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Galveston, Texas
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18 THE OALVESTON DAILY NEWS, SUNDAY, APRIL 9. 190 School trustees Pnrmmnt to the request of mimormii cftl- the lour School Trustees whoan ternw af office expire next month have again consented to go before the people for re-election, making tho following ticket: J. P. ALVBT, Hi A. LANDES.

I. LOVENBBRG, JOHN 3EALY. EIJDCTION SATURDAY, May 6, 1505. TEXAS POSTAL MATTERS, Washington, April--Orders of Postmnster Fraud Order--Office of the Postmaster General, Washington, D. Miirch 31, 105--Order No.

297. A fraud order has this day been Issued Hamburg Money Lottx'ry and Well ling Hamburg, Germany. GEO. B. CORTELYOU, Postmaster General, Fraud Order Tlevokcd--Offtce of tho Post- inaster General.

Washington, D. March 31, No. IBS--Ordered, That fraud, order No. aiS, dated March 1G.1905. forbidding the delivery of mail and the payment of money orders to M.

B. Lockyer, Land Title EufldSng, Philadelphia. be, and tbb hereby is, revoked. GEO. B.

CORTELYOU, Postmaster General. S-tar service established; Blakenpy to Manchester, 6.50 injkis and back, twice a wMft. From April 18, 1905. to June 30, 1906. James M.

Srygley, Manchester, $15. Special service discontinued: Blakeney, Rod Ehwr County, from Manchester. From April-37, 3905. Postmasters commissioned: ICrnest Smith. Gtrttey; Edward B.

-Koch, Proctor; Delia Cozart, Golan. Star service discontinued: Mount Enterprise to Ltanflat. From April 13,1 1905. Mail for Locklln to Enterprise. Malakofl to Wildcat.

Mail to- Malakoft, Kustace to Bosunus, Mail to Eustace. Vandyke to Do Leon. Mall for Vandyke to Comancbe; for Downing to De Leon. Suez to Do Leon. Mall to De Leon.

Star schedules: Blakeney to Manchester. Leave Blakeney Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 11:30 a. arrive at Manchester by 1 p. Manchester Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8 arrive at Blakeney by 9:30 m. Effective April IS, 1905.

Rural tree delivery changed: De Leon, Comauche County. Nos. 1, 2 and 3 leave at arrive at 3 p. m. Mount Pleasant Titus County.

Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 leave at 8 a. arrive at 3 p. m. Hillsfcoro, Hit! County.

No. 6 leaves at a. arrives at 4 p. m. Mount 1 Pleasant, Titus County.

Nos. 6 and 6 leave at 8 a. arrive at 3:30 p. in. commissioned: Ira Graves, Boz; William Hogge, Clear Laha; John H.

Carter, Leland. Mail messenger service changed: PIsfik, Colorado County, from 1500M, .30 miles. Slate distance at 1.07 miles. "Washington, of Fostmas- tbr General: Fraud Orders. Office of the Postmaster General, "Washington, April 4.

1905: No. 312--A fraud order has this day been issiied against Chemical Company, nnd its officers and agents as such, Milwaukee, "Wte. Order No, fraud order has this day been Issued against Palliser, Palliser Bast Forty-Second street, New York Citv. fend Charles Pulllser, postofflce box 42, Deal Beach, N. J.

GEO. B. CORTELYOU, i Postmaster General. Postoffices established: Bverman, Tarrant County--Lillian, eleven miles south; Fort Worth, nine miles north. OJmito, Cameron nlno milea south; Harllngen, sixteen miles north.

Postofflce site changed: Malone, Hill County, 675 feet north. Postofflccs discontinued: Knight, Polk" County, mail to Livingston; Morard, Liberty County, mail to Devcrs; Muriel, Tarrant County, mail to Grapevine; Noack, Williamson County, mail to Taylor. Star service changed: Tlmpson to Lawson, ville--From May 1005, end at Caledonia, omitting decreasing four miles. iawsonvHIe supplied by R. D.

from Garrison, Postmasters commissioned: Thomas II. Danforth, Goliad; George W. Cash, Hubbard; "Warren A. Keith, Cookville; Jacob E. Dlckisou, Everman; Charles Lindsay, Olmito.

Star service discontinued: Echo to Post- oalc. from April 29, 1905; Anson to Funston, mail to Anson; Mount Pleasant to Argo, mail to Mount Pleasant; Blodgett to Blon- liccllo, mail to WinOeld. Rural free delivery established: Flatonla, Fa yet re County, No. 3 leaves 7:30 arrives 4 p. Belchervllle, Montague County, No.

1 leaves 9 a. arrives 4 p. Denton, Denton County, No. 4 leaves 10:30 u. arrives 5 p.

Klmo, Kaufman County, No. 4 leaves arrives p. Frankston, Anderson County, No. 1 leaves 7:30 a. arrives 4 p.

Fruitvole, Van Zandt County, No. 1 leaves 31 a. arrives 6 p. Kosse, Limestone County, No, leaves 8 arrives p. Melissa, Colliu County, No.

1 leaves 9:45 a. arrives 5 p. Peach, "Wood County, No. 1 leaves 7 a. arrives 3 p.

Kuans Prairie. Grimes County, No. 1 leaves 10:15 arrives p. m. Rural Preo 'Delivery Carriers.

"Washington, free delivery letter carriers appointed for Texas: Detroit--Route 3, Gianville P. DKflc, carrier; Dexter Diftle, substitute, Douglas--Route, 1, C. B. Watklns, carrier; DeWItt Watklns, substitute. Kustace---Route 1, John T.

Daniel, carrier; H. a. Reynolds substitute. Eustace--Route '2, 10. U.

DeJarnett, carrier; Mrs. L. DeJarnett, substitute. Giltner--RoutD 4, Walter B. "White, carrier; Earl Galloway, substitute.

Gilmur--Route R. B. Bennett, carrier; Johnson, substitute. Gilmer--Route 0. 11.

S. "Williams, carrier; Dickinson, substitute- Grand Saline--Route 5, Adam TJ. Baldwin, carrier; K. J. Baldwin, substitute.

Hainesville--Route Hex P. Hughes, carrier; John P. Jones, substitute. Hainesville--Route 1, Rex P. Hughes, carrier; John P.

Joues, substitute. Hamilton--Route 5, J. L. Snell, carrier; Leslie Kirk, substitute, Kemp--Soutc 4, E. O.

'Williamson, carrier; T'J. Williamson, substitute. Lavernia--Route. 1. Willtom Suhre, carrier; Louis Tewxs substitute, Lavernta--Route 2, W.

M. Wiseman, carrier; J. V. Wiseman, substitute. Little Elm--Rout 0 1, II.

L. Davis, carrier; C. T. Button, suLuitltutc. I-ockhnrt--Route 6, Frank K.

Smith, carrier; Forest Wright, Ma bank--Route Lector L. Urban, corner; C. W. Freeman, substitute. Madison ville--Route 1, Augustus M.

Jtiiney, carrier; Ivy Hrownlcc, suhstitiite. Malakotf--Routo- 3, WiUiam C. llarrell, carrier; M. Keith, substitute. MiLlakoff--Route 2.

Hoy Sw.inson, carrier; T. J. Swnnfion, substitute. Mount Enterprise--Route J. C.

L. Madden, carrier; Kwtell Madden, substitute. Mount Pleasant--Route 5. U. W.

Ilutch- iiirs, carrier; 33. Ilutchings, substitute Mount PlcmsHJit--Koute 0. Hugh L. Nelson, carrlur; E. Nelson, substitute.

Rogers Prairie--Route 1, WHIom H. Peteis, carrier; C. E. substitute. Kosers Prairie--Route 2, M.

Shannon, carrier: J. F. McKee. substitute. Rusk--llonto 4.

Richmond C. Tucker, carrier; John Miller, Ii, Sterling McKnlffht, carrier; E. Grishani, Fiibstitute. Te.rroll--Route 7, Davidson, car- rir-; W. J.

Akin, substitute. Terrell--Rome S. rover C. Jackson, carrier; Will Trnywick, KiiusUtiite. Turnereville--Route 3.

Kllfis F. GreKham, carrier; C. A. Crawford, substitute. Bntcwell--Konte 1, Fnmk carrier; C.

Stephens, substitute. 3, Thomns F. Armour, carrier; H. P. Armour, substitute.

Anson-llouto 1, L. Wright, carrier; U. F. Comlron, witaUtute. Anson--Honte Wnlter N.

ToTvnley, carrier- r. It. Musters, substitute, Alison--Houto 3. Monroe P. "Williamson, cnnrion .1.

W. Hcndrick. substitute. Athene---IltMite fi, lei j.i in in J. Grcer, carrier: K.

substitute. Athens--Unutc Ehvln Harris, carrier; S. Friswon, pulmtltuto. AihiMiH--HoutA $, Robert Fmilk, carrier 1 N. F.

Kaulk, substitute. CVntervllle--llouto 1. Ehvrml F. Dw cnrrirr; Oley, mihstltvite. 0 Jle.njamln PiKKR.

rnr- rler; Thompson. Hiilwlltiile. 1 Willie 1', Hennett, cnr- rler Idn U. Hempfitciul-Kmtlo 3, Richnrd M. Oornld (rclnstalo.1), ClnrURv-lllo--Houle -I--Joseph I.

Hoed, cn.r- rlej-; H. Itemi, milwUtulo. tfulplmr SprlnRTi--UouIo Will 7T. T.WI- deTB, carrier; Sv. Wllllunison, PLEASANT FIELDS OF HOLY WRIT for my daily nmft Among the pIcHtnt at Holy Vrit, I might deipair.


Jesus' had worked his greatest miracle ndor the of the eccleslfisticol establishment. It was accepted as a chal- enge, and steps were immediately ttikon to compass his death. Ills hour nut yot having come, the Master retired to Ephrolm, twenty miles away, near to tho wilderness or sparsely populated country. There, In company with his disciples, he passed the time in physical and spiritual recuperation. A price was practically- set upon his head, for the chief priests and Pharisees had given notice that any one knew where he was he should give Information in order that the arrwt might be made.

With mingled motives of curiosity, admiration and opposition people who had come to Jerusalem in largo numbers to attend the Passover made quest for Jesus. For tho time he eclipsed both temple nnd ceremony. As the days passed they bejran to oay to each other in their disappointment, "Is it possible he is Tict coming- to the feast at nil?" But when the time was fully come, Master resolutely set his face toward that slaughter-house of the prophets--Jerusalem, Ho was fully cognisant of all the peril of going to the city at this juncture. It was in this instance that one significant ncident like a shaft of light fell across the Jnky-blackness in which his life closed. It was that high and loving courtesy shown him In the home in Bethany.

They banqueted Jesus. They made a supper In nis honor, and in grateful recognition of his lerclful deeds. In tha noblest villa of the suburb of Jerusalem, the table with its damask cover- ngs was sot In hollow square, as the custom was. It was surrounded by -richly upholstered couches. Shaded lamps cast their full radiance upon the goodly scene, iuye, nostril, ear and palate were delighted.

Color, fragrance, music and viands matched their several organn of sense. Accprdlng to Oriental custom the house was open and Interested villagers hung- like an animated fringe around the tables, sharing with the invited guests sight of the cheer and Kladness. On either side of Jesus reclined the trophies of his power--Simon, whom lie healed of leprosy, and Lazarus, whom he had revived from death. No- jle and beautiful women graced and adorned the scene and hour. One significant and timely deed lifted this feast to tho level of a sacrament.

Out of icr boudoir Mary brought the most precious hlng it contained--an Oriental cruse of alabaster, filled with genuine liquid perfume, very precious, the of which had never aeon' broken. Her unspeakable gratitude would Cain express Itself in a deed of-rev- orcnco and love. Unstintedly she poured the costly liquid upon Jesus' head and feet, using her luxuriant tresses for a towel. In a moment every recess of the house was nilec) with the subtle and delicious frag- But, as may be expected in every human gathering, which of necessity must contain some-whose ethical evolution is retarded or Blunted, an apple of discord was thrown Into this feast of love. It came from the very hand that was filching from the common purse of tho apostles.

Judas stole the Ivery of charity In which to serve his own cupidity. He affected benevolence that he might cover his own grasping spirit. of tho-apostles were evidently infected with Ills carping spirit, and at least joined mlld- yin the specious protest. Right royally did Jesus come to defense of Mary and her deed. He interpreted her action and put the seal of his divine approval iipon it.

If sho gave him momentary and passing embalming, ne embalmed her forever in the Ineffable incense of his praise: "Khe hath wrought a good work. She hath done what she could. Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached there shall also this that this woman hath doho bo told a memorial of her." A practical principle.of life la irradiated In connection with this incident. Jesus affirms that deeds which can be done any timo must give place to those which can only bo DEPEWS DEBUT. Senator Relates Pernonnl Kxpcri- ences With Tfcnrlow Weed.

Albany, N. seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding by Thurlow Weed of the Albany Evening Journal was celebrated tonight by a banquet in the Ten Byck Hotel. The guests included men of National repute, the -Mayor and other public officers and prominent citizens of Albany, and the entire editorial, business and mechanical force of the newspaper. William Barnes president of the Journal Company and chairman of the executive committee of tho Republican State Committee, presided as toastmaster, and the toast list included addresses by Frederick W. Seward, son of William H.

Seward; Charles Emory Smith Philadelphia, Senator Chauncey M. Depew.Andrew B. Draper, State Commissioner of Education; William II. McElroy of New York and Representative George N. Southwick.

In speaking Thurlow Weed "as he knew him." Senator Chauncey M. Depew told of his own first introduction to politics. He had been elected a delegate to the done Just now. poor are always with 5 Tho "banquet Intended for his honor really set tho seal of Jesus' doom and hastened It. Tho banquet couch proved a pedestal to lift him not only In sight the admiring people, but also of his implacable -enemies.

The end of it was'that not only much peo- le knew that ho was there and came, ut Immediately also "tho chief priests consulted." TUB TEACHER'S LANT3RN. A lesson in sacred esthetics Is here. Money spent to adorn and beautify religion Is never to be begrudged. A cathedral, for is a monument to the divine. It teaches and Inspires.

So wealth expended in awakening the sentiment of worship is never lost It is always justifiable. Proportionate expenditures upon the artistic and tasteful are to be commended. They are definite contributions to ethical and spiritual evolution. Much has been said of the "loneliness" of Jesus. But It must also be remembered that ho was also much In society.

The references are numerous enough to affirm a habit. He adorned and beautified many a supper and wedding. -His social sido was not atrophied. Judas, by reason of the enormity of nis crime, is almost excluded in the average thought from the role of human beings. But It admits of question whether there, are not men now living-who under similar circumstances would not do exactly as Judas did.

He was a man, not a devil from the nether world. Martha did not sulk. Jpsrra had on a previous visit criticised her for being troubled with much serving. She did not on that account fly moodily to the other extreiao and rafuse to serve at all. Tt is very significant then (although It might be overlooked), when the record says, Martha served." Taking criticism Is a fine art as well as giving it.

Judas' proposition can not be disputed. It was a great in perfumery 1 The wages of a laborer for a whole year! But no higher use of that money could have been made than was made of it. It was a sacramental act It was an expression of gratitude and reverence. While it did not preclude deeds of charity tha latter could not be any substitute for it That home at Bethany was Ideal. The meshes of the domestic net were soft as silk but firm as steel.

No wonder Jesus loved to be there. An adult Bible class is said to have spent the entire hour In discussing the shape of the alabaster box. It is. to. be feared that many are busy over husks and shells, pure technique--geography, archaeology, and tire like, but never reach the subtle fragrance of the ethical and spiritual meaning.

FROM COMMENTARIES. Six days before: Devout men set time apart before to prepare themselves for a Lazarus: Is mentioned throughout the incident as forming an clement in the unfolding of the hatred of tho Jews which issued In the Lord's Ointment of spikenard: Tho original literally rendered is nard pistick. It is quite uncertain what pistic means, whether genuine liquid or pistic, a local adjective. Pilled with odor: The detail is peculiar to John and Is one of those minute points which belong only to a personal impression of the Judas: One ot the number not ol the nature of the Three hundred pence: He with precision. Judas talent was connected with the temptation that made him a 'Why was not: Proud men think all Ill-advised who do not a.dvlse with He was a thief- The reigning love of money Is heart- theft, as anger and revenge- are Took away: Betrayed his trust.

Betrayed his Given to the poor: Charity to tho poor made a color opposing a piece of piety to Censure infects like a Cared for the poor: It Is the successors of Mary of Bethany and not of Judas Iscarlot, who really care for the Let her alone- The beautiful work of love elevated, Interpreted, an 3 glorified Into a prophetic act-Stlcr. In the act of love done to Him she had erected a monument as lasting as the Mr. Weed, the party leader, wanted another mar, named, Mr. Depew was Introduced to Mr. Weed in Syracuse.

The leader asked whom ho was for and was told. Mr. Weed ngi-ced with the young man's eulogy of the Judge, and then, very confidentially he remarked: "You know, my dear friend, that with the National and city administrations against us and the tremendous assessment there will be for the campaign funds from officeholders on the other side we can not hope to succeed unless our ammunition wagon is supplied. I can assure you Mr. Morsan will supply it." "That was my first introduction to practical politics," unid Mr.

Depew. The Senator gave numerous personal reminiscences of Mr. Wcfd, and said: "In the winter of.iy I was a member ot the Legislature, with Ilcnry i. Haymond ns Speaker. There Vgan early in the ses- slnn between the Spuaker and a close friendship.

Mr. Weed and Mr. Raymond were very intimate and through Mr. Kaymond I a great denl of our leader that winter. His directing mind was behind c-verv measure of importance and the Inspiration every caucus, and yet never appeared openly as directing, commanding or advising.

"He wn.s not tho masterful lender who wili brotflv no opposition and is offended by advice. Ho invited the lenders of both houses to his residence, and was a most courteous listener to their program and plans 1 The talking wns mostly done by others: but every now a.nd then a suggestion t-o wife drop from Mr. WeM that it wn.i accepted ns solution. He did I not display the slightest pride in his view adopted, but won by rather deprecating its arr.optrinrc, except lull- st di.Ttisslnn nutl In ho would often ndvise cnmlpg next day It wns clone. "The prido of the leaders of tho Ser.nte and the Assembly was never injured.

On tho contrary, It was strengthened. The stiitosman nt the capital In advocating, i out tl'rC program which gave him faruo in hi.s district imd possibly In the State, i thn promise or luturo, promotion, never gnve the pllghtsot credit to Mr. Weed, and In many Instances his mind had boon no moved that he had not 'ho sllghtOHt doubt of tho divluo inspiration iu himsolf. "I was ngnin elected to tho IiORlslnturo and pfrve.d In The Hoime wu.s a tie. Mr Wood wns exceedingly niixlous to cloct Ooverniir Morpnn I KMto.i Rruator.

Tho Ronatc wa.s overwhelmingly Republican. As the law was thoii, the two houses could not pn into joint bnllot i cncn linrt nominated. Now they nn compelled to no into joint bflJlot by a certain dnto. was tho plun of the Democrats to prevent nomination by tho Assembly and thereby defeat the election of a United Htntos Senator and have a cliftnort of elortlliK nn AH- ijomnly the next year. "I wiw Jicpuhllrnn candidate fur ftno-ikor.

Ono of tlm mctnbors came to mo and cnlrt his In llfo wnfl to ho HponlCLT, njid. If would draw In favor, thereby olcntliiK him by ono majority, ho would volo for a dlslln- gulshed Democrat for Senator, and If the Republican members would also vote for the same Democrat the Assembly would make its nomination. "Then, under the law, the joint convention would be compelled to meet, and the Democrats, having one majority In the House, and Governor Morgan having a large majority In the Senate, In the comparison of votes the Governor would be "At the same time three leading Democrats who knew of this came to me and said that if I would not accept this proposition they would vote for me for Speaker. "To be the youngest Speaker the Assembly had ever had was a mighty temptation. I went to Mr.

Weed. He said: 'For yourself, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. For the State and country it Is a Republican United States Senator, and I advise making the Senator. You are young and 3d: 'Very well, Mr. Weed, I will then let the Speakership and Mr.

Morgan was elected United States Senator. "I was assured that night, and the more the campaign was opened the more vociferous and ardent was the assurance, that this sacrifice would never be forgotten, but that tho highest honors of the State and country would come on account of this self- immolation. Before the session was over the event and my relation to It were absolutely forgotten." DAKOTA' FARMER MAKES Man Without Cniltnl Cnn Make Soil rroilnce a Fortune. JIadison, S. molting $1.500.000 In fourteen years out of the soil.

I. D. Smith of this place, the wealthiest farmer in thu United States, has retired from active life. He has answered the question whether one mav honestly earn a million dollars in a lifetime begun without capital. His.only diversion is a peculiar practice of giving fS.OOO farms to worthy tenants.

To this man and his i tho philosophy of life la simple. To them the possession of a million dollars brings no question ot travel no lavish expenditure, no risking of limbs In automobile, not even the burden of maintaining a place in Mr. Smith made his money as a farmer, and he Is still a fanner. Not a day passes a Mr. Smith is not asked by s'onie one: "How did you earn nc-arly $2,000,000 as a farmer?" "I made money by making li, not spending It." Is his answer.

When ho liegon life It was with a few lltimlred dollars. i It he made.a payment on an Illinois farm and then earned money from tho farm to pay off the debt Then ho bought another farm, which was years later, and earned the money with the two to pay off the second debt. Ever declaring that his profit consisted of the difference between the money lie received and money he paid out, Mr. bmlth proved himself a master In this economy, not alone by keeping expenses down. but.

by keeping his recolpta at a largo figure. Wherever bo has lived he has enjoyed the reputation of Retting the largest possible monev crop from his land caoh yoar. "How did 1 do -Mr. Smith repeats. "1 earned my money by working, and then whon 1 It 1 put It where it would not bo spont foolishly." Mr.

Smith's fortune Is a. monument to his ability as a business former. Nut only the advanced methods of soil onlturo worn employed, but, nearly all farmers ho never hosltatod to make Investments If ho mlglu save In short, farmed under ns accurate a system as the average manufacturer uses In came to thin county In H.i spent nil tho money be had for land. As fast us ho mado more money he bought more laud. This country then im- Imichod by plow.

'I ho of Its crop wealth, bad ntit boon iinoarllioil. Mr. Smith gno.ssed tllla and he found Ills 1'ind nnililly Increasing In value, i nmd nml resold nt large imillts, nil tho llmo mnklng oviny farm produce tho utmost. ho came to South Dakota ho wns worth tlOO.OOtl. That SIOO.OOO hns grown In lourterii yearn to Jl.iiCWJiK).

for. hodlilos Hlni-k In bunks nnd olhcr real Mtnto, hn now owns i fiirma In Ontrnl South nml n.OOO of Improvnd laud In Norlbwratcin Irnvn. "A third of my money I onrncd with my humid, tho ronmlnliiK two-thirds i my 1 Mr. Bmlth Is fonrt of snylwr. in 11 plain houso, not far from.

Madison, boutlnc of huturtaB uonw to those -with fortunes, Mr. Smith to ing hU reward, and he IB happy. In the rooms of that homo aro to fottn6 no plush carpets, no reception halls, no mahogany furniture. The home shows that the last dollar needed for comfort baa been spent nnd rot ono cent more. About that home spread, no lawns, no epouting fountains or winding driven.

loom up red bams, where the tramping horses' feet resounds day and night; rows of hay low sheds for the cattle. To Mr. Smith a contented horse is more pleasing" a prise dog. Joel Harris, a tenant who never failed to pay his rent promptly and had kept every fence well in repair, received.through tho mall two years ago a dee'd to ihe farm ha occupied. Ho took It.

to Mr. Smith's home, "Here is something you sent to me by mistake," he explained. "Go-on. you fool; don't ask su many questions," waa tho reply. Thus did Mr.

Smith take his own way of rewarding what he considered worth and industry. Because the man farmed as he liad fanned he gavo him tho land. Since then two other tenants have fared equally woll. Needless to say, renters are willing to pay a premium to live on ono of Mr. Smith's farms, and they watch the mails closely.

The only other known benefactions of Smith aro a farm to a Sioux Falls cemetery and another farm arid $1,500 to the Odd Fellows' lodge to which ho belongs. It has been said that women spend two- thirds of the money In America. If this bo true Mrs. Smith does not do her part, cares not pee whit for society. Her clothes are of good quality, but nevjr expensive, and four dresses a year aro considered'by' her an abundance.

On a fine day she mar drivtoe in a. substantial but plain, carriage. At other times she win be found ai home, where she" still performs many of the duties of a housekeeper. To her, aa well as to her husband, monoy'is Its own reword. GIVES TO TEtBPHOJTB Aium Bennett, to B.

R. Whitney, a Fortune. New be a telephone Kirt, work- Ing for a small salary one day and to have a man hand her a. check for $100,000 the next, has been unique experience of Miss' Anna Bennett, whose engagement to E. Whitney of Montreal was announced In the Herald yesterday.

Mr. Whitney gave that sum to his fiancee, telling her to be generous with the money the purchase and preparation of her trousseau. He also told her that he had ordered an auto- mobilo of special design to cost $9,000. and a large sunburst of diamonds as betrothal gifts. Until last Saturday Miss Bennett, whose home is at No.

.213 Nassau avenue, Brooklyn, was employed at the switchboard of the Grand Union Hotel- and it was there that her acquaintance with Mr. Whitney began and ripened into a warmer attachment. His homa Is in Montreal, where he is engaged in the asphalt business, and he has been a widower for two years. As Miss Bennett Is a Roman Catholic and Mr. Whitney a -Protestant, a dispensation for their marriage will be obtained from the Pope, and it will then take place In St.

Cecilia Church, North Henry street, Brooklyn. Another telephone girl, Miss Ida, Schwindt, who Is employed in the Park Avenue Hotel, has shared in the good fortune of her life-long friend, Miss Bennett. To her Mr. Whitney yesterday presented a check for $500 for the purchase of a gown to be worn as bridesmaid at the wedding and a diamond cluster ring. 'Mr.

Whitney's Bon will be the best, man. Gkontl Knle Wife. Chicago, that ghosts rule Ills wife and that her actions are controlled by the mysterious powers and commands of-a weird "oulja" board, Frank B. Aulich of Columbus, Ohio, has begun action in. the Circuit Court to obtain possession of his 6- year-old daughter, Marguerite, and keep her from the Influence of her mother.

In his demand for custody of the child Aulich declared trrat his wife's mind Is deranged by her belief in this weird society. Divorce separated the Aulichs in August when Aulich was held by the Judge to have been cruel to his wife. Now the woman has been summoned from Columbus, Ohio, where she has been visiting to make answer to her former husband's oharges. When In Chicago Mrs. Aulich.

Itres at-No. 3,170 Washington boulevard. In a home given her by her husband when they, separated. Her little daughter has been in her custody since the divorce. For a few weeks after the divorce aecree was entered, according to Aulich, the provision in the decree that ho should see Ida daughter at reasonable times was respected by his former wife.

Then the visits of the child to his stiidis became fewer In number, and upon the "ouija" besrd baa been placed the blame for the trouble over the child. Mrs. Aulich, "her husband 'consults the board in reference to all her transactions and governs her conduct toward her child and himsolf'by the result from this mysterious board. STOMACHS ON STILTS. The man who puts on stilts does not crease his actnal stature.

Ho only feels toller. Stimulants are the stilts of the stomach. They make a man feel bettor for the time being, but he feels a great deal for them afterward. The need of tho man stomach is "weak" is not stimulation but strength. Dr.

Pierce's Golden i a Discovery! perfectly answers that! need. It contains no alcohol of whisky. It cures the weak, foul stomach Tvith its attendant bad smelling breath, coated tongue, bad taste poor appetite and kindred symptoms. "In the year 18991 had an attack of indigestion and so bad that my home doctor said he could not do- me any good." writes Mr. G.

Trent, of Gordonvillo, Texas. "I wrote to you and you advised me to use Dr. Pierce's GoldeJi" Medical -Discovery, so't bought six bottles, and when I commenced using 1 it I was so weak could a a about tha house. By the time I had used one bottle my stomach and bowels commenced to hoal. There TVCTO strius of the lining of iny stomach or bowels (I donl know which) as large as a man's two tinsrera passed and I had a eoocl deal of misery in my stomach and bowels, and also In tho rectum especially.

I could not eat anything without liavlnff much distress afterward, but by the time I had taken eight bottles of tbe "Golden Medical Discovery' I was sound and woll, and could cat anything I pleased without suffering In tho least. Could also do as much work in a day as I eror could. 1 havo not Buffered from the trouble since, and It was four years tbat I vaa BO sick." The solo motive for substitution Is to permit the dealer to make a little moro Ho gains; you lose. Accept no substitute for Golacn Medical Discovery." Constipation aggravates many serious diseases. It Is thoroughly cured by Dr.

Pierco's Pleasant Pellets. WANTED TO W-ANT10D--To rent, by pood, steady tenant i uhildrim, cottaRO of or rooms and bn.Ui; state location nnd rent wanted. BOX- O. News. FINANCIAL.

FOR rond nnd brldpro bonds; will soil in any state, whu you wri'iL BOX care Nows. FOH HA worth of -peawall hondH. i yon and hoW mud do you want. JU)X caro Neivs. KOH HAT.H--Two clly hnud.s of 1S07; bears 2V- per cent, i Oct.

lixn'i. tliorenfter pM cimt. Address CITY HON'DS, rare POST.10I), conservative and wic- trader will iniiniiRO your Kratn ani' stock trndert on perre.nlIIRO of i liainUo your own mntmy. A. A1OMI.1/I-KI Jt.

71, No. 101 Ija Hallo Chicago. opened hei dviwHun.iUlnff p.irlorn Heat work executed. Hhirt walHl i snoclu ntlention. MUS.

J. Nl-Jia ftimnnneea nn Kntttcr play of wprlnp nnd nuiumor mllllnory, joi aro cordially invited to bo CURE BiwlKilu ud nllm tto ttouMtt tat to il'Illoui lUtoof TnirlnMi DrowslnoM, Dlctrat after SSirSln In tU BW.O. to. Ibdr mo.t nmirktUo nccou lu rhown ta QtuUf SICK tomlulx, CirWi Little tlTer Full 1 Huall; VfclBBbloln Constipation, curing and mating UrtimnojtoBOomplalnt, wkllo Hity alJO HEAD 'Adw they would bo MlmoatprloolaM to thote from thiftdlBtnHlng complaint; bat ortu- mxxtooes does HIOH who oboe try them Trtll find tbow little pills thsy will not JiDg to do without them. But after ACHE tottetineof that Our euro do not.

Utue tltor -rury mi Tary tiny to tako. Thoy aro strlctlr Togotabla and do not 01 iraim bntbr thdrpmtlB action ploiuwall who OMlhem. nvofcrfi. SoM 7 druggist! or Hat bj mull. CMTER MEDICINE Kevr York.


A. will be Kuld on Monday, April 30, at 8 o'clock p. for worlc in tho Degree. Members of Tucker Lodge and visiting brethren arft cordially invited to By order of tho Worshipful' Master. GEO.

HODSON, Secretary. 1LUMUOI-DT LODGE NO. 0, K. will convene In regular cunTentlon 'Monday- evening, April 10, at o'clock sharp. Au members are urgently requested to bo present.

Visiting brethren cordially welcome. By order JOHN 6. PETT1T, C. C. Attest-E.


MONTHLY meeting of Galvtston Branch No. ill of tho Grand Fraternity Trill be held "Wednesday evening at hall, 2219 Postofflce Bt. Your attendance desired, as arrangements for the lifth ajimial picnic to bo given at Dickinson on May 7 irtll before the branch. 33y order of A. Cr.

HUB- I3ARD, Com. OFFICERS and members of Galvestoit Aerie No. 48, Fraternal Order oi Eagles, are requested to attend regular meeting Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. A. J.

MAini, Worthy President. K. BTJDELL, Worthy Secretary. ATTENTION, MACCABEES --Markey Tent No. 74 meets first and third Tuesdays; Gulf City Tent No.

70 meets second and fourth Tuesdays. Maccabee meeting evciy Tuesday at 8 p. m. in new Maceabee Temple, Mechanic bet. 21st and 22d.

All Maccabees are urgently requested to attend. N. THIELEN, R. K. No.

74. E. WEGNER R. K. No.

70. OFFICERS and Sovereigns of White Gum Camp No. 29, W. O. are hereby notified of meeting of camp on Friday, I4th.


Attest-WILL H. BLAKEMAN, Clerk. CHISFS anu Brothers of Osark Tribe No. M9, I. O.

R. are requested to attend regular counci Tuesday. April 11. Work In the Adoption Degree. Members of Tuscarora Tribe No.

9 and Caronk- away Tribe No. 15 invited to partake of corn and venison. Red and Blue Club discontinued. DAVE LUCAS. Sachem.

T. E. DRISCOLL, C. of II. THE drama, "Hickory Farm," complete in four acts, will be given by the.

orlglna cast, interspersed with choice selections, at Cathedral Hall Friday evening, April 2S, for the benefit of Galveston Hive No. 41, Ladies of the Maccabees. Dancing immediately afterward. Music by Young Harpers. Tickets Joe.

ENJOY YOURSELF at-hop to be given by Grace Bnuich. Grand Fraternity, on Monday, April 17, at Maceabee Temple. Ad mission 2Bc. Leave names for invitations a WILL IL 2121 Market St. DINGEMAN HIVE, Ladies of Uie Modern Maccabees, will meet Monday, April 10, a Maccabee Hall.

MARGARET POLLARD 1C LOST AND FOUNn. LOST--A string cf gold beads, between 13th and and 18th nnd Broadway. Finde- will receive liberal reward by returning ti 1S03 Broadway. LOST--At the Tiinnhauser lecture, Rosenberg Hall, or on East Broadway car, a nalr of gold rimmed eyeglasses on chain and pin. Finder will please return to MTtS MARGARET DENISON, 1401 Broadway MARGARET and receive reward.

SITUATION wanted lijfc. young man fa milinr with general office, work, understands bookkeeping, speaks Spnnlsh ly willing to do anything. Address BOX New ling to Office. WANTED--Position by reliable, experienced young man (white) to care ior horses and buggy. BOX JO, News.

SITUATION wanted by industrious young man i nnd bungy; well acquainted with city. HOX S. News. GROC10KYMAN position to deliver and solicit: references; experienced, or will drive waron or tcP.m in any other business. Address BOX 14, News.

YOUNlr man, Gernuiu, sober, reliable, wants position, most auy kind. Address BOX 11, News. WAvrrcn--noosis or three unfurnished rooms, moilr.rn conveniences, in sood neighborhood, i or i board. Ketereiiccs. BOX 23, News.

WANTHD-Furnishod rooms for Itirht housekeeping by couple. Address BOX 1C, News. "wANTKD-Cotlon gin. Iwt joratlqn In Southwest. Address I I A I 'IOWN- S1T10 Blxby, for nil Ulndn ot old Iron, brass, copper, lead, rubber, bonl-s, mrtnlllii ropo and wiflix.

01 7 shipments solicited. J. HLOCK Oal- VCKtOtl. "wANTKll-To buy or nix-room house, ior removal; muni lift In Rimil rnn- suite price and where can 1m pren. AddrfiKfl 1HOX -100, care NOWH.

WANTKP--To buy at once small, good collar nml lot; i i I'TM' nmnlli. Inrlnilliilt luliTOHl. WX 1', ofllrp. buy or moro nlinw- niHiw; nldo and uholvlne. Addreiia BOX cnro Nowa.


BBLO CO. WANTED--Solicitor and -ollector; must city resident nnd have Al business qualifications; references required: good salary and llfolonp position to tho Ight man. Apply ROOMS 408, 400, 410, 411 jovy Building. RELIABLE -whito man to take care of horses and yard; good home and steady position to tho right mdn. Apply ROBT.

I. COHEN. WANTED--Active, well recommended who owns horse and KlfT and hns had jood business training. Must give bond. State- naluro of last employment and givo ngo and experience.

Address BUSINESS, care News. WANTED--Men to learn barber trade; prepare now for spring rush; few weeks completes: position guaranteed; graduates earn $lfi weekly; can nearly earn expenses before finishing. Write for free catalogue. MOLER BARBER COLLEGE, Fort Worth, Tex. SAI-'ESMEN WANTED--Two good Bowing machine salesmen wanted.

Address L. JONES, Llano, Tex. MIDa.lP WAIHOT. to cfUt on nhyidnltuuk A very opportunity IB oCferod for ln- mediate work. Must lw InteUUiont.

well anil pereevi-rlns. nnrt experience, LOCK BOX E8, dclphla. WANTED--Reliable persons to worlt foe KOOd rniv. SOUTHERN ADVERTIBINQ DISTRIBUTING DopU Baltimore, Md. WANTED--An office boy.

Good chanco for advancement. Apply BOX' 24, Nowa otnco. WANTED--Experienced man to care for horse and yard, make himself useful around houuo; must furnish reference, 211S Ava. IL. WANT good, reliable- solicitor for canvass work, something now; booze-fighters need not apply.

Address BOX IS. Nowa WANTED--Everywhere, hustlers to tack signs, distribute circulars, samples, no canvassing; good pay. SUN ADV. BUREAU, Chicago. WANTED--Men everywhere, good pay, to distribute circulars, advertising matter, tack signs, no cnnvassing.

Address NATIONAL ADVERTISING 100 Oakland Bank Chicago. 111. WANTED--Reliable salesmen, over 30, with earning capacity of at least $3,000 annually, for attractive proposition to dealers. For particulars address Box 574, Chicago. MEN to employ agents and -write health and accident earn from $75 td $300 monthly; liberal policy.

FRATERNAL LEAGUE, 703 Olive St. Louis, "Mo. AN ESTABLISHED manufacturing company of highest commercial standing, controlling tho situation entirely in ils line and supplying a household necessity at a large profit as a substitute for an importation valued at millions annually, will open a branch office and salesroom in Galveston. We want a good man to fill the position of district manager, supervising salesman, salary $1,200 per annum and office expenses, together with a commission on sales, with share in profits. Under our co-operative an investment of 51,000 in tho capital stock of the company is required, and we expect the right man to average $2,500 per year or more.

Address, with references, MANAGER, Suite 26, Auditorium Chicago. HIGH-CLASS SALESMEN--A sido line for every business; one salesman made another $068.50 another $267.50 commission in one day; proof of this statement and sample case free by return Diall: company incorporated jn 187D. Address D. General Manager, P. O.

BOX 230, Mew York. WANTED--Specialty salesmen of good character for attractive proposition: references and bond required; to $7,000 annually to business getters. Box 470, Kansas City, Mo. WANTED--Responsible man to manage an office and distributing depot for large manufacturing concern; salary $1,500 per annum and commissions; applicant must have good references and capital secure. Address 323 West 12th Chicago.

TRAVELING salesmen for Texas; staple line; entirely new inducements to trade; r-'gh commissions: $25 weekly advance; permanent to right man. BOX 524. Detroit, Mich. strong boy to learn cabinet making trade. Apply at A- STEIN, 200S Mechanic.

1 WANT good cook; flno private family; best wages; I luxvo line coachmen, gardeners, tciunstora; plumbers, carpenters, llro- non, bartenders, waiters, nurse girls, chamber maids. EMPLOYMENT BUREAU, 718 Tremont st. FEMALE HELP WANTED, WANTED-- An experienced cook; nono other need apply. MRS. T.

D. SCOTT, 2419 WANTED-- A white cook for small fnm- ily, good wages. MRS. G. G.

LEVY, Winnie st. COLLEGE, Fort Worth, Tex, wantti ladies to learn hair dressing, manicuring, facial massage, chiropody or electrolysis. Specially good offer right now, Few weeks completes by this method. Graduates earn $12 to J20 -weekly. Writo for catalogue.

competent skirt hand with references. MRS. J. B. ROGERS.

1S15 Church city. RELIABLE woman to cook for small family. Apply 392s MJi. COOK WANTED--For small family. 613 17th St.

girl to cook and assist in housework in family of- four grown persons. Apply 2124 Ave. M. WANTED--A girl to do general housework. MRS.

BEN BONART, 25W Market WANTED--A reliable white woman to do house cleaning and scrubbing, ono day each week. S. e. cor. 20th and WANTED--White nurse.

Apply MRS. R. B. WILKENS, 112S Market St. WANTED-Colored Broadvay.

WANTED--An experienced cook. Apply at 2215 Ave. after 9 o'clock a. m. WANTED-- A servant.

Apply at 2117 Ave. L. WANTED--An energetic lady to represent largo manufacturer. Liberal salary and expenses to begin. Permanent position: references required; experience not required.

Address MANAGER'S DEPT, 52 Dearborn Chicago. WANTED--A girl to do general housework Apply at THE FAIR. WANTED--At once, experienced skirt hands. Apply Dressmaking Department, care Fellman Dry Goods Co. WANTED--Woman to cook and do housework for family of four.

Apply Sunday upstairs, 2019 Postofflce st. WANTED--A young lady as an apprentice at REX BORD MILLINERY WANTED--An experienced saleslady at REX BORD MILLINERY WANTED--Reliable cook; references quired. Apply 1819 J. WANTED--A first class cook. Apply 2315 Broadway.

WANTED--Reliable white girl or woman at ouoe. HOTEL. THE NEWS WANT ADS Reach the pebpfe who, are looking for what you want to dispose of. 20 words, only 20c '20 words, daily 30 timts $3,00 20 words, dHy 30 times in both The Galveston Daily News and Dallas $6,00 CAPABLE SALESMAN to.cover Texas; staple line; high of monthly; permanent position to right man. JESS H.

SMITH Detroit, Mich. everywhere, Rood pay, to distribute circulars, ad matter, tack sitrns, etc. No canvassing. Address TlON-AIi ADVERTISING 100 Oakland Bank Bide-, Chicago, 111. CUTTERS AND Is al-ways room "at the top" and the "mail course" in garment cutting 1 given by the New York Cutting School, 1133-1135 Broadway, New York City, will help you to get there.

"Booklet" Club organizers; liberal terms to capable workers; best sick, accident and dea-tli offe ed. Address FRATERNAL BANKERS OP AMERICA, Chemical St. Louis, aio. TRAVELING- salesman wanted to work country trade. Salary $75 per month and expenses- PREMIUM CIDER St, Louis.

Mo. Men to distribute samples, tack PIKIIK; 53 daily; no canvassing. CONTINENTAL DISTRIBUTING SERVICE, Chicago. FIREMEN and brakemen on railroads everywhere. Experience unnecessary; high monthly firemen $100; become engineers and corn $180.

Brakemen $70; become conductors nnd earn $140. Name position preferred state age; stamp for particulars. RAILWAY ASSOCIATION. Dept- SO, Charles Denver, Colo. Amateur photographers to furnish photogrnphs for our newspapers and' magazines.

Opportunity to cam steady Income. AH, THE NATIONAL PRESS ASSOCIATION, Washington, D. C. Man at onco to call on local trade and ajrcnts. Established wholesale business; work rushing 1 salary $24 paid wrcklv; expenses ndvancM.

Address TRAVELERS' DEPARTMENT, 325 Dearborn, Chicago. 35 VERY capable salesman, executive. clerical and technical man will be interested. in positions now on our lists: not enough' right men to meet demand. Write for book- In and suite posUion desired.

HAPGOOD'S I1UA1N BROKERS, 917 Chcmii-al St. iC. ---Oldest established Secret Service, in United StiiLos wants shrewd, reliable mr.n; experience unnecessary-- wo glvo instructions. Write with npo and ref- (ii-ences. A I A DETECTIVE ASSOCIATION, Indiaicipnlis, Iml.

A A WANTED. --All scrtlnns. to firOrct invents for tlir famous "Game Skill." Lawful everywhere: tills long felt a takes plnre forbiddm slot machines; operated i nicltc-ls; rentrri or sold on i ar.y nriymenls; now tu usf 1 sample sent on io days' fror. trial. Wrile at onTM for pnrtioular.s.

OwKN A TUR10 Desk 00, Grand Rapids, Mich. ENERGETIC workers ovorywhoro to dist i circulars, samples and ndvcrtlslnp a good no cnnvassing. COOPKR- ATIVK ADVERTISING ol A a to work in Scaly Hospital. WANTED-- At bnot- Marks, i r.r colored. COLONIAL PAHLOR A i HtKiJlYeinoul WANTKO-Gond dairy hand, near nvn- mllo post down tho Island, or address P.

O. Jtox 2K5. 1. r. MOTT.

"I wrlle.H ono ngent. New; donwnd. Qul-'k pales. FARM- KU8' ACCOUNT UOOlv Newton, Iowa. A i i tr cull on rotnll trnrto for nuuiufaolurliiK linuno; local territory; Kii, pjilM woeltly; tixpoimn money iidvaneed; nrovlonn oxprrlonco nnnr-reasiiry, A 1 A Star llulUlltitf, Ohl- NEWS and cigar dealers, write to 501 22d Galveston, for consignment agency without investment; new article.

NEW magazine; big success; large commission to agents. Cash prizes. Stamp secures sample outfit. The PANDEX of the Press, San Francisco. DON'T accept an agency until yon g-et my free samples and big offer.

ATM AN, -139 Franklin St. Louis, Mo. THE most up-to-date fraternal Insurance society in the field desires Borne more general organizers. The only Washington society that, has complied with t-ne Insuranco laws of the Southern States. The easiest selling proposition in the field.

Valuablo contracts to the right parties. Address MODERN WORKMEN. Room 3, Warder Building, Washington, D. C. NEW Sleeve Protector for office and housework.

Write today. Get territory; quick sales. Other goods. LADU2S' SUPPLY Forest Chicago. AGENTS--Men or women, $1 an hour, introducing our high-grade medicinal soaps and ointment; every call means a sale; experience not necessary; crew and branch office managers wanted.

TERRTFF MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, 1414 Wabash Chicago. MERITORIOUS specialty every negro buys: a fortune to any energetic agtuit; no if you mean, business write for exclusive territory, samples, etc. CONTINENTAL CHEMICAL Richmond, Va, AGENTS per month and expenses, to sell advertising signs to merchants; write quick. PELICAN SIGN: MFG. 614 Chartrcs New Orleans.

WANTED--Agents or salesmen for perpetual pencils. "Always sharp." Never need sharpening. Guaranteed a year. Sells to everybody, evorywhere, rapidly. Particulars on annlfcation or smnple, for A ERICAN LEA PENCIL 491 Broadway, New York.

AGENTS WANTED--Mexican Novelty Fan. Everybody wild over them. Beautiful full size a artistically mado in colors, different shades on each fan, which folds together when not In. use. To introduce them quickly--10 cents each.

ROSS I Laredo, Tex. (On the Mexican Border.) "I FEKL a mililonaire," writes ono agent. New. Demand. Quick sales.

FARMERS' ACCOUNT BOOK Nowtou, Iowa. AGlCNTS-Autqmatic 'Washers sell thom- solves; sells on sight, for it does a washing In lid mimiUis; furnishes its own power, rt (iulre.i no labor, and coytw IL-KS than any other machtno. Free, pimple and exclusive territory given. AUTOMATIC WASHER Station Chicago, OUR SOAP AGENTS, crow organizers. branch office nmiiiigors aro easily earning jr-0 to weekly.

You mn, too. Write, Full pnrticulars free- PAKKriR CHEMICAL 2J7 Market Chicago. AGENTS-- Rend in dark. plates, signs, numbers. '-00 per ront profit.

Sam- free. WRIGHT SUPPLY Englewood, 111. AGKNTS-- nnd women coin money Holllng "Corno" corn killing planters. Curo guaraulef'd. 100 per profit. brhiKS and terms. HKtfT SUPPJjX jjoilut. 111. WANT1CD-- Pin In Kftwhiff at homo, for or would go out hy tho day; tcrma Apply Chiiivh st. WANTKI-- MliUUo-iiffod woman; enu now nnd do almost any klntl of worlc; can Rtvn rnffirciHMVi.

HOX Nmvtt. rmtltion ns ImuRenlrl or cnoU for' a small family, BOX 20, NOW4 oHluA..

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