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January 20, 1939

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Modesto, California
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Friday, January 20, 1939
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TOL.XL MUCICI rtn MODESTO, RABIUAIHI OOOTTT, CAUTOtMIA, FRIDAY, JAMUA1T 80. UXTUMFACIsft IT Schacht, Nazi Bank President, Is Ousted Defeat Of Proposal For jNarcotic One House Legislature A g e n t Is In StatejsPredictedi Unked Extortion Jtemoval Of Financial Wizard Causes Consternation In Banking Circles Funk Is Appointed Assembly Speaker Donnelly And Senate President Pro Tern Beawell Conei Ont Flatfootedly Againtt Scheme Of Lo» Angeles Solon By HEBBEBT L. FlULLirS McClatchy PhcwttfM|wr* Service SACRAMENTO. Jan. 20.--The proposal of Assemblyman Samuel W. Yorty of Los Angeles County for a unicameral legislature already has hit rough sledding in both the senate and assembly. In both legislative houses the prediction was made today that Discharged Official Long Has Yortys scheme for a one house - ».l S i^o^^ A. *;?!« law '» akin ff b«»y. *'«» represen- Been Regarded As Brake On Hitler Policies Ay JOSEPH W. GICIGG, JK. BEIU.TN. Jan. 20.--(U'l--Adolf Hitler today dismissed Dr. Hjalmar Schacht as president of the Rclchs- bank and named Wnlthcr F u n k , minister of economics, i n h i s place. Funk was mandated to Nazify the K c i c h s b a n k completely. T h e dismissal f r o m t h e k e y finance post of Germany's leading financier and his replacement by one of Hitler's closest confidants caused consternation in banking ami I n d u s t r i a l SC1IAC11T circles. It was evident that the move was one of world importance but just what would follow no one knew. Removal of Schacht was viewed is eliminating the. conservative group once in control of Germany's financial policy. Schacht had long been regarded as a brake on the policies of Hitler and Funk in re- Rarcl to financial and spending problems. He was a stern foe of reckless government expenditures Talks With Gocrinc Hitler waa understood to have dc cided on the change late last nigh after a long conference with FieU Marshal Hermann Goering, No. 2 Nazi and linked with Schacht a leader of the socallcd moderate cle mcnt in the Nazi setup. Coincident, with Schacht's re moval there were three other de velopments of international impor lance., a n y ' o r all of which migh have been linked with it: 1.--George S. Rublco, director o the Hitler-governmental commis sion on refugees, was notified tha his negotiations here for mass cm gration of Germany's 500,000 Jews " were discontinued. WartiH Great Britain 2.--Germany notified Great Britain that she was determined, despite British urfiings to the con- ^trary, to match the British "mpire ·Navy in submarine strength and to build live new 10,000 ton, eight inch gun cruisers. 3.--The government published figures which disclosed an increasingly unfavorable trade balance. Imports for 1938 were 52,420,800.000. Exports were $2.2'17,000,000. There vas thus a trade deficit of 5173,200,000. Hitlnr ordered Funk to retain his post as economics minister. Schacht was retained as a minister without portfolio in the cabinet. tation based upon population, will be soundly trounced at the present session. Assembly Speaker Pro Tern Hugh P. Donnelly of Stanislaus County and Senate President Pro Tern Jerrold L. Seawell of Placer County came out flatfootcdly against the proposition and announced they will bring to bear- all the influence at their disposal to smother it. Would Be Serioui Blow "Such a legislative setup would be a serious blow to rural California," said Donnelly, "und I shall oppose it. In my judgment, it will have no chance of approval in the assembly, once the members have considered its adverse effect upon large and Important sections of our state." Said Senator Seawell: "If the assembly sends us a unicameral legislature bill, I am sure the senate will defeat it over- Olson Leaves Hospital Bed; Sees Newsmen whelmingly. Personally, I am in f the checks and balances SACRAMENTO, Jan. 20.--UP)-Governor Culbert L. Obon chatted with newspaper men today in his executive mansion bedroom, happy to be out of the hospital for the first time s»ince his nervous exhaustion collapse thirteen days ago at his inauguial barbecue. After shaking hands with m score of newsmen while sitting up in bed, the governor spoke briefly about his health and said lie would stay in bed another week or so to complete his return to normal health. IK FeHIng Fine "I'm feeling fine and the doctors tell me that if I don't hurry around too fast I'll be 100 per cent okeh," Olson said. "I'm not going- away but will do my work from the governor's house here. "I'm feeling better »cach day favor o of the present two house system, and I am confident a large majority of the present legislature and the people of California feel the same way about it." Follow Federal Plan Following the federal government plan, the California senutfi is districted on a geographical basis while the lower legislative house representation is in line with population figures. Thus the assembly is controlled by the large centers of population and the senate, is dominated numerically by members from rural or small city districts. The unicameral plan, now in operation in Nebraska, began to he boasted in California following senate-assembly deadlocks on a number of important issues in recent years. Yorty, who had some of his labor {See ONE, Page 9, Col. 6) MfiTMBI (Sec GOVERNOR, Page 8, Col. 1) Officer Is Charged With Taking $5,000 From Sun Jote Resident Denies Accusation Norton Says He Was Framed As Authorities Search For Confederate SAN JOSE. Jan. 20.--Ul'i--Georgi Norton, 35, a state narcotics agent way held here today on charges o extorting $5.000 from Joseph Lc Curto, San Jose, after holding hin and his wife captive for ten hours Norton denied the charges an said he had been "framed" for a.' tempting to trap Lo Curto wit opium ir. his possession. Lo Curtc convicted as a bootlegger durin prohibition days, gave authoritic statements which led to Norton arrest, Churgts At tuck Lo Curto said that Norton an a confederate called at his hoii the night of January 3rd. He s» Norton struck him and tlit searched the house. He returned from his search, Lo Curto said, with Lhrefi empty opium tins. Lo Curto said he had never seen them before. During the course of the search. Lo Curto said Norton's confederate snid the matter might be "fixed up." He said the two men tnlkcd "turkey" to him and handcuffed Bribery Quiz Principals Summoned before a grand jury at Oakland investigating: charges of "pardon sale," in connection with pardon of a San Quentin convict are Mark Lee Megladdery, left, formerly Governor Frank F. Merrlam's secretary, and Mrs. Helen De Vine, right, mystery witness. Deputy Sheriffs Will Be Quizzed In Pardon Sale Scope Of Megladdery Inquiry Is Broadened To Include Tulare County Murder Case OAKLAND, Jan. 20.--(rPJ--Superior Judge Mark Lee Megladdery and ,hr«e new witnesses were called today for the Alameda County Grand Jury's investigation of charges executive clemency was purchased for convicted murderer. The judge, former secretary to c Governor Merriam, who wai subpenaed to appear Monday, stood on his constitutional rights and refused to answer key questions yesterday. New witnesses awaiting to testify mm POLICE 3 Prominent Persons Die In N.Y. Blaze Relief Fund Is Approved By Senate Group 1 PASSED BY CONSUL IS NAMED BERLIN, Jan. 20.-IU')--Fuchrel Adolf Hitler today named Captain Fritz Wicdemann. one of his adju tanls. tn he consul general in San Francisco. Wicdemann succeeds Manntren (See CHANCELLOR, Pg. 8. Col. 1 'ccupation Of Town Brings Army Within Barcelona Province HENDAYE, France, Jan. 20--(/P) --Spanish insurgents said today icy had smashed a new gap in overnment lines defending Barcena. Generalissimo Francisco Franco's gh command at Burgos reported apture of Calaf, important commu- ication. 1 ] center on a railroad and In The Bee Today Books and Fiction Cartoon City Mews Tn Brief Classified Advertising Club News Comics County, Valley News Crossword Pur/.ln Curious World Editorials Financial News. Markets .. Glorifying Yourself Health . Household Arts | In New York Kathorinp. Kitchen Louclln Parsons Mary Hampton News Behind The News Public Thinks Questions And A n s w e r s . . . Radio Serial Story Sidn Glancrs Social News Sports Turlock News Twenty Years Ago V i l a l Statistics Weather Your Baby And Mine Pag . . . 4 ...16 ... 8 .14-15 .... 6 . . . . 1 3 ....10 ....13 ....13 ...M G ....11 ..1 ..10 ..!( ..12 ..13 ..13 .. 6 ..10 S ..H him and his wife. Informs Attorney After being kept awake all night, Lo Curto said he was escorted to his bank by the two men. He saiil hey waited for him to withdraw ;5,000 and then left. Lo Curto went to an attorney and told him of the asserted happenings. Norton said the story told by Lo Curto was fabricated in an attempt to "get even" with him for raiding the Lo Curto home in search of narcotics. He said his innocence would be proven in court. Simplification Of Unemployed Compensation Act Is Aim Of Measures Authorities, Companion meanwhile, sought , the asserted companion named by Lo Curto. Two officers were sent to Woodland on reports he might be near there. Norton, it was learned, was arrested several days ago in another SACRAMENTO, Jan. 20.--(U'l- Urgcncy bills to simplify the administration of the unemployment compensation act were given unanimous passage by the-a^sembly- today. Elmer Lore, North Hollywood Democrat, introduced the bills which reduce the waiting period for unemployment benefits from four .0 two weeks on involuntary quits, and from eight to four weeks on voluntary quits or discharges for ause. Would Hit Aliens They also allow computation of unemployment compensation benefits on the basis of earnings in "the first four out of tht* last five quarters," instead of the "first eight out of the last nine quarters," which permits computation on a one year instead of a two year base. The assembly vote followed introduction in the senate of a bill by city but was held incommunicado while attempts were made to locate signed the warrant on which Nor- Bomb Outrages Are Blamed On Irish Republican Army By Authorities LONDON, Jan. 20.-- (AI-Great Britain gave guns to her usually unarmed police today to strengthen .he guard against terrorists who !or five days have touched off )ombs at power and water supply centers. An explosion at the rear of the Tralee, Ireland, hotel where slept 25 year old Frank Chamberlain, only son of the prime minister, led Lo the almost unprecedented order for city and county peace officers in the British Isles to strap guns beside their traditional blackjacks Only a few picked men are permitted to carry guns in peacetime Escapes Unharmed The pqlicc blame the king hating Irish Republican Army for the terrorism and today 15,000 armet regulars and reserves of the Roya Ulster Constabulary patrolled the Northern Ireland district .where the premier's son was premmed ti have been an intended victim of th - ' ' " NEW YORK, Jan. 20.--(.»-- Three persons including a 90 year old woman died of smoke poisoning today' in a mysterious fire which badly damaged a four story house 'n the aristocratic hill section of Brooklyn. The police sought a prowler whose footsteps awakened a fourth lember of the family, thus saving Is life. The victims, all socially promi- ent, were Mrs. Amelia Clement, ), widow of Stale Supreme Court ustlce Nathaniel H. Clement; her on, George, 54, a graduate of Yale Jniverslty In 1905; and the son's ife, Grace, 51. Arthur Clement, 60, a retired laritime lawyer, brother of George, aid he was awakened by sounds f the prowler and went downstairs o investigate. Overcome by the moke, he did not catch sight of he intruder. WASHINGTON, Jan. M.-I/T)-A senate appropriations subcommittee approved today a J725.000,- 000 appropriation for WPA--the same sum voted by the house. In its drive to obtain $875,000,000, the full amount asked by the president, the White House has sent out this week hundreds of letters designed to place squarely j on congress responsibility for any reduction in federal relief activities. The letters--signed by Stephen Early, the president's press secretary--have gone to persons who have written or telegraphed the chief executive about the pending WPA appropriation. The letters said a money reduction would ijjhway connecting the govern- icnt capital and Lerida. Occupation of Calaf, they said, rought insurgent troops well with- n the borders of Barcelona Prov- ncc at a point about forty five niles northwest of Barcelona and ibout fifteen miles west of Franco's next objective, Manrcsa. Makn Steady Advance General Garcia Valino's Macstraz- Senator Ralph Swing of San Bernardino, to require all aliens to be dropped from state relief rolls by November, 1939, giving the state relief administrator broad powers to arrange a means for their return to native lands. Both senate and assembly recessed for the weekend after a busy half clay of bill introducing. There were sixty bills introduced in the ^OH army corps, on the left wing of assembly and forty eight in the sen- franco's big push in Catalonia, ate, bringing the grand total to .ook Calaf, the reports said, while 1,675 for both houses. .he insurgents' central and right Summarize Benefits wing columns moved steadily forward in a converging movement toward Barcelona. The unemployment reserves corn- mission summarized the benefits of Franco's forces also opened an nrtillcry bombardment, on the town of Igualada, twenty eight miles ivest of Barcelona and key point in the Catalonian "Mapinot line." Insurgent dispatches said the bombardment was "intense and destructive," and Franco's observers reported great columns of smoke were seen pouring from government fortifications after direct hits The object of the assault was to the urgency bills as follows: 1. Undue delay in benefit payments and hardships to workers wniild result if the present laws continued. 2. Speedy and accurate computations will result. 3. Waiting period is reduced from four to two weeks. 4. Benefit checks can be mailed from throe to five weeks earlier, 5. Workers \\ f ill draw the same Action Is Retaliatory Move Against Factional Bloc In Union DETROIT, Jan. 20.- -(IB--President Homer Martin of the United Automobile Workers Union today suspended fifteen high officers and executive board members in a retaliatory move against a,factional bloc which threatened to oust him from office. Martin announced the suspensions after disclosing: that ten of his ranlt- ig supporters had been removed ·om office last night by the hostile oard. Those Discharged Those suspended by Martin are: Vice Presidents R. J. Thomas lichard Frankensteen, Wyndham lortimcr, and Ed Hall, and Secre- uy-Treasurer George Addes; Ex- xutive Board Bombers Charles Miland, Oshuwa, Out.; Delmond Garst, Detroit 1 Morris Field, Detroit; Fred 'leper, Atlanta, Ga.; Walter Reu- hcr, Detroit, president of the pow- rfnl weft side local; Paul Miley, ;ieveland; R i c h a r d Reisinprcr. Jlcvelnnd; Ellsworth Kramer, To- cdo, Ohio; Leo Lamotle, Detroit, rc- onlly ousted by Martin as president of the strong anli M a r t i n Plymouth :al, and Tracy Doll, Detroit. however," uh larmed. The Ulster government was re lortcd ready to send members o ts cabinet to London to discus the outbreak with British minis ters. The police in England, Scotlan and Wales were given Runs an kept constant watch at airports railroads, prisons, docks, electri plants and gas works. Threuts Received Anonymous warnings received b (See SENATE, Page 8, Col. 2) abor Representatives Declare £-, Situation Is Beyond Their w Power To Remedy Wife Of Movie Star Takes Up ' Residence In Nevada To Obtain Divorce LAS VEGAS, Nev., Jan. 20.--(IP --Mrs. Rhea Gable arrives toda; for the required six weeks Nevad. residence, after which she may ob tain a long expected divorce from Clark Gable, the actor. A property settlement has bee arranged; her living quarters hav t,,e;po,ice..threatcnede key^air- - Tr^is^co^'lna^g port at Hendon, London suburb, and the crack London to Holyhead train, the Irish Mail. A ten foot hole was torn in the roof of a suburban train coach by an object dropped from a bridge only a few hundred yards outside one of London's busiest terminals. A passenger said "the noise was just like an explosion." No one was injured although splinters of wood fell among the passengers. clear ;i path to the Manrcsa-Barcc- amount of benefits for one year's llona Highway, the main inland earnings as they now draw for thr ' ' " t\vo years' comparable earnings. 6. A d m i n i s t r a t i o n c o s t s will h reduced ahout $50.000 cacli month totaling SliOO.OOO per year, and op I route connecting the capital with ic French f r o n t i e r at Puigcerda. CHILDREN go for ... BETSY ROSS BREAD Makes ALL Foods Taste Better ianresa lortheast about twelve miles of Tgualada and ahout wenty five miles northwest ot Bar- orations will be simplified. ITALY CIVKS W A R N I N G LONDON. J a n . 20.--(INS)--An mphatic warning that Italy will .nore than match any French inter- ·enlion in the Spanish war has been Iclivcrcd to Britain by the Italian Government. It wns revealed today, ntern.'itional News Service lc:i hat when I t a l i a n Foreign Minister ^ount Galeji7.7.o Ciano received Brit- sli A m b a s s a d o r Lord Perth .Vodncsdny evening, he made pin in the Italian position on this matter. KMGIIT STOI'S COUGHING A L H A M B R A . J n n . 20.--(.TI--Seven year old Lawrence Moore, who look a forty seven m i n u t e a i r p l a n e ride In a hlght of 11.000 feel ."topped (.'inighinp: today and hi p a t e n t s brlirve the flight may euro a sovore ten day singe of whoop illK rnUL'll. Commission Chairman Jame: (See ASSEMBLY. Page 8. Col. 8 Vlary Astor Awaits A r r i v a l Of Stork Carter Will Take Senate Oath Soon SACRAMENTO, Charles J. Haggcrty. deputy secretary of s t a t e , said today it will be Tuesday or Wednesday before Jcgsc W Carter winner of a special election in Shasta and Trinity Counties, can be seated as state senator. Carter, a Democrat, defeated a field of t h r e e Republicans with a plurality of t h e voles cast. He will Miccecd the late John B. McColl as ·nator from the f i f t h district. Mc- Prlson Guarded A special guard was placed about Brixton Prison where eight Irishmen awaited a continuance of hearings on charges they illegally pos sessed firearms and explosives. _.. _. The Daily Mail said Prime Minis- Within f er Eamon De. Valera of Ireland separation, sent an apology to Premier Cham )orlain for the explosion which en langered his son. (De Valera him self'escaped from a British jail in .019 when he was a leader of tlv .rish uprisings. C o u r t Will Hear Arguments In San Jose Damage Case SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 20.--WJ --The California Supreme Court today agreed to hear arguments in a $20,000 damage case involving the disfigurement of a San Jose girl n an automobile accident. The court previously had upheld in appellate court rulinc which re- veiscd a S20.000 Judgment awarded the girl, Louise Sparrer. daughter if Max X. Sparrer of San Jose. In vacating its previous ruling, the court set the hearing of aiguments for the April calendar. iollywood believes he and Caro Lombard, his constant companioi would be married by April. Cal ornia law requires a year fo ivorce to become final. Plans Private Hearing; It was expected that Mrs. Gab would sue on routine grounds ncomp at ability. Her petition w j heard privately by a judge, customary in this state. Mrs. Gable married him in 19 at Santa Ana, Calif. She was wealthy Texas widow, 41, moth of two children. Gable was 30. 1 lad been married to Josephine Dillon, a speech teacher, who took im from a lineman job and made an actor out of him. Within a year after his last le was keeping Members of th'e Stanislaus Coun- Board of Supervisors and tht (strict attorney met here today to otisider the walkout of about thir- y carpenters and laborers em loyed in the construction of tht ew hall of records. The board took th* position It ad followed all PWA rules Ifl re- ard to contracts for the work. The workers left the job Wednes- lay afternoon because the Modesto Electric Company, which had three nen on the project, is an open hop. Representatives of the elec- ric concern say the men working in the hall of records, however, were union men getting the union cale. Will Meet Again Today's meeting of the supervisors was of an informal nature. They decided to meet again on Monday at 2 P. M., at which time :hey plan to discuss the labor condition with the eight contractors on the job. No formal action was taken by the supervisors while meeting today. Issues Statement today were Deputy Sheriffs Harold Webb and James Landon of Alameda County; Harry Powell, Dublin Canyon rancher, and Jame» Owen, assistant cashier of a Sacramento bank where Megladdery had an account. Sift Asfterted Bribe The grand jury IB investigating assertions that Megladdery, whil« ne was Merriam/8 secretary, accepted money on promises of obtaining a pardon for Clarence Leddy, Santa Clara County convict whoa* life sentence was commuted to time served just before Merriam went out of office. Officials said the scope of the Inquiry should be extended to Include the case of a Joe Salvadore, convicted of a double murder in Ta- lare County for the slaying of hit wife and another man, Salvadore was sentenced to «erve thirty fiv« years, but Merriam commuted tht sentence to ten years, which would permit the convict's release in 1941. Judge Will Rcftljgn Megladdery, who has vigorously denied any wrongdoing, said ht would resign from the. bench, to which he was Appointed by Mer- lam. Tho judge was called back to th* tand after further testimony by 1 W. Wright, Oakland druggist, who said yesterday he was appointed to the state pharmacy board by Merriam. He told ot holding J345 worth of checks he had cached at various times for Megladdery, but which were returned by the bank. Assistant District Attorney Ralph Hoyt, who is questioning the witnesses, said Wright told today how Megladdery once pharmacist open a proposed the drug store in on the walkout, action" by union A statement termed a "job men, was issued today by Al Green, business representative of the building trades, and W. J. Kiser, busi- ss representative of the chauf- urs, teamsters and helpers union. The statement follows: year GabI Coll wag killed in an accident automobile company with Miss Lombard. She showed equal interest in his hobbies of fishing and hunting. Friends said Mrs. Gable was willing to give him liis freedom but wanted him to request the divorce. Missing Girl May Be Kidnap Victim HOLLISTER. Jan. 20.--(ffl-- Sheriff Manuel Hubler led his depu- ies today in a hunt for Diana Stanley, 15, Hollister grammar school pupil, who disap] Wednesday night under ci stances that caused her father t Miss Sparrer lost her right eye and her face was scarred in 11)36 when an automobile driven by A - fred O. Kcrsgard. a school friend skidded off a winding road between San Jose and Los Gatos. SANTA MONICA, Jan. 50.--' .lary Aslor and her hu Manuel del Campo, are cx|: m addition to their family--"in l u n c or July." the actress said to- lay. M a r i l y n Thorpe. Miss Astor's laughter by her first marriage to Dr. Franklin Thorpe, now is O'.j year* old. A b i t t e r custody b a t t l e over Marilyn, w i t h Miss Astor's famous diary f i g u r i n g prominently in the proceedings, was waged between t h e actress and Dr. Thorpe t w n years ago. Thr actress gainrd custody of: lie child. I ss Betty Grable Criticises Coogan For His 'Errors of f The Car That Gives You Mont lor Your Money TAKE A LOOK... 8th and Eye Sts. THAT'S Al.l. IKHKiK ASKS R.B.MacBRIDE Phone 256 HOLLYWOOD. J a n . 50.-(/I'l-- Actress Hetty drable took time out today from her_ huslncss looking fetching (and very) to to deny thai her svparn'tton [inm Jackie Ciing'tn was h e r idea and to cite him for several l i t t l e "In the fit."! place." «he said w i l h emphasis, "Jackie sugccsl- e d t h e s c p a - r n t i o n ' u n l i l wo g e t t h i n g s Ironed out.' 1 didn't. I'd go hack to him in a m i n u t e --if he'd ask mo." I'copie havn been saying. Heltj declared, that she left Jack because he didn't have any monev and she wouldn't live wilh him until land i') he Sets Iho mono/ J I U I I H A K U KKAVV ic believes his mother and step- f a t h e r , A r t h u r Bc.rnslein, owe him. Jackie is suing the Bernsteins for an accounting ot the fortune lie earned as a child star. "Such wily talk!" exclaimed Hetty. "The leapc expiied on our hous'c. I thought we ought to mov e to a smaller place, or live w i t h my mother. The. first tiling I knew, Jackie was selling the furnilure. Doom- And all my M u f f was moved out. Then h-i said he was going to San K i a n - C.IFCO to sec about an act. Hut he didn'l ask me lo go w i t h him. "I don't understand why Jackie hasn't said something lo defend me. 1 still love him and he knows it. Maybe he moved out to get sympathy. Mnyhe it was his lawyer's idea. He didn't t a l k very much. If he t h i n k s he's doing the righl t h i n g lo help hi." case, swell." Kven though Miss Giable insists M1SS (iKAKI.K 'xpress a fear she had been kid laucd. Sheriff Hubler said the girl' lather. Archie Stanley, 55, vcgc .able grower, told him Diana van ,shed several hours after he hac discharged a Filipino ranch work er for making advances to the gir The Filipino, Hubler reported could not be found. Hubler said h learned tha Filipino had withdraw; all his money from a bank. Convicted Men File Appeal With Cour SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 20.-- (/I The state supreme court had b ore it today an appeal from thro urn convicted of second depre n m d c r of George W. Alberts, chii engineer of the freighter Poh Lobop. Alberts wns slain three years ag in his quarters aboard the Prosecutors blamed maritime labc strife. Eail Kinc. Ernest G. Ramsay an ractor who is responsible for hold- ng up the construction work by remaining on the unfair list will co- perate wilh the union in order that lis needlesa tieup will permit the len to resume work and the con- truction of the hall of records go n to a speedy completion." Surprise To Officials The supervisors and other county "We greatly regret the construe- on work on the hall of records has een temporarily halted. This sit- ation is one that is beyond our ower to remedy. It is a well recog- zed principle of the American ederation of Labor that union men re not permitted to work on the ame job with employes of a con- ·actor who is listed ag unfair to the San Francisco Ferry Terminal Building and that the two split profits should Megladdery succeed in getting the concession. The ferry terminal is state property and thus concessions must be obtained through negotiations with state authorities. Rejects Proposal Wright said he turned down thi proposition. The nature of testimony to ba brought out from Deputies Webb and Landon, Rancher Powell, and Banker Owen was not disclosed ahead of their appearance. Hoyt said Megladdery refused to answer questions concerning the fixing of quotas for sardine reduction plants, basing his refusal on . the ground that to answer them might incriminate him. The district attorney said Meglad- dery answered "Yes" when asked if he knew a Jo e Rosenthal of Los Angeles, but said he "didn't recall" · any conversations with Rosenthal over the subject of fixing sardine reduction plant quotas. Refuse* To Answer The judge also refused to answer, Hoyt said, when asked if he had rganized labor. "We hope the electrical con- talked with Edwin H. Geary, Me- gladdery's one time law partner in Oakland, regarding the sardine plant quotas. He maintained further silence when asked if Geary had ever been attorney for any of the plants. Megladdery again refused to answer when Hoyt asked him if h* rented a safety deposit box, but denied he jointly rented a box with a nyone. The judge at first refused to answer questions about his bank accounts, Hoyt said, but later stated he had two active accounts and that there "might be more." Admits Deposit* The witness said he had on occasions deposited money to the account of O. C. Wyman, former ex- Frank J. Conner, nil serving terms in Pan Q u n n t i n for the murder, appealed to the supreme court. fficials connected with the building rogram said the walkout came, to hem as a "complete surprise," and verc not aware of it until yesterday iiorning. They said they had believed all differences had been adjusted. They also declared they were sur- (Sce BOARD. Page 8, Col. 2) 266,906 Insurance Claims Are Okehed WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.-I/PI-The Social Security Board an- lounccd today it certiCicd in December 16,12-1 old age insurance claims averaging $65.63. Total of certifications since the system was established at the start of 1937 is 200.900, the board id. Certification and payments by states include: California: December certifications. 1.1-13; total to date. 15.626: December payments. S73.SSS; total to date, $7-11,577; December avcr- lage, 561.6-1. ecutive in the state welfare department, but the sums had not totaled more than S300, Hoyt said. Hoyt said Megladdery refused to answer when asked whether the deposits had been made as payments on a loan which Wyman told about in testimony before the grand jury yesterday. Megladdery vigorously denied he (See INJURED, Page 11, Col. 2) .(Set ACTRESS, £agc \ Col 21 DURING THIS MID-WINTER Y«u cnn buy rrRiilar Sl-So nationally atlvfrtiscd shoes for us low S A L E DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! SUTTONS Ml Tentk Mnrt Don't Rise- Tune by Mystery Control "Grt Acquainted Offer" Thi? week we will pive double vnlue for your olti radio en i\ purdi;ise of a MYSTBKY CONTROL L O S H E R ' S WS inth Street Phoiw