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August 29, 1950

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Anniston, Alabama
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Tuesday, August 29, 1950
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iSKWi (Ala.) Star, TMtfey, Auf. 2t, 1990 *WAT 00 MX) MEAN. BRACV? AND *«AT'S IT GOT TO DO WITH --Ride Eo«ttomicil! W. E. PARKER REAL ESTATE CO. Sold My Home List Yours Today! 201 Radio Bldg. Phone 4934 1111 NOBLE STREET SAVE 20% And More On I N S U R A N C E Call McCALL (0. 16 W. tlth St. Phone 7 Values Are High INCREASE YOUR INSURANCE NOW! PHONE 4900 FOR ADVICE BANISTER-DOWNING Z6'/i W. llth St. Ph. 4900 He*r The Litest Hits of Your FAVORITE RECORDING ARTISTS FROM THE STAGE OF THE CALHOUN THEATRE Daily--12:30 to 1 P. M. Cincinnati Dancing Pig Sams Song Count Every Star Deceiving Blues Beyond The Reefs G-I-R-L SpeHs Trouble Cuddle Bugg'm' Baby Steal Away LOANS $5.00 and Up AUTO FINANCE CO. INC. TYPE LOANS · Automobile · Furniture · Co-Maker · Personal m-zi* OMB. N.t'l Ba»k mug, i. W. fltatM, Mrr/ · t Oxford News Call Mis* Jessie LouiM Wllliuas After 5:06 it 21I5-W Mn. Turner Honors Daughter Mrs. A. G. Turner entertained recently at her home on South Highland, with a party in honor of her little daughter, Wanda, the occasion being her sixth birthday anniversary. Prizes were awarded to Bobby and Jaunita Murphy, Steve Hulsey and luarry Turner. Refreshments were served to these children and the following: Albert and Martha McDaniel, Sharon Hulsey, Melanie Anglade, Okeline and Gerald Barker, Jimmy and Linda Cruse, Tommy Howie, Patsy Harris, Gail and Jerry Cox, Judy and James Owen, Linda and Boopie Jackson, Mary and Ilene Thompson. Terry Preston, Janice and Wanda Turner, Dorothy Jean Brown, and Dorothy Taylor conducted the games for the children, and Mrs. Ligon and Mrs. Carl Owen assisted Mrs. Turner. Choir Practice Tonight The choirs of the Methodist Church will meet tonight at the church. The youth choir will meet at 6:30 p. m. and the adult choir at 7:30 p. in. Personals Mr. and Mrs. Fred Williamson have returned from a trip to Panama City, Fla. Charles Klrby returns today to Charlotte, N. C., after spending several weeks with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kirby. Mr. and Mrs. I^ne Thweatt have returned after visiting in Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D. C. James Hardwick of Louisville, Mississippi, spent the w e e k - e n d with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Hardwick. Mrs. John Craig is ill In Anniston Memorial Hospital. 'Sinner Is Killed Iii Arrest Attempt ORCHARD, Aug. 29. (IF)--An accused moonshiner who leaped from his horse to scuffle with an arresting officer was shot to death by the federal agent yesterday. The body of Jack Thompson, 51, Orchard, was brought here for coroner's examination. Sheriff William Holcombe said Thompson was killed by a bullet n the stomach, fired by Joel L. Smith, Jr., head of the Mobile field office of tl-.e Federal Alcohol Tax Unit. Holcombe gave this account of the shooting: Smith and three other officers were hunting for a moonshine still when they came upon Thompson. He was riding a horse and carry- Ing a IQ-gallon Jug of liquor. When Smith overtook the man and placed him under arrest, Thompson leape dfrom his mount and grappled with the agent. Smith and Thompson struggled on the ground for several minutes before the agent fired. A large still was deslroyed and 80 gallons of whiskey seized. Printer Foremen. Continue Talks BIRMINGHAM. Aug. 29. (/P)_ Mechanical superintendents ot Southern newspapers swapped notes on the intricate problems of printing and mailing a newspa per today. »· F. I. McDonald, Atlanta Journal, R. R. Fulton, Hoanoke (Va.) Time and World-News, Jesse 1+. Sharpe, Sr., Nashville (Tenn.) Newspaper Printing Corporation, Ken Miles, Grcensville (S. C.) News-Piedmont, and George Lawrence, Birmingham News Company, were assigned to lead the discussions. B. W. Phclps, Florence (Ala.) Times, was topic leader on problems for smaller newspapers. Nearly 300 delegates are taking part in the two-day meeting of the Southern Newspaper Publish crs Association's mechanical division. I/. II. Pickens,.production manager o fine Greenville News-Piedmont, is chairman of the executive committee directing the meet Ing. FOR QUICKER HANDLING All barges are so designed as to have the largest hatchway and smallest deck area possible to permit puick cargo handling, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. MONEY SPECIAL OFFER BORROW REPAY $10.00 30 Days $10.50 $15.00 30 Days $15.50 $25.00 30 Days $25.50 This Special Offer to New Customers. First Loan Only. CALL BY OUR OFFICE OR PHONE YOUR APPLICATION PHONE 108 ANNISTON CREDIT CO. Kflij^. SORRV. SPARKLE. BUT [T ISN'T FOR MX)-TO PLAV WITH MR. MACV BOUGHT ME A DOLL.' WHO CAN THAT BE, RINGING OU? PHC?S AT THIS KXWOP THE LINE--1 CAM Funny Business BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES «2Vt to VrtB? U' VKX.9 WflVV VOO ' IF NO TURK I AW V WCTJLDN'T £U BE., KNOW F I TOLD THEN WHW JlfU. BUT.!JUST CAMG FBOt BKITAJIM/ ' KING CLUBS ?/· MUSICIAN LISTEN "Frankly, he knows alt the answers--he's an old-timer from the radio quix programs!" OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE GREAT CAESAR; is IT POSSIBLE NO ONE'S THERE ? -"--JUST UK A SO GADOlWG AND IGMORe HER HELPMME COMING HOME FROM SOME- OOURNEY.' THIS IS AS HILARIOUS A6 A LIME OF LAUNDRY |CJ THE ME FOR ASOOT^CKILl P6 MUCH WTHE House By Leslie Turner HES IEAVHJ' IN TJT CRRJLLWEEDTOSPEWff STILETTO AU' PICK UP THAT SAFE 1 ftW I GOTTA GIT IT SOON,WITHOUT HELLO,. SHEEIFF? I'M CMUU' fW FELIPE GftECIA! HE'S BEEN KV0CKED OUT SV'A VEGG WHO STOLE HIS JEEP AW IS KEADIU 1 TO'RP TOWN! HURRY. AN'you CAW HEAP 1MOFF GREAT SC01T! X AVE-CAtLS HfSSELPl VOU SAV HE'S A VEASV. SV W TIME ' PC1FTER WKO'S BEH JVCXJ LOCK 1M OP AW 1 ' lAMaiN 1 WZOUND /GIT O1TT HERE,Ei1P£ SUJCE SESTIfXJV^X ORTEE BE ABIE TO TELL WOT HAPPENED! By Michael O'Malley and Ralph La OUT OUR WAY By J. R. 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