carries against the Stockton team. Fresno played ball control having the pigskin for 56 plays to Stockton's 51. The 17 points by Delta were the most scored on the Rams this year. The 176-pound Cox scored three times for the Fresnans to put the punch in the Delta game. The 5-9 speedstei front and was aided by Donj Valerto, who cleared out the! opposition on his long gainers. One of Cox' 58-yard TD romps was nullified by a penalty. Multiple T Ron Hudson, a 165-pounder, directed the multiple T for Fresno. He hit on seven of 12 1 against Fresno for 112 yards. The Fresnans also discovered a field goal kicker In Mike Nee-ly against the Deltans. He booted one from 27 yards out. Stockton also collected three points on a 32-yard boot by Larry Frey. Ruth (mesa Is Golf Leader In Fun Event Ruth Gnesa's 85-13-72 was the first fllaht low net in the Del Rio Golf and Country Club women's Halloween day tournament Tuesday. Second place went to Marge Robinson. 90-14—78, and Ber-< na Phlltrin, 92-14-78, and Mavis' Blutnberg, 94-16-78, tied fo third place. Gold* Davis, in a dress made or newspapers, won finit pri; the best Halloween costume. The other flight leaders: 100-31 — Tt; Pnull «>rts. «f.»-n; •«6-J6. Biwdi Zachirlav 1W- FounrH-ea-ii En : Owl. Whvl«, HW4-H; Ggfjit Davis, iii-3i-ii. Hulls Help In Hawk Victory Br Tl* AasKiiitd Prai Things were bad enough for opposition goalies when the Chicago Black Hawks had one Hull in their linc-up but with two of them going now. It's becoming nightmarish. Bobby And Dennis The Hulls each scored their I fourth goal of the season! Wednesday night and started a three-goal spurt that led the Hawks to their fourth straight National Hotkey League victo-! ry. a 5-3 decision over Montreal. In the onlv other same plavcdi Wednesday, Toronto edged De-I trolt 3-2, handing the Red Wings their fourth straight loss. Fencing Class Will Be Held At M JC The City of Modesto Parks and Recreation Department wil! begin a fencing class in Room PE »W of the new Modesto Junior College Physical Educa tion Building on Coldwell Avenue Nov. 2 from 7:30 to a:30! p.m. This class will be held every Wednesday night from November through April, eluding school vacation. Charles Fisher will be the instructor. The class is planned for both beginners and advanced stu dents. Registration for the class will begin today in l he parks and recreation office on Ihe court floor of the City Hall. Partici-i panti must be at least 18 years! old. The registration fee is *2i for adults and SI for students. 1 7 / ^Kw^t^t '^F ywl^aafct ^■j^aiW'"* d^LaV^$^^ LaV aK^aaaa^sV. ' /"V *4n^7 . ^S*"**^H MUNI WINNERS — Champions of the Muni Niner fall tournament are, left to right, Doris Everett, 135, low gross: Bee Kluber, 109, low net; Pearl Carter, 109, second low net; Dorothy Newell, 115, third low net; and Dorothy Armstrong, 116, fourth low net. Andretti Joins International Field For Big Grand Prix LOS ANGELES (UP1) - The rich $65,000 Grand Pris for Sports Cars was given more of distinct international flavor Tuesday when Italian-born Mar io Andretu belatedly entered the field For the event Sunday at Riverside Raceway. Raw Director Glenn Davis an- ceivea excellent Dtociting upjna(jneE tne fiery driver, siding in Nazareth, Pa., would pilot a Ford-powered Lola T70 Mark IT for John Mecom Jr. of Houston, Tex. He will join the' Mecom . team of Pamelli Jones and Jackie Stewart. i The former world driving Andretti failed to make the champion blasted Jones for his starting grid in the 1985 event |MIldl|ct ^ lack of responsibii- i f v. . ity during that race. The 26-year-old driver has woni Surtees charged Jones tried the United States Auto Club na-|to pass him at a point on the) tional title the past two sea- course where such a move sons. Inot feasible. He said Jones and Another international favorite, John Surtees of England arrived in town Tuesday spouting fire over a recent incident with Jones at the Monterey Grand Prix at Laguna Seca. Pierce And Kluber Set Pace In Club Golf Play Lorraine Pierce's 45-11-34 lediiS^!* ^KJV?^1 the Del Rio first flight and Titl^iSlifJ^i^Jlin"^-^: in the Muni Niner first flight as| fmsT _ t^J" the two women's golf groups I^mi^sMsj6.GB.rll& played together Tuesday. urn*. »i»-j7i d. nmii. si-« — The Muni Niners will play at 1*737. secOhd- phyiiis i'r«f mameca roaay. ine lugm «*□- - rs-j, , - r~ ,\ LTfSS'. ers.: mi. no FIRST — LorrBln* Htm, * Hockey Results NATIONAL LIAQUE ' 'itljf.. JjT1 ' if! .uV." ' Ctikw 5. Monlreal 3. Toronl* X OtMH 1. tMlr'l BMH N»« Tort v Oeirolr. wtsraaN LiAaua Lombothcm, JHO-Ot,' »; j. M.ll. •»*-»; i— »; 6. IVnrr, 6H-71-: 1 9. *rl.n,l, S». in 4. Tcnn. stotf f.) . 1. Middle tern. ||, ,' Scllmwi, $«-» he bumped together during somel fierce "dicing" in the second loj mile heat of the Monterey race eventually won by Jones. This caussd Surtees to lose control of his car and cost him a third place finish. Not Allowed "It was an irresponsible ac tion," Surtees said. "In Europe this sort of thing would never have been allowed. The victorious Jones said after the triumph that he thought the; Britisher was a "road hog.' Jones contended earlier he ;was committed to pass whe Surtees came over on him again and they bumped together, caus ing the Britisher to go off toe] course. Surtees finally dismissed the incident by saying, "U s one oil those things In racing, but most people show a little more re • sponsibility. ; 1 The handsome driver from Small RatinfK ; Great Britain came back to post ■<■ a p his flm n,cin8 victory of the| mi win, iirw pi4c« v«m m year last Sunday id tne Mexican arm otkoii St. ui) i«: Grand Prix. "> "S He and leamate Graham Hill, % the 1966 Indianapolis winner, » will test their Lola-Chevy sports » car Thursday on the Riverside £! track. BIG BUYS FOR SMAUTRUH OWNERS Goodyear Xtra-Grip Retreads THE MORE YOU BUY... THE MORE YOU SAVE! Pick Your Sin and Quantity and Save Now! Sli* F«d,E»,T«E«. SlngtoPflo | PdiPrio | anoM 6.00x16' $0.63 _*13^'5„ I24J0 $44.65 6.50x16 " $0.63 ,$15,*„„ $27.25 S4«.0O 7.00x15 I $0.82 I $33.40 $M.« Other Sizes Priced Proportionately Low to Size ' All prices plus tax and recappable tires. Eleefrenicolly Built ■y Oftitreod Process . / MAOtTO \\ / / ■ HKHEST \ \ / / mcmni auoMisi£\ \ | Tread Design by Goodyear FREE MOUNTING! TAKE MONTHS TO PAY! °°co good/year LA CORE TIRE CO. SW SOUTH OLD HWY. Uml S lltcki S*m« of )*» Irlda* PHONE S29-SSSS % OM ft Hwr.l Grelle Hits US Policy On Olympics PORTLAND, Ore. (UP!) -I Portland long-distance runner! jjim Grelle predicts the United States may get "washed-out" at the 1MB Mexico City Olympic Games. Grelle leveled a blast at the National Amateur Athletic Un ion and the Olympics games committee on his return from the Little Olympics in the Mexican Capital last week. Grelle was one of a of American athletes who participated in the test to «*> what affect Mexico City's 7,000-foot altitude has on athletes un-j accustomed to performances in such ratified atmosphere. •Was Ashamed' "I was ashamed to be there," Grelle said. "We were the only country not represented by flag at the opening ceremony." Grelle, who has run more sub- four minute miles than any oth er runner, said that "every country but the United States is on a full-fledged program at high altitudes. We're going to get completely washed out at Mexico City, I m sure. It s going to be a mismatch." I He said he feels the U.S. is a year behind other countries In preparing for the Olympics. ] "Thing I'm scared of," he lid, "is that our governing body is thinking they can pre pare lor this in several months." He said the U.S. should send more teams to Mexico hetweenl now and the games two years! hence. He also suggested that! the Olympic trials be conduct ed at the 7,000-foot altitude. US Trackmen May Train In Ta hoe Area SOUTH LAKE TAHOE. Calif.! (AP) — This 6,000-foot high! Sierra Nevada resort communi-i ty is being considered for use as training and conditioning site for the 1868 U.S. Olympic track and neid team. Stanford and Idaho State uni versities are to send athletes here next month in a pilot pro gram, said Walt Little. ^^■aV Keep their fit... because they're FOR BACK TO SCHOOL Check over our complata Line of LEVI'S • STRETCH • STAY PRESS • CORDS • DRESS SLACKS bUn'i Sim 2f 4s It teyt ' Silts 4 to 1 2 Slim and R»ojul«r PRICES FROM $0» *7« 0 te / letter's! 49ers Plan Nothing Special SAN FRANCISCO <AP)-San, Francisco 49er coach Jack Christiansen says "nothing special" is being planned to de fense the Minnesota Vikings' ibling quarterback, Fran Tarkenton on Sundty. "Naturally, we have to con tain him on rollouts," Christian sen said Wednesday, "but tliej truth of the matter is that he! has been passing better, more effectively, from the pocket than from the scramble in re cent games." Christiansen said that reports i the Vikings' last two games, a rout of Los Angeles and a three-point loss to Baltimore, Get Your Famous LEVI'S Where You Set Stamps FARR'S DEPT. STORE 1325-27 Yosemite Mvd. 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