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October 3, 1956

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Anniston, Alabama
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Wednesday, October 3, 1956
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8 ffljf Amttrtdtt Star Wednesday, October 3, 1956 Two Fliers Still Sought At Westover Rumor One Of Jet Pilots Found Alive Proves To Be False DIGNITARIES PRESENT—Among the dignitaries present at Annlston Army Reserve unit, the 405lh Military Government's show at (he City Auditorium last night were, from left to rlghtl Col. William T. Moore, Fort McClellan commanding officer! Mayor Genrjre T. Morris, Col. Robert G. Thelring, head of the Alahama Military District; Col. Irvln Clark, commanding officer of (he 405th Military Government Group. Attachments Are Ordered For Missing Witnesses Attachments were o r d e r e d issued against defense witnesses who failed to appear when the Charles Edward Robinson rape case was called for trial here this morning A motion that the orders be is sued was made by court-appointed defense attorney E. W. Harwell. Trial of the case was delayed un til sheriff's depulies could locat and bring the missing witnesses t the courtroom. Meanwhile, a Jury was deliberal ing a non-capital ease which wa fried here yesterday. Herschel F Cofield is charged in the case wit transporting illegal liquors. In other court action yesterdaj William Woodrow Whaley pleadei Tickets Old But Ladies Get Sundnea Anyway MEMPHIS, Tenn. — (JP) — A waitress in a downtown depart ment store couldn't figure ou v/nen two well-dressed women gave her cards that entitled them to free ice cream sundaes. The waitress called the restaurant manager, who called department store execuitlves. The word came down to give the women the Ice cream free. It ieem> the cards, reading "Special sundaes compliments of Lowensteln'i Grill," were three years old. Reunion Planned Pupils and teachers with their friends and relatives are Invited to attend the reunion of "OLE MT. OLIVE SCHOOL" located 5 miles southeast of Delta, Ala., at Mt. Olive Baptist Church, SUNDAY, OCT 7th..Bring lunch If you wish to, but be there for morning services and a day of fellowship with old friends. guilty to carnal knowledge of a 15,'ear-old girl and was sentenced to wo years in the state penitentiary. Ester Mae Baker, Negro, plead ed guilty to one case of forgery and drew a sentence of a year and a day. Two other forgery counts against her were nol prossed on motion of the state. She made application for probation. MONTGOMERY UFI — A report that one of two fliers believed to have bailed out of a falling jet plane Monday night may have been found alive today was dismissed later as "a dry run." Public Safely Director Bill Lyerly said a man walking In a woodec area near Jemison, Ala., abou' halfway between Montgomery anc Birmingham, turned out to be a member of a ground search party He had been spotted from a plane and appeared to be carrying a parachute and wearing Air Force clothing, Lyerly said. Bad Weather Closes In Meanwhile, the safety director said bad weather was "closing in' on the search area in the viclnit: of the spot where—the T33 ja trainer crashed and burned. Both occupants of the two - place plane reportedly parachuted at high al tltude hut haven't been found. A white object resembling a parachute was seen by an Ai Surveyors Use Radar In Work FORT MONMOUTH, N. J. — (UP) — Radar, used (o detect airplanes, speeding automobile and ocean vessels, now is hitting the overland trail. The "radar rulers" has been developed for the surveyor, who pre viously had to measure off long distances in numerous hops quiring meticulous sighting. According to Army Signal Corps researchers who developed the system here, the radar yardsticks can measure up to 50 miles with accuracy within a few feet. And it Is not hampered by bad visibility. - The system utilized two Jeep- portable radar stations, one at ;ach end of the distance to be measured. The electronic rangeflnder Is designed particularly to replace standard surveying equipment when long-range and speed are essential., ' The entlre_ radar station, a 25- foot collapsible"antenna mast and three metal suitcases filled with eJec Ironic pounds. Force search plane yesterday be fore bad weather and darknes stopped an aerial search' for tw colonels. It was about 10,'mile north of Clanton and three mile west of the Coosa River at a poln about 35 miles from Birmingham Capt. Warren J. Papin, informa lion services officer at Maxwe Air Force Base in Montgomery the plane's designation, said th aerial search would be launche again this morning. He said groun search would await directions fror the aerial spotters. Ejector Seats Missing The 33 crashed about 25 mile southeast of Birmingham nea Wesiover in Shelby County. Bot ejector seats were reported mis; ing from the burned wreckage. At Maxwell, the pilot was repo ed to have radioed engine trouble He said both occupants were bail Ing ouj at 35,000 feet. The two were identified as Mi rlne Corps. Col. Jens C. Aggen beck Jr., 43, the pilot, and Ai Force Col. Phillp^R. Hawes, 4; both of Los Angeles. Hawes teache and, Aggenbeck is a student at th Air War College at Maxwell. Wife Held In Attempt To Rob Bank Male Of Legless Veteran Quickly Nabbed In Cleveland THE REV. H. E. COTEY . . . new Oxford paslor Cotey Takes Oxford Post As Minister Veteran Of War Two Now Pastor At First Baptist Church The Hev. H. E. Cotey recently assumed the pastorate of First Baptist Church at Oxford, succeeding the Rev. Charles L. Martin who resigned to become a missionary to Japan. The Hev. Mr. Cotey came here after serving as pastor of Simpsonville Baptist Church in Simpsonville, Ky. for three years. He formerly served pastorates in Shelby County, Tennessee, and Owen County, Kentucky. The young Oxford paslor holds the AB degree in history from Union University at Jackson, Tenn., and the BD degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has done graduate work at the seminary and is now a candidate lor the Do.ctor of Theology degree, having submitted his dissertation to the faculty. . Born April 30, 1927, the Hev. Mr. Cotey served In the U. S. Navy during World War II and saw over seas duly in the Philippine Islands Married, he is the father of two small children, Sara Elizabeth, 18 CLEVELAND W — A young mother failed In a pitiful attempt at a bank robbery yesterday, and police were puzzled at her motive. They arrested Mrs. Maybelle Millard, 25, mother of four children, and wife of a 30-year-old vet- ran who Iqst both legs in France during World War H, She is accused of trying to rob a shopping center branch of the Cleveland Trust Company with a note demanding money. She carried no gun, and left without loo' when the woman teller rang the alarm. Police Get Tag Number Police saw her 'drive away In a 1955 station wagon and took the license number. She was arrestec when she drove up to her com fortable, ranch-style home in su burban Highland Heights aboul Ihree hours later. Her husband, Richard, 30 draws a disability pension and is employed as a finisher by an op tical firm. He said his wife had been under doctor's care for a year. The bank teller, 30-year-old Mrs Florence M. Rees, said the worn an shoved three rolls of pennies at her and a piece of children's drawing paper on which wa: crudely lettered: Alarm Is Sounded "Don't say anything. Give me your money. I have a buddy a he idoor with a gun on you." opened a drawer alarm button an Mrs. Rees pressed the gave the woman a dollar bill an two quarters in exchange for th pennies. The woman picked u $1.25 and left. Mrs. Millard was taken to coun ty jail. FBI District Chief H. 0 Hawkins said attempted ban robbery charges would be filed. months, months. and David Eugene, HEFLIN NEWS equipment, weighs 200 Besides its uses In surveying and mapping, It l s expected to be valuable to the military at quickly pinpointing friendly battlefield installations from stations far back of the lines. CHARTER NO. 3041 REPORT OF Nigeria, a British colony, Is almost three times the size of ha British Isles. Birthday Dinner Mrs. James Skinner and Mrs. C. A. Walker honored Miss Peggy Walker with, a surprise birthday dinner on Sunday evening. The table was laUTwiih a lace clolh and centered with a lovely arrangement of surprise lilies. A chocolate layer cake with yellow decoration was on the end of the table. Enjoying this affair were: Mrs. A. L. Kent, Mrs. James Skinner, Mrs. A. A. Harris, Sr., Miss Carolyn Harris, A. A. Harris, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. C. A Walker, Miss Linda Walker and the honoree. o FIRST NATIONAL BANK and guaranteed A Obligations of States and political *. Other bonds, notes, and debentures n? r F»H ate i S B CkS (includln g $36,000.00 stock " of Federal Reserve Bank) 6. Loans and discounts (including $"Non e "over'd'ra'its) 7. Bank premises owned $146,457.95, furniture and fixtures $108,883.99 Mrs. Skinner Gives Program Mrs. James Skinner was in charge of the program for the monthly meeting of - the Young Women's Auxiliary of Heflla Bap Hst Church which was held on Monday evening in the home of Mrs. H. L. Wilson. Mrs. Skinner's topic for discussion was "What the YWA Has Meant To Foreign Countries," and was interesting and Informative. _ eserve collection 5 3,526,397.67 6,421,604.02 2,458,528.07 179,687.50 36,000.00 5,854,765.05 255,341.94 not Ui 2th a er e ls a se e t s0 :. ra ! d .. 0t . he l. t ^ n *""* PremiS " 2.00 77,133.04 12. TOTAL ASSETS $22,809,459.29 LIABILITIES 13. Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerships and corporations ..._ <nn 971 oimni 14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships 510,271,928.01 and corporations 15. Deposits of United States Government (Including postal savings) ~ ' TnTn, and cashlor ' s cheeks < « tc -> TOTAL DEPOSITS .................... $20,498,141.96 714,235.38 965,053.93 370,906.28 20. Bills payable, rediscounts, and other liabilities for borrowed money 23. Other liabilities ~ None 557,324.99 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES „_ _ 521,055,466.95 ACCOUNTS " CAPITAL 25. Capital Stock: 'ciCommon stock, total par $600,000.00 26. Surplus 27. Undivided profits .„.,. 28. Reserves '"" "" ... S 600,000.00 600,000,00 458,894.05 95,098.29 County Students At Collcgo A large number of Cleburne County people are enrolled In various colleges for the fall semester. Among them are: Jacksonville State College: Harvey Sanders, James White, Harold White, Thomas Ed Davidson, Dana Gaither, Casey Steen, Albert Barber, Exa Ann Howie, Jeanne Campbell, Randall Borden, Gall Burgess, Eugene Pike, Jerry How ell, Shelble Johnson, Wayne Craword, Curtis Sanders, Don Chand er; William Slillwell, Doris Russell Don Thrower, Scroggln Steed, Mil dred Curvin, Samuel Haywood, Bil y Boalch, Valine Voss, Elizabeth Mercer, Merlene Pollard West 3illy Ayers, Charles Laminack Swell Giles, Jimmy Jones, Jimmy Morris, Pledger Gossage, J e r r ; Norton. Annette Cavender, Jackie Caven der, Harold Jones, Caffey Tlollins Jim Owens. Auburn: Alburn Norton, Jimmy Campbell, Hugh Campbell, Benn> Jack Brown. University of Alahama: Sally Al tins, Donald Season, Jimmy Beas on, Thomas Wright, Don Pearce Clcon Harris, Billy Hand, Jacki Wood, Jacqueline Wood, Judson: Jane Borden. Howard: Virginia Kent, Wallac Kent. Business Colleges: Wand Owens, Geraldine Brown, O 1 e n Howie, Wanda Jean Pruitt. 19. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 3,753,092.34 TOTAL, LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $22,809,459.29 MEMORANDA 31. Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes I,910,356.»6 ................................................. (a) Loans as shown above are after deductions of reserves of 166,162.65 I, M. H. WATSON, Vice President and Cashier of the above- nnmed bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. M. H. WATSON, Vice President and Cashier. COJinF,CT—ATTEST: n. E. JONES WALKER REYNOLDS L. II. ROBERTS I Directors STATE OF ALABAMA, COUNTY OF CALHOUN, 53: Sworn to nnd subscribed brforc me this 1 day of October, 1050, ir.d 1 hereby certify that I am not i,n officer or director of this bnnk. JOYCK P. MARTIN, Notary I'utilic .C My coromlsMon txplret July 10, 1000. WMU Circle Meets Mrs. Grady Boyd was hostess fo the regular September meeting o Circle No. 1 of Heflln Baptls Church, on Monday afternoon. Mrs. J. T. Benson, circle chair man, presided over the busincs period and Mrs. W. B. Merrl opened the meeting with prayer. Mrs. R. N. McMurray gave Hi devotional, using as her subjec "Prayer." Mrs. Jack Borden gave the pn gram on the missionary cducatto of young people. Mrs. Boyd, assisted by Mrs. W S. Hlncy, served refreshments to Mrs, W. B. Merrill, Mrs. He Campbell, Mrs. S. E. Giles, Mr; T. J. Borden, Mrs. H. N. McMu ray, Mrs. J, T, Benson, Mrs. A, • White, Mrs. D. ll. McEachern. Methodist Guild Meet* I s Mrs. J. H. rirkle wai hoilets fo e September meeting of the Wes- yan Service Guild of First Meth- llst Church on Monday evening. Mrs. John Vt'eatherly presided nd Miss Carolyn Kitchens gave ie devotional. Miss Mattle Williamson was •uest speaker. Introduced by Miss ena Haywood, Miss Williamson ave a very interesting program on e Quadrenlal Goals of the Wes yan Service Guild for 1956-60.. Mrs. Pirkle served refreshments Mrs. M. E. Hamm, Miss Hay- ood, Miss Kitchens, Mrs. E. C. arringlon, Mrs. Martis Howell, rs. Rudolph Hampton, Mrs. Del- ;rt Miles, Mrs. Roy Moon, Miss arah Ponder, Mrs. Eva McEach n, Mrs. Weatherly, Miss William' ,n, Mrs. Helen Wessinger, Mrs. CHEERLEADERS PREP FOR HOMECOMING—New cheerleaders at Jacksonville State College are practicing over-time lor homecoming festivities on Oct .13. Selected by the student body after tryouts were, left to right, front row: Evelyn Rice, Gadsden; Janice Williams, Roanokci Susie Hicks, Hueytownj Ann Parker, Chlldersburg; (back) JInTDyar, Gadsden; Clark Gahle, Birminfrham; Donald Moon, Birmingham; Roberto Gofloy, Guatemala City, Guatemala; Bob Dyar, Gadsden. JSC Groups Prepare For Big Homecoming JACKSONVILLE - Faculty, stu-| dent/and alumni committees are lusify engaged in" perfecting plans 'or homecoming at Jacksonville on Oct. 13. The ,band, cheerleaders and other groups who will help make the day a success are prac- .iclng and getting things shipshape. The precision drill team of the ROTC will be one of the featured groups on the d,ay's program. Com- Removal Of Budg Aids Roses, Expert Says CHAMPAIGN. 111. •— (UP) — Snap off most of the rose buds o your rose bushes and leave a few individual flowers to become very large If you want big roses, a floriculture specialist suggests. <J. E. Ackerman, University of Illinois floriculturist, said large exhibition type roses are produced in this matter. If you leave only three or fourbuds. the flowers will be larger than if the roses are left to bloom in profusion. To remove a bud, Ackerman said, hold the main shoot In one hand and grasp the bud stem In the other, then twist the bud stem quickly and snap it off. Sign Draws Guffaws MORRISTOWN, N.J. (UP) — A sign carrier drew laughs from Adlal Stevenson adherents Tues day with his message frowning upon President Eisenhower's golfing. The sign read: "Fore years are enuf." enneth White, and. and Mrs. Noel cle, Mrs. Robert E. Thomas, Mrs. pV. L. wlllingham and two guests, Mrs. Ed Pierce o[ Greensboro, S. D. G. Elliott of WSCS Meets Mrs, Delbert Miles and Mrs, W. . Owen were hostesses for the leeting of the WSCS of First Meth- dist Church on last Monday after- con at the parsonage. Mrs. Frank Owens was in charge 1 the business period. Miss Mattte Williamson was In large of the afternoon's program ntitled "The Spirit of Christ — For I ol Life" and her comments ere interesting and informative, he also led an open discussion on The Seven Goals of the Individ- al." The hostesses, assisted by Miss aynelle Miles served refreshments to: Mrs. Roy Ammons, Mrs. Raymond Barnes, Miss Rose arnes, Mrs. Henry Cantrell, Mrs. leulah McMurray, Mrs. Frank Jwens, Miss Williamson, Mrs. Grady Haywood and the Rev. Del- ert Miles. C., and Mrs. Moundsville. Experts Pushing Traps Of Steel NEW YORK (UP) — Fishery experts are conducting an educational program aimed at inducing lobster fishermen to abandon their tradition!)! trap in favor of a more economical steel trap. Steelways, officials publication, American Iron and Steel In- ifute, says the lobster < fisher- en must replace an estimated X>,000 wooden traps a year at cost of several million dollars nich could he eliminated by e substitution of a mbre sturdy t. It said that experiments show at metal traps are Just about damage-proof as man's in- nuity can make them. It also oled that during' coastal storms at destroyed up to 75 per-cen the conventional wooden traps the same fishing grounds o steel traps came througl nscathed. The tests showed that, trap r trap, the metal ones cangh ft as many lobsters as those ade of wood. Said Steelways: "Changing a custom as deeplj nbedded as wood for lobster aps is bound to take time o fishery people agree. But a lange to sleet Ihat will resul a substantial annual saving a trenchant argument." Personals Visiting Mrs. A. L. Kent anc Garden Club'Meets Miss Lois Mclntyre and Mrs. Charles W. Thompson were host- sscs for the September meeting f the Heflin Garden Club which •net on Tuesday afternoon at the lome of Miss Mclntyre. The meeting was presided over >y the vice president, Miss Mc- ntyre. The finance committee reported that $150.25 had been added o the cemetery fund, which was he proceeds of a "Womanless Wedding" given earlier in the year. An interesting program on Church arrangements was given by Mrs. W. I. Owen and Mrs. Carl )ryden. A salad plate was served nt the close of the meeting to the followng: Mrs. W. J. Cole, Mrs. Dryden, Mrs. C. M. Elliott, Mrs. I. S. Johnson, Mrs. Fred McMurray, Mrs. R. N. McMurray, Miss Bessie Morgan, Mrs. Houston Morris, Mrs. S, N. Noble, Mrs. Frank Owens, Mrs. Owen, Mrs. J. H. Pir- Mrs. James Skinner on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. James Hughes Sheila, Debby and Eddie of Pensa cola, Fla,; Hoy Kent, Donald and Sandra; Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Kent, Randall, Linda and Dale al of Heflin; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Tay lor of Blue Mountain; Mr. and Mrs Sylvester Lumpkin of Anniston Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Balcnger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yates o Bremen; Miss Peggy Walker, A. A Harris, Jr., Mrs. Walter B. Mer ill and Mrs. Ada Johnson. Mrs. W. N. Bennett of Bremen spent last week with Mr. and Mrs Reese Bennett. Mr. and Mrs. Coloin Burchflel -ire the parents of a baby girl, borr Tuesday at Memorial Hospital. Sh has been named Bethany. Misses Bessie and Roberta Mor gan spent the weekend in Atlanta ivhere they attended the opening o :he Headquarters Building of th Southeastern Area of the America; Red Cross. Mrs. W. J. Smith and Scroggli Steed spent last Wednesday 1 Centre. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Joseph (Lu cille Wager) of Birmingham spen the weekend with Mrs. J. J. Wage and Miss Myrl Wager. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Wage of Kansas City, Mo., and Mr. an Mrs. Holt Coggins and family o Macon, Ga., spent the weeken with Dr. and Mrs. George W. Wag er. Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers (Mirn Crews) and daughter of Wilmlng ton, N. C. spent last weekend wit Mrs. Rogers' father, J. C. Crews. Sgt. and Mrs. Edward Wad (Dorothy June Blake) are t h parents of a baby boy, born Sep 12. Miss Virginia Kent and the Re 1 Wallace Kent of Birmingham spen last Friday night with Mrs. A. L Kent and Mrs. James Skinner. SWEETEN UPSET STOMACH TO SWEETEN YOUR CHILD! Wonderful loxaliva-Stomach Sweetener Maket Youngsters Laugh and Play Again! When*'constipation sours little stomaclis. children feel miserable, sulk, ciin't eat or sleep right.That's when wise mothers give Syrup of lilnck-Drnuglitl Its wonderful Inx- lUlvc notion helps sweeten sour Btomnch, tool Then how fnst dispositions ImproVR I Syrup of Blnck-Druunht tnslea KTOnxVfr "mtijinon i» tmili. Iioney-swcet, children love it. •" •„','STr™ *'" r "'V' t ' " i . " Mads of pure-vegetable hoibe — ^"MS/xSkro W*" '"'"' acts thoroughly, but gently. No hfirnh Brlplng. Given nt bedtime brings comforting relief In morn- Ingl Helps sweeten sour stomach too. Youngsters virtually sleep away these constipation worries No wonder 25,000,000 botUcs sold, act Syrupof Black-Drought today posed of volunteer cadets who drill n their own time, the smartly- ressed team is commanded by Cadet Capt. David Stewart of Sy acauga. This year the team wears white lelmets with Gamecock decals on iither side; red scrafs with minia ure Confederate (lags; white lings for their rifles; while pisto' elts and gloves. Members of the team are Ca> et M-Sgt. Clayton Arrlngton, Ce lartown, Ga.; Cadets Robert H Barnard, Union Grove; Ronali Bearden, Rockmart, Ga.; David Uchard Belcher. Roanoke; Ronnie Barber, Pell Cily; Hal Butler, Joe : Garner, Hartselle; Billy W. Cun ningham, Joseph H. Middleton, At alia; Travis Chandler,' Centre Richard Dean Cheatham, Jame I. Fosselt, Guntersville. Rex A. Clements, Kno.\Ville Tenn.; Michael Blair Fuller, John W.Mulkey, Anniston; Felix Hart- ,ey, Tarrant; Henry Hodge, Well- Jacksonville News • By MRS. R. K. COFFEE Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Taylor hav» returned to their home In Wichita Falls, Tex., after a visit to Mr. and Mrs Roy Taylor. Friends of Mrs. J. K. Fryar ar« sympathyzing with her in the death of her sister, Mrs. Verlui Messcr (Pauline Holloway) which occurred in Tuscon, Ariz, on Sept, 15. Marvin Tye, Jr., a sludent at Ins University, spent the weekend with lis parents. Little Miss Diane Burson o( Thomasville, Ga., is spending several weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L, F. Ingram. Mrs. Opal Lovett and children spent the weekend in LaFayctte. Mars Lota For Sale TOKYO (UP)—Some enterprising interplanetary real estate agents today began selling 400- acre lots on the planet Mars at lha bargain price of 10 yen (2.8 cents). ngton; Wilburn Lester Birmingham; Jimmy R. Massey, Morris, East Gadsden; Marland Mountain. Advertisement Henegar; Virgil Nix, irove; Henry C. Rollins, Walnut Blue Mountain; Curtis O. Sanders, Het- lln;'Emory C. Steedly, Bay Mln- ette; William H. Veazey, Gadsden; Morris Micrs Woodruff, Alexandria. Downed Dove Helpful BUTTE CITY, Calif. (UP)— Robert Dillard lost his checkbook and wallet while hunting early last week. Last weekend D 111 a r d's uncle, Andrew Dillard, shot a dove in the same area. The bird fel! next to his nephew's wallet and checkbook. Joe Escorts Adlai JERSEY CITY, N,J. (UP)—Ad lai Stevenson was escorted to his car after a speech here by Police Inspector Joe Smith. stop asthma agony •Or UM '. Guild 1 ! Green 'Mountain Compound orCigarellei ANNISTON LAUNDRY COMPANY Dial AD 6-8261 1224 Gurnee AT K!HEBREW'S SO YOU LIKE TO RELAX! YOU CAN DO IT BEST IN A SEE AND SIT IN THEBARCALOUNGER AT KILLEBREW r S TOMORROW! 22 WEST 10th ST. If you've never sat in a BarcaLounger, you don'c know what real relaxation is. That's because the BarcaLounger cradles your body in every position from sitting to full reclining . . . automatically. You just sit down, lean back and m-m-m-m-, what a wonderful feeling. There is 2 variety of BarcaLounger models, sizes and covers to choose from. Come in for a demonstration today! 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