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March 16, 1949

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Anniston, Alabama
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Wednesday, March 16, 1949
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, The Annlston (Ala.) Stnr, Wednesday, Mar. 18, 1949 HELP! HELP! Mntnts »t pe«ple «re d«- Htvte f»r · tone, can you h*l»T Pleue call 3241 If ··· w*at U Mil or trade ANfflSTON 'REALTY CO. Bide. Pho. 3241 . C. Htllind Clyde Pippin Rullman^aul Arrive At Ram Training Camp LOOK FIRST LINE GENERAL TIRES SEE GRAY VOWELL LENA STYLES T I R E CO. 30 W. 52th. Phone 732 Spring W o r k Enters 3rd Day At Bynum Field Olhcr Arrivals Expected To Swell Player List Lalcr This Week The arrival of Edwin Rullman. j (he best-fielding catcher in the · Class C Cotton States League last season, and Laddie Paul, hard-hitting o u t f i e l d e r from the same loop, sent the Anniston Rains' Spring j t r a i n i n g roster to 27 yesterday, · w i i i l o other arrivals are expected to put Ihe number above the 30 mark before the end of the week. Both of the new candidates are class men. R u l l m a n baited only .287 for the C'larksdale, Miss., c l u b last season oi:t his f i e l d i n g ;md aggressiveness earned him a berth on the cir- c u i t ' s all-star team, lie w i l l join five rookie receivers who already are in (he Ram (raining camp at Hyp.nni. Paul, R til im art's teammate at Clarksdalc, finished w i t h a .321 b a t t i n g average and knocked out !1 homers. He also had a good fielding average lo go with his acc o m p l i s h m e n t s at the plate. P h i l l i p No( 0 . another rookie per- formc-r from the A l a b a m a State i League, also was added to the i t r a i n i n g roster yesterday. Accordi ins; lo Zach Schucssler, Ram busi- j r.o.-x manager, the youngster has I i - u t iii two years as a catcher and ' iiifiehlcv bin he probably \ \ i l l he :!.-iven ,-i try at pitching (Hiring t h e I noxt three v,ceks. I Five more R a m s are slill on the ; (raveling list, according to Lov C u u i e r . Ram prexy. Woody Rich and "Dub" Scott, two of last sea- isonson's pitchers, haven't checked . in as yet. .Neither has Wilburn Pensacola Out To Patch Up M o u n d Staff NViilly Dashicll Looking To A l l a n l H Crackers For First Rule Talt-iit By WESl.KY CHAI.K Sporls Editor, The I'enoroU Journal Written for The Associated Press I 1'ENSACOLA. Fin., March IB. . ., . » numns I I K I I I wiin MCI t., ) -- \Vally Dasliiell, owner of the from this Friday to April 1. Ray Robinson Is Asked To Defend Welter Cr o iv n NEW YORK, Mnr. 16 (API-The "heat" was being applied to a couple ' of world boxing champions today-- but In d i f f e r e n t fashions. Lightweight K i n g Ike Williams was t a k i n g regular hest treatments to help heal a strained musole in his right shoulder. The I n j u r y w a s suffered yesterday and forced a postponement of Williams' fight with Kid Gavllan Pensacola Fliers, Is sticking closer j Welterweight Tltleliolder o h a r I Mann, president of the At- I (Sugar) Robinson had the ..,,, lanta Crackers, than a flea to a pl ,t on him by NBA Commissioner d °S s fa ack. Abe J. Greene. Atlanta is training at Legion! Greene warned Sugar Hay t o : Field in Pensacola and the latter j defend his 147-pound crown ! Bowling Green N e w Favorite In NIT P l a y Ohio TIMIIII Tjikrs Ov«-r Top Spot Af Icr Four Seeded TiNiniB Are Beaton BY N f t K M A N MILI.KR United Press Sports H'rKer NEW YORK* March 18. IU.R1-- The dubious honor of being the ( favorite In the upset-riddled Na | Uonal I n v i t a t i o n Haskelball Tour club lias a working agreement u i t h ' quickly or give it up. the Crackers. ; The commissioner The Crackers furnished most of the talem for the fliers Ins! season .incl except for pitching Uilcnt e v e r y t h i n g was acceptable. Pensacola led the league in f i e l d i n g and h i t t i n g , home runs, stolen bases, had three of the lop j sluggers of the circuit but finished in f i f t h place. H a y ; nanl cnt was handed today lo the "heat" i high-flying Falcons of Buwliny Circen. That's really putting the smooth operators from Ohio on the spot, view of the four trimmings j (nkeii by (he seeded tennis In Hie said t h e : i u a r l e r - f i n a l round Monday. A f t e r welter division Is "stagnating" he- , that fiasco, none of the four sur- cause of Robinson's inactivity in : vivors wants U he mentioned as his own class. Robinson has been 'lie favorite for anything, engaging in non-title clashes with middloweifihts and has another over-the-weight contest scheduled for Chicago, -March 25, against Bobby Lee. "If he's going to f i g h t as a mid! dloH-piglil. lie may ns well vacate title," Greene : Fliers Seek Pitchers j , I l c w e l t e r w e i g h t This year Pensacola is looking : declared for-_f lingers who can go more than i NBA and New York stale The odds-makers, however, seem lo be gluttons for p u n i s h m e n t , climbing right out on another limb today in stressing sentiment for the Falcons. The new respect for Howling Gceen was evident w h e n the Falcons were made five-point fa- | vorites over Pan Francisco in one i seven innings. Most of the h u r l e y s '' rcquhv "rtamhwn'^'lo"'TM! Ihcir ' ^'"V""" 1 K a n l e Bt M " d i s o n S 1 ""'* last season failed to get bv the ' title" m, he i Garden tomorrow night. As for the isevond, inning jmx. In mam ' ,±tl,, ' "' C V C r J slx ""^Icy-Loyola of Cl,ic«o emue. ' cases they blew leads of BOWMXC GREE.V VPSETS ST. LOUIS IV NIB T O U R N E Y -Stan W c U r r (9S. Bowling Green, lunses toward the ball D* Joe Ossola m o m e n t a r i l y looks away d u r i n g the quarter finals of the N a t i o n a l Basketball Tournament in New York's Madison o? l i a / e Gar1en - Bowlins: Green toppled the favored St. Louis live, 80-74. -- XEA Tclephoto. Training Camp Briefs Twenty-four of the candidates players in shape for the opening of the Spring exhibition series next \Vednesrtav. c- r°" T'" ^ ~ ~ are ST. PETERSBURG. Fla , 16. (.ft -- Bill Dickey, .New- Yankee coach and former star: of k catcher, is teaching the finer] T} , - - - -- ·-- .. u .v.... E o points of the trade to Joe Garag-1 p a + ' w e n t through their second day of j iola in addition to Yogi Berra G a - ' h th · i ; ( r a i n i n g under Manager Charlie ' ragioia, St. Louis Cardinal catcher! folders InTl v^'TM' ; Baron yesterday, despite a sudden ! and the Yank's Berra, both come s ou chock Cass \n i 1 .coM wave. The Ram skipper also from -flic hill" section of St r^rhpr, IMS ,-mother Jengthy workout on LOCH'S. ' c a t c n e r s 5!ate for today in order lo get his ABRAMS HITTING VERO BEACH. Fla.. Mar. 16. l.f) -- The hitting of Rookie Outfielder Cal Abrams continues to -- - -- ~. three to six runs to lose. | To correct this Dashiell d r a f t e d one 20-game winner and acquired another from Waycross. A l v i n Hennechcek. righthander, w i t h a record of 22 9 was drafted from Raleigh, N. C. Ray Seidel. of · Waycross had a record of 22-6. Andy FJko 11-131 and Bill I Rogers (11-81 are the only rclurn- ing nioimdsmcn on the roster at and Ralph i n c l u d e d Revolta Leads P l a y Three Teams TiedForFirst ! pace Plnre In jVovtl Pro-Amat e u r Roinuls Joe Tipton Weigel. Left-handed hitlers switch-hitter Dave Philley, outfielder Floyd Baker and rookies Gerry Scale and Gordon be the lalk in the carnp"oTthc i berry ' Brooklyn Dodgers. Abrams, a Brooklyn native, got two singles against the Philadelphia Athletics · -- ·.-.,-- yesterday to boost his t o t a l t o i sk 'PP er Charlie Grimm of the Chi- eight for 13, a blistering .538 ral " 1 ''" h " '" '"' ''" ~~ present. Pensacola sent up to the parent A t l a n t a club. Second Baseman Dave Williams, Third Baseman Rusty Morgan, Outfielders Bob batters. So a r e . Thorpe and Charley Woodail t e v e ' Calcher Pierce McYVhorter, all .300 and hitters, and Pitchers Jack Taylor, Leo Murray and George Koval. Blair Return Big Hack Wilson slugging out iTen Clubs Set For 1st Round Of ROTC Play Anuislon YMCA · Busier Miles Game To Feature Tonight's Action At Fort Ten teams are poised for the opening round of the independent basketball tournament, sponsored by the Jacksonville State College ROTC Department at the Fort McClellan -Main Post gymnasium tonight. Eight of the teams will enter fielder who has been a member of t h e Fliers for two years, is return- Golds- . '"i along with John McAnulty j shortstop. Jim Blair, last year's i first sacker, is also listed but'faces PITCHING I M P R O V E S ' t r o u b l e in holding his position PHOENIX. Ariz., Mar. 16. (if)-- ! Paul _ Brotherton of Wichita Falls] action t o n i g h t ; T , ,, . two will await JdCK L r J Y / / W W S e t WEST PALM BEACH. Fla.. ; March IG. M,_Johnny Revolta, { v e t e r a n golf professional of Evanston. 11!.. today, was in a position lo make a grand slain in one of the richest of all t o u r n a m e n t s -the annual Seminole Club pro- a i n a t e u r tourney. ; winners t h i s year, yesterday tied |.K the h a l f w a y mark with Lawson | L i t t l e , Monterey. Calif., f o r the professionals medal play lead with t h i e e under par 67's. In (lie pro-amateur lourncy he w,-is in a three-way tie f t Ihe end of 18 holes -incr. Phillips R. Turnhull. ., uw 1"rk. and in t h i r d place w i t h an- "iiicr p a r t n e r , M. D. Grant, also of N e w Virk. Deadlocked with rr.bnll d u o w i t h PHOF.XIX. Ariz., Mar. IB. (,P)_ J o h n n y Mize. slugging New York Giant first baseman, is resting a stiff knee. Mize s t u m b l e d on the base paths recently and is t a k i n g tilings easy. cago Cubs so far about his pitchin... _ ^_ partment for the National League tailenders last season. Says he -- ! old Shiles, "The fellows we are c o u n t i n g on a .371 hitter, and Jake Curnal of I are his chief competi- - kicks ' S i o l l x Cil woeful d e i t o r s Bob Lyons of Waycross and Har- speed merchant, will battle for the second base job the tournament w h i l e the other Hie outcome of the first-round Sanies to decide opponents for tomorrow night's program. A highly- regarded Jonesview team will open the play-offs against Oshgosh of Jacksonville at (i:15 o'clock and three more promising contests will follow hourly. Possibly the top game of the Browns night will begin a t 8:30 o'clock I n ,-,,*; the odds-makers refused to make a favorite and called it a toss up. ; It was p l a i n how Falcon's Coach ' Harold Anderson felt about the i sudden rise of his team f r o m an ; ":iilcr-thou.;lil" entry to the favorite. "Thai's the kiss of death," said Anderson when he heard H o w l i n g Green was bcint; picked over San Ft ancisco. Anderson was l a u g h i n g when he said it. ( h o u g h , and obviously he's going lo give Ihe j i n x a good tussle. The j i n x was too much for (op-scodcd Kcntucy. second- ranked St. Louis, third-seeded Utah.' and fourth-seeded Western Kentucky on Monday. Anderson said his team was in high spirits a f t e r w h i p p i n g St. Louis and tile players are "rarin' to go against San Francisco." MMbiae*--All Mkkn Jame* Harrison ROYAL TYPEWRITER Soles--Service--Rentals l W. llth St. Pk«M 3t» !· Front Or CLOSE MEN'S SHOES PLYMOUTH* AIR-0-MAGIC WEINBRENNER Summer For Top Season U U R B A N K . C a l i f . , March 10 U.R--Slugging Jack G r a h a m , whose career was a l m o s t ended by a bean ball last Summer, is set for a big season w i t h the St. Louis led the Pacific Coast P1TCHER-OUTFIELDER ORLANDO, Fla., Mar. 16. (/P) _ Manager Joe Kuhel of the Washington Senators is grooming right- handed rooXie Clyde Vollmer for witch against left the most have been coming i S h i ] e s stole 86 bases at Gainesville Unng 'J; s """.?"?' er Mlles - f o l l o w - j v v j ( h 48 and IUUIH.-U I.KL- a cmcn to through. Dutch Leonard, Walt last season while h i t t i n g .269. He ' J."| ft . 1{ ^ lc -- sk i'hawk contest a t , crack Tony L.iMcrl's league record Bob Rush, Dovle I.adp : drove in 9 runs. | / : J O o clock. The. final game w i l l , of G0 before he was felled by a Jeff Bell of Waycross and Davis ; mvolvc tlie Jacksonville Veterans pitched ball.. ' an u-i ,°"'m a - 9;3 ° ?' Cl u Ck ' I The b i K ' I°nS-leggcd player was unite Plains and Ihe Annislon out for a month and when lie Ordinance teams drew first-round f i n a l l y got back into u n i f o r m , he byes and will not begin play un- was bothered by recurrent heacl- Dubiel, Bob Rush, Doyle Lade Dewey Adkins and even Mort Coo-. per have looked all right, to me." Burke of Gainesville are listed as I . j t h i r d base candidates. Outfielders i FIRST T R I U M P H ' i n a d d i t i o n to Wilson are; Morton i P E T E R S B U R G , Kla., Mar Conwell, John Dempsey and Don- i .. . . --16. if i -- The St. Louis Cardinals' a l d Average, all of Petersburg, m tomorrow night. j aches which threatened to end his spirits were revived todav a f t e r ' V a " and Joseph Pickcrt of Sioux ,, 7 c . eordm i to Lt.-Col. Robert C.: p l a y i n g days. "-"- " ~ ' Raleigh, tournament chairman, t h e ; But Graham, now m a k i n g a ST. Buddy Lewis, Gil Coan and Ed Stewart, the regular oulfield, ar*e all left handed hitters. w-ere revived their first victory of current exhibition games. They heat the Xew York Yankees, 8 to 1, yesterday. promoted on basis t! by i . strong bid for the regular first ; base job w i t h the American Leagui; BRAVES TRY BEXG.ALS BRADENTON-, Fla., Mar. 16. rVPj' the lead ;--Boston's Braves, flogged 11-1 'by! with one the C i n c i n n a t i Kcds yesterday, will j oppose Detroit's Tigers under n e w , manager Red Rolfe today. IN SPOTLIGHT SAN" BERDARD1.NO, Calif. Mar. .--,,_,. . !6. i.-P) -- Manager Giliy Meyer . The -National League champions! of the Pittsburgh Pirates'is keep.. Mocked like anything else y c s t e r - j i n g a close eye on B i l l Werle I h e R e v o l t a - , day as they wore able lo get b u t ' l e f t h a n d e r obtained from San nest hall 63 ] three hils and fielded like the m a r - 1 Francisco of the P a c i f i c Coast Falls, S. D. Charles Elilman, a catcher, is a j P la i'-° tf s »'i» be d r a f t e e from Wilson. N. C. The doublc " e1lmlnatic " ^ , - . -- . . . . . ,,,,,,,, only other receiver listed is H a r - ' i l l l o w l n S tonight's losers to redeem team, says he's feeling fine now. Three Redbird hurlers--Georcp old Ivy o[ Gainesville. Ivy hit j Ul ' mfselvos i n i a t e r rounds. i "I played Winter ball in Puerto M u n g e r Jerry Stalev incl n r n ' 27 ° antl drove ir G0 r u n s !ast sea-' °f f 'C'.-'ls for Ihe games will in- Rico and Mexico." he said, "and Reeder'- looked eLa u^iln l7rl son ' TMTM" h'l -287. cll|[le Thomas H e a t h , T. B. Me-: was still bothered by those heacl- uc^tci eooti K i i n e lim- ,, .,. . , _ . . , , !larg a n d GIen Hawkins, referees;: nches. But they seem to be leav- Joe Hassell, timer; and Doyle - \ o : i n B now." Ian, scorer. I -- -I n d i v i d u a l and team trophies will be awarded Saturday night by Cadet Lt.-Col. W i l l i a m Patrick. The championship w i l l be iting the Yankees to five hits. « e e n , m T i c u r T n v « 0 T. PS °" a n c l A m a - i r i c d men playing the .ingle men League. I c u i T n . n m y Shevlm, both of . \ e i v a t a picnic Wil- ' , Dave Douglas. son. F.hlman hit .287. Pensacola, a hot spot for m a n - ! agcrs, comes up with a n o t h e r new ' face this year. Bill Herring, veteran minor league p i t c h e r and manager in D b a l l for the p a s t ' five years, was employed to be a · p l a y i n g leader this Summer. Herring already is in camp and i is assisting Manager C l i f f Dapper i of t h e Crackers. H e r r i n g is a i i graduate lawyer from Wake Forest ' and Styles Winter All sizes in choice of \Vinjj Tip, Cap Toe. Trench Last, K a n g a - roo leather, in the popular dress, sport and solf style. Our lease expires by .May 1st. Shoes from ?8.85 to S1G.50 arc at this new low price. $5.95 $11°.95 WILLIAMSON SHOE STORE 1007 Noble St. p,^""-c^p^ £._ L^.--.^".--.-". -- --.5:; stroke l,ehind '," ll'-o Pro-a I, :i lls- of (74 the l e a d i n g ur tourney W ere Lloyd am] ,,» d kip Alcxan- Houston. Tex.- '"·e. Providence, R. l.-"john- Vork: Kllsworll] Vines! SPORT BRIEFS By THE ASSOCIATED PRF.SS by the Jacksonville C h a m - ber of Commerce; second place. Annislon Hardware; third place, "u°"i" · I graduate lawyer from Wake Forest' ^' oun S King Hardware of Jack, " c '' le ' com 'ng UP to the majors ' College, where he njayed baseball i sonville: outstanding player award, tor the urst time, brought a rec-1 and basketball. j Shainn Real Estate of Jackson- ord of 17 victories asainst 7 n *, n ,\ Dashiell has let it be known that j v i l l c : sportsmanship award, ROTC he is not going to sland pat on the Department; and all-tournament roster list as it shapes up at pres-i team_awards, Cole Brothers Trad- ent. He has his eye on some of the better Atlanta talent which will not be carried this season. TUCSOX 0 ^'"^ 1, m _.|j^^j'etor.e.-,,.,,,-! 7 lo,« RACING ' Mi, ' ''· * ^ ORK.-- Vcdcrsl }uclcc Edu-ard A. Conger gave both par- i..,.., · · -in-.-., j t i e s u n l i l Tuesday tr f i l e briefs '· .' of I onrl I. "I"' 1 B ' '" li10 S h r W Ci1llSC ° nlcr ^ W h i t 'h ' .- '" l - o o d o n , K n g l a n c l . | Max Lanier and Fred M a r t i n L'.-mn.ils Knc Monli. Santa j former Si. Louis C a r d i n a l pitch- Ferricr,: ""*· '" c ' k - - - · · · e stroke the"' suits the Sunny Isles purse stream a f t e r De Lux q u a l i f i e d . at G u l f was lis- ing Post. According (o t o u r n a m e n t officials, plenty of seats and parking space will be available at the modern McClellan gym and road markers will be posted to guide (At Your Plymouth Dealer' F R I C O 'sl "';·:''· ( '-' !:f -. «nd .Mm i Iranci-co, (railed ot I I K I I h e leaders in (1 v wi:)i OS's. r e i n s t a t e m e n t u n t i l against baseball are I! I If. (UB)_Tlic MEXICO CITY Mar. I B Tlic "player raid" wnrs belwecn organized U'. S baseball and the . sai " inBS l u nk, whose ! Mexican League apparently were ' l ' - nf W a l c - h Y o u r S a v i n g s ^ 3 1 a n p rul today, ·ys compound interest' °r- Ednardo Pitman, Mexican p "°d the value of one I League president, announced yesterday lhat "four years of d i f f i - culties" had been tcrminaled by an "amicable" telephone conver- ..... s a t i o n between him and A. B 1801.1 ( H a p p y ) C h a n d l e r , U. S. baseball I czar. w-niinu by more l h a n seven. A ^ w S / ' Z S heina made. The 1:1. was opened A | r i l I K A W A L RESIGNS PHILADELPHIA, Mar. 1G U.R! --Temple University announced today that A l b e r t P. Kawal had resiRncd as head football coach al Drake University to coach the Temple team u n d e r a three-year contract. AUTO RACING DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.. Mar. , 16 (API--The American Motor- the t r a f f i c . cycle Association plans to make i Proceeds from the t o u r n a m e n t the 200-mile National C h a m p i o n - ! will be added to ship Expert Race an a n n u a l event for Daytona Beach. C h a i r m a n E. C. Smith of the AMA competition committee said no date had been fixed* for the 1950 event BOWLING I . F A O U R MISCELLANEOUS N E W Y O R K -- Lightweight Champion Ike Williams sprained a shoulder, f a c i n g a postponement of Ills scheduled Friday night fight with Kid Gavilan. w i. - 22 11 t l = 3 2 I I Adams-MrCargo "»!"'! Elecltlc Moti-Nnb Cr«lw,»- pj,,mbliiir i.j Tapc-Cr.iH ]2 Adelaide Mil:* . 12 fill 88« 2( 2(80 WELDER. IN G E R M A N Y Pvl. Arthur L. Willaims. son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Williams of 410 Palmetto Avenue, has been assigned to the 557lh Ordnance MAM Compnay as a welder at Augsburg, Germany, Military Post. Private Williams entered the Army on Sept. 15, 1948, in Anniston, and received his basic training with the F i f t h I n f a n t r y Division at Fort Jackson, S. C. dent Fund, Raliegh. ( h e ROTC Slu- according to Colonel "MURPHREE'S TACKLE DONE IT!" RODS REELS LURES MARTIN OUTBOARD MURPHREE GUN Cr SPORT SHOP 22 W. 13th Phone 2625 I M I C r F . N D E N T I.EAGl'E Yow Oldswobile Co. Pfco «« ««* 19 W. 12th St. 32s? PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Phone 101 JeftM Trlplctt 10th Cr Gurnet "» tte 65J 8511 873 M O D E L C I T Y I.r.AGL'E iiirk W,b(, I.,, mhf r Co. « lo °ln Clrs\vtcw P l u m b i n g _ 19 H M3 J. J. Casti I B , .... Holl-Noli linn., \. ""' I n t r n u t r H.iofln'i n I-ln«n I h r e m d 13 CITY i.r.nnvr. Rlrliarrinr stcirf 35 '13 'g^ 1 Muplr L»,,r j, ,j ,,, n r i . i i i i h r K i r r l _ n 1« B5S C:««5f R l l i l K l l l Work! _ 1J I I . M, Ojforrt Furnl-.ure _ _ II si tit 2511 1551 1123 1210 Hllh 2611 3465 2513 2400 Sel | 2RIQ 2105 . 2-79 ] 37J1 I 243] : 2199 ·' WATCH FOR OPENING ACE FINANCE CO. 607 W. 15th St. LOANS from $5.00 Louis H. Culcliffe, Manager SPRING MY WIFE LIKES TO SEE WHERE THE MONEY'S GOING Women ore like that--but we don't mind. Our mechanics turn out good work and use factory tested parts in a!! replacements. AH make cars are welcome, so drive on in for service at economy prices. r PHONE 745 MODEL CITY 1317 NOBLE ST.