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March 3, 1953

The Daily Journal-Gazette from Mattoon, Illinois · Page 11

The Daily Journal-Gazette i
Mattoon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1953
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rjCiftAY, MARCH f, t»M BAIT.T .TOTTHXAt-flAZi.T'rr ANT) COMMWirTAT.-STAll, MATTOOK, TMTNOTS PAOff HATIS i DM. I, 1950) 1 **' *^ & Doint fy|M _ eo"»*'.r!lv» dirt . 11,20 « toflMcirftmi ,iivt . 11,75 • conwc^tlv. ii.y, . |2.3c 't" ""] 'J 1 '' * * * ^ " ; *' <d mu «' bt miMftd for •» iw S conitcutlv* diyi it '^hrt or fffW tvirflon, "I I* p»W othln I diytl , CLAMIPKD DISPLAY ? pu e»nU A^IH HK flrtf Irw^rtlarv i . If «n* tern*. ADS ACCIPTEO UNTIL 4 O'CLOCK P. M. Day Prcvfoui To Publication ^•••i • RENTALS 3 ItuiiM MODKIIN, cl,N,M~nunh<liMl jip.'ii Imi'Ml, KH» heal, nil mini Ir.i furnhliid, private Ptiirnnre, rent below 111- nw'l'agl! lo II cuUDlu Illlll Moultile. 2-"r,lf K'llt UK.vr- .small :troom "nous., n inlles Konih of M.'iiloon on Itt. i:'|, 1'4 rnllrs joiiili n f school, Kleolrfcily iiirnlflhed. 1'hnni Mattoon. 7S7N 2 Glf £ MONEY 10 LEND When a cash lonn will heip, com* to STATE LOAN CO. • hove Karl Ilon.i Clothiers. 7-ntf $10 TO $500 1 DAY OR 20 MONTHS WHITE LOAN CO. 1901 BROADWAY (ft WANT TO RENT OHTUO l>KSIItK I nr ;> room lion,,,., in'-fr-r 4, |,\- Oirlcr OH l'o. inn plo\c. r.-ill ;,ii7l ln'l\\Ti-n 7;!tn ji, m. -•Hid I .-.'Hi |r, m , .-if l PI' !:.'!» '-iill Mc.r.-i I '. S. (ii-iint, 11171, Jlils.Moll l.'oulli i , \\' A N f " TlT' 1 1 !•; .N 'T'~~A 1 TTr fTToo in nnfMrnh.|i«-r| house hy coiiplc v^llh oil.- MIIMll cllllll. Ailill ••'?:< "Hollfi- No. 1 1." !• o .lom-n.'ii -i;;\-/i-\[f. ;i- 1 or 11 rot>in inotlcrn house m- 2SU. ,1.; AUCTION SALES CLUBS, LODGES «*•«"•* ; " \",\ •^r^Tv^^', SjlO y L m. All Mason* welcome. PHONE 6057 11-.IK LOANS $20 TO $500 m REAL ESTATE" m»«tlng \\-eil •Y«nln«. 7;30, m t *•!»«, iflou Br 0n ,|. . Don .Tnni's, Commnnil- 3-1 HELP WANTED Money on your own credit Payments to fit your income COMMUNITY LOAN CORP. NAT'L BANK BLOO. 2ND FLOOR PHONE M8» 11-«f (ft SERVICES OFI-'fcKti J F(il:H IK HIM liiiiinii for s;il<;, bmn r'losnd In front poi-ch, In N^ona. .Si- Jloniild KruKiilcIn at Ne-iiBii, 111. TTVliVJ'lf, own lypewrl »nv»ioji«. cotnpllt Msti tllB4'. AI.7.IXD, Jinx JIIS-A, uilv. Ttnntil**. IV '' J»nn oouk wtntart, Apply' a' !.hf \Vlilt«' Owl Ti'.ick Wtop. il-.l ' MEN'WA'NTEb ""•T— 'JOB OFFERS COMING IN FASTER n THAN THBY CAN BE FILLED Men nliv »r» »nibltlous nnd mcelianl- ciilj- IMllMtd o*n f»t Inlp these key firriftMtoB*: TOO1> E N G 1 N K K It, TOOL 4WD HIE DESIGNS !), tiRArrfllAK. MASTKR MACHIN'- tST. TOOL » DIB MAKEn. No pi'o- ylcmr, »»p»r1»nc» necessary. Kor««i) veterans c»n «t«t fro« copy of fncfs on velernn cihicntlon. RrliiK Your report of Separation. Budget fian for Civilians. See Mr. Clark at flu- IF. S. Grant Hotol. Tluirsdiiy, March 5, 1 to R p. y. only. _ __ 3-» EXI'KHIENCEn WAITItKS.S vviinliMl nt Hyan'K Annnx. Inquire In pfr- RPII nt 2713 Wnlmjf. :!-4 -IIK.N MlkLMMi—|U,c shelled ami il">l\-iT<:il, cods hauled If ile«h ?d. Wayne Su-islier, phono flHTi. ;t-ir; 'AII.OIUNO, alterfttlons, dress nink- ing, butlnnholo,«, mending, i>o\rliiK nf nil kind*. \Vrile or sec Mrs Wayne .Jnme.s, (Jreenuii, III. ;l-;i FARMER? PLOWING? BOOM FLAT TIRE? VICK'S GOODYEAR SERVICE UO AX'HIOS wltn dwi-UliiK, ham, RIII-- n B i! and (.'rib. HIilRs. nithiT old. Has R. K. A. r,!i A, In rull. IS A. tlmlii-r piislul'p and :i A. In lols. JIS.IHMI. 4 All, W. of Windsor. ('.. !•;. Covi'ntry., A. M. Mnlcher. Ri.-nltnrs, KlMdlay, 111. _ _ :)-:i for the best srluctlon ot real est-uic, call or see H. T. "DOC" HOUTS REALTOR INSURANCE 3401 Shelby Phone 737I> Call for evening appolntmentfl. J, A. JANES SALESMAN S. 9th St. Road Phone 71151 JOlli & Charleston Photic i» .C— Work tead. Prices rlfflit. Call now. JIM PURVIS "301 Western Plione 7?i37 S-r, WAN FED TO BUY « TO BUY — J5 mm. camera. ____ ! Sell in« T your wire and tin. Von pile It up ""ami we'll pink It up. Highest prices. Disabled Veteran. Phone 4153 after 5. 3-5 0 ANNOUNCEMENTS PLACI TO 00 8qu»r» danc*. Roller rink, UiTlnc- ton, Friday, Feb. 27, and «v«ry Fn- day, 8 p. m. _ _ _ 1V-2«tf DANCING AND entertainment every <i Wed.. Frl., and Sat. nights at Wlt« Broth em' Club, 1S?1 Broadway, formerly known us the Circle Bar. ».Del .lewtll and band for your en' tertftlnment. l2-IStf TA1LUH1NU, alterations, dress making, buttonholes, sewing of nil kinds. Mrs. T. O. Williamson, CIS 3. 17th St. For appointment phone S!l<8. 3.4 Dl UQINO SKWEn». refoclclldg lawiiti nre expensive. Use Hoot Destroyer Cryslals. Orvllle B. ]/uff Plumbing-Heating. 1113 Broadway, Mattoon, 111. 3-iSi INCOME TAX ASSISTANCE^ Eve^ nlnRS after 6:00 p. m. W. L. Mineo, 1400 S. ir.lh St. Phone 77:11. 't-M CUSTOM BULiLDU^INU. lilll Daily, Sullivan, 111., R. R. 1. Phon« Mot- toon H4M. . ;)-H "BAB TRANSFER MoTlng and gtorage, anythlnt. anytime anywhere. Agent. Greyvan Lines. Phone 2378. 3-24tf WHKEL.KH BROU. fiirm servtcu. Limestone, rock phosphate and fertilizer. Also cistern water. Phone 2041 Humboldt or 7775 Mattoon. \VIIKX VOT WANT RKSIILTM. List. your property willi n nuinpletn real estate orKanixallon — it (?osts no more. t-l. II. ("'hcckley, Kealtor, Iu7 _ .^_nj h. 1) lal II I 'JR. ___ ll_.ji 'J five room ii|itH. on. W. I >e \VT77! •1 ro(»m .iiKuIcrn on oast TJroadU'ay. ti room moflrru on X. 21st Si. S room modern on \V, Kichmonrl svl'h 3 room modern on back of lot. 7 room modern on K. 17th St. For appointment call 72I',S. JOHN W. FINDLEY REAL ESTATE BROKER 809 South 17th St. Phone 725S ." - r. FOR HALF,— Standard kit on west PcWitl:, tjood location, priced for (Miick s-nle. Stevens Real ERtn'c. >lionc .1,17,1. • .1-3 GBNKKAL TRuciclNcT moving; trash hauling. Phone 8663. J. A Farrl.i, 612 Richmond. S-2Stf FOR CLOGGED SEV/RRS~cTll Elec- trlc Roto-Rooter Service. Rotatiup; knives remove roots, rag», grease and dehrls. Phone 4077 for free estimates. Ftojrer L. Rwing. 4-7tf a COAL ?OAL FOR SALE—Brnsll block, egg •> and oil fronted stoker, delivered. Henry A. Hall. Phone Mattoon 9241. 2-28tf FOR SALE—25 acres of standing timber to a saw mill man. Phone Competent IMIiii. - H-l FOR HAl.K BY oWMCR— I story, h room modern home in Xepga, insulated. Youiijsrstown kitchen, xns lu-at, larce cornor lot. Can bo scon nftnr 4:no week evenings or all Saturday and Sunday. Phone Xeoca ]S3. _ a -5 WHERE ELSE with 11,500 D. P. can you get a lovely 4 room home; garage attached. Quality built. Gas beat. 2 years old. Concrete drive and landscaped. A LITTLE SMALLER for those satisfied with a little lf*s Jivinjr area, but the flame comfort*.Completely modern, carpenter built and 2 car garage. A LITTLE DIFFERENT 4 rooms, all modern. 2 bedroom home. r>eltixe kitchen. Weather board e*- terior. Call 2102 and see these homes. Lilt Homes now for Spring Rales with JAY HAHN, REALTOR . PHONE 2102 Over 25 yean In Mattoon ' ' Reliable MISCELLANEOUS J-'UH WALK—Coal ^Jove, three year.-, .", -1 — , ree old, good condltkm. Priced Sit) Fliitnt! SIlTiS. WANT ,'ANT TO BOItnOSVjte.BOO,* C% In- tereslVf'WdiV'-bo-sii^mil '««*er*3 year period, security and reference Inr- Addrens "Money Kb. 'H,' , ;; nlshcrl. - c/o ;io (ft POULTRY blSCOUNT SAT-E on our overstock of Jamesway and Makomb brooders. j. Phoup 39SS. Riohlers' Hatcheries, « 2221 'Commercial. Ends March 10. " CHICKS Wew Hamp.ihlres, White Rocks, Le|f- fcoi-ns, Indla?i River Cross and H.v- Line, the original hybrid chick, nvall- llhle each Tuesday nnd Friday. Roth- rny Cornbelt Hatcheries, 208 "N. 20lh, hone S277. "-"I I ,-USU'RA-WHlTE cockerels improved >• rnnke fa»t friers »t a low price..(Set ! your* toady. Blehlers' Hatcheries . 2881 ComrneroUl. PlioneJl!l^8.__JJI tmcKfl! Started unit day ~6l<f chicks. I T»t«'» Feed and Chick Store, 704 ^N. .l.lrd. Phone 2M5. S-gfilf CHICKS! More fggs with itandaril hatcherl** Maxter Matin« Chicks. Day old and (started chlcki »t mil tlme». Mattoon Milling Co., 1S09 T,af«y»t(« Avn., Ataltnon. 8-lStf F1ULOKS ANT) H^NS, dreiied and delivered, also poultry custom dretied. Mr*. Bob Htndren. 105 N. 2:nd St. Dial 7RT8. T-'Hf •PERSONALS ^^" ALCOHOLICS ANONVMOUS, Box ". -11 AT'J'KiVTJON JNVBSTOHS! A1»J"r Oil Company representative wishes to contact ponpl* who ur» Inler- esteii In investing money at a. very attractive return for their Investment. Write "Investors No. D, c/o .lournal-dnzeUe. •'••' ^ Business Opportunities MONKY HACK (UIAHANTKK 1712 to »2,22n Investment gives you ynur own Independent business op• rntlng a roulo of new money-making fie dispensers handling new, fa.-.t- niovlng confections In drug stores, cafus, cluba, bus depots, etc. Houle iet up for you by our experts and Protected by fire and theft Insurance. Vou must have car, references ami 1712 to |2,2ZS, which Is protected by an Ironclad 100% Money-Hack duar- anteo hacked by a Hi Million Dollar _ _ FOR HALT?— Three piece sectional li\- ing room suitu with corner table, also pair of used (i(IOxl(i lire chains, ', and matching; hod iiiut vanity lamp sot. Reasonably priced. 1'hone 5;»41. _ * _ :i-fi i'UR SAMS— 2 tiseil 2ti" bicycles and 1 used Monarch motor bike. 609 N, 2'lth St. I'liono .'1IS!I. _ :i-a WARD'S SPRING OIL SALE IS ONI Prices cut on all types of oil — all size cans and drums. Price-protection plan for drum-lot buyers. "' Prices include Federal Tnx. Values Ifke these, on Ward's Premium-Grade Vitalized Oil: Iteg. Me Kill. In Hfi gal. drum ____ Ma Reg. 05c gal. in 30 gal. drum ____ 75c Reg. $3.10 5 gal. can ------ L ---- J-1.37 Reg. $2. Oil 2 gal. can - --------- $1:77 Reg. $7.20 rase 24 — 1 nt. cans „ $5.28 MONTGOMERY WARD 17th & Charleston Mattoon . s-S FOR SALE — Some extra good Clinton It oats, suitable for feed, reasonably priced. John Sleben, phonn MS;. , _ .1^5 REASONABLE and always neiiKon- aUlff. get plastic type hi-lustre Glaxo for your linoleum. Bergner's. . ___ ___ _ . ...3-7 ' FOR HAI/K OH RKN'T— 411 acres will) house, new barn, V, mllo South of Consolidated school on nt. 121 In valley. Prlen $4,500. Half of mineral /hi! oil rights 1 hold. $1,000 down, $500 per year. Or will rent 1400, yon repair; J4SO, .1 will repair house. T,. Campbell, 202 W. "White St.. fhfiiiipiilgn. 111. .1-7 REDUCED PRICE ON CHAIN SAWS Reg. JI5fi 7 h. p. 2 man saw with 3C" hlftde, now $342. Reg. $-lCO 7 h. p. 2 mnn saw with 4S blade, now $:H9. : Reg. $401 5 h. p. 2 man saw with 3C blade, now $1171. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. 17lh & Charleston Maltoou FOR SAMS—146 acres, modern home, new gnrace. good barn, silo, izfl acres tillable. Good white oak Umber, school him to' door,-pond nnd four wells. Phone 3278 at Rose Hill. 111. Frml M. Bo,\d. 3-3 FOR SALIC—4 room Blouse with 2 lots In Windsor. Corner location. May be seen any evening .after 5 or on Sunday. Oliaj. F. Fugafe. phone 174 Windsor. 3-3 FOR SALK—Ranch Ktyle 3 bedroom hrjck home, 2800 Champaign. Call 4 r.2 4. 3_.3 FOR SALE—.'» room modern house In Windsor with 5 lots, o n route 32, 2 blocks from high school; also vacant lots for sale. J. P. Jones, Windsor. 111. ;!-5 GARAGES—CusttAn built at prefab prices. Complete with concrete floor, overhead door, window, and asphalt shingles. For free estimate phone 2345. n-2Stf KENNETH K. GARDNER ~ REALTOR FOR REAL ESTATE VALUES AND SELECTION OF PROPERTIES M So. 17th 8t Phone 7272 .<». AUTOMOTIVE CLEARANCE SALE To close out this merchandise this week. NEW FERGUSON mower, side delivery raki', lift tyim disc hari'own, Skyway front end loader, Wagner front end loader, both loaders heavy duty. NEW CUSHMAN MOTOR SCOOTERS Model* 711, 7(12 and 786. Retread ti:'M liTOxlii, TlOxlli. also new 870x15 inul 71(1x15. Two typeH of permanent antifreeze. .Some of this merchandise ran he bought at wholesale price or below. Prices reduced on all used ears to move quickly. WALLACE AUTO SALES E. on lit. 16 Phone f.llfl li-ii n I) I l-tl ItttL IV fll II V «* » >' **• " >••'•• - — "national Insurance company. Devot- ItiK a few of your spare hours eiu'ti ,_,,, __. chai'loston week to Ihe. buslncHS you should earn up to »sn weekly spare time, full tlmo more. Liberal financing assistance to aid expansion. For full information write Hiving phone number and ad. dresH I* "X. Y. '/,. No. 11," c/o .lonr- 1IAVK Voll hPiirfl iil'ont tho new Sanidynn fnr dandruff? Ronorts are most 'gratifying. Thrifty Cut Rate 1 Prims. ._. . '_•.'. FOR KAT.IO-Clover iiay. Call ».'(!!), 2f,ni or_n:H2. •''-« ~ '/j PRICE TIRE SALE Tluy one llroor tube at refiilar price and ruefive liie oilier lire or tube, at half price, nlns old tire or tube. VICK'S GOODYEAR SERVICE IBtli & C'l'ii'lesto'n Phone. 2u'2.>. ~Vi PRICE TRACTOR TIRES S a _ c —fiuy one at regular price and get the s'ceoml tire at half price pins your old, tire. VICK'S GOODYEAR SERVICE t'OK .SAI.K—lil-Ki Super Mix Hudson, reasonably priced. Inquire 1117 North 10th. :i-4 Tiino 1IARLKY DAVIDSON 74 overhead motorcycle, 111,000 actual mileage. 12 miles south, 1 mile we»l of Mattoon, *e<> Warrpn_H_iikor. 3-J^ rfl49"'TUjACK~MKRCUiTyr 2-(lboT sedan, radio, heater and overdrive. Ready to go nnd priced to lell now. Will trade or finance. JIM PURVIS 2901 Western f'hone FOOR'S Wh««l Aligning «nd Drake lervlce. Wheel balancing nnd front end rebuilt. 2017 Western avenue. Dial JH.'ili il-ixtf UON'T HIT and sltjli, give It a try, J'lna Foam m»r fliid iipholslcry cleaner. Gibson's Furniture Store. OF MONTH OW.V YOUR OWN HUSINKSS - Ypc, you can easily own a WESTERN TIRIC ASSOCIATE STORK with chain store advantages. Block a mniDlrlf! lino of auto sup- lilies, bicycles, television nnri radio?. • Jiarclwura, appliances, sporlliiB goods, «tc. ; Capitalize on Wi'slcni Tire's consumer acceptance. \\'o train yon. Choice locations nvallublo. Minimum capital reiinlremonts $l(i,oii'i. • Wrllo ne tilion* tor conipJel* Information: WKSTKRN T1RK AUTO STORKS Assoclme Store Division 1333-51 S. i'lcei'o Avenill Chicago fifl, Illinois I'lione: 2-11700. 1-3 rf>R SA'iTIPTfiiinbow cuf» mid drug sundries store In Toledo, III., county seat of 1'iimbeiland Co. on UI. 121. Clean stock ami new fixtures. DoliiK' a good business. Term* can 1:0 arranged. Reason for selling, Illness. Phone 1UU, Toledo. fet»r K. Niidolny. •*_ SotTl/BD (3AH J)KALEK WUITUO. Plilributor of leading brand name propane fuel Is Interested In .««, curing rei,utabk« dealer In Mattoon •iea (o handle bulk ami bottle gas sales Kxcellent op|>ortuiiUy for ug !.' ffenfivc npiillance and/nr h*iiliijK '.' firm. Ko Invi-.ipient rdiulrnd. A\rlte !,' "n«altr No. ID," c/o Journal-i-"; 1*1.K — White Chinese uiiuhe fide earli. I'lione Charleston •Mill! Frank Korster. :_-_! "il,\VAYS A" good imy In » spinel ' piano; Kimb.-ill, Lesler Betsy Hosa and other fln» makes. Ca»li or terms. H.-impl.m's Jewelry Store. iri2H Broad way. : '--_ FOR SALK—Wrcn houses, all \ few left. While they last. Jl.O'l each. Will deliver. 1116 Charleston. I'lione 3229. : .'J. tor lire-cut materials. No down navment. We build all sizes. Quality Builder*. 209',i S. 19th St. Pl>"_»« "FARM MACHINERY '~ tii'W K.'irinall Super M $2,.i!i5 la" ?"r,',»ii 8R M.":::::::::::::: Ji: 1 ^; New Fainmll 11 II,.';'_•} New Karinall Super C tl.-n-. New Karinall Cub STiiiJ 1PS» F!» --,-. -.-— ''- 0 We buy, a«H or trade. John l>nvl» F\\on» 24IU fli"r'i'S I-'l'KNISlI the lumtier ami ' roofing for that new garage. All f ruining, roof sheathing, boxlni. ami heavy weight siiuaro hutt asphalt shingles, for a i'0.\23 ft. with S ft wall, garage in dry soft nally* lumber for |C(5u delivered or will furnish N'o. 2 and better kiln drlej yellow pine with abova shingles fur 1275. Adam's .Sawmill & Lumber Yard 4'i miles noulh of Charleston, 'ill. on Rle. 130. i'hone S'JOH Charleston. if-* SPECIALS ON CLEAN USED CARS BIG DISCOUNT ON 6VERY CAR IN STOCK. OVER 36 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM IN ALL MAKES AND MODELS EXTRA SPECIAL BUY 1948 PONTIAC $995 Beautiful Dlx. Convertible, finished In N» n In Ke Red. Has radio, healer, new top nnd tlrcn. Many other extras. Celling price Is II, .'IIS. You nave |320. MORE QOOD BUYS '52 Pontluu S, SM'OU ml. _________ I2.S05 •ol Puntlnc 8 2-dr. Dlx. R-K — 12. 0!ia Tit I'ontiao 6 2-dr. flifeftnln — II, SM T.D Pontiac 6 2-dr. 1'hle.ftaln „ Jl^'iri T.O Pontiat! 8 4-tlr. lllxr. llyd. — II, 'M Mil Pontiai: R 2-dr, Dlx. R-H „ $l,4'.iri NS I'onliac S 4-ilr. R-H H.vd. .. ll.'.'l.l '47 Pontiao 8 2-dr. KlreamUner -- |NH!> T>0 'Plymouth 4-dr. Ills. K-H — WAREHOUSE FURNITURE SALE To be? held a| KlhlnKlon's Wan.- \ 1 , 1':',1M) I'lnirJeMoii on .March 7 nt. :. 1! p. m. KriKldaire electric rnfrigcra- > loc; ))rtlrtnnn Niihe, c/n7ij>le(^ tvltli ? innrrsprlnp: mnltrrs*, lllte no\v; 2 fii/'/'O llvintr room suKe; sliiRei 1 s< \v- iiiK iniichlne; chrome Inhlo; llxi:'. rue;, china, cnhlridt ftud other odd items of furniture. ROY ADRIAN, AUCTIONEER ,1-r, OUT OF THE PAST - Way back during the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci had his own Idea about diving suits, and it looks as though his creation might be usable _tociay. This suit made from one'of his drawings is on exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Technique in Milan, Italy. Made of Jcather and containing breathing valves, the suit can be fitted with special gloves and foot fins. POSTEVAT1CANEL35J HONORS SAINT - To com- merrio'rate the 15th anniversary ( ot her martyrdom, the Vatican has issued a new set of postage stamps depicting Maria Goretti.' who was raised to sainthood in 1950. The stamps, of equal design, are in denominations of 15 lire (about five cents), and 35 , lire (about 35 cents). 4 •** FEED and SEED FOR SALIC—100 bales ;'ed clover hay, no rain, OOc per bale. Phone 9178. P. 1C. Xewby. ' :!-•! PICKED -UP on Honte 45 south of town Manchester Terrier. Also want linnu- fi>r JJjilnialh'ui if owner iJoos - not claim. Can bo seen aL Di\ Hny- RENTALS i'OK KKXV — .1 room iinfurulsln>cl apartmi'iit. Large, modern, priviitu bulb, clot-'c in. l-'hoiii' .'Is'S-. .1-( FOlt UION'T — 'I'liri'C room modern unfurnished npiirtmniit. Close In lo business distriei, inquire 1520 Klrh- .]noinl Phomi MSI. :!-4 M9 Ford Custom 4-dr — $l."'ir> '47 Ford Super Hlx. -'-dr. U-H — |7f>"> — It I-; NT- .'! "VoDin iiinderii ilu'.io- stalrs apai l ineni. refrlaerator and Htovu fiirni.vlieil if lie.sireil: alH> 3 room inoili-rti ui'siairs furnlshe<l aiuii'liiieiii. ISiC i.'h.iiiii'iilgn, phone _7r,7i or ::-ir.(i _ __ __ -'-^if FOli RKNT- :'.~ilee lariie rooms and private baih. uround floor, fur- liislied. prh:iie i niranee.s. 1508 \N'a- " " '19 C'hev. Ulx. 4-<lr. R-H '48 Cbev. 2-dr., very clean * K <' ; '•i? Chev. 4-dr. H-H clean '46 Chev. Club coupe H-H I'i4!i '41 Chev. 2-dr. Ulx.. nice J2'.ir, '41 Cliev. Club 'oupe K-I£ l- ( 3i"> '40 Chtv. 2-dr., entra clean 1-9.1 '40 Studebaker ,.4-dr.. nood |140 MAN> OTHERS IN OUR MODERN HEATED SHOWROOM $AVI UP TO 77% ON FINANCE RATES—ALSO LOW INSURANCE COSTS GROIELNY MOTORS Old man Hobbs' observation 1( that men. and women who have the least to do are the ones who criticize the most what busy people do. <j) NEA Eliminate Comets From Regional Special to The Journal-Gazette SHEL.BYVILLE, 111. — Shelbyvillc High School ended the basketball season for Stewardson -StrasburK here Monday night, whipping trie Comets, 73-61 in the opening found of the Shclbyvilie regional tournament. Shelbyville's Rams hit .460 per cent of its field baskets, as compared to only .295 for the Comets. At one point in the first quartsr Stewardson-Strasburg led, 9-4. Half, way through the second quarter the score was knotted at 23-all. But at halftlme Shelbyville had surged to a 37-25 lead. Guy Juhnke hit 15 and Roger Anderson scored 13 points to spark the Comets. Roger Lotchln of Shell byville netted 32 points. ^ HOUSE TRAILERS 11151 MODICI, So' Kcluilt, 2 bedroom all modern, full bntli nnd S' CroHioy rofrlgenitor. Availablt- immediately. Call S-IH2 for Infiirmation. |[-C New Furniihinft for yo»' MOBILE HOMI ' Add lo your living en- ioymtnf wiHi the lifMl in home furnithinff tor YOUR house trailtr. Wid- «»t »550rtment in thli afej Come in Jnd browse around. Complete repair ind remodellnf facilities. Easy , terms. Open evenings and Sun* day. SALES and SfRVICE ROGERS TRAILER RANCH RANTOUL, ILLINOIS Lowry bowled 258 and Wilsen hit 555 in the Industrial league Friday. Shores' Service tallied 913 and 2628. Signal Dept., 749-874-804 _ 2427; McBrides 1 776-784-766—2276. Shore's, 850-863-913—2628; Elks, 889-807-822—2520. 111. Central, 751-730-774 — 2258; Hamilton Mkt., 819-695-848—2363. Sullivan Dairy, 686-710-147—2143; Hayes, 720-761-677—2158. K. Thomason hit 255 and 625 in the Merchants league Monday. Phillips 66 scored 908 and Huff Plumbers hit 2453. Gibsons, 850-771-835—2840; Ros- lell's, 756-693-816—2235. Pontiac, 792-775-867—2434; Bradley's, 755-766-847—2368. Phillips 66, 908-795-734 — 2387; Huff, 767-856-854—2453. Milkmen, 713-762-726 — 2204; Lions. 772-754-768—2214. Jim Hilsabeck bowled 227 and. 597 in the Kuehne league Monday. 'Kuehne Mill tallied scores of 823 and 2357. Products, 752-789-731 — 2272; Timekeepers, 623-728-794—2145. Plastics, 807-700-822—2331; Mil!, 768-766-823—2357. Kuehne Mfg., 822-822-786—2332; Kuehne Krome, 775-726-634—2173. Splitters, 694-710-607 — 209i; Klippers, 699-671-751—2121, M MKVtCE _ _ i-' Miiariiueiil for r?nT~aiid alsu KOIIH: u.sed furniture. Call 6S1I. "-(i FiTli^KTiXT-'ir riiom iill inoiienr ruV- nislieil house. UtM'erenet'S exehangeil. Ininu-diai c- posseHsinn. v'all ,'12I'.!I. .1-4 Fuji RUNT— 2 roiini, with kiiciiru- eite, tiiiCtirniNlted .'tp.'trt inont. well heatiMl. All utilities paid. Inquire at 211' N. I'lsf Si. 'ir phone 2:11111. .'!-« TltnD.M nioilern f'urnisbiMl apt,, olec- trie box. Also - room apt., Sii.Tid a ^\•eel\. elo?>e IP. For sale: Hoover s\\'i'eper anil Iron Khvnmn stoker at In I Ho, ll'ili. ___ _ :i-4 NK\V iTolisi': TiTi-TioTTiii pine .\eres. Ni-ver lieeii iicrniiii-il. -I r<">ms, If.Kli a nil ulil i I y . _ nio_ni^_J;:i7_n._ __ •'••< 2 !U)llM furnislieii Kfoiind flour apart - niont, li^lils ami water furnished. Private entranees. pilvato bath, 2S2U Prairie, eall after i:00 P. M_. :> • "> Poll" IM?NT~" "Tooni* i"iifiTl7sbi"ii. in iii" ern, ground rioor, close In. ideal fiir .'1 \\t»rl<inf, r cirly or rouple. ('all Mrs. Stevens. .'."V::. _ :!-S SAVE ON FLOOR FINISHING ~" l";\i tile \\'ork \uiiis. •!!' \\iHi a sander I'fnteil from \Vards. Only $1.50 per day. MONTGOMERY WARD A CO. 17th >t I'lunlesluii Mai loon :! • ! 0 Beasley Brother*. Pvt. Thomas W, Beulejr now is serving with the army "in Seoul, Korea, with a smoke company. Cpl. Charles A. Beasley recently was promoted to sergeant and i* serving with the army in Germany. Staff Sgt. Robert S. Beasley ha* been promoted to master sergeant. He is at the Wright Patterson Air Base near Dayton, O. His wife 1* with him in Dayton. All three are sons of Mrs. Jesse Howard of this city. J.-G. Want Ads Pay! TOGETHER AFTER 3500 YEARS—The right fragment of the sculptured head of Tulmosis, of Egypt, has been part of the Munich, Germany, art collection for many years, and all hope was lost ol ever finding the rost of the he<ad. Recently an nrt dealer in the city gave the museum a sculptured fragment which he had no use for, and it was found to be the other half of the head. . The sculpture Is at least 3500 years old. WILL KEEP AIR FREE OF ENEMIES-Latest in U. S. Army Ordnance defenses ayainst enemy aircraft, and even capable of inflicting damage on ground 'targets, is this new "Skysweeper." Units of the gun include radar, computing gun sights and power units. The instruments can search out enemy targets, compute factors such as target speed, altitude of target and wind velocity ac well as aim and fire the gun. / 'WRAPS ARE OFF THE FIREBEE—America's newest turbojet pilotless target plane, the "Firebee," is launched from its mother plnne and streaks out across the desert near Alamogordo, N. M., on its own power. The drone's flight is controlled by an operator nt a remote control station. A two-stage parachute system has been devised to lower the drone (which can fly at near-sonic speeds) to the ground without injuring the structure or its delicate instruments. The plane will be used mainly as a target in the training of anti-aircraft crews, Inset shows an Air Force sergeant preparing \ the plane for a flight. MARKETS March 3, 1953 Mattoon Livestock Market HOGS — Stead? to 25c. lover. Top $20.25; 160-180 Ins. $18.25-$19.85 190 to 210 Ibs. *20.25; 220-300 Ibs. $18,50-S20.15; roufth hogs $15.00 to $17.50. Mattoon Dairy Market Buttcrfat Grade 1 per Ib. .. 60o Butterfat Grade 2 oer Ib. .. 57<s Mattoon Poultry Market Leghorn hens. Ib. 16c Hen*. Ib. 24c EKRS. doz. .. JM Cocks, Ib. 15o Matfnon Grain Market Shelled corn $1.46 Soybeans . 2.85 Oat* - 0 :.. -74 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO UP)— USDA— Salable hog* 11.000; most choice 180-230 Ib. butchers 20.60-20.85: lew loads and lot* 190-215 Ib. 20.90; most 240-260 Ib. 20-25-20.65; 270-290 Ib. 19.75-19.35; 300-340 Ib. 19.25-19.85; few lots and loads up to 375 Ib. as low as 18.50; most 350550 Ib. Sows 16.25-18.50; good clearance. Salable cattle 7,000: salable calves 400: most good and choice -steers and yearlines 20.50-24.00: commercial to low-good steers 18.00-20.00; cutter and utility 15.00-17.50: most good and choice heifers 19.50-23.25; commercial to low-good 17.0019.00; utility and commercial cows 14.25- 16.50;<mostlv 16.00down; ca.nnersp.nd cutters 12.50-14.50; few under 13.00; most utility and- commercial bulls 16.50-19.50; few choice and prime vealers 31.00-32.00: bulk commercial to choice 21.0030.00; cull and utility 10.00-20.00. Salable sheep 3,000; market not established. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHIOAOO <JF>— Butter steady; receipts 682.965; wholesale buying prices unchanged except u cent a pound lower on 90 B KOre: 93 AA 6fi.75; 02 A 86.5; 90 B 64.5; 89 C 61.75- cars: 90 B 65; 89 C 62.5. Eggs firm: receipts 9,646; wholesale buying price* Oi to one cent a dozen higher: U. S. large 47-48; U. S. mediums 45: U. S. standards 44; current receipts 43.5; dirties 41.5; checks 40.70. INDIANAPOLIS LIVESTOCK INDIANAPOLIS </P>— USDA ~ Hosts 9,000: 25-50 lower; later less active, fully 50 lower; early choice 170-240 Ibs. 20.50-21.00; later little over 20.75; load choice No. one arid two 180-215 Ibs. 21.15-25; 240-270 Ibs. 20.00-20.75; 270-325 Ibs. 19.25-30.00; 120-160 Ibs. 17.00-18.50; sows 25 loweer: 300-550 Ibs. 17.50-18.50. Cattle 1,800; calves 200; steady? good and choice slaughter steers and heifers 20.00-23.50; high choice to prime steers held above 24.00; ntiji- ity and commercial cows 14.50-16.00; canners and cutters 22.50-14.50; vealers about steady early, later slow, fully 1.00 lower; few prime early 33.00; choice and prime 25.00-32.00. Sheep 300; not established. I There were almost 30,000 banks ' in the United States in 1920, bus the number dropped sharply with the depression. Today the total number is under 15,000. - BUY BONDS — l uncovered iheBEST FORD. SERVICE! DEALER Tom Purvis, Inc. •Tour Friendly Ford Dealer" m N. 16th Street — Phone 5154 Mattoon'i Only Ford Dealer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Leaping Lena By Merrill Blosser I CAMT GET OUT— -MOTORS Die YOUR. Toes INTO THE-FLOOR- — so I eprrA START BOARD, FOLKS/ MV FIRST AND > I HER QOT FROM SECOND SEARS DONT MESH — . ~ iftrvico. Inc. T. H. «tj. U. S. PH .Oil. 3'3 CAPTAIN EASY To the Bottom By Leslie Turner 2uth & Richmond, Pliciii 74.)U It _ Full HKN'T- Ti\'o i,'-"rnTTi".-'\vlv ,|,TOI'« led fiii'iiMicd apai iiiient wlih »;ar;IKC, loeatril :n '-'-us \Vrsu-i n. Call at tills ••iililn •'•.•' "i e-iiil:iet Tr:'*t I'Vnaruncl.l. N'aiioual :!-! FufT RI-:N*T- Mmlero fni : n!'*hi-il ap.irl" niont with pi-i\ati- liiith. within '-nf- hillf block ot I'.i-.-ailwav and • ITlh St. Phono ;.;17 iii M:! 1 -' ("lily Sine Shoji_ _ ' 1 1 TlToTl.Vl ~iiTiii>"l n fuj'lil.-,liei| apurllili-nt, first fli.oi-. privali .ntrain't'. garage. .vult.'il'Je /.'I 1 woiUtjiL' "r juiilille HKi-d eoupb- ]:13 .Marshall, phone -i:;r.7 or 7:'ii'. :!-4 1 ROOM Miiln>:i:X i:i ; ':irnisln .1 aii.llt- meot, als.t :: PH.M, ie.nii,Tn unf'n'- nlsliod apai'iineni. 1121 I.afayi'Me. Jniiiiii'e 4U" fc-u. JTith Si. 2-S S UEN EK«V GO&& DOWN CCfNHKrNj* CM) LEMW HEKEl THEV L£TOUT^ IOT OF WJCHOK UWE THfc"" MHERtV