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May 24, 1965

Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton Evening Telegraph i
Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1965
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ALTON TELEOR APM 'June 16-19 at SIU W", - . t , • , . Buitois tlfitvBfslty's Division, in coopetft' the American String Association, witt spon In and Out of Area Hospitals * *: M. ••••••••••••< SPECIAL 5 $1.H Styfoi • UDIIS' ILOUSIS • FASHION LANE Upper Alton Opo 1 to f Dally sot a Suzuki string conference June 16-19. the conference will feature Shlnichl Suzuki, Japanese violinist and originator of the lis< ten-and-play method of teaching children, based on the theory that "any child with normal mental ability to learn to speak by repetition of sound can learn to play the violin by the same method." / Prof. John Kendall of SIU's Fine Arts Division and this country's leading exponent of Suzuki's teaching technique, has arranged for the Japanese artist to be in this area for four days. Let SUPER SHOP Put Spring ' in Your Meals! Shop This Week FOOD STORE QUALITY CONSCIOUS? BUDGET CONSCIOUS? SHOP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD > , ' Rosedate Tom-Boy Rosewood Heights Schutz Tom-Boy Wood Hirer K«ELP STRETCH TI*ATIUDGETAND ST Rt MAINTAIN TK IE QUALITY! St. Joseph's MEDICAL Pearl Doods, 613 Douglas, Mrs. Eileen Crews, 2916 Buena Vista. Lloyd Jones, South Roxana. Mrs. Grace Cairn, 231 W. 12th. Sherman fiowen, 927 Easton. Mrs. Dorothy Wade, 4614 Fantasy Lane. Lyman Zimmerman, Bethalto. Mrs. Reasie Jones, 2128 Salu. Mrs. Emma .Jones, 625 Lincoln, East Alton. Mrs. Aletha Wilkinson, 2207 Brown. Paul Rintoul, Rte. 1, Godfrey. Mrs. Willie Alexander, 1831 Market. Bailey Brown, Rte. 2, Edwardsville. Mrs. Dorothy Mathews, Hartford Mrs. Annabel Flatt, Hartford. SURGICAL Robert Bishop, Rte. 1, Alton. Mrs. Martha Adams, 1017 E. 7th Linda Gearing, 502 E. Fifth. Mrs. Dorothy Elliott, 3211 College. Richard Marti, Edwardsville. James Ray, Rte. 1, East Alton. Mrs. Sondra Braden, 210 Cooper, East Alton. Mrs. Irma Long, Chesterfield. Stephen Poydack, Edwardsville. Mrs. June Booker, 258 S. Ninth, Wood River. Paul McClintock, 1220 Douglas. Mrs. Zella Mefford, Godfrey. Louis Maple, 1322 Fourth. Mrs. Betty Gerber, Dow. Robert Watson Jr., Florissant. DISMISSALS Mrs. Martha Adams, 1017 E, 7th Eddie Baker, 2636 Sidney. Mrs. Juanita Brokaw, 3673 E. SHOP with WEGENER'S •TH * ALBY STS. ALTON Broadway* Mrs. Sharon Leo. Cummlngi, Mrs. Judith Cunningham, Hart' ford. Mrs. Alice Depper, 2421 Brown. Linda Gearing, 502 E. Fifth. Dorothy Grace, 1118 E. Fourth. Mrs. Thelma Kirby, Rte. 1, Bethalto. John Kuhl, 2909 Brown. Richard Marti, Edwardsville. Valentine Miller, Edwardsville. Mrs. Florence Nelson, Roxana. Mrs. Rose Nicosia, Wood River. Mrs. Janice Oatsvall, 3211 Dtico Robert Perry Jr., 2226 Gesche. Patricia Poneta, -Rte. 4, Edwardsville. Donald Shaffer, Edwardsville. Mrs. Brenda Tite, Wood River. Mrs. Elizabeth Van Home, 203 E. 12th. Mrs. Dorothy Waters, Godfrey. Richard Wuellner, Fairmount. Mrs. Bonnie Aubrey, 700 Alby. Mrs. Mary Barrett, ,700 Alby. Mrs. Sharon Bechtold, Godfrey. Robert Bishop, Rte. 1, Alton. Clarence Cooms, 2215, Fernwood Mrs. Edith Cooper, <*fo«id River. Mrs. Leona Deppe, Wbod River. Earl Doty, East Alton. Mrs. Tola Feldman, 3305 Franor. Harold Franke, Bethalto. Lalous Fultz, 324 Harriet. Charles Godfrey, Godfrey. Cyril Goetten, Jerseyville. Mrs. Mary Harrell, Granite City Oliver Ingram, 30 Sullivan. Kirk Mason, 1112 Belle. Richard Risby, ,55 Sullivan. Arnold Sawyer, tEast Alton. Tracy Spencer, East Alton. Mrs. Olivia Townser, 57 Sullivan Martin Young, 702 Broadway. Mrs. Margaret Zeigler, E. Alton Richard Wuellner, Fairmount. St. Anthony's MEDICAL Mrs. Carol Johnson, 111 Delmar. Mrs. Eleanor Baty, 642 Fifth. Mrs. Verna Brandel, 3849 Coronado. HARVESTER WIENERS ARMOUR BOLOGNA Braunschweiger BEAI1S MONTE DARTMOU LEMONADE GROUND CREST TOOTH PASTE INTHI3W. •U06CT LI. Svptr lly* GILLETTE BLADES Walter Schaif, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Ellen FfftnWord, ttte. 1, Bethalto. Mrs, Bertha Schlltt, 1220 Central Mrs. Stella Pitts, 2323 Humbert. DISMISSALS Lester Alexander, 1114 Putnam Mrs. Fairy Cope, 202 Seventh. Mrs. Betty Schelm, Brighton, Mrs. Rose Schwartz, 3606 Coronado. Mrs. Doris Sweeney, East Alton Mrs. Pearl McPherson, Rte 2, Edwardsville. Mrs. Florence McKee, 1103 Fifth Mary Harney, 1104 McKinley. Jersey Community MEDICAL Mrs. Emma Halemeyer, Brussels Mrs. Leo Hill, Batchtown. .isa Kennedy, Jerseyville. Mrs. Cecil Welble, Fieldon. William Bray, Dow. SURGICAL Mrs. Norman Dickerman, Jerseyville. Richard Snyders, Batchtown. DISMISSALS ?rank Frazter Jr., Jerseyville. Mrs. Edgar Schroeder, Jerseyville. Mrs. Bernard J. Schroeder, Jerseyville. Mrs. Theodore Palmer, Jerseyville. Mrs. Lee Dudderar, Jerseyville. Mylas Woolsey, Jerseyville. Mrs. Martin Heimer, Jerseyville l,ouis Myles, Jerseyville. Mrs. Bessie Kaslick, Fiddon. Mrs. Charles Herndon, Hardin. eorge Schleeper, Hardin. Alton Memorial MEDICAL Mrs. Alberta Nichols, East Alton John Johnson, 3315 Leo. Joseph Jones, Wood River. Mrs. Juanita Barnett, E. Alton. Mrs. Mary Avell, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Dorothy Brannan, Carrollton. Richard Johnson, Bethalto. Mrs. Mildred Smith, 3711 Berkeley. Mrs. Ethel Lucht, 2909 Hillcrest Mrs. Dorothy Brannan, Carrollton. John Show, 3304 Mayfield. Diane Buttrey, Wood River. Linda Spriggs, 608 Belle. Mrs. Capitola Lipe, East Alton. Mrs. Frances Imming, Brussels Bobby McMillan, Godfrey. Glade Barth, Bunker Hill. Mrs. Nellie Ingram, Cottage Hills Mrs. Peggy Komnick, Bunker Hill. Mrs. Betty Hayden, Dow. George DUlender, 217 Michigan. Albert Patterson, 2504 Elizabeth SURGICAL Richard Johnson, Bethalto. John Van Hooser, Staunton. Dennis Starbuck, Hartford. Mrs. Elinor Kercher, Alton. Mrs. Maxine Harris, Bethalto. Mrs. Violet Raymond, Bunker Hill. Joan Vandersand, Carrollton. Mrs. Delores Finke, Edwardsville. Leonard Sheff, 1637 Rodgers. Mrs. Mary Carter, Moro. Val Meyer, Brighton. Mrs. Winifred Logan, Eldred. Charles Neudeqker, 802 Brentwood. Mrs. Marcella Jones, East Alton Paul Becker, 3755 Berkeley. DISMISSALS Mrs. Verna Fenton, 4026 Seminary. Mrs. Peggy Garner, Rt, 1, Alton Mrs. Joann Swarringin, Godfrey Mrs. Louis Opel, Worden. Mrs. Becky Starkey, East Alton Mrs. Mable Albrecht, 826 Logan. Mrs. Rosie Frye, 2621 Amelia. Mrs. Eunice Perry, Godfrey. Mrs. Mary Auell, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Katherine Mether.ey, 2303 Hale Dr. Mrs. Rose Eslinger, Wood River Mrs. Phyllis Hartley, Bethalto. David Seidler, Batchtown. Gerri Campau, 620 Brookside. James Schrempf, 1107 Douglas. Delores Anderson, 3161 Lawn. Mrs. Sylvia Barnes, East Alton Mrs, Augusta Penning, i 1 ,»*.,' Donald Monroe, 2717 Vkrwlntd Rimbttly Gray, J Judy Kenneth Harris, 942? Agnes, Ralph fimpe, 904 Washington. Major W. H. Green, Alton. Mrs, Helen Kennington, 621 Sering. Mrs. Marilyn Cornelius, 205 Wisconsin. Ralph Roberts, East Alton. Carl Campbell, Wood River. Herbert Masterson, East Alton. Mrs. Betty Droit, Wood River. Charles Wall, 5001 Humbert. Mrs. Evelyn Cole, S. Roxana. William Pawley, East Alton. 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Debra Morris, 108 Herman, East SUHMCAL Charles Hudson, Godfrey, Unite Jenkins, Caholda. Joan Tuck, West Alton, Mo, Darren Martin, 208 Illinois, East Alton. Karen Carlton, 287 Central. DISMISSALS Roy Vessel, Hartford. Steelman, 511 S, Tenth. Mrs. Dllie Downs, Bethatto, Mrs. Jane Lanham, Bethalto. John. Collins, Cottage Hills. Cecil Thomason, Moro. Mrs. Helen Frazier, Godfrey, Robert Carroll Jr., Bethalto. Bradley Carroll, Bethalto, James Futrell, South Roxana, William McNeil, 125 Penning. Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, Rte. 1, Edwardsville. Albert Travis, East Alton. John Weber Sr.; Hartford. Eugene Warren, Cottage Hills. Charles Russell, Bethalto, Mrs. Judith Hatton, Bethalto. Carroll Friedline, Moro. Mrs. Tillle Strack, Lincoln Add. Mrs. Minnie Linder, Hartford. Mrs. Florence Arndt, Cotage Hills. Joan M. Bulla, 302 S. Main. Mrs. Laura Thomas, Bethalto. Delmar Brown, Hartford. Mrs. Lorraine Huerner, 731 Elfgen, Alton. Mrs. Lillie Page, Bethalto. PTA Officers Installed At Jersey JERSEYVILLE — New officers were installed at the final meeting of the fiscal year of the West Elementary Parent Teach er Association Thursday eve ning. They were: David Isringhau sen, president, Mrs. Fred Breitweiser, vice president; Mrs. Donald Gross, secretary and Charles Springman, treasurer. A scrap book was presented the retiring president, Donald Gross, by Mrs. H. J. Tiirpto. The report of the treasurer, Russell Cox, showed a net income from the annual carnival of $449.32. It was voted to pay the balance owed the board of education on the blacktopping of the playground. Announce Birth of Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rice of Jerseyville are announcing the birth of a girl at 11:55 a.m. Thursday at the Jersey Com munity Hospital. They have named the baby Ginger Kaye and she weighed 7 pounds 15% ounces. f •' VSHj IPLE CLEANERS A SHIRT LAUNDRY <*fr m ^pp 1 " HH»^^^^ ^wSsKH? 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