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July 11, 1935

The Modesto Bee And News-Herald from Modesto, California · Page 20

The Modesto Bee And News-Herald i
Modesto, California
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Thursday, July 11, 1935
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MODESTO 11-U, I9W- NEWS OF COUNTY AND VALLEY OF EMPIRE Mrs. Frank A. Sllva, Jr., below, was Miss Constance Trovao of Gustlne before her recent marriage In the Holy Ghust Catholic Church at Gusilne. Mrs. Sllva Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe !\L Trovao. (Jones Photo) Large Group Will Join Summer Assembly In Santa Oruz Mountains EMPIRE, July 11--A large group from the Empire Church of the Brethren plans to attend a Summer assembly of the Brethren Churches of Northern California July 15th to 21st at Mt. Hermon In the Santa Cruz Mountains, eight miles north of Santa Cruz. The theme of the assembly will be The Home And Church Of To-morrow. The assembly will Include meet- Ings for children, young people and adults, devotional periods, campfires, picnics, morning watches and special sermons. The main speakers of the assembly will be: Dr. D. W. Kurtz, president of the Bethany Biblical Seminary; Dan W e s t , young people's director o f . the Church of the Brethren and A. 0. LaFollette, field secretary of LaVerne College. Among the Empire residents who will make the trip are Rev. M. S Frantz, Sirs. Frantz, N o r m a n Bobby, Clifford and Max Frantz Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wine and eon "arold, Mr. nnd Mrs. Jlarry Miller Jnd family, Miss Dorothy Bolinger Miss Hazel Barnhart, Miss Elsie Fry and others. Miss Bolinger .vill motor to the resort Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.. Harve Bolinger. Most of. the others will make the trip Monday. V A L L E Y CUBES Mr. and Mrs. James Craig of Berkeley were guests over the week end at the home of Robert Craig and his niece. Miss Mary Craig. James Craig is a brother of Miss Craig. Mr. and Mrs. Rightmier, former residents of Ceres,' have moved to their new home in Watsonvills. Mr. and Mrs. F. Smith of San Francisco were guests over Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Burrows. Helen Lamb of Berkeley, Miss Betty Hqrstman and her mother, Mrs. Horstman, were guests over Sunday at the home' of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lainb. Carl Durand and Miss Dorothy Thompson of San Jose were guests Sunday at the home of Durand's mother, Mrs. Emma Durand. Mrs. G. p. Turner has returned from a visit with her son, Clarence Turner, and family of Hornitos. Mr. and Mra. Charles Baird and daughter of Porterville were guests over the week end at the home of Mra. Cornelia Baird and Dr. Ver- T*n- noi"1 Rollln Lander of Woodland was K./guest over Sunday at the..home 'of, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Lander. Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman and Mrs. Luclla R. Hughson have returned from a week's stay at Chamber Of Commerce Ap points Committee To Make Investigation I L I V I N G S T O N , July 11.--The j matter of Installing floodlights at jlhe Hammatt Baseball Park in Liv- jingston was discussed at a meeting of the Livingston Chambor of Commerce in Ferry's Cafe Monday evening. O. F. Berlin, L. H. Picton and Arvld Klint were - appointed by President E. B. Kemper to Investigate costs and arrangements for the installation and report to the executive board. If feasible plans can be outlined, a special meeting; of the chamber will be called to gei the work started. DIscuM Festival Tentative plans for the second in the bank for festival fund. at Roeding Park In Fresno on the Fourth of July. Miss Nelle Vaughn of Hilmar left recently to enter a cosmetician school in Fresno. SVLVAN Mr. and Mrs. "P. N. Fiatt have re- .urned home after spending a month at Douglas. Norman Kline is spending several days with relatives at Nevada City. J. S. Torrence of Los Angeles is a guest of his sister, Mrs. L. E. Drake. Mr. and Mrs. H: H. Howcll and annual Livingston Fall festiva' were discussed. The money on hand from last year's profits of the two- evoning affair was ordered placed a permanent Fall Warren F. McConnell, Livingston director of the Merced County Chamber of Commerce, reported that the county unit has been working with organizations in other counties to get the" proposed short road from Merced to Los .Banos built by the state. This new road would be a part of the Yoseraile- to-the-Sea Highway and would shorten the distance between the two Merced County towns by about half. It would bs a sixteen-mile stretch. He also reported petitions had been presented to the county supervisors for the proposed road aetween Livingston and · Balico, :hat the board of supervisors seems favorable to the road and that viewers for it will be appointed soon. This road would open up a I short, direct way into Livingston and Merced for a large section of the north end of the county. J. A. Wolf, director of the Merced Irrigation .District, · reported the progress of the refinancing of the district. Quartet Sings In Chyrch At Empire EMPIRE, July 11.--Members of the Appollo Four, a vocal quartet from Southern California, gave, a concert Sunday evening in the Empire Church of the Brethren and later were entertained at a dinner t the home of Rev. M. S. Frantz The group,. which included Harvey Brubakcr, Dan Stover, Urbin Hartman and Albert Gnagy, were on their' way to New York State whore they will attend a T. M. C. A. convention. They plan to give fifty concerts en route. The group is traveling under the auspices of the T Club of Covina. Oakdale Woman, Fire Victim, Is Bitten By Dog OAKDALE, July 11.--It neve rains but It pours In the oplnlo of Mrs. Edward W. Dorsey of Oak dale, who on Monday watched fire at her ranch result In a loss o more than $7,000 and on Tuesday evening was bitten by a neighbor' dog Mrs. Dorsoy had gone to a neigh bor, Jamos Dunn, to deliver a mes sage when the dog bit her so bad ly several stitches is one leg were necessary. Dunn, who attempted to S Mrs. Dorsey from the dog, was bad ly bitten on the hands. The dog whose irritability was laid to olc age, was killed for fear he would attack others. Ceres n, A -- Richardson Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Lyie Green of Ceres and Mr. and Mrs. C. Wille of Modesto returned home last week after a trip to Southern California. Mrs. Earl Brown is a visitor this week in San Francisco. Weston Barnes and Kenneth Wilson returned Saturday from a fishing trip above Dorington. " Rev. Paul Jackson and family were guests from Thursday to Saturday at the home of Oscar Peterson of Strathmore. 8HOEMAHZ Julia and Josephine Forni visited Elsie and Norma Darst recently. Mr. and Mrs. J. Weertman and son, John, called at the J. B. Darst home Sunday evening. Lester Shank of Modesto is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Shank, this week. Mr. and Mra. I,. E. Paugh and children, Lawrence, Virginia and Alma, visited Mr. and Mrs. G. Francis Sunday afternoon. B. Virsconi and friends are IE the mountains this week on a fishing trip. crest. ; Mr; .and Mrs. A. E. Downing o Antelope spent Sunday wilh M arid Mrs. P. N. Piatt Mr. and Mrs. Bud Foley of Mei ced spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs C. S. Coffee. Mrs. Genevievc Bahmeier spen the past ten davs with Mr. an Mrs. F. M. Barnum of Weod. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Harris, Mi and Mrs. Grant Perdue and Mr nnd Mrs. Forrest Harris and son Forrest, Jr., spent Monday at Yo Semite Valley. Mrs. A. N. Standiford, Miss Mai garet Standiford and A. P. Meil spent Sunday with Mrs. N. J. Cas singham of San Jose. Mrs. Gassing ham spent the past .three week with her sister, Mrs. Standiford. Mrs. R. J, Hummer, who spen the past month in Los Angeles, re turned home with Mr. and Mrs Herbert Allen of Los Angeles, whc sp£nt the week end here. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Walker as recent guests, Mrs. Flora B Pllgh and son, Roy, and Miss Cor neiia Harris of Fresno, Mr. 'and Mrs; G. H. 'Miller, Mr. and Mrs Emery Miller, Mrs. Sylvia Picker ing and Mrs. Val Pickering. Mrs. Effie Rathburn is spending three weeks in Canada. Carl Rathburn and Bud Adama are spending a week at Kennedys Meadow, Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Doe am Robert Shank and Warren Kern ?}?ildren. Francis Hartman and of Modesto visited Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Shank Monday. Mrs. C. Turner of Wood Colony visited Mrs. F. E. Paugh Sunday. Miss Helen Billings of San Francisco Is visiting her uncle, S. Fitzpatrick. S. Lynch and family moved from the Joliff ranch to Modesto Mon;day. £V't- , f#d Josephine, visited F. Andrett on the Hart Road Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. F. Madonna of th Dunn Road called at the M. Forn home Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. R. Weichert Walerford visited Mr. and Mrs. 1- Weichert Monday evening. -, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bettencour and son, Tony spent Sunday I Manteca. Mrs,. L. E. Darst visited Mrs. I E. Paugh Monday. L. E. Paugh spent Monday at th M. Weichert home. IHLSIAB Mr. and Mrs. R. X Hallner anc daughter, Beverly, and. son, Roger left Sunday for a month's vacation at General Grant National Park Paul Bundgard Is in charge of the! ranch during their absence. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Oliver an son, Frances, and Roy Oliver o San F r a n c i s c o were week-em guests at the latter's ranch on Wil Hams Avenue. Frances Oliver re mained to spend his vacation witl his aunt. , Mrs. Frank McGovern and Mrs Frank Sass of San Francisco were week-end guests at the Emil Ander son home on Turner Avenue. O] Sunday the group held a picni outing at Don Pedro, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Back ,»nd children, Miles, Charles and Vlr glnla, and Mr. and Mrs. Saddler held a picnic at Lake Yosemitf Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Olson of Hil mar and Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Had ley of Stevlnson attended a picnic HOTEL CLARK Down totni -- central^ located at Eddy and ftrlor. two bloclci from Uftiket street. Free parkin* »djolnlnf hotci n trnnhlent rufiti, rftei from $1.00 R Any ilnfle SAN FRANCISCO Charies Hiatt of Oakland recently visited with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hiatt. Marilyn Rathburn is spending week with relatives at Chico, Mrs. J. R. Sughrue and children Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Haydock ant Mrs. Anna Sugbrue spent Sunday with J. R. Sughrue at Livermore. Ray Hiatt and daughter, Eleanor ' ~ ' ' * to L two and son, Raymond^ Fair Oaks to return motored Mrs. L. Hiatt, who spent the past weeks here, to her home. Mr. and Mrs. S. I7. Hedegard of San Jose spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hedegard. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Marshall spent the week end with Mr. and Mra Carl Walton of Long Barn. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bridges of Pacific Grove spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. George Moye. Mr. and Mrs. C. Hansen were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Titus. Mrs. Burton R. Reynolds and daughters, Constance and .Jacqueline, of Arizona, spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Elliott, en route to Seattle. ' wiNTOy" Mr. and Mrs. S. Alexander and their daughter, Jean, returned borne Saturday- evening from a ten- day trip to Crater Lake and Lassen County. Mr. and Mrs. 'Letus Wallace and Ferris Wallace of San Francisco spent the week end with their father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wallace. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Benedict and daughters. Murray Lcc and Dorothy June, Mrs. H. M. Stutsman. Mr. and Mrs. S. Alexander, Mrs. O. A. King, -.Misses Margaret Sluts- nan, Ardis Cliff," Rose Olive and 3 atrlcla King, and Jean Alexander and Bill King attended a pot-luck supper and meeting of the Farm Bureau recreation department at ake Yosemitc Monday night * COLE Clinton Christensen of Oakland s spending his vacation at the home of his aunt, Mrs. John Jensen, on Merle Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Hayes will eave this week for a visit with tlrs. Hayes' relatives In Maine. Misses Eva nnd Mnrjoric Hous on have left for a week's vacation n the mountains, To Appear In Court .CERES, July 11.--Several complaints against violators of motor traffic regulations were filed this week in the justice court of Judge Laurence Whitmore of Ceres. The complaints were filed against Charles David Abbott of Tulare, passing with.insufficient clearance: Johnnie W. Porter of Georgetown, speeding: F. E. ·Carmichael of Modesto, careless driving; Donald Black of Merced, feckless driving; J. E. White of San Francisco, passing with insufficient clearance. Apricot Harvest Is At Hight In Empire EMPIRE, July 11.--Apricot picking and cutting is at its night this week on ranches in the Empire vicinity. Many residents of the .own are engaged in work in the fruit on the various ranches. The picking began last week at the S. Keller Ranch and was started this week at the Duffy and Scott ranches. The work also is going on at the ranches of Lloyd K. Fike. Ray Beekly, Mrs. Hazel Felly anfi at the Fainter Ranch. -- « · » LIBKABIAN REPORTS LIVINGSTON, July. 11. -- Mr Jmily Court, custodian of the LI ngston Branch Library, gives th following report for the circulatio during June: Fiction, 611; non-fli Jon, 227; juvenile, 540; magazine) 112. Total, 1,520. Readers, 30' isitors, 585. WIM, Ol'JBBATE GAME LIVINGSTON, July 11.--The Llv ngston Volunteer Firemen decide n operate a game at the LIvingsto 3 entecost celebration July 20th an 2]s.t at a special meeting Tussda night. Mr. and Mrs. L. T. McKnight of 2eres entertained several guests al heir home over July 4th. Presenl were: Edward Bode of the Bay region, who is attending Summer session at Stanford University In Palo Alto, . Miss Alice Skalffe of Berkeley, Jack Halnes of San Jose Miss Thelma McKnight, Miss Eleanor McKnight and the host and hostess. Miss Thelma McKnight also made a trip to San Joae and to Carme] over the week end. * * *' Adelc and Beverlyn Baldridge of :rlendale, who have been guests at he homes of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jaldrldge and' other relatives in Ceres for several days, left this week for a visit at Sunnybrook 'arm, the ranch of Mr. and Mrs vill Ham of Ceres. Mrs. Ham and :hildre«, Gordon and Doreen, also .re staying at the ranch. *· * * Miss Bessie Ferguson of Modesto ntertained several members of her amily from Turlock and a group f friends from Ceres at her home Thursday. Mr., and Mrs. Roy Giltrap of Ceres 'were luncheon 'uests. * » * A group of Ceres 'residents moored to Modesto on the Fourth of uly to see the parade and later at- end a horse shoe at' Shiloh. They njoyed luncheon at tho Hotel Mo- csto. Those in the group were: tfr. and Mrs. Fred W. Moffett, Mr. nd Mrs. Wallace Caswell and Mr. nd Mrs. O. Cutler Hatch. * * · Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Long of San Friday, at the Moffett 'home. Mrs. Long is the former Miss Margaret Moffett, * + * Mr. and Mrs. Hatch plan to leave on a trip to Southern California the end of this week. Clinton Whit-] more may accompany the party. VNOEBGOES OPERATION GUSTINJE, July ll ; -Mrs. Tony . TIMf CARD PARTY ATLANTA, .July 11.--A card and danca will be given .by Th» MGK oommltto includm Mr. and Mrs, 0, R. R««» tnd.Mr, and Mr(, Chet William*. ~ -! Merced C o u n t y Librarian Starts Event; Prize Will Be Awarded ' LIVINGSTON, July 11.--Fourteen children enrolled In the Summer reading contest started by Mrs |loba Morley of the Merced-County library staff at the Livingston Branch Library Tuesday morning The contest features an airplane rip from Livingston to New York and return. Small airplanes strung on. wires are moved as books arc oacl and the first child who reads en approved and suggested books and has his plane returned to the lolnt marked Livingston will re- :eive a prize given by the county Ibrary; The contest is open to chll- iren up to. 15. Mrs. Emily Court, Livingston 11- irarlan, will have charge of the ohtest and will have the children give reports of all tho books they ead for credit in the contest. The ontcst will close the first v/eek in ieptember. Mrs. Morley gave'a talk on vaca- lon reading to the children. « 9 » . . PLAN BVSTAIXATION CERES, July 11.--Plans for in- tallation of new officers, which vill be held'Tuesday evening, July 3rd, at the Grange Hall, were ,ade Tuesday evening at a. «meet- ng of the Ceves American Legion "ost. Commander J. W. Baldridge iresided. Emnire Marion Barklow has returned .. the. home of Mr. and Mrs. Gsorg Barklow of Empire after a trip t Oregon.- He took'with him Verl and Vergil Moahring, who, had bee visiting here for the past schoo year and left them at-their horn near .Bond, Ore. Barklow enjoye a fishing trip on the Deschute Rivor during his stay In Oregon. * * * · f Miss Crystal Blakcsley, daughte of Mrs. Crystal Blakesley of Em pire, and Mrs. Ruth Reod of. Mo desto have returned from a trip o several days In Reno, Nev., wher they visited friends. . * * * · Gerald Chapln, son of Mr : ant Mrs. L. D. Chapln of Empire, ac com pan led by Clarence Roycr,-for merly of this district, left a few days ago for' Southern California Chapin will be a guest at the horn of Mrs. Eliza Hoyer in Los Angcle and also will visit the exposition a San Diego. Hilmar Shoemake Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lynch gave dance and box social at their horn on Shoomake Avenue Saturda night. Present were: Messero. and Mcs dames Francis Goof, Harry Martii 'aul Martin, Herman Miller F E Paiigh and L. E. Paugh, Mrs. A joof, Mrs. Grace Martin, Helen Taye and Grace Miller, Doris Mar in, Helen Billings, Lucile Martin 'irgmln and Alma Paugh, Vercn ^atcllff and Dorothy Lynch, John ·^oof, George, Howard and Dic! rancls, Clarence McGinnls, S. Fitzpatrick, L. Cooley, Jerry Merenda Henry Felucca, Frank Paugh amcs Martin, Laurence Paugh anc Cecil Lynch. Why Be Sick? Enjoy this Summer.with Good Health Thousands are made well and kept well by using our CHINESE HERBS! We can do the same for YOU Consultation FREE! LAP LAP HERB CO. 720 5th Street, Comer 6th and 11 The marriage of Miss Agnei Kelly and Benjamin Mann took place in Oakland on June 28th Mrs. Mann is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.' Martin Kelly of Hilmar. The young couple will make their horn in Modesto. * * * The following group held Fourth of July picnic in Cra Park at Turlock: Mr., and Mrs. Axe Edman and their house guests, Miss Anna Seagren and Miss 'Mildrei Sims of Alameda, Mr. and Mrs. N A. Jacobson, Mr. and Mrs. Elmoric Jacobson and Mary Machado. Sfn. Mult Wbltt W H E N Y O U R D A U G H T E R COMES TO WOMANHOOD If she is pale, listless and weak, have her take Lydia R Pinkham's Vege- t a b l e Compound regularly for the n e x t f e w m o n t h s - . T e a c h h e r how to guard h e r h e a l t h now. When she is a happy, healthy wife and mother she will thank youj Mrs. Marie White of Council Bluffs, Iowa, says, "My mother advised me to take the Compound; My nerves are fattier, my color is good and I feel well and strong." Was Carried Out of School Mildred Dickermtn of Nebo, Illinois had such cramps she had to 3C carried home from school. The Vegetable Compound relieved her. She says, "I wish I had known about it before I did." 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